85 examples of gibbering in sentences

Once or twice she caught a glimpse of a black shadow over her shoulder, just a reflecting vanishing glimpse, and when she turned hastily round there was nothing there, but the voices, mocking and gibbering, were louder than ever.

However, they attributed all that he said to the irrational gibbering of a maniac.

As if she had offered without warning to strike him, Victor recoiled and for an instant stood gibbering.

" This seemed to me absolute gibbering.

His breath came shorter, harder, with a rasp; but the gibbering voice of his rider urged him on, faster, and faster.

So rounds thy day, from maiden morn to haunted night, From larks and sunlit dreams to owl and gibbering ghost; A catacomb of dark, a maze of living light, To the wide sea of air a green and welcome coast.

But to this hope there succeeded a moment when the agonised thought, "How if there be no Christ?" leapt out at me, like the darkness which looms but the blacker for the lightning-flash; a moment when hell got hold of me again, and a thousand gibbering devils arose to shriek in my ear: "And though there be a Christ, is it not now too late?

By-and-by, with a wild and gibbering laugh that chilled the beholders' blood, one of the tallest and grisliest of the skeletons sprang forward, and beating his drum, the whole ghostly company formed, two and two, into a linea skeleton placing itself on the right of every mortal.

Ascending the broad stone steps, they presently emerged into the cathedral, which they found illumined by the same glimmering light as the lower church, and they perceived the ghostly assemblage gathered into an immense ring, and dancing round the tall skeleton, who continued beating his drum, and uttering a strange gibbering sound, which was echoed by the others.

A faint shriek was heard, and a gibbering, as of many voices, came fluttering around them.

The superstitious peasantry of the neighbourhood still consider the spot as haunted; and at midnight, when the waves dash fitfully against the perilous crags, and the bleak winds sweep with long and angry moan around them, they still hear the gibbering voices of the fiends, and the mortal execrations of the Warlock Fisher!but, after that fearful night, no man ever saw THE PHANTOM HAND!Literary Magnet.

To break the appalling silence, I began gibbering away in a jargon compound of gesticulation, English and remnants of High School French.

Still gibbering, the Literary Adviser was hurled forth from the office and told to work his witchcraft in solitude.

His face, as he put down the letter and turned, was that of a gibbering idiot; his lips moved, but no sound came from them.

When it was weary of moping and mowing and sobbing and wailing and gibbering, she could curl up at the foot of your bed and sleep; as Czar, here, curls up and sleeps at the foot of mine.

We became acquainted with each other sooner than might have been expected, by reason of an exploit of the stewardessa gibbering idiot.

One would not be surprised to see some figure swing down by a long, hairy arm from a branch of a tree and leap on all fours into one of the caves, where he would receive a gibbering welcome to the bosom of his family.

The state built upon the rock of Honor and fortified by the sameshall we call it the Ehrenstaat or, after the manner of Carlyle, the Heroarchy?is fast falling into the hands of quibbling lawyers and gibbering politicians armed with logic-chopping engines of war.

he cried, leaning heavily on my shoulder and pointing with his finger; "they are gibbering at me, mowing, processioning by, and pointing mockingly at me.

I often feel: 'How these young men must be hating this gibbering and giggling ape, which after all is not really me!'"

One side of his face was working convulsively, and he was gibbering and mowing the air with his hand.

"Dear Miss Terry, "My nights have been sleeplessmy drawing sitting gibbering on my chest.

His empty lips were gibbering without a sound escaping them, and his very heart shivered with cold, for all the brassy heat of the day.

And when the head of Mac Strann turned away again the broad mouth began gibbering: "It's gettin' him like it done me.

I don't want to turn him into a gibbering maniac if I can help it.

85 examples of  gibbering  in sentences