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Seeing that many leading planters had been influenced by those opposed to the enlightenment of Negroes, Bishop Gibson of London issued an appeal in behalf of the bondmen, addressing the clergy and laymen in two letters published in London in 1727.


E.D. GIBSON, Sergeant Co.

Such was the eloquent appeal of Logan, revised and pointed by Gibson.

Mr. Gibson has never succeeded in making the world like his flesh-colored statues.

"Gibson says I am discharged for being impudent to him.

" "There is Mr. Gibson now," whispered another girl as the form of the manager appeared in the doorway.

Mr. Gibson, the manager, was bending over her with a glass of water in his hand, and was giving orders right

"There is none too much ventilation in this place, Mr. Gibson; quicklower the windows if you can, sir.

" Without dreaming of disobeying, Mr. Gibson sprang to the window.

An undertaker was called and placed in charge of the body, and the utmost concern seemed to be felt about all the arrangements, especially by Mr. Gibson, who had been put in charge of the matter by the firm.

Mr. Forbes was away, and Mr. Gibson sent for me.

" James Derrah, deputy sheriff; Claiborne county, Mi., in the "Port Gibson Correspondent," April 15, 1837.

"A fight came on at Maysville, Ky. on the 29th ultimo, in which a Mr. Coulster was stabbed in the side and is dead; a Mr. Gibson was well hacked with a knife; a Mr. Ferris was dangerously wounded in the head, and another of the same name in the hip; a Mr. Shoemaker was severely beaten, and several others seriously hurt in various ways.

The "Red River Whig" of September 15, 1838, says:"A ruffian of the name of Charles Gibson, attempted to murder a girl named Mary Green, of Louisville, Ky. on the 23d ult.

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I arrived, all agog, at the familiar house in Endsley Gardens only to be told by a sympathetic housemaid that the family was out; that Mrs. Hornby had gone into the country and would not be home until night, andwhich mattered a good deal more to methat her niece, Miss Juliet Gibson, had accompanied her.

704 examples of  gibson  in sentences