58 examples of give permission in sentences

This dashed his ardor a bit and he gave permission for the Israelites to go; but he was only scared into doing it; and after the plague was called off he was not wise enough to keep his wordhere was a great lot of valuable slaves which he could keep, and why shouldn't he?his word was easy broken and all's fair in business; so his heart hardened and he held the Israelites.

The old man was so that he expected people to raise their hats to him and not to sit down till he gave permission.

Our sails were furled, and the captain gave permission to all who wished to land for a while and amuse themselves.

Father Secchi said, 'No, the Holy Father gave permission to one only,' and alone I entered the monastery walls.

The Passover itself, though not at first an agricultural festival, became one by the waving of the Paschal sheaf, which gave permission to the people to begin their spring-harvestso thoroughly were they to be an agricultural and cattle-feeding people.

However, Uncle John had an interview with the young man in the office of the prosecuting attorney, at which Mershone was given permission to leave town quietly and pursue his fortunes in other fields.

We can manage this without you, and you've a husband to think of" "If he were here he'd hate it, but he'd give permission.

The monk, by my suggestion, craved leave to carry the cross aloft on a lance, and Manga gave permission that it might be carried in any way we thought fit.

V. permit; give permission &c n., give power; let, allow, admit; suffer, bear with, tolerate, recognize; concede &c 762; accord, vouchsafe, favor, humor, gratify, indulge, stretch a point; wink at, connive at; shut one's eyes to.

But the lady stepped back and gave permission with her eyes to Canim.

" That same night the cardinal spoke to M. de Treville of the episode of the bastion, and gave permission for D'Artagnan to become a musketeer, "for such men should be in the same company," he said.

On receiving this message, the zamorin pretended to be much surprised that our ships were still unprovided with a loading, and could not believe that the Moors had secretly bought up and removed the spices, contrary to his orders; and even gave permission to the general to take those ships belonging to the Moors which were laden with spices, paying the same prices for the spices which had been given by the Moors.

At length he saw fit to propose a kind of amnesty for the sufferers, and so he gave permission to those who wished to go into mourning for the deceased; and in addition he forbade that any one should in any way be hindered from showing this respect to the memory of any person,for such prohibitory votes were frequently passed.

Persons who preferred a request to leave Italy for a time were given permission by Claudius himself without action of the senate; yet, in order to appear to be doing it under some form of law, he ordered that a decree to the effect be issued.

Gracchus gave permission, with the proviso that they should feast in the public street.

The little cadet son of another officer gave permission for his loaded rifle to be taken from the side of his bed, where it had rested every night since the Bolshevik Revolution and the cadet massacres had commenced.

The archbishop gave permission.

Captain Thierry readily gave permission.

We thought little of the matter and readily gave permission, the more so as he carried a good rifle and would be a welcome addition to our party in the event of a "scrap" with the Snakes.

Nothing separates me from it but the river of death, which now appears but as an insignificant rill, that may be crossed at a single step, whenever God shall give permission.

Besides, he says you cannot send a message in the air, without the wire, unless he give permission.

I stupidly gave permission for the third motor to be got out this morning.

It was only the French War Office in Paris who could give permission for a correspondent to join the troops.

The Queen gave permission for the balloon to be called by her name; and the next year, during a visit of Gustavus, King of Sweden, to Versailles, it went up from the grounds of the Trianon, and made a successful voyage to Chantilly (the Editor's "Life of Marie Antoinette," c. 19).

He even sent Stephen to build the bench, and also gave permission to the boys to carry whey and flowers to the sick lady.

58 examples of  give permission  in sentences