545 examples of gipsies in sentences

" Lastly, certain plants have been largely used by gipsies and fortune-tellers for invoking dreams, and in many a country village these are plucked and given to the anxious inquirer with various formulas.

Now that family is grown to be a great tribe, a great herd of people, but not yet a nation; one people, with its own God, its own worship, its own laws; but such a mere tribe, or band of tribes as the gipsies are among us now; a herd, but not a nation.

The officers of the East India company are excluded, they best know why, from the towns and the country of China; they are treated, as we treat gipsies and vagrants, and obliged to retire, every night, to their own hovel.

She was rescued by Frank Churchill from an encounter with some gipsies; and after telling Emma, in a very serious tone, a few days later, that she should never marry, confessed that she had come to this resolution because the person she might prefer to marry was one so greatly her superior in situation.

In fact, a Fetish is no natural object at all; it is a spirit, an Obeah, Jumby, Duppy, like the 'Duvvels' or spirits of the air, which are the only deities of which our Gipsies have a conception left.

Then the youngest drew well; and copied one of Lady Di Beauclerk's pictures, 'The Gipsies,' though she had never attempted colours before.

It was migration of peoples, the last advance of Asiatic races towards Europe, followed only by the fruitless attempts of those under Attila, Zenghis Khan, and Timur, and as a comic afterpiece, by the gipsies,it was this movement which swept away the humanity of the ancients.

It would have been very easy for an active man such as gipsies usually are to have clambered in and out again without detection.


I don't much fancy a hand-to-hand encounter with a band of such desperate ruffians as those gipsies have shown themselves to be.

They had found the gipsies' camp with a vengeance, but for all the good it was going to do The Wren, unless they could get her away, they might as well not have come.

In this basin were set up several squalid tents, about which the gipsies were squatting.

" The gipsies set up a taunting laugh.

Gipsies, Tramps, Beggars, and Cours des Miracles First Appearance of Gipsies in the West.

Gipsies, Tramps, Beggars, and Cours des Miracles First Appearance of Gipsies in the West.

Gipsies in Paris.

Gipsies expelled by Royal Edict.

Language of Gipsies.

She went for much the same reason as that given by the ladye of high degree in the old English songshe who had left her lord and bed and board to go with the raggle-taggle gipsies-O!

So gipsies call themselves.

Kelpie the Gipsies' pony.

In a Word, tho' they have had a full Barn for many Days together, our Itinerants are still so wretchedly poor, that without you can prevail to send us the Furniture you forbid at the Play-house, the Heroes appear only like sturdy Beggars, and the Heroines Gipsies.

They were much more amused by some gipsies, who were anxious to show their skill in the occult science.

Again, they turned to form many conjectures, and put many things together:"Was Mr. Salmon connected with the gipsies who had brought Tamar to the moor?Was it this gang that proposed robbing him?Was the young blacksmith called Harefoot connected with the gipsy?Had he persuaded Salmon to bring his treasures there, in order that he might pilfer them?And lastly, wherefore was Mr. Salmon so affected both times he had seen Tamar?"

But, as a Jew, he could not possess land; he therefore passed the form of naturalization, and whilst looking about for a situation in which he might dwell in safety, his character and circumstances became in part known to the gipsies, (who, amongst other thieves, always have their eyes on those who are supposed to carry valuables about them,) and the man called Harefoot, formed the plan of getting him and his treasures into Dymock's Tower.

545 examples of  gipsies  in sentences