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1099 examples of  glisten  in sentences

1099 examples of glisten in sentences

Only the wind's muffled roar, And the glisten Of tears 'round the moon.

Red is his beak, his eyes glisten, the false one!

The trunk was full to the brim with old coins, many quite rare, while scattered here and there were postage stamps on sheets and loose, queer, foreign looking things that made Billie's eyes glisten as she looked at them.

<Shine, beam, gleam, glisten, glister, glitter, glare, flare, flash, sparkle, twinkle, dazzle, glimmer, glow, radiate, scintillate, coruscate>.

To speed a parting friend 'Tis vain alike to speak and listen; Yet stay,these feeble accents blend With rays of light from eyes that glisten.

The wind had not warned them, and suddenly Kazan saw something glisten in the man's hands.

Kazan caught the glisten of the rifle in his hand.

" "In the sunset's fire there glisten, sire, Alhambra's tinted tiles; And somewhat lower Alijire's tower upon the vega smiles, And many a band of subtile hand has wrought its pillared aisles.

When the nursing woman brought her To Papa, his infant daughter, How Papa's dear eyes did glisten!

When the nursing-woman brought her To papa, his infant daughter, How papa's dear eyes did glisten!

Beautiful flowers of all colors grow there and large sparkling grapes, and the sun shines down brightly on the flowers so that they glisten!

Hitched to the branches of the trees close at hand were six horses, one of them a barb with gay trappings upon which the Bishop was wont to ride, and the others laden with packs of divers shapes and kinds, one of which made Robin's eyes glisten, for it was a box not overlarge, but heavily bound with bands and ribs of iron.

"If I can cheer up poor old Bill Murray, and make him look like this, with a glisten in his eyes, I'm satisfied," she thought.

Her tightly-braided hair curves over both brown ears like a pair of crooked little horns which glisten in the summer sun.

" Amid the grove that crowns yon tufted hill, Which, were it not for many a mountain nigh Rising in lofty ranks, and loftier still, Might well itself be deem'd of dignity; The convent's white walls glisten fair on high: Here dwells the caloyer, nor rude is he, Nor niggard of his cheer; the passer-by Is welcome still; nor heedless will he flee From hence, if he delight kind Nature's sheen to see.

I was away when Elsie's letter arrived; but as soon as I got into New York yesterday, I started off, and I am so glad to come, so glad to come;" and here Mrs. Lambert heard the eager voice falter, and saw the glisten of tears in the eyes that were regarding her and in the next instant felt them against her cheek as a tender kiss was pressed upon it.

We may not live to see the day, But earth shall glisten in the ray Of the good time coming; Cannon balls may aid the truth, But thought's a weapon stronger; We'll win our battle by its aid, Wait a little longer.

I want him waiting for me at night With eyes that glisten with real delight; When it's right that punished my boy should be I don't want the job postponed for me; I want to come home to a round of joy And not to frighten a little boy.

I mark the fitful firelight fling Its warm caresses on her brow, And kiss her hands' unmelting snow, And glisten on her wedding-ring.

And then, all of a sudden, everything seemed to glisten like, especially when I blinked my eyes.

as the Hounds came at them, the Ten-thousand drew apart, and had a space between the men, that they might have full use of that terrible Diskos; and they fought with the handles at length, and I saw the disks spin and glisten and send out fire.

V. shine, glow, glitter; glister, glisten; twinkle, gleam; flare, flare up; glare, beam, shimmer, glimmer, flicker, sparkle, scintillate, coruscate, flash, blaze; be bright &c adj.; reflect light, daze, dazzle, bedazzle, radiate, shoot out beams; fulgurate.

Then, one by one, the stars glisten out Like frozen tears on a purple pall The darkness folds my cabin about

Here and there a red fire glowed where the guards were posted; now and then a shower of sparks leaped up into the air as a fresh log was thrown upon the ashes; and a bright flame would glisten on the barrel of a rifle and make ruddy the dark faces of the watchmen.

In short, I wasI want words to say how I wasmy nose had been made to tingle before; my eyes have before been made to glisten by this soul-moving beauty; but so very much affected, I never wasfor, trying to check my sensibility, it was too strong for me, and I even sobbed

I believe, Jack, my eyes did glisten a little.

I noticed the long, bright barrel glisten in the sunlight, and then the little puff of white smoke curl gracefully up from the end, and knew that the foremost Indian had fallen, without looking towards him.

In the warmth of my recitation, the word 'Christian' escaped my lips instead of 'philosopher,' and 'faith' instead of 'truth,' At the first mistake, I saw Cassianus start; at the second, I saw a tear glisten in his eye, as bending affectionately towards me, he said, in a whisper, 'Beware, my child, there are sharp ears listening.'

He was just going to lay one of the babies on the ground so that he could swing himself up to the cage with the other onewhen he saw the house cat's green eyes glisten close beside him.

Between beautiful shores glisten clear, blue mountain lakes, which pour into roaring water-falls.

She grew plump and chirpy, and bustling as a blithe little sparrow, though perhaps duck would be a happier comparison, for she was dabbling and splashing in water all the day long, making the stairs and porches of her curatorship fairly glisten with cleanliness.

I have sworn a vow: Ere the evening-star shall glisten On Schehallion's lofty brow, Either we shall rest in triumph, Or another of the Graemes Shall have died in battle-harness For his Country and King James! Think upon the Royal Martyr Think of what his race endure Think on him whom butchers murder'd On the field of Magus Muir:

Other eyes than mine shall glisten, Other hearts be rent in twain, Ere the heathbells on thy hillock Wither in the autumn rain.

"I have seen the robes of Hermes glisten Seen him wave afar his serpent-wand; But to me the Herald would not listen When the dead swept by at his command, Not with that pale crew

"When I sang of Ariadne, Sang the old and mournful tale, How her faithless lover, Theseus, Left her to lament and wail; Then thine eyes would fill and glisten, Her complaint could soften thee:

The birch flared up suddenly, and he saw the glisten of her hair, the glow of her eyes, and the startled change that came into them when she saw that his own eyes were wide open, and looking up at her.

Not far from the column is a neat little mosque, whose countless towers and cupolas are ornamented with gilt metal balls, which glitter and glisten like so many stars in the heavens.

, all scalloped around the top; ah, see them glisten and change shades as the light strikes them!

Other springs would bloom with coming years, other summers glow, and she could not doubt that many another worshipper would kneel humbly and gratefully at her shrine, but their votive garlands could never more glisten with the fresh dew of morning, the fumes from their lower altars, though they might lull the senses and intoxicate the brain, could never thrill like that earlier incense, with subtle sudden poison to her heart.

Always before, there had been misty exhalations from it, that oozed up into the sunshine of his fancy, and that took all the shapes of glisten or of gloom which his Protean genius gave them.

All at once he noticed that she sighed, and that some little points of moisture began to glisten on her forehead.

"Yessoldiers!" exclaimed he; "for I see their helmets glisten.

The mild, bright moon has upward risen, Out of the gray and boundless plain, And all around the white snows glisten, Where frost, and ice, and silence, reign, While ages roll away, and they unchanged remain.

I could see them glisten on the dark lashes, as she affected to tie her hat, all the time untying it as fast as ever the knot slid.

But if unkindly you refuse to hear, And from despair thy poor MATILDA have; Ah! don't deny one tributary tear, To glisten sweetly o'er my early grave.

Ye Bards in all your thousand dens, Great souls with fewer pence than pens, Sublime adorers of Apollo, With folios full, and purses hollow; Whose very souls with rapture glisten, When you can find a fool to listen; Who, if a debt were paid by pun, Would never be completely done.

Thy sunk eyes glisten through eclipsing fears, Fill'd, like Cassandra's, with prophetic tears: With such a visage, withering, woe-begone, Shrinks the pale poet from the damning dun.

The steam rose up, like a cloud, into her face, which began to turn red and to glisten with perspiration.

Bowed slightly under the weight, the man passed within twenty feet of her, so close that she could see the sweat-beads glisten on that side of his face, and saw also that the load he carried was the carcass of a deer.

Dost thou not hear the music's sweet accord? See how his white wings beautifully glisten?

All the lilies are a-quiver, And the grasses by the river Feel the mighty chorus shaking every blade, While the dewy rushes glisten As they bend their heads to listen To the bullfrogs' summer evening serenade: "Deep-deep, deep-deep, deep-deep, deep-deep!

There was incessant rain, and closing-in mists, without a gleam of sunshine to light up the drops of water, and make the wet stems and branches of the trees glisten.

Though the linen that will be Its swathe is on the cotton tree Though the woollen that will keep It warm is on the silly sheep Listen, starlight, listen, listen, Glisten, glisten, glisten, glisten, And hear my lullaby!

Though the linen that will be Its swathe is on the cotton tree Though the woollen that will keep It warm is on the silly sheep Listen, starlight, listen, listen, Glisten, glisten, glisten, glisten, And hear my lullaby!

Though the linen that will be Its swathe is on the cotton tree Though the woollen that will keep It warm is on the silly sheep Listen, starlight, listen, listen, Glisten, glisten, glisten, glisten, And hear my lullaby!

Though the linen that will be Its swathe is on the cotton tree Though the woollen that will keep It warm is on the silly sheep Listen, starlight, listen, listen, Glisten, glisten, glisten, glisten, And hear my lullaby!

As the evening darkened, lamps began to glisten in every direction, and the well-lighted cafรฉs resembled so many Chinese lanterns; and these, aided by the discordant sounds of scores of instruments, gave the whole scene an air of enchantment, or rather a slight resemblance to one of its exorcisms.

Around thee shall glisten the loveliest amber.

The inventor watches their operations, and his eyes glisten with eagerness.

The rills, as they glisten, Sing to the pebbles and greening grass; Under the sward the violets listen, And dream of the sky as they hear her pass.

"Beams of | noon, like | burning | lances, | through the | tree-tops | flash and | glisten, As she | stands be | -fore her | lover, | with raised | face to | look and | listen.

Then the slow ride to the Carreras House through the darkened hills: the smell of warm earth from the thick growths by the trail-side; little stars slipping into place like the glisten of fireflies in a garden, or gems in a maiden's hair; a scandalously-naked new moon lying low, like an arc of white-hot wire in the purple twilight, and always behind them, a majestic splash of jewel-edged crimson which showed the West.

The stage is dark, but the lake and glaciers glisten in the moonlight.

The Greek temple threw into prominence the gilded bulbs of its roof; the Catholic church made the cross glisten from the peak of its bell-tower; the synagogue of geometrical forms overflowed in a succession of terraces; the Mohammedan minaret formed a colonnade, white, sharp and slender.

These were the eyes which in after years Anne would half close in a roguish way, as when, for instance, she meditated a brilliant stroke as Lady Betty Modish, and then, opening them defiantly, would make them glisten with the spirit of twinkling comedy.

Deacon, rowing in perfect form, passed the stroke up forward with a kick and a bite, handling his oar with a precision that made the eye of the coach glisten.

How glisten the eyes of the happy leaves!

"They just glisten, Ben.

Polished holly leaves glisten, and a bunch of tawny fungus rears itself above the grass.

Indeed, her poor mate has anything but an easy time; his color is so bright that everybody can see him at a glance, and when he picks up grass-seed in the streaming sunlight, his feathers glisten like sapphires.

" Despite the dusk, Robert saw Daganoweda's eyes glisten.

Thy sunk eyes glisten through eclipsing fears, Fill'd, like Cassandra's, with prophetic tears: With such a visage, withering, woe-begone, Shrinks the pale poet from the damning dun.

But, if unkindly you refuse to hear, And from despair thy poor Matilda save; Ah! don't deny one tributary tear, To glisten sweetly o'er my early grave.

One of the old, glamorous features of war survives in these glowing braziers, spreading their genial rays among the little houses and lighting the faces of the men who stand or squat in encircling groups around the coals, which dry wet clothes, slake the moisture of a section of earth, make the bayonets against the walls glisten, and reveal the position of a machine-gun with its tape ready for firing.

The needles of the pines fairly glisten and their delightful odor is constantly in one's nostrils.

All down the valley, during the tourist season, stand char-a-bancs and donkeys and sand-carts, with here and there exhausted couples who have dropped out of the processions and glisten and fan themselves in some scrap of shade.

Between their topmost boughs, to the north, the amphitheatre of hills which I have mentioned lifted up their indistinct forms, round which the shades of night were gathering, towards the heavens, that soon began to glisten with a multitude of faint stars.

The car itself instructs me; we are moving O'er pregnant clouds, surcharged with rain; below us I see the moisture-loving Chรกtakas In sportive flight dart through the spokes; the steeds Of Indra glisten with the lightning's flash; And a thick mist bedews the circling wheels.

He however was quite smitten With his purchase, and would show it To a friend of his, keen-witted, But bad also: when they entered, The first room was like a kitchen, Black and bad:"This room, you see, sir, Now is bad, but just permit me First to have it whitewashed over, Then shall my own hand with pictures Paint the walls from floor to ceiling, Then you 'll see how bright 't will glisten".

To him thus his friend made answer, Smiling archly: "Yes, 't will glisten, But if you would paint it first, And then whitewash o'er the pictures, The effect would be much better".

Through the quiet wood proceeding, I the poet's book was reading, When there fell upon my ear, Soft and sweet, thy voice: its power, Gentle lodestone of my feet, Brought me to this green retreat Led me to this lonely bower: But what wonder, when to listen To thy sweetly warbled words Ceased the music of the birds Of the founts that glide and glisten?

As he held in his hand a bit of gunwale, not much more than a foot in length, his eyes began to glisten and his breath came quickly.

The humid blockhouse and walls of the fort high above the bay began to glisten in emerging sunlight, and Jenieve determined not to be hard on Mama Lalotte that day.

At every flash of lightning she saw his spurs glisten, saw the foam fly from the bits of his horse's bridle.

" He drew it from his breast pocket and marked the sudden glisten of her eyes, reflecting the glisten of the gold in the silken mesh.

" He drew it from his breast pocket and marked the sudden glisten of her eyes, reflecting the glisten of the gold in the silken mesh.

It sails on the lotus-leaf down the sacred waters of the Ganges, and the eyes of the Hindoo girl glisten on seeing it.

She did not suppress one point, or endeavour in the least to excuse herself, and Lady Gertrude, as she listened to that unvarnished tale of youthful error, felt her heart glow more warmly towards her companion, and her eye glisten in sympathy for the pain she felt Caroline was inflicting on herself.

" She turned towards him as she spoke, and Mr. Hamilton felt the tears glisten in his eyes as he met the upturned glance of the afflicted orphannow indeed, as it seemed, so utterly alone.

He painted in vivid colours the domestic joys of Oakwood, the affectionate harmony that reigned there, till Mordaunt felt his eyes glisten with emotion, and ere that conversation ceased, all that affection which for many a long and weary year had pined for some one on which to expend its force, now centred in the noble youth of whose preservation he had been so strangely and providentially an instrument.

Even from this calm, unruffled stream of life can I not gather flowers?" "You would gather them wherever you were placed, my dear and noble-minded Ellen," said the Earl, with a warmth that caused her eye to glisten.

There are domes and towers and pinnacles as of living flame, that burn and glisten.

And indeed they did glisten like ivory in the blackness of her face as she held the baby clost to her heart with broad smiles.

Where summer sunshine softly smiles And perfumes of the far off east Float over waves white-capped with foam That glisten in the pale sweet light Shed from the far eternal dome Where fair star faces paint the night.

Then I saw something glisten in the herbage, and it was a rattlesnake, if it were not a whisky bottle.

The valleys broaden and on the easy slopes there are orchards where the oranges glisten.

The pointed tops of the fir trees, miles below us, look like stunted shrubbery; the buildings in Mill Valley seem like dolls' houses nestling among the trees; while far in the distance the blue waters of the bay glisten in the sunshine, Alcatraz Island rises out of its watery bed, and San Francisco stands silhouetted against the distant hills.

[Illustration: ITALIAN FISHING BOATS] When the sun comes flashing over the hills, and the dancing waves glisten with its rosy light, then the waters of the bay take on the color of the amethyst.

It lays its gentle touch on the waterfall, transforming it into a torrent of molten silver, and causing each drop to glisten like topaz under its witching light.

They are governed by blows and curses, and even the eyes of sheiks and native police glisten at the word "backsheesh.