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170 example sentences with  giraffe

170 example sentences with giraffe

Thousands of people followed, and cheered pa, and when they got in the tent pa said to the principal owner of the show, who had made fun of him: "Here's your elephant, and whenever any of your old animals get on the warpath, and you want 'em rounded up, don't forget my number, 'cause I can knock the spots out of any animal except a giraffe."

Pa wanted to know what in thunder was the matter with the animals, and wanted to know if I had fed them the turnips, and I told him they had all been fed, and just then the giraffe, whose neck was so long the horseradish did not reach a vital spot as quick as it did with the hippo, began to yell for the police and dance around.

Pa was holding his elk by a rope and one of the managers had a rope around the neck of a giraffe: the treasurer and the ticket taker was leading the zebras, and everybody was busy with some kind of animal, and I had a rope around an antelope, and some of our men on horseback were herding the buffaloes.

To take a classic illustration, the long neck of the giraffe.

When the object-method first burst upon the enraptured sight of the teacher, this list of subjects appeared in a printed catalogue, showing the ground of study in a certain school for six months: "Tea, spiders, apple, hippopotamus, cow, cotton, duck, sugar, rabbits, rice, lighthouse, candle, lead-pencil, pins, tiger, clothing, silver, butter-making, giraffe, onion, soda!"

Whether they grub in the mire for their food like swine, or browse daintily upon the tree-tops like the giraffe, the question of life for those who follow this way is the same.

Ruminants Camels, Llamas, Chevrotains, Giraffe, Antelopes, Sheep, Goats, Musk-ox, Oxen, Deer.

The giraffe is separated from all living ungulates by the primitive character of its so-called "horns," which are not horns in the usual sense, but simply bony prominences of the skull covered with hair.

The "okapi," Sir Harry Johnston's late discovery in the Uganda forests, seems to have come from the same ancestral stock, but the giraffe has no other existing relatives.

It is like the giraffe in total absence of the accessory hoofs, even to the metapodials which support them.

It is true we had no real antelopes in this country, in fact none of the bovines, and no giraffes; but there was a camel which my colleague Matthew has surnamed the "giraffe camel," extraordinarily similar to the giraffe.

It is true we had no real antelopes in this country, in fact none of the bovines, and no giraffes; but there was a camel which my colleague Matthew has surnamed the "giraffe camel," extraordinarily similar to the giraffe.

However, the resemblance between America and Africa is abundantly demonstrated by the presence of great herds of horses, of rhinoceroses, both long and short limbed, of camels in great variety, including the giraffe-like type which was capable of browsing on the higher branches of trees, of small elephants, and of deer, which in adaptation to somewhat arid conditions imitated the antelopes in general structure.

All the subjects of the chase were sculptured on the monuments with great spirit and fidelity, especially the stag, the ibex, the porcupine, the wolf, the hare, the lion, the fox, and the giraffe.

And the Bear Sang a sentimental Air, But the Giraffe Was inclined to laugh; Even the Duckling Couldn't help chuckling

Loveliest of your sex and delight of the world, have I the pleasure of seeing you in that high state of happiness and health which of right should belong to you?" With this Mr. Jinks bowed and gesticulated, and spread out his arms like a graceful giraffe, and dispensed on every side the most engaging grimaces.

colossus &c (size) 192; giant, grenadier, giraffe, camelopard.


There stood two feathered bipeds on their tip-toes, with their giraffe necks stretched up to my sister's swinging shelf where the cream and butter were kept.

Certain things advertised were eliminated from reasonable expectation: for instance, the boys all knew that the giraffe would not be discovered eating off the top of a cocoanut-tree; nor would the monkeys play a brass band; and they knew that they would not see the "Human Fly" walk on the ceiling at the "concert."

I hain't a giraffe, then mebby I'd suit you."


He finds the giraffe or camelopard the most interesting animal at the Jardin des Plantes, and he dislikes a ceiling painted by Gros: "It is allegorical, which is a class of painting I detest."

[Illustration: A large Elephant, and a tall Giraffe.]

I'll take the shine out of collar and pump, And their wearers will look silly When I once begin the Giraffe-Galump, The Chicken-Run and the Jaguar-Jump, The Wombat-Walk and the Buffalo-Bump, With a chamois vest on my manly chest, And football-boots and the smartest of suits They can cut in Piccadilly.

When the Giraffe arrived in the Jardin des Plantes, the Parisians had a caricature, in which the ass, and the hog, and the monkey were presenting an address to the stranger, while the elephant and the lion stalked angrily away.

Strange beasts, more strange than the giraffe, You conjure up to view, The flue-box and the forking-calf, Unknown at any Zoo; And new vocations you unfold, Wonder on wonder heaping, Hell-banging for the over-bold, And toffee-cavern keeping.

This subterranean passage will be useful for the abode of such portions of varied creation as love the shade, as bats, owls, &c. * * * * * THE GIRAFFE.

The King's Giraffe died on Sunday week, at the Menagerie at Sandpit-gate, near Windsor.

About the same time another Giraffe arrived at Marseilles, being also a present from the Pacha to the King of France.

The Giraffe destined for our Sovereign was conveyed to Malta, under the charge of two Arabs; and was from thence forwarded to London, in the Penelope merchant vessel, and arrived on the 11th of August.

Camelopard, or Giraffe, 264.

The animal now in Paris differs from the Cape of Good Hope species by several essential anatomical characters, and he proposes to distinguish it by the name of the Giraffe of Sennaar, the country from which it comes.

This fact is explained by the circumstance that the Giraffe has an ardent affection for its Arabian keeper, and that it naturally is delighted with the sight of the turban and the costume of its keeper.

Four or five years ago a male Giraffe, extremely savage, was brought to Constantinople.

The keeper of the present Giraffe had also the charge of this one, and he ascribes its savageness entirely to the manner in which it was treated.

At the same time M. Mongez read a memoir on the testimony of ancient authors respecting the Giraffe.

Albertus Magnus, in his Treatise de Animalibus, is the first modern author who speaks of the Giraffe.

In its native country the Giraffe browses on the twigs of trees, preferring plants of the Mimosa genus; but it appears that it can without inconvenience subsist on other vegetable food.

The pace of the Giraffe is an amble, though when pursued it flies with extreme rapidity, but the small size of its lungs prevents it from supporting a lengthened chase.

The Giraffe defends itself against the lion, its principal enemy, with its fore feet, with which it strikes with such force as often to repulse him.

The name Camelo-pardalis (camel-leopard) was given by the Romans to this animal, from a fancied combination of the characters of the camel and leopard; but its ancient denomination was Zurapha, from which the name Giraffe has been adopted.

The bland hyena's laugh, The footstep of the elephant, The neck of the giraffe; I love her still, believe me, Though my heart its passion hides; "She is all my fancy painted her,"

Whenever there is any thing to be seen, an Englishman must go and see it; and, in the eager warmth of excited spirits, he will run after any vehicle, no matter whether caravan or carriage; no matter whence it comes or whither it goes; no matter whether its contents be a kangaroo or a cannibal chief, a giraffe or a Princess Rusty Fusty.

But he tells us, that to our knowledge of the giraffe he has added considerably.

When Ptolemy Philadelphus feted the Alexandrians (Athenoeus, v.), the Ethiopians brought dogs, buffaloes, bears, leopards, lynxes, a giraffe, and a rhinoceros.

The country bore some resemblance to the country west of Redjaf on the White Nile, the home of the giant eland; only here there was no big game, no chance of seeing the towering form of the giraffe, the black bulk of elephant or buffalo, the herds of straw-colored hartebeests, or the ghostly shimmer of the sun glinting on the coats of roan and eland as they vanished silently in the gray sea of withered scrub.

Johnny Giraffe.

The blue giraffe.

The happy giraffe.

Western Pub. Co., Inc. (PWH); 30Mar72; R526321. The happy giraffe.

Jerry the giraffe.

The Giraffe at home.

The Gentle giraffe.

R601958. This little giraffe wants to play.

Jasper Giraffe.

Pegeen and the potamus; or, The sly giraffe; with some account of the wise old man who dwells in Tai-Poo.

Johnny Giraffe.

The blue giraffe.

The happy giraffe.

Western Pub. Co., Inc. (PWH); 30Mar72; R526321. The happy giraffe.

The Giraffe at home.

The Gentle giraffe.

R601958. This little giraffe wants to play.

"Well, you'll have to be a giraffe to see your way over the tops of these trees," chuckled Tom.

Between an ostrich of great height and a giraffe of medium height, seen at a certain distance, it is easy to make a mistake.

If it were a question of a beak or a nose, both are none the less joined to the end of a long neck turned backward, and, strictly speaking, it may be said that an ostrich is only a half giraffe.

On the other hand, if this one giraffe should possess one brown eye and one white eye, we should not expect all other giraffes to have such eyes, for our observation of many hundreds of animals teaches us that the eyes of an animal are usually alike in color.

You have filled their heads with those ideas, and I suppose you will have to invent some nonsense or other to fool them, and make them believe that it has hatched a giraffe, or an elephant, or something; they won't be satisfied with anything less.'

He was mounted on a horse like a giraffe, and, extending his feet horizontally, he certainly managed to pass through the stream without much of a wetting.

African hunters for lion, rhinoceros, elephant, buffalo, eland, hartebeest, giraffe, and a hundred species made known to all the world by such classical sportsmen as Selous, Roosevelt, Stewart Edward White.

So long as we regard a tree as an obvious thing, naturally and reasonably created for a giraffe to eat, we cannot properly wonder at it.

One front was a story high, with a slanting roof; the other, which was two-storied, sloped like a giraffe's back, down to a wood-shed.

Restless the giraffe must bear him on, till strength and life-blood fail her; Mastered by such daring rider, rearing, plunging, naught avail her.

In contrast to Lamarck, Darwin's idea was that the giraffe's neck became longer because those with longer necks survived better.

At age 26, he produced "The Last Giraffe," a made-for-television movie that was shot exclusively on location in Kenya."

At first these included square pianos and giraffe pianos, later on the upright pianos became popular for home use.

There are two kinds of unicycles; giraffe unicycles and traditional unicycles.

Giraffe calfs are already 2 m tall and weigh 50-55 kg.

Giraffe unicycles are much taller than traditional unicycles, and use a chain so that the performer's legs do not have to stretch very far.

A 2018 investigation by Humane Society International found that 40,000 giraffe parts were imported into the US from Africa between 2006-2015.

A 65-foot-high ceiling, 20 feet taller than the Hollywood sign, 25 feet taller than a telephone pole and 46 feet taller than a full-grown giraffe.

Floyd arrived at in 2004 and contributed greatly to the reticulated giraffe population over the course of his 18 years.

In the large dining room, a pregnant giraffe stands over an expansive table.

It was goofy and offhand (one wonderful mash-up from the archives produced a giraffe-leopard print) and photographed in the open-air safety of a beachside villa an hour from Florence.

Online, the Zoo is also offering videos about how your favorite animals are holding up, educational resources for kids, and even giraffe yoga and conservation projects that you can do from your home.

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Floyd, the oldest and tallest giraffe at the San Francisco Zoo, died Friday.

Susan is the name of the other giraffe who was saved by the groups.

“The first job of a newly opened restaurant is to get up on its legs like a baby giraffe and start running,” says the restaurant consultant Clark Wolf, who did not consult on this specific project.

The little girl had covered the crayon Dixit’s body with a large Giraffe magnet that reads “Hakuna Matata.”

The pairing of Kiko and Mstari was at the recommendation of the AZA Masai Giraffe Species Survival Plan, a co-operative breeding program among accredited zoos, the Toronto Zoo said in a news release.

Vocalists, guitarists, and overall legends in the metal community Matt Pike (Giraffe Tongue Orchestra) are teaming up for a brand new project.

A giraffe goes through many humourous changes, but still remains the same.

But driving into the game park road, it’s not two minutes when a giraffe crosses the road.

Cry of the giraffe : based on a true story / Judie Oron.

During five game drives, keep your eyes open for rhino, giraffe, topi, hyena, lion, and much more.

Also nice is the mix of familiar animals (e.g. cow, horse, pig, giraffe) with some that don’t get much attention (e.g. hedgehog, yak, ostrich) so young readers might learn something new.

"Six read-aloud stories for toddlers about baby animals in the wild: tiger, elephant, giraffe, rhinoceros, panda, and gorilla"-- Provided by publisher.

The result of Bird's actions is revealed below the panels via an angry looking Giraffe who has an obvious bird dropping on his head.

"Zebra feels sad when his friend Giraffe moves away, but eventually gets cheered up by playing games with his other friends and getting a letter from Giraffe"-- Provided by publisher.