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338 examples of  glamours  in sentences

338 examples of glamours in sentences

He says that, 'viewed through the glamour of memory, you impress him like an Alpine landscape, when the sun is rising, and he hopes the soft brilliance of prosperity will ever envelop you in its radiance and serve to enhance the beauty of your stately calm.'

The glamour surrounding the economic feats of mother in the past hides the shortcomings of today.

Hence he did not remain, but hoping to succeed to Antony's leadership because a number of men had come to him from Sicily and still others had rallied around him, some drawn by the glamour of his father's renown and some who were seeking a livelihood, he resumed the outfit of a general and continued his preparations to occupy the opposite shore.

A ride on horseback through the mountains with a man who had stirred her more than a little, who filled her romantic fancies with picturesque glamour, who was on a quest of which she knew ten times more than he had any idea she knew.

Pure golden glamour everywhere.

It happened that I was fairly well known among these natives through my horse Kochbaof pure Maneghi-Sbeli bloodwhich I had purchased from some Anazzi Bedouins who were encamped not far from Aleppo: a swift and intelligent animal he was, winner of many races, and in a land where a horse is considerably more valuable than a wife, his ownership cast quite a glamour over me.

Forced to put Mrs. Pankhurst and the Pethick Lawrences into the luxurious category of political prisoners, next to release them altogether, and finally to liberate their humblest followers, their hunger-strike on behalf of whose equal treatment set a new standard of military chivalry, the Government succeeded only in investing the vanished Christabel with a new glamour.

In fact, a constant glamour of excitement and enjoyment had come into his life.

Betty Dalrymple's answer was calculated to dispel illusion and glamour.

The tragedy she works, according to George Bernard Shaw, is through the fact that very often good men, blinded by the glamour of sex, imagine they love the Disagreeable Girl, when what they love is their own idealan image born in their own minds.

She was happy, she said, and had the best of good eating, and would he not eat? and therewith laid all kinds of food on the table; but he, knowing well that she was trying to cast on him the glamour by giving him faery food, that she might keep him with her, refused and came home to his people in Sligo.

They hurried home to find it was but faery glamour.

One night a farmer's young son came from one of them and saw the fort all flaming, and ran towards it, but the "glamour" fell on him, and he sprang on to a fence, cross-legged, and commenced beating it with a stick, for he imagined the fence was a horse, and that all night long he went on the most wonderful ride through the country.

The glamour of this touching memorial of a long-buried grief had stolen over me, and I was content to stand silent by my beloved companion and revive, with a certain pensive pleasure, the ghosts of human emotions over which so many centuries had rolled.

It is only of late that I have been sensible of the glamour of things Egyptian.

As we sallied forth together the glamour of Egypt faded by degrees, and when he shook my hand stiffly at the gate of the Bellinghams' house, all his vivacity and enthusiasm had vanished, leaving the taciturn lawyer, dry, uncommunicative, and not a little suspicious.

Trondhjem Cathedral has burned down so many times, and the work of restoration has been so sweeping, that it takes an active imagination to invest it with the proper glamour of romance.

A party of "regular customers," all evidently connected with water (or mud), sat around a table: beyond question they were Tootle, and Mullins, and Bob Glamour, and Captain Joey; and at ten o'clock Miss Abbey would issue from the bar-parlor, and send them home.

Already he saw himself in it, his name surrounded with a glamour of pathetic romance, as the sad widower with a mystery darkening his past and future.

But there were further delights to me in the days that came; for I had happiness in the way that she had pleasure of the Mystery of the Evening, and the Glamour of Night, and the Joy of Dawn, and all suchlike.

But she to have knowledge of the Olden Love Days within her spirit, and to mind that there did be alway, as it did be, a lovely and golden light upon the world; but she not to know truly whether this to be but the holy glamour-light that Memory doth set about a past loveliness; and to have no remembering of the Sun; but yet to be made ready by her memories unto believing.

The quietude and meditation of the Meccan hill-slopes are exchanged for the council-chamber and the battlefield, and appear upon the background of his anxious life with the glamour and aloofness of a dream-country; the inevitable turmoil and preoccupation which accompanies the direction of affairs took hold upon his life.

The violet light upon the hills had lost its brightness and its glamour.

The box of goods in Verne's Mysterious Island is another case in point: there was no gusto and no glamour about that; it might have come from a shop.

Instead of confirming his growing intention of indifference, it had, as might have been foreseen, the directly opposite effect; and from the moment of his learning that Hesper secretly loved him, she at once became invested with a new glamour, and grew daily more and more the forbidden fascination few can resist.

Bobby, however, had answered merely to the glamour of her fame, to the magnetic response her beauty always brought in places like this.

Our native composers are especially noticeable for their wide range of themes, for the Celtic and Gaelic glamour which they infuse into their treatment of them, and for their realistic titles.

Grace and majesty are in his every movement and attitude, and even to the most prosaic mind there is about him the inseparable glamour of feudal romance and poetry.

It was you wha put poison into my ear and cast glamour ower my een; it was you wha egged me on, for 'the lips of a strange woman drop as a honeycomb, and her words are smoother than oil; but her feet take hold of hell.'

The glamour of romance hangs round him.

It represented Thomas the Rhymer in Fairyland, at the moment when its glamour is falling from his eyes, when its magic lustre is dying out on all that glittering pageantry and the elfin is fading to a gnome.

Most of the fairies have been put in, and the gradual change from glamour to disillusion, cunningly conveyed by a stream of cold grey morning light entering the magic cavern from realms of upper earth, to deaden the glitter, pale the colouring, and strip, as it were, the tinsel where it strikes.

Once, particularly, in travelling by rail, did I experience the mysterious glamour that seems to hang round iron more than about any other metal.

The aim of the story is to picture the life of a Grizzly with the added glamour of a remarkable Bear personality.

He seized eagerly every chance that brought him into contact with this mysterious class that shone down on him perpetually with the glamour of another order of being.

How she liked Paula's colleagues; to what extent the glamour evaporated when one was behind the scenes.

Ted acknowledged that, even now that the glamour had worn off.

It was not until I found her examining his cabinet by means of a false key that he dismissed her; but madame had contrived to leave her glamour over me, and now and then the memory of her parting menaces would return with an unexpected pang of fear.

The glamour of Monohan was fading, and she could not say why.

An Arctic fire-ball had traversed the sky, showering abroad, a sulphurous glamour over the snow-landscape.

Making a journey without money, without knowing the language of the people, and without any experience in travel is not at all the sort of thing it seems to one who has not gone through its toils, but only sees the glow and glamour of success.

" There was indeed a glamour about these splendid names, as there is about the titles of our ancient noble families; their holders may almost be said to have claimed high office as a right, like the Whig families Of the Revolution for a century after their triumph.

Without giving himself away by indulging in effusiveness, or being carried away by the glamour of the occasion, he managed to make a very circumspect, clever, and appropriate speech, which, though closely scrutinised, brought no reproaches or even adverse criticisms from Republicans or Royalists.

Marriage is a sell generally, even when a vast amount of so-called love is brought to the sacrificial altar; so perhaps I shall not make a bad thing of it if I win my wife's heart after she knows me au fond, instead of in the glamour of gas-light flirtations.

He did not try to deceive himself, nor did he allow the glamour of false sentiment to blind him.

I never liked the man at Number Nine, But now my breast is bursting with its wrongs, For when we had a few old friends to dine And crowned our feasting with some gentle songs, Instead of simply drinking in the glamour, The charm of it, he had the cheek to hammer The party-wall with pokers and with tongs.

A novel, which is much more than a novel, packed with beauty and sincerity, setting forth its tragedy without false glamour or shallow consolations.

And directly we pass from the mists and glamours of amorous passion to the warm realities of the nursery, we pass into a new system of considerations altogether.

Sea Glamour Ever has the glamour of the sea enveloped San Francisco.

Sea Glamour Ever has the glamour of the sea enveloped San Francisco.

The sea glamour is upon the dining places of San Francisco.

The Wild Ram of the Mountains, having lately been sealed to his twelfth wife, and having no suitable apartment for her, had ingeniously contrived a sleeping-place in a covered wagon-box at the end of the house,an apartment which was now being occupied, not without some ungraceful remonstrance, by his first wife, a lady somewhat far down in the vale of years and long past the first glamour of her enthusiasm for the Kingdom.

The fascination, the subtle personal glamour he unconsciously threw over those who came in true contact with him, made them always expect more than he accomplished, for in that there was not even the stimulus of ambition.

A romantic glamour was thrown over the fortunes of the exiled Stuarts, and to have been "out" in '45 with the Young Pretender was a popular thing in parts of Scotland.

He had the historic imagination, and, in creating the historical novel, he was the first to throw a poetic glamour over European annals.

There was a trimness about it, an assertive glamour, an air of success, that should not stamp one of the oppressed.

Modelling himself after his newest friend, in attire, manners and morals, he lived what might have been on the whole an unprofitable and ordinary life, if he had not been able to gild it with the glamour of philosophic immoralism.

I remember the paradoxes and the aphorisms, if not the exact words, the glamour and the sentiment of a humour that was all thy own.

Now he wondered, as he stared at the pictured eyes, so laughingly helpless, at the chin, so characterless, at the pretty mouth from which no word worth listening to had ever proceededwondered whether the light was other than a reflection from Youth's glamour.

For a moment he stood under the portico lighting a cigarette, and the flare of his match put a glamour upon his face.

They buried him up there, and that night his loss was mourned, not without tears, by many rough soldiers who had loved the man for his cheeriness, and honoured him for the simple faith, which seemed to put a glamour about the mud-stained uniform of a soldier of France.

She was shrewd, lucid, fastidious, and saw the men she knew without any glamour.

Each deed comes wrapt in its own infernal glamour, trailing a cloud of supernatural splendour.

Boris has been reproached with submitting himself and his country to Greek influence, but in those days it was either Constantinople or Rome (there was no third way); and in view of the proximity of Constantinople and the glamour which its civilization cast all over the Balkans, it is not surprising that the Greeks carried the day.

His instructors had done their work so well that Simeon remained spellbound by the glamour of Constantinople throughout his life, and, although he might have laid the foundations of a solid empire in the Balkans, his one ambition was to conquer Byzantium and to be recognized as basileusan ambition which was not to be fulfilled.

He opened a cupboard, with a good deal of jingling of a great bunch of keys, and produced the register; a grim-looking volume bound in dingy leather, and calculated to inspire gloomy feelings in the minds of the bridegrooms and brides who had occasion to inscribe their names therein; a volume upon which the loves and the graces who hover around the entrance to the matrimonial state had shed no ray of glamour.

As separate personalities, men had lost much of their glamour for him; there had been too much sweat, too much crowding, too much invasion of dignity, of everything for which the world claimed it had been struggling and praying.

R63891. GLAMOUR, by W. B. Maxwell.

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I defy even the police news reporter on the Star to find any glamour in that.

Deceitful from heaven's fair emerald rainbow, Soft borrowed glamour of moonbeams doth woo; Since even you to my faith were disloyal, Love, my false Springtime were you!

Mr. Skale had made a discoverya giant one; it was not all merely talk and hypnotism, the glamour of words.

I now knew what war was, stripped of its glamour, hideous in its reality of suffering and cruelty.

No more with wordless grief a loved one grieve, But to Heaven's nothingness re-welcome Eve? THE UNCHANGING After the songless rose of evening, Night quiet, dark, still, In nodding cavalcade advancing Starred the deep hill: You, in the valley standing, In your quiet wonder took All that glamour, peace, and mystery In one grave look.

Like a bold boy sate their Captain, His glamour withered and gone, In the souls of his brooding mariners, While the song pined on.

But all that is nothing; what I miss is the glamour of life, the Forum, the city, my own house, andyou.

Unhappy they who go into marriage with the glamour of youth upon them and the destiny of conflict imprinted on their nature, for they make misery for their partner in marriage as well as for themselves.

Each new town believes itself to be a possible Winnipeg until the glamour of the thing is a little worn off, and the local paper, sliding down the pole of Pride with the hind legs of despair, says defiantly: 'At least, a veterinary surgeon and a drug store would meet with encouragement in our midst, and it is a fact that five new buildings have been erected in our midst since the spring.'

It was hard to do this; and there was a glamour in the very topographical and meteorological environment.

and Mrs. Dr. Van Buren's constant exultation over the "splendid match," helped to keep up the glamour of excitement, so that her promise had never been revoked, and now he was there to claim it.

The prize ring has fallen from its high estate, nor is it the intention here to try to cast any glamour over it.

The tenderness of her lips, the softness of her complexion, the glamour of her glance increased day by day, and without apparent reason.

Partly these occupations are the clean, light, and agreeable ones, partly they have a relative social glamour, largely they can be followed for a few years near the home of the worker, nearly always they may be undertaken with brief training and little skill.

The interlocutors in these three poems are Coridon, a young shepherd anxious to seek his fortune at court, and the old Cornix, for whom the great world has long lost its glamour.

In this pervading impulse of pure and spontaneous pastoral the soul of what is sweet and winning in things common and familiar as our household fairies blends with the fresh glamour of early love and the dainty delights of an ideal world, where despair is only less sweet than fruition, and love only less divine than chastity, where, as Drayton frankly tells us,

Then when we came to a forested ridge bare of grass and smelling of sheep, that robbed the forest of a little more glamour.

I remember the paradoxes and the aphorisms, if not the exact words, the glamour and the sentiment of a humour that was all thy own.

Some of the glamour had left the place.

The original glamour had returned to every aspect of his new experience, and he tried excitedly to describe the wonders of the vestibule, the stairway and the big hall.

And you believe that I will leave you now, when the glamour of the personal presence of a Prince of Wales may dazzle your eyeperhaps even your heart? WILHELMINE.

"I too was young once, trusted in my star, Had faith in men; but all the glamour of youth Vanished too soonand, piercing to the truth, I found some evil each fair show to mar.

Even now, when, in a fever of honesty, he declared there could be no God in such an ill-ordered world, so full was his heart of the human half of religion, that he could not stand by the bedside of dying man or woman, without lamenting that there was no consolationthat stern truth would allow him to cast no feeblest glamour of hope upon the departing shadow.

" All my moors and heather passed like a glamour.

Now the little torment tries, Perched on tiptoe, all the glamour Of her coaxing hands and eyes!