1099 examples of glisten in sentences

The wind had not warned them, and suddenly Kazan saw something glisten in the man's hands.

Kazan caught the glisten of the rifle in his hand.

" "In the sunset's fire there glisten, sire, Alhambra's tinted tiles; And somewhat lower Alijire's tower upon the vega smiles, And many a band of subtile hand has wrought its pillared aisles.

We may not live to see the day, But earth shall glisten in the ray Of the good time coming; Cannon balls may aid the truth, But thought's a weapon stronger; We'll win our battle by its aid, Wait a little longer.

I want him waiting for me at night With eyes that glisten with real delight; When it's right that punished my boy should be I don't want the job postponed for me; I want to come home to a round of joy And not to frighten a little boy.

I noticed the long, bright barrel glisten in the sunlight, and then the little puff of white smoke curl gracefully up from the end, and knew that the foremost Indian had fallen, without looking towards him.

He was just going to lay one of the babies on the ground so that he could swing himself up to the cage with the other onewhen he saw the house cat's green eyes glisten close beside him.

She grew plump and chirpy, and bustling as a blithe little sparrow, though perhaps duck would be a happier comparison, for she was dabbling and splashing in water all the day long, making the stairs and porches of her curatorship fairly glisten with cleanliness.

I have sworn a vow: Ere the evening-star shall glisten On Schehallion's lofty brow, Either we shall rest in triumph, Or another of the Graemes Shall have died in battle-harness For his Country and King James! Think upon the Royal Martyr Think of what his race endure Think on him whom butchers murder'd On the field of Magus Muir:

Other eyes than mine shall glisten, Other hearts be rent in twain, Ere the heathbells on thy hillock Wither in the autumn rain.

The mild, bright moon has upward risen, Out of the gray and boundless plain, And all around the white snows glisten, Where frost, and ice, and silence, reign, While ages roll away, and they unchanged remain.

I could see them glisten on the dark lashes, as she affected to tie her hat, all the time untying it as fast as ever the knot slid.

The rills, as they glisten, Sing to the pebbles and greening grass; Under the sward the violets listen, And dream of the sky as they hear her pass.

How glisten the eyes of the happy leaves!

Polished holly leaves glisten, and a bunch of tawny fungus rears itself above the grass.

" Despite the dusk, Robert saw Daganoweda's eyes glisten.

All down the valley, during the tourist season, stand char-a-bancs and donkeys and sand-carts, with here and there exhausted couples who have dropped out of the processions and glisten and fan themselves in some scrap of shade.

The car itself instructs me; we are moving O'er pregnant clouds, surcharged with rain; below us I see the moisture-loving Chátakas In sportive flight dart through the spokes; the steeds Of Indra glisten with the lightning's flash; And a thick mist bedews the circling wheels.

As he held in his hand a bit of gunwale, not much more than a foot in length, his eyes began to glisten and his breath came quickly.

The humid blockhouse and walls of the fort high above the bay began to glisten in emerging sunlight, and Jenieve determined not to be hard on Mama Lalotte that day.

" She turned towards him as she spoke, and Mr. Hamilton felt the tears glisten in his eyes as he met the upturned glance of the afflicted orphannow indeed, as it seemed, so utterly alone.

He painted in vivid colours the domestic joys of Oakwood, the affectionate harmony that reigned there, till Mordaunt felt his eyes glisten with emotion, and ere that conversation ceased, all that affection which for many a long and weary year had pined for some one on which to expend its force, now centred in the noble youth of whose preservation he had been so strangely and providentially an instrument.

There are domes and towers and pinnacles as of living flame, that burn and glisten.

Then I saw something glisten in the herbage, and it was a rattlesnake, if it were not a whisky bottle.

The valleys broaden and on the easy slopes there are orchards where the oranges glisten.

1099 examples of  glisten  in sentences