338 examples of glamours in sentences

It happened that I was fairly well known among these natives through my horse Kochbaof pure Maneghi-Sbeli bloodwhich I had purchased from some Anazzi Bedouins who were encamped not far from Aleppo: a swift and intelligent animal he was, winner of many races, and in a land where a horse is considerably more valuable than a wife, his ownership cast quite a glamour over me.

Forced to put Mrs. Pankhurst and the Pethick Lawrences into the luxurious category of political prisoners, next to release them altogether, and finally to liberate their humblest followers, their hunger-strike on behalf of whose equal treatment set a new standard of military chivalry, the Government succeeded only in investing the vanished Christabel with a new glamour.

Betty Dalrymple's answer was calculated to dispel illusion and glamour.

The tragedy she works, according to George Bernard Shaw, is through the fact that very often good men, blinded by the glamour of sex, imagine they love the Disagreeable Girl, when what they love is their own idealan image born in their own minds.

They hurried home to find it was but faery glamour.

One night a farmer's young son came from one of them and saw the fort all flaming, and ran towards it, but the "glamour" fell on him, and he sprang on to a fence, cross-legged, and commenced beating it with a stick, for he imagined the fence was a horse, and that all night long he went on the most wonderful ride through the country.

A party of "regular customers," all evidently connected with water (or mud), sat around a table: beyond question they were Tootle, and Mullins, and Bob Glamour, and Captain Joey; and at ten o'clock Miss Abbey would issue from the bar-parlor, and send them home.

Already he saw himself in it, his name surrounded with a glamour of pathetic romance, as the sad widower with a mystery darkening his past and future.

The quietude and meditation of the Meccan hill-slopes are exchanged for the council-chamber and the battlefield, and appear upon the background of his anxious life with the glamour and aloofness of a dream-country; the inevitable turmoil and preoccupation which accompanies the direction of affairs took hold upon his life.

The box of goods in Verne's Mysterious Island is another case in point: there was no gusto and no glamour about that; it might have come from a shop.

It represented Thomas the Rhymer in Fairyland, at the moment when its glamour is falling from his eyes, when its magic lustre is dying out on all that glittering pageantry and the elfin is fading to a gnome.

Most of the fairies have been put in, and the gradual change from glamour to disillusion, cunningly conveyed by a stream of cold grey morning light entering the magic cavern from realms of upper earth, to deaden the glitter, pale the colouring, and strip, as it were, the tinsel where it strikes.

How she liked Paula's colleagues; to what extent the glamour evaporated when one was behind the scenes.

It was not until I found her examining his cabinet by means of a false key that he dismissed her; but madame had contrived to leave her glamour over me, and now and then the memory of her parting menaces would return with an unexpected pang of fear.

The glamour of Monohan was fading, and she could not say why.

An Arctic fire-ball had traversed the sky, showering abroad, a sulphurous glamour over the snow-landscape.

" There was indeed a glamour about these splendid names, as there is about the titles of our ancient noble families; their holders may almost be said to have claimed high office as a right, like the Whig families Of the Revolution for a century after their triumph.

Marriage is a sell generally, even when a vast amount of so-called love is brought to the sacrificial altar; so perhaps I shall not make a bad thing of it if I win my wife's heart after she knows me au fond, instead of in the glamour of gas-light flirtations.

I never liked the man at Number Nine, But now my breast is bursting with its wrongs, For when we had a few old friends to dine And crowned our feasting with some gentle songs, Instead of simply drinking in the glamour, The charm of it, he had the cheek to hammer The party-wall with pokers and with tongs.

A novel, which is much more than a novel, packed with beauty and sincerity, setting forth its tragedy without false glamour or shallow consolations.

And directly we pass from the mists and glamours of amorous passion to the warm realities of the nursery, we pass into a new system of considerations altogether.

For a moment he stood under the portico lighting a cigarette, and the flare of his match put a glamour upon his face.

She was shrewd, lucid, fastidious, and saw the men she knew without any glamour.

California the golden: the inside story of the glamour state.

Glamour: a world problem.

338 examples of  glamours  in sentences