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When Caesar perceived that his troops were wounded from all sides, he determined to retreat and give up the post; his retreat was down a precipice, on which account they pushed on with more spirit, and would not allow us to retire, because they imagined that we resigned the place through fear.

Just give me some money, will you?" Nobody could have guessed from her placid tone and indifferent demeanour that she was in a state of extreme agitation.

I fairly give you up!

The aunt, however, a person of powerful common sense, had persuaded Mrs. Lessways that the truest kindness would be to give Florrie a trial.

On Wednesdays you give your parlour a thorough turn-out after breakfast, and mind it's got to be all straight for dinner at half-past twelve.

"You're as pleased as Punch, and you're saying to yourself you've made your old mother give way to ye again!

He had kept his eyes on her slim bust and tight-girded waist that sprung suddenly neat and smooth out of the curving skirt-folds, and it had not occurred to him to exclaim even in his own heart: "With your girlishness and your ferocity, your intimidating seriousness and your delicious absurdity, I would give a week's wages just to take hold of you and shake you!"

He confirmed her idea by greeting his sister without apparent surprise; but as, in response to Mrs. Lessways' insistence, he took off his great overcoat, with those large, powerful gestures which impress susceptible women and give pleasure even to the indifferent, he said casually to Sarah Gailey, "I didn't expect to meet you here, Sally.

" "It was the governor as told me to give it you," said Sowter, restive.

"Well, give it me, then; and don't waste my time!"

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This feeling will so completely predominate over every other that they will not even consider it necessary to give it words; but on either side it will be silently assumed, and form the ground-work of all they have to talk about.

The tranquillity of mind which this seems to give them often puts us to shame for the many times we allow our thoughts and our cares to make us restless and discontented.

Nay, in Massilia and on the isle of Ceos, the man who could give valid reasons for relinquishing his life, was handed the cup of hemlock by the magistrate; and that, too, in public.

On the other hand, that which places one being over another, and sets differences between man and man, is intellect and knowledge; therefore in every manifestation of self we should, as far as possible, give play to the intellect alone; for, as we have seen, the will is the common part of us.

First and foremost, to give an example, Gil Blas, and the other works of Le Sage (or rather their Spanish originals); further, The Vicar of Wakefield, and, to some extent Sir Walter Scott's novels.

It is only the man whose intellect is clouded by his sexual impulses that could give the name of the fair sex to that under-sized, narrow-shouldered, broad-hipped, and short-legged race; for the whole beauty of the sex is bound up with this impulse.

What are you going to give him if he gets poor Jack out of this miserable business?" "Give him?" said her father, staring.

What are you going to give him if he gets poor Jack out of this miserable business?" "Give him?" said her father, staring.

"I want you to come in and give us a little music," he said, shortly.

"Takes 'imself off," repeated her husband; "takes 'imself off as if we was dirt beneath 'is feet, and never been back to give a explanation from that day to this.

She's got a temper, too, but she give 'er love once, and, being my daughter, she couldn't give it agin.

His friends readily understand that he who can get nothing, will have nothing to give.

The papers were fragmentary, consisting of parts of a Reclaiming Petition and some portion of a Proof that had been led in support of a brieve of service; but I got enough to enable me to give the story, which I shall do in such a connected manner as to take the reader along with me, I hope pleasantly, and without any inclination to choke upon the foresaid bones.

make 93700 occurrences

On the hill above the western end of the city, stands a chapel on the spot where the Bavarians put an end to Protestantism in Bohemia by the sword, and the deluded peasantry of the land make pilgrimages to this spot, as if it were rendered holy by an act over which Religion weeps!

I endeavor, if possible, always to make several visitsto study those pictures which cling first to the memory, and pass over those which make little or no impression.

I endeavor, if possible, always to make several visitsto study those pictures which cling first to the memory, and pass over those which make little or no impression.

Lay it in his hand and make a cross over it, and I will reveal the numbers!"

The inside of the square formed by the Arcades and the New Residence, is filled with noble old trees, which in summer make a leafy roof over the pleasant walks.

In the middle, stands a grotto, ornamented with rough pebbles and shells, and only needing a fountain to make it a perfect hall of Neptune.

I could not distinctly make out the image, for it was placed back within the grating, and a strong crimson lamp behind it was made to throw the light around, in the form of a glory.

" The Ticino, in its course to Lago Maggiore has to make a descent of nearly three thousand feet, passing through three valleys, which lie like terraces, one below the other.

I noticed also that if the latter are as lazy as they are said to be, they make their horses work for them, as in a walk of a few hours yesterday after noon, we saw two horses drawing heavy loads, drop down apparently dead, and several others seemed nearly ready to do the same.

Don't make him lose so much time.'

I live by what little I make at odd jobs.

We used to make our living at home.

Travels "I wouldn't never a left Bartow County, but the white people made out that this was a rich country and you could make so much out here, and we moved out here.

It was quite a day to make them.

The Nile overflowed and rushed onward; the Egyptian could not choose the overflow, but he chose to work and make channels for the fructifying waters, and Egypt became the land of corn.

Believe me, I should not have cared to devour even ardent praise if it had not come from one who showed the discriminating sensibility, the perfect response to the artist's intention, which must make the fullest, rarest joy to one who works from inward conviction and not in compliance with current fashions.

If she made it clear in Middlemarch that the individual is crippled and betrayed by society, it was her purpose to make it quite as clear in Daniel Deronda how society may become the true inspirer of the individual.

While George Eliot has imagination enough to make a charming prose style, and to adorn her prose with great beauty and an impressive manner, yet its finer quality of subtle expression is not to be found in her poetry.

No ills on earth, though you should count them up With grains to make a mountain, can outweigh For me his ill who is my supreme love.

Then Armgart is brought to see that there is a noble privilege in living as her friend has lived, in making music a joy to others, and in doing what she can to make life better for humanity.

She could best make her comment on the ways of life while describing a character or studying an action.

Our getting the franchise will greatly hasten that good end in proportion only as every one of us has the knowledge, the foresight, the conscience, that will make him well-judging and scrupulous in the use of it.

Groups of British soldiers stood about smoking cigarettes and staring at us curiously through the gloom as though not quite sure what to make of us.

"If you call her in that voice, you may believe that she will never come!" "Don't make a public-crier of your Achilles," said the master to some one with a rich organ, given over to its own uncultivated power.

I exaggerated your mistake to make you aware of it; but you did your work in a way that was very satisfactory to all but your teacher.

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