586 examples of gill in sentences

"He went off with my best axe, a gill of brandy, and a good coat.

lb. of fresh butter, 1 tablespoonful of flour, salt to taste, 1/2 gill of water, 1/2 spoonful of white vinegar, a very little grated nutmeg.

Mix with 1/4 pint of soap lees, 1/2 gill of turpentine, sufficient pipe-clay and bullock's gall to make the whole into rather a thick paste.


GILL, ALEXANDER; English Grammar, treated in Latin; 4to: London, 1621.

GILL, AUGUSTUS H. Automobile gasoline; its dangers and tests.

R76670, *Apr51, Mabel Gill (W) GILMOUR, RICHARD. Bible history for the use of the Catholic schools in the United States.


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The story of the other America, by Richard C. Gill & Helen Hoke.

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By Mildred C. Gill.

Troilus and Criseyde (Troilus and Cressida) Love poem in five books englished anew by George Philip Krapp, with wood engravings by Eric Gill.

In his Savage Life in Polynesia, the Rev. W.W. Gill remarks: "The great requisites for a Polynesian beauty are to be fat and as fair as their dusky skins will permit.

" "For that matter he dined on a gill of milk, and one ounce of honey yesterday," said the Judge, "Don't you ever eat?"

Mix with a gill of fresh cream a spoonful of beaten almonds; when perfectly smooth put it in toilette pots, and use as ointment for chaps, &c.; it will keep for a week if a little spirit of camphor is added to it.

Put into a bottle one pint of spirits of wine, one gill of water, and half an ounce of oil of rosemary; shake well together.

Early in July the salmon enter the river in immense numbers from the sea, and are caught by the natives in gill-nets, baskets, seines, weirs, traps, and a dozen other ingenious contrivancescut open, cleaned, and boned by the women, with the greatest skill and celerity, and hung in long rows upon horizontal poles to dry.

586 examples of  gill  in sentences