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196 examples of  gobble  in sentences

196 examples of gobble in sentences

As I went through on foot, each of these dogs picked me up, examined me nasally and passed me on, not generously as though I had stood the test, but rather in deep suspicion that I was a queer fellow, not to be penetrated at first, but one who would surely be found out and gobbled before coming to the end of the street.

The Spaniard, of course, was going to seize on the little English ship, and, so to speak, gobble it up.

You're slower to gobble than most.

As I haint got no anser to my last letter which I rote to your royal magesty a few weeks ago, it has occurred to me, that maybe you don't feel well about these days, or, just as like as not our "Cousin German," FRITZ, mite have been mean enuff as to gobble up your male bag, and steel my letter to put into his outograf album.

With such a prop as this ere little territory, where games of chance are "entered into accordin' to the act of Congress," to cote from a familiar passage in every printed copy of PUNCHINELLO, the Perfesser could have raised this little hemisfeer quicker than any of you chaps can gobble up a greenhorn.

" "Now go away and gobble.

The French never gobble.

A foreman in one factory pointed out a man who "would not have voted for suffrage" had he guessed that women were "to rush in and gobble everything up."

So she got him a nice bit of green baize, and in the afternoon he made his bagno gobble-stitch work, but good, honest back-stitching, except the string-case, which was only run, that it might draw easier and tighter.

"What, still fuming, Tom?" cried a voice at my elbow, and I turned to find Colonel Washington there; "and staring over toward the barracks as though you would like to gobble up every one within!

After Ide partially recovered my ekanimity, I agin resoomed my offishal duties, but I couldent help thinkin that if wimmen made such a confounded hullabalo about votin, as they is now doin, tryin to vote; them air leaders, who air goin about the country like Internal Revenoo offisers, seekin that they may gobble up somebody, will have a pile to anser for, when woman becomes a component part of the body polertick.

The imperious young gentleman who gobbled the biscuits (and indeed it was time to refresh himself, for he had breakfasted at Richmond full three hours before) was our young friend George Osborne.

I yearn to gobble up a few scrumptiously delicious fat babies, yet I am reduced to struggling through meals of tofu-strips and Loveburger.

Maybe I should turn you into a candy cane and gobble you up?"

An' they seeked him in the rafter-room, an' cubby-hole, an' press, An' seeked him up the chimbly-flue, an' ever' wheres, I guess; But all they ever found wuz thist his pants an' roundabout: An' the Gobble-uns 'll git you Ef

An' the Gobble-uns 'll git you Ef you Don't Watch Out!

Er the Gobble-uns'll git you Ef you Don't Watch Out!

" "Gobble! gobble!

" "Gobble! gobble!

gobble!" echoed an old turkey from somewhere; I thought it was overhead, but I saw nothing.

"Gobble! gobble!

"Gobble! gobble!

gobble!" mocked she.


Prussia has gobbled up any number of German ones, and bids fair to do so with the rest.

"Darn, Little One," he laughed, "you sure have got a sweet toothyou gobble that sugar like an Indian squaw eatin' choc'late candy!"

As for Sir John, he sat at dinner and gobbled and ate and drank, smacking his lips all the while, but with hardly a word of civility either to Mr. Greenfield or to Mrs. Greenfield or to Barnaby True; but wearing all the while a dull, sullen air, as though he would say, "Your damned victuals and drink are no better than they should be, but, such as they are, I must eat 'em or eat nothing.

May-be he has had one little girl for breakfast this morning, and don't care about another for luncheon, or else he would spring up after you, and gobble you up in a minute.

The glorious Marine Anglaise will see that it reaches les Pays Bas, and then when it is of return your sailors so splendid, with sang-froid so perfect, will gobble it up.

Just gobble it up.

As I will gobble up this cold beef upon your table.

"Why, taint nuffin but a skullsomebody bin lef him head up de tree, and de crows done gobble ebery bit ob de meat off.

I shan't gobble you up this time.

Shore Crabs are quarrelsome little creatures; the larger ones are always ready to gobble up the smaller ones, or to snatch their food and run away with it.

"I thought it gobbled and snuffled a good deal when we last met!" Colonel Wheeler was at Greentown station when the family arrived, and drove Mrs. Carey and Peter to the Yellow House himself, while the rest followed in the depot carryall, with a trail of trunks and packages following on behind in an express wagon.

Usually a young farmer falls in love with one of the girls, and when he discovers that she has a tail, is so shocked and disappointed that he throws himself over a precipice; or perhaps the Huldre-folk gobble him up and carry him off into the mountains of the Josteldalsbrae and keep him there, while the girl he left behind him grieves herself to death because of his desertion.

With boys you must begin talkin turkey, when they are young goblins, ef you don't, when they get old enuff, they will "strike for their sires," and gobble up the old man's scalp.

That's just what it must meanthe pay-car would offer fat pickings, all in cash; and they've held up their flight to Canada just to try and gobble it.

THE GIRL IN THE LANE The girl in the lane, that couldn't speak plain, Cried, "Gobble, gobble, gobble": The man on the hill that couldn't stand still, Went hobble hobble, hobble.

THE GIRL IN THE LANE The girl in the lane, that couldn't speak plain, Cried, "Gobble, gobble, gobble": The man on the hill that couldn't stand still, Went hobble hobble, hobble.

THE GIRL IN THE LANE The girl in the lane, that couldn't speak plain, Cried, "Gobble, gobble, gobble": The man on the hill that couldn't stand still, Went hobble hobble, hobble.

From the day they leave the egg, enemies lurk on all sides to gobble them up.

[cow, cattle]; troat^, croak, peep [frog]; coo [dove, pigeon]; gobble

v.. gormandize, gorge; overgorge^, overeat oneself; engorge, eat one's fill, cram, stuff; guttle^, guzzle; bolt, devour, gobble up; gulp &c (swallow food) 298; raven, eat out of house and home.

They'll jest swoop down on Lieutenant Boggs and gobble him up.

Then they'll swoop down on Lieutenant Skaggs on Pigeon and gobble him up.

Then they'll swoop down on me and gobble me up.

No, they won't gobble me up, but they'll come damn nigh it.

They might gobble him and his command up when they emerged from the Gap.

"They've gobbled the army," said Flitter Bill, and he, too, fled like a shadow down the valley.

A bird who can gobble is qualified to teach crowing.

You, walk among the roses and verbenas, and gobble every creature threatening them.

Dear B.B.To reply to you by return of post, I must gobble up my dinner, and dispatch this in propriรข Personรข to the office, to be in time.

He used to cut their hair off, scrape them well like a horse-radish, and then begin at their toes and gobble them up till he got to their headstheir heads he boiled in a saucepan for soup.

By good fortune Dick and Joe Blunt happened to have such enormous gluttons as vis-ร -vis that the portions of their respective bowls which they could not devour were gobbled up for them.

With that he rushed to the trough and began to gobble up the oats.

Thรฉrรจse glancedmerely glancedat the jewelry; she fairly gobbled the oysters.

The dogs got quite wild with joy, and left off fighting to gobble cakes, and when Mr. Harrington, who had been away writing letters, rushed in to see what the commotion was, he did catch it!

I, my dearest child, can make that confession without any shame, for I have long since passed the age of self-conceit, although we still come across some old rascals who want to gobble up chickens, and forget that they have lost their teeth.

" So the Wolf lifted the latch, and the door flew open; and without a word, he jumped on to the bed, and gobbled up the poor old lady.

"Great Gobble!" muttered West as he swung his club, and fixed his eye on a point an inch and a half back of the imbedded ball, "if I don't get this out of here on this shot, I'm a gone goose!"

Great Gobble, Joel, but these Yates Johnnies are so sure of winning that they can't keep still!

"We've seen thousands of Russians now, and don't think much of them; and 'tisn't likely we're going to let Russia gobble up Turkey just because there's a nice countess with three jolly daughters living here.

For I remembered her riches, and how gladly a Society would gobble them.

" "Spowsen he hides his track in that manner, he may take a notion to gobble up the little boy.

For, if my husband the hobgoblin sees you, he will tear you to pieces and gobble you up."

Of a cold morning when business was but dull, Turkey would gobble up scores of these cakes, as if they were mere wafersindeed they sell them at the rate of six or eight for a pennythe scrape of his pen blending with the crunching of the crisp particles in his mouth.

"Gobble! gobble!"

"Gobble! gobble!"

Pretty quick you'll change your tune; You'll be dead and in a platter, And I'll gobble pretty soon.

Tenie sot a sparrer-hawk fer ter watch de tree; en w'en de woodpecker come erlong nex' mawnin' fer ter finish his nes', he got gobble' up mos' 'fo' he stuck his bill in de bark.

For the first twelve days we had rather pleasant weather, and nothing remarkable occurred, unless a swallow coming on board completely exhausted with flying, fatigue made it so tame that it suffered itself to be caressed; it however popped into the coop, and the ducks literally gobbled it up alive.

GOBBLE, SAM. Spirit of the hill.

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GOBBLE, BERTON T. The game of geography, Around the world.

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GOBBLE, SAM. Spirit of the hill.

U. of Tenn. (In Songs of the volunteers, compiled & arr. by Erle Stapleton) ยฉ 14Nov29; AA28525. Sam Gobble (A); 14Nov57;

GOBBLE, BERTON T. The game of geography, Around the world.

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They say there is a Big Colugo and a Little Colugo, and a something else that sounds like gobble.

There were lots of them here early this spring by the mill, but the miller didn't like them because they pitched into his new-sown pasture and gobbled the grass-seed.

They think that rice newly sown and sprouting is good for the voice, and stop to gobble it up in spite of all objections.

Froggy 'who would a-wooing go,' return quickly to your mother, without making any impertinent remarks about 'gammon and spinach' on the way, or something much more savage than the 'lily-while duck' will surely gobble you up!

Little Mac, he lets 'em stay there till he's good 'n' ready to gobble 'em.

But he saw them all right at meal times, when he would whisk round suddenly as their portion of fish was flung to them, and swiftly gobble it up!

The birds gobbled fiercely in all directions, or sang loud and sweet upon the hedges.

And so saying he gobbled her up; and her chickens cried at the sight.

So he took one out of the water and began to teach it; but the little crocodile could not pronounce its words properly, so in a very short time the jackal got angry and gobbled it up.

A favorite stratagem was to imitate the call of game, especially the gobble of the wild turkey, and thus to lure the would-be hunter to his fate.

And the owls came and gobbled them" A shadow fell across the floor.

They preferred cake, fresh bread, hot boiled potatoes, doted on tender bits of meat, but would gobble up anything and everything, more voracious and less fastidious than the ordinary hog of commerce.

he's going to gobble landand that's what we better do, and do it sudden.

The cat gobbled the morsel greedily, came closer and begged for more.

"She was just as different from the Major as anything could be: a tall, pale, rangey woman, kind-hearted and good-natured as they make 'em, but with a pair of nose-grabber specks, and a way of letting her hands flop at the wrist, whilest she talked in a high gobbley-gobble style, like singin' a tuneless tune.

The first edition of old Burton's Anatomy, printed at Oxford in a small quarto in 1621, rises to the surface as a rule no less than four times a year; so, too, does Coryat's Crudities, hastily gobbled up in five months' travels in France, Savoy, Italy, Germany, etc., 1611.

And our little fairy mouse-dogs, ah, 'tis small account they'll be, Sure it wants an advertising pack to gobble such as he!' "So gran'dad says, 'Your servant, Miss,' and got his hounds together,

In the course of this survival struggle, the weakest and least effective contestants were defeated, dismembered and gobbled up by their stronger and more efficient opponents.

An' she said, 'I'se jis' 'fraid dey will come down yere and gobble up eberything dey can lay dere hands on.'

He explains that the Monroe Doctrine was simply an attempt on the part of the great Anglo-Saxon Republic to gobble up the whole continent to the south for herself.