88 examples of glossed in sentences

This was at once varied and of great bodynot at all like the smooth, glossed colour of most rock, but soft and rich.

He was an American, with the native taint of American conceit, but he was a man whose look was as true as his oath; therefore, talking of the war, he never glossed it over,showed its worst phases, in Virginia and Missouri; but he accepted it, in all its horror, as a savage necessity.

The expression of Sir Thomas More is only "that some remained in doubt"; and More is not a writer who would have glossed over a fact to please the court.

As these sovereigns were ruled by priests, their iniquities were glossed over by Gregory of Tours.

Many synods were summoned in different parts of Europe before it was finally settled; and it was there constantly remarked, that the younger clergymen complied cheerfully with the pope's decrees in this particular, and that the chief reluctance appeared in those who were more advanced in years: an event so little consonant to men's natural expectations, that it could not fail to be glossed on, even in that blind and superstitious age.

He made a speech well suited to his position, and glossed off with some fine generalities, avoiding commitments on main points and making them on minor ones, concluding with a string of wampum.

It was not easy for them to bring forth their breadths and their linings, and their braids that were to be pieced, and their trimmings that were to be turned, and to lay bare to other eyes all their little economies of contrivance; but Miss Craydocke managed it by simple straightforwardness,by not behaving as if there were anything to be glossed over or ignored.

To use too much freedom with things sacred is a course much more easily glossed over than that of exposing to ridicule the persons of any particular sect.

Several of these descriptions are highly curious; particularly the last item, which describes one of the "glossed" psalters as being "in pawn," a fact which, in itself, tells a history of the then condition of the house.

"Glossed over only with a saint-like show, still thou art bound to vice.

They are the works of a thousand years since, when might triumphed over right with an unsparing hand, and when men perpetrated by fire and sword millions of murders, which, through the ignorance and credulity of their fellow creatures, have been glossed over with the vain glory of heroism.

Darwin made it clear that the difficulty could not be so glossed over.

Only the glossed parts and passages of Justinian's law collection have binding force in Germany.

Only those glossed passages are binding which contain the latest rule of law.

Those precepts of the Roman law which relate to Roman manners and institutions unknown in Germany are inapplicable here, though glossed.

If there is any purpose in what I have written beyond mere record it is to reveal the soul of war so nakedly that it cannot be glossed over by the glamour of false sentiment and false heroics.

there is any purpose in what I have written beyond mere record it is to reveal the soul of war so nakedly that it cannot be glossed over by the glamour of false sentiment and false her

His own inconsistency was lightly glossed over.

He still wears the long black coat buttoned at the throat, but the air of hieratic dignity is now replaced by, or rather it is glossed with, the ordinary passion of life.

It is acknowledged that Mr. Smith was much inclined to intemperance, though Mr. Oldisworth has glossed it over with the hand of a friend; nor is it improbable, that this disposition sunk him in that vis inertiae, which has been the bane of many of the brightest geniuses of the world.

The chroniclers of the Order were naturally reluctant to admit this, and as the feudal tie was very weak, they glossed it over.

These, it may be said without indelicacy, were liberally apportioned to the aid of others,Mrs. Jameson being, for herself, simple, self-relying, and self-denying;holding that high view of the duties belonging to pursuits of imagination which rendered meanness, or servility, or dishonourable dealing, or license glossed over with some convenient name, impossible to her.

While he has undoubtedly glossed and warped the story of the shooting in a mistaken effort to make things look better for the man who did the killing, I can see no sufficient reason for holding him.

The imperfections of education may be to some extent concealed or glossed over in conversation, but cannot fail to stand out conspicuously in a letter.

He had glossed over in his mind her distant coldness, her frigid adherence to the bare proposition, so that to return to that state of things had come to him as a shock.

88 examples of  glossed  in sentences