1748 examples of goal in sentences

He was working toward the goal of his affections, a meeting with his lady.

If the Marshall tradition had made it easier for her to achieve this not very elevated goal, she might have perceived more clearly where her rapid feet were taking her.

Up to that moment almost every step of her life had been ordered and systematized, that she might the more quickly and surely arrive at the goal of her diploma.

She was not going forward to any settled goal now, she was not going forward at all.

She knows well that she cannot reach her political goal except by a complete defeat of her eastern neighbour, and that such a result can only be obtained by the exercise of extraordinary efforts.

We cannot reach this goal on the beaten roads of tradition and habit by uninspired rivalry in arming.

Mahayana Buddhism, as an ideal, desired a society without clear-cut classes under one enlightened ruler; in such a society all believers could strive to attain the ultimate goal of salvation.

Some have brown mothers, half-islanders; yet if they learn the tripping tongue of their French progenitor and European manners, they think of France as their ultimate goal, of Paris their playground, and the "Marseillaise" their himene par excellence.

True, the streets are a litter, the Government almost unseen as to modern uplift, the natives are indolent and life moves without bustle or goal.

Here in her letters may one trace The generous scorn, the gentle pity, The easy unaffected grace, The wisdom that was always witty; Here, mirrored in a sister soul, One sees the comrade, strong yet tender, Who marched unfaltering to her goal Through sacrifice and self-surrender.

Umesh alias Umi, our sleepy paster, was a live wire in the goal.

Ashley grabbed the ball and insisted that the spot kick should be taken with the heel and with the player facing his back to the goal.

The ball was placed five feet from the goal which was one-and-half foot wide.

Tulsidas, our captain, who was desperate for a goal gave Pamela a thorough briefing on how to take the kick.

Next he drew a line in the sand starting from the ball to the center of the goal line to make it easier for Pamela.

The ball missed the goal by three feet.

Trying to fill up six broad-sheet pages with material translated from Tarun Bharat was way too optimistic a goal, to put it mildly.

I recollect carrying goal-posts and nets to the mini football stadium at Caranzalem, which unfortunately today is non-existent.

One also produced and edited Goa's first sports weekly titled Goal, in 1976-77, and later in 1996, I edited the bilingual fortnightly Konkan Mail, both having to be discontinued due to lack of support.

I had been working as a correspondent for Sportsweek of Bombay, and the idea of starting the Goal came from there.

The Goal, therefore, could be a by-product, as the infrastructure for producing it, including the printing staff, was in place.

It also meant the premature death of "Goal", on which one had pinned high hopes, as it was steadily picking up in sales and, surprisingly, even getting a few advertisements from big industrial houses.

"Her goal is Zion, not Babylon, sirremember that!" She stepped hastily between them.


"We should continually have the goal in view, which would direct us in the race.

1748 examples of  goal  in sentences