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292 example sentences with  gloated

292 example sentences with gloated

She had a ring on her fingera ring that for months I had gloated over and watched, as I had never watched and gloated over any other beautiful thing in my life.

She had a ring on her fingera ring that for months I had gloated over and watched, as I had never watched and gloated over any other beautiful thing in my life.

And he spurned the body with his foot and laughed to himself as he gloated over his dastardly crime.

I took the book to bed with me and gloated, Learning the lines that seemed to sound most grand; So soon the pretty emerald green was coated With jam and greasy marks from my hot hand, While round the nursery for long months there floated Wonderful words no one could understand.

At night, when she was supposed to be asleep, Myrtle crept from her bed, turned on the electric light and gloated over her treasures, which she had almost feared might vanish into thin air and leave her as desolate as before.

Old Honeycutt is as greedy a miser as ever gloated over a pile of hoardings.

Beyond him, facing the door, was Swen Brodie, his immense body towering over Honeycutt's spindling one, his bestial face hideous in its contortions as at once he gloated and threatened.

"If Swen Brodie had of knowed what he had right in his hands," he gloated, "he'd never of let go!

Now he gloated over them.

Billy also gloated over the portraits of well-known deputy sheriffs and other officers of the law printed in the same charming police paper.

gloated a juvenile gleesome voice in a loud whisper.

"Isn't Andy a crackerjack?" gloated enthusiastic little Tod Smith.

They gloated on her.

The cold, fishy eyes in his white face gloated.

Passion, the lust for revenge, the bully streak in him that gloated at the sight of some one young and fine trembling before him: all these were factors contributing to the same end.

His eyes gloated over the victims he had trapped.

Another night was at hand, and again Tom must keep awake to save himself and his friend from the gorilla-man who watched him, gloated over him, waited for the moment to come when he could safely strike.

But they were exquisitely engraved, quite lovely to look at, and Doc Barrows gloated upon them with scintillating eyes.

Give him some heavy losses to gloat over and to tempt him out of harbour.

But he took the whole thing to himself, and gloated like a child over his own cleverness.

You gloated over the mixed bathing, and those moonlight walks you had together" "Not gloated.

You gloated over the mixed bathing, and those moonlight walks you had together" "Not gloated.

It will be sufficient for our purpose to record the fate of one of the most innocent of all the victims, who owed her death to the fact that she had long been the queen's most chosen friend, and whose murder was gloated over with special ferocity by the monsters who perpetrated it, as enabling them to inflict an additional pang on her wretched friend and mistress.

The following day they passed through the mockery of a trial before the Council of Blood; and on the 5th they were both beheaded in the great square of Brussels, in the presence of Alva, who gloated on the spectacle from a balcony that commanded the execution.

I gloated over my plowed land, lying there open and passive in the sunshine.

How the Hebrew prophets gloated over it!

The benefit was in no way hers, and yet she gloated on it, thinking pleasurably of George Cannon's great japanned cash-box, which seemed to be an exhaustless store of gold sovereigns and large silver, and of his mysteriousalmost furtivevisits to the Bank.

Her own capital, invested by George Cannon in railway stock, was bringing in four times as much as she disbursed; and she gloated also on her savings.

be pleased with &c 829; receive pleasure, derive pleasure &c n.. from; take pleasure &c n.. in; delight in, rejoice in, indulge in, luxuriate in; gloat over &c (physical pleasure) 377; enjoy, relish, like; love &c 897; take to, take a fancy to; have a liking for; enter into the spirit of.

Four were killed, and two, Zeid and Khubeib, taken bound to Mecca, whose citizens gloated over their prey.

She turned herself about and about before the glass, letting the cruel light gloat, over her shoulders, letting the sickly shadows grow purple on her face.

Nevertheless, they gloated over the pictures of the herd of giraffes and the monkey-band and the graceful "Human Fly" walking upside down "defying the laws of gravitation;" and they considered no future, however pleasant, after the day and date on the bills.

This form of reasoning was not illogical, but those who were working in secret for the furtherance of their own ambition, oared little to be convinced, and their myrmidons obeyed them blindly, and gloated over the wild, bombastic language of the demagogic press, which, though they did not understand it, impressed them no less with its inflated phrases.

He gloated, fiend-like, over his victim's sufferings.

He beheld the slain with his own eyes, for he traversed all the ground where they lay and gloated over the spectacle as if he were still in the moment of victory; and not even after that did he order them to be buried.]

You who know me can imagine how I gazed upon her rich, dark eyes; how my soul gloated over her warm lips and fresh glowing cheeks.

Stripped of its fulsome verbiage, it told of the girl's recent death in Italy, after traveling about Europe with an invalid sister; during which progress, the article gloated, she was "vainly wooed by the Old World's proudest nobility for her beauty and wealth," the latter having been unexpectedly left her by an aged relative.

I gloated over the immense amount of material I had to work with, not only modern ragtime, but also the old slave songsmaterial which no one had yet touched.

The amount of liquor consumed was portentous; and I gloated with an unholy joy as I saw man after man rapidly making himself what diplomatists call a quantitรฉ negligรฉable.

"Yes, I'll let you go, p'raps, when I've done with you and got all I wants," said the boy, in a husky, satisfied tone, as he seemed to gloat over his victim.

The other matter of which Mr. Selincourt had spoken, Mary's engagement to the unknown Archie Raymond, Katherine buried deep in her heart, a thing to be gloated over in secret, a cause for happiness which she did not care to be frank over, even to herself.

On the cushion's velvet lining that the lamp-light gloated o'er, But whose velvet violet lining which the lamp-light gloated o'er

On the cushion's velvet lining that the lamp-light gloated o'er, But whose velvet violet lining which the lamp-light gloated o'er

The thing that wouldn't let March alone, that forced him into the undertaking, was the declaration of the brutal philosophy of the conqueror made by the officer while he gloated over the girl who was to be his prey; the chance to put into musical terms that paranoiac delusion of world conquest.

Day by day he gloated over the goading whips he brandished over Alan Massey's head, amused himself with the various developments it lay in his power to give to the situation as he passed out of life.

"I suppose you've come to gloat over me," were the prisoner's first words, "but it don't matter to me.

She gloated over the days to come, and a warm rush of gratitude to Jarvis for bringing her this sense of his need of her made her burst out: "Oh, life is such fun!"

"She is Ann," she gloated.

She read it over, gloated over it, and destroyed it.

Just thirty days before she would have gloated over that prospect of next season there.

She positively gloated over the crestfallen Mr. Sommerville.

She wanted to think, to gloat over and hug to herself this miracle of her restored voice.

The world knew nothing of him but from his works; and were they blameable (even though they erred) in believing him capable of any enormities in his own person, whose imagination feasted and gloated on the disgusting details of adultery and incest?

Mr. Spurrel perfectly gloated, with eyes that seemed ready to devour every thing that passed.

Nay, though she gloated over his image when she was alone, she felt an undefined fear of meeting him.

Mary gloated over that garden; he went to a world of trouble with it, he bent over it and weeded it for hours on end; he watered it religiously every night, he even erected miniature forcing frames over some of the vegetable rows, ransacking the remains of the broken-down hamlet for squares of glass or for any pieces large enough for his purpose.

He took two expensive rooms at a downtown hotel, and there was something more tear-compelling than grotesque about the way he gloated over the luxury of a separate ice-water tap in the bathroom.

No, they only gloated over my starving and pitiable condition.

They decided afterwards that their enemies had rushed upon them from every direction, and that the sneering face of Rae had gloated over their capture.

Louis gloated brutally over her confusion.

His enemy recognized his mood, and seemed to gloat over it.

You shall hear me through," gloated Abul Malek; and again Joseph bowed his tonsured head, murmuring: "It is my punishment."

He couldn't mark the silent drift of the sea gardens in the pass, but he gloated in the thought that they were riding to their death.

There was bitterness in the eyes of the Wilbur twin even as they gloated on the bribe.

He gloated rapturously over the cake, eating first the half of the walnut meat, which he carefully removed.

For a quarter of an hour the Prince gloated over the prospect; then he ordered that the Duchess be admitted.

dost lay me, For dogs circle me about, The assembly of evil-doers enclose me; They pierce my hands and my feet, I can count all my bones; They stare, they gloat over me.

Maclay, who went over to the House from the Senate to witness the event, gloated over the defeat in his diary: "Sedgwick, from Boston, pronounced a funeral oration over it.

"How he gloated over those cultivations of disease germs!"

It was a pretty big take down to my pride I tell you, and made all the worse by the way the three gloated over the letters and over our defeat.

"I am sorry," gloated O'Brien, "but I shall have to ask you what it was."

I also gloated over the description of that famous London dining-room, known to the art world as the "Peacock Room," designed by Whistler.

Under certain impulses, communities gloat over hangings and commend judges and juries because they have the courage to hang, when, in fact, they were too cowardly not to hang and when their reason did not approve the verdict and judgment.

"Oh yes, thou most blessed, from Monday to Sunday, Has lived on me, preyed on me, Mrs. Grundy: Called me, 'dear Nephew'; on each of those chairs Has gloated in righteousness, heard my prayers.

The Cardinal guessed their disinclination, and gloated over his triumph.

If he were" The tone of him gloated over the picture of what would happen in that case.

Again the croaking creature stood and gloated over his victim, then left him to the silence of another long day in the dungeon.

Betrayed by a jealous woman, the Countess Platen, whose overtures he spurned, this too gallant lover of Sophia Dorothea of Celle, wife of the first of our Georges, was foully done to death in a corridor of the Leine Schloss by La Paten's hired assassins, while she looked smilingly on at his futile struggle for life, and gloated over his dying agonies.

That fell on that fatal June day of 1902 when her beloved "Sacha's" mutilated body was flung by his assassins out of his palace window, to be greeted with shouts of derisive laughter and cries of "Long live King Peter," from the dense crowds who had come to gloat over this last scene in the tragedy of the House of the Obrenvoie.

Then he climbed to the roof, gloated over the three bodies there, dragged them one by one to the ledge, and pitched them into the plaza.

"I'd like to seen Metzner's face when he opened the safe at the store this mornin'," Jim gloated.

Anthropologists were said to gloat over dirty rites of dirty savages, and to seek reason where there was none.

Piet Vreiboom openly gloated, as if he were gazing upon a spectacle of rare delight.

"Obadiah, can you not make arrangements for him to go with me alone?" "He will not go with you at all, Nat," gloated the old man.

They gloated over the sweeping indemnities they would exact.

I gloated over the record, with something perhaps of that spirit which may have lurked in my blood, from the time of Jacob, and which, so far, had not evinced itself, except perhaps on that occasion when my ear thrilled to the music of falling gold.

The "picaninny" wicked old Sabra had gloated on as a dainty morsel, on the raft, might live to put Fate itself to shame; for had I not marveled that his mother even should care to preserve a thing so frail and wretched, when we sat hand-in-hand together on the burning ship?

He had naturally lost much of his former vigor, and was therefore somewhat dismayed when a terrible, fire-breathing dragon took up its abode in the mountains near by, where it gloated over a hoard of glittering gold.

Thanks to his ceaseless vigilance, he saw his father steal forth one night, uncover his hoard, gloat over the gold, and then efface the traces of his search with the utmost skill.

Grace gloated on them, and for a day or two her discourse was of swans.

How he gloated on her!

Guevara gloated some more in the ring.

I say this not to gloat (the COVID-19 crisis is still far from over and 5 months is still too short a time horizon to evaluate a thesis).

Shitposting was exactly what Zhao Lijian, a Chinese foreign ministry apparatchik, was doing with his tweet that gloated over the Brereton report and showed a Digger cutting an Afghan childโ€™s throat.

The fact that the Russian analysts neither gloat, nor denigrate this numerical result, but rather state it matter-of-factly, implies it could be an important conclusion.

They gloated over this until lately when it became clear that the virus was for everybody.

From the Washington University in St. Louis press release: More than 2 million consumers got to gloat Friday about their shrewdness in procuring an iPhone 5, with its larger screenโ€ฆ

The American press in a concerted and united campaign whipped up prejudice against the anarchists and ghoulishly gloated over their executions.

"They showed a lot of character and guts," Harle cautiously gloated.

Those who were corrupt and added to corruption, and those who sympathized with us โ€ฆ those who gloated over otherโ€™s misfortunes and those who were outright angry at our departure.โ€