196 examples of gobble in sentences

The Spaniard, of course, was going to seize on the little English ship, and, so to speak, gobble it up.

With such a prop as this ere little territory, where games of chance are "entered into accordin' to the act of Congress," to cote from a familiar passage in every printed copy of PUNCHINELLO, the Perfesser could have raised this little hemisfeer quicker than any of you chaps can gobble up a greenhorn.

"What, still fuming, Tom?" cried a voice at my elbow, and I turned to find Colonel Washington there; "and staring over toward the barracks as though you would like to gobble up every one within!

After Ide partially recovered my ekanimity, I agin resoomed my offishal duties, but I couldent help thinkin that if wimmen made such a confounded hullabalo about votin, as they is now doin, tryin to vote; them air leaders, who air goin about the country like Internal Revenoo offisers, seekin that they may gobble up somebody, will have a pile to anser for, when woman becomes a component part of the body polertick.

"Gobble! gobble!

"Gobble! gobble!

gobble!" mocked she.

"Darn, Little One," he laughed, "you sure have got a sweet toothyou gobble that sugar like an Indian squaw eatin' choc'late candy!"

The glorious Marine Anglaise will see that it reaches les Pays Bas, and then when it is of return your sailors so splendid, with sang-froid so perfect, will gobble it up.

Just gobble it up.

As I will gobble up this cold beef upon your table.

v.. gormandize, gorge; overgorge^, overeat oneself; engorge, eat one's fill, cram, stuff; guttle^, guzzle; bolt, devour, gobble up; gulp &c (swallow food) 298; raven, eat out of house and home.

They'll jest swoop down on Lieutenant Boggs and gobble him up.

Then they'll swoop down on Lieutenant Skaggs on Pigeon and gobble him up.

Then they'll swoop down on me and gobble me up.

No, they won't gobble me up, but they'll come damn nigh it.

They might gobble him and his command up when they emerged from the Gap.

He used to cut their hair off, scrape them well like a horse-radish, and then begin at their toes and gobble them up till he got to their headstheir heads he boiled in a saucepan for soup.

The dogs got quite wild with joy, and left off fighting to gobble cakes, and when Mr. Harrington, who had been away writing letters, rushed in to see what the commotion was, he did catch it!

Of a cold morning when business was but dull, Turkey would gobble up scores of these cakes, as if they were mere wafersindeed they sell them at the rate of six or eight for a pennythe scrape of his pen blending with the crunching of the crisp particles in his mouth.

GOBBLE, SAM. Spirit of the hill.

U. of Tenn. (In Songs of the volunteers, compiled & arr. by Erle Stapleton) © 14Nov29; AA28525. Sam Gobble (A); 14Nov57;

They think that rice newly sown and sprouting is good for the voice, and stop to gobble it up in spite of all objections.

But he saw them all right at meal times, when he would whisk round suddenly as their portion of fish was flung to them, and swiftly gobble it up!

And our little fairy mouse-dogs, ah, 'tis small account they'll be, Sure it wants an advertising pack to gobble such as he!' "So gran'dad says, 'Your servant, Miss,' and got his hounds together,

196 examples of  gobble  in sentences