51 examples of glorious works in sentences

The "texts and intentions" may be an aid to them, and to students in Holy Orders, in the great and glorious work of pious prayer.

Little Arthur's figure and his mother's cast long blue shadows over the grass: and he would repeat in a low voice (for a scene of great natural beauty always moved the boy, who inherited this sensibility from his mother) certain lines beginning, "These are thy glorious works.

It is needless to say that the Reformers, Bishop Horne of Winchester it is said, the accursed miscreant who ordered the destruction of all crucifixes in his diocese, defaced this glorious work of art and religion, cutting the relief away to the face of the wall so that only the outline remains.

"In Californy," said our passenger, "the glorious works o' the Lord air revealed.

He began his humane and glorious work in 1783, and he finished it in 1789.

This blear-eyed, taciturn, timid man, whose knowledge of many things is manifestly imperfect, whose inaptitude for many things is apparent, can HE be the creator of such glorious works?

Great and glorious works.

Mr. Clifford accompanied Belle to her door, and as they parted she said, "This is a glorious work in which it is our privilege to clasp hands.

San Juan fell many minutes before El Caney, which was attacked first, and I think the Negro soldiers can be thanked for the greater part of that glorious work.

"Daughter," he began, in a gentle tone, "a glorious work has been done of late in Florence under the preaching of our blessed Superior.

Flow on, historic waters, symbolic of all that is good, all that is greatflow on, and do thy glorious work until this world shall cease; bearing thy mighty burden down towards the sea, showing mankind what can be wrought from small beginnings by slow and patient labour day by day.

God designs to confer this holy privilege upon man; it is through his instrumentality that the great and glorious work of reforming the world is to be done.

lying on their table; or, perhaps, they give expression to their feelings, by way of inducing the public to suppose that their fertile imaginations conceived something far grander than this most glorious work of Nature.

The most glorious works of grace that have ever took place, have been in answer to prayer; and it is in this way, we have the greatest reason to suppose, that the glorious out-pouring of the Spirit, which we expect at last, will be bestowed.

David was in good hands, however, and Alfred had glorious work on handlove and justice.

The Faun of Praxiteles, in the same room, is a glorious work; it is the perfect embodiment of that wild, merry race the Grecian poets dreamed of.

Thy mission is a holy one: Thy honor'd husband stands A watchman upon Zion's walls, Its standard in his hands. 'Tis thine to aid the glorious work, Thy ransom'd soul may tell The wonders of a Saviour's love, Who "doeth all things well.

'Is this how you treat the glorious works of your contemporaries?'

" This, however, is fully manifest, that redemption is one of the most glorious works of the Almighty.

The vast Machine, we inhabit, lyes open to him, he seems not unacquainted with the general Laws that govern it; and while with the Transport of a Philosopher he beholds and admires the glorious Work, he is capable of paying at once a more devout and more rational Homage to his Maker.

Indeed," added he, "I have often lamented that so great a genius as Raffaelle had not lived in this enlightened age, since the art has been reduced to principles, and had had his education in one of the modern academies; what glorious works might we have then expected from his divine pencil!"

The glorious work will never be accomplished until the good ship "Temperance" shall sail from one end of the land to the other, and with a cry of "Victory!"

Must it not have been in a scene like this that Milton's Adam poured out his beautiful hymn of adoration, "These are thy glorious works, Parent of Good"?

These are thy glorious works, Parent of good!

like the Author, whose capacious mind Might, by the glorious work, the Maker find; Might measure heaven, and give each star a name; With art and courage the rough ocean tame; Over the globe with swelling sails might go, And that 'tis round by his experience know; Make strongest beasts obedient to his will, And serve his use the fertile earth to till.

51 examples of  glorious works  in sentences
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