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110 examples of  golden days  in sentences

110 examples of golden days in sentences

But Lachesis, her hair adorned, her tresses neatly bound, Pierian laurel on her locks, her brows with garlands crowned, Plucks me from out the snowy wool new threads as white as snow, Which handled with a happy touch change colour as they go, Not common wool, but golden wire; the Sisters wondering gaze, As age by age the pretty thread runs down the golden days.

It was one of the golden days of the Sierra Indian summer, when the rich sunshine glorifies every landscape however rocky and cold, and suggests anything rather than glaciers.

Those who have observed sunflowers feasting on sunshine during the golden days of Indian summer know that none of their gestures express thankfulness.

During the golden days of Indian summer, after most of the snow has been melted, and the mountain streams have become feeble,a succession of silent pools, linked together by shallow, transparent currents and strips of silvery lacework,then the song of the Ouzel is at its lowest ebb.

But these golden days are past.

AN OATH Slowly the days sped, dewy dawn and tender eve, days of sun and shadow and gentle rain; golden days wherein Beltane lay 'twixt sleep and wake, and nights of silver wherein he slept full deep and dreamed wondrously of gentle hands that soothed him with their touch, and warm soft lips on cheek and brow that filled him with a great and deep content.

he cried, "in the golden days thou wert ever fond of a goodly trout fresh caught and broiled upon a fire of" "Benedict!" cried the Abbess, and, all forgetful of his hurt, caught him by his wounded arm, "O Sir Benedict!"

These two were as mad with greed at the thought of the silver mine in the mountains as ever were forty-niners in the golden days of California, or those more recent ignoble martyrs who strewed their bones along the icy trails of the Klondike.

To her still sentimental eye the colors remained unfaded, and each would bring to her mind instantly the picture of the writer as he had been in the golden days.

While her tongue lasted, she had never hid: Suffice it that, as all things must decay, The fleshy tongue at length was worn away; She mouthed it for a while, and people dreamed Of golden days before this belle had screamed.

She rose like an autumnal Night that springs Out of the east, and follows wild and drear The golden Day, which on eternal wings, Even as a ghost abandoning a bier, Had left the Earth a corpse.

There are days in life of which it can only be said, that they are blessed; golden days, upon which, looking back, the sun seems to shine; they dazzle in the memory.

A golden day of sunlight and azure blue of sky ushered in the month of June.

The cathedrals which she every where reared are yet the wonders of Europe for their beauty and extent; and in her golden days, the priests who held rule within them were, in wealth and strength, little less than princes.

The Golden Day of Colonel Potts III.

CHAPTER II THE GOLDEN DAY OF COLONEL POTTS I awoke the next morning under most vivid portents of calamity.

Already there had been a score of applicants for rooms; the corridors were again assuming that air of liveliness and gaiety which had characterised them in those golden days when the August Prince of Zeit-Zeit had been his annual guest.

The golden days of Italy floated by me.

Tyresias to Narcissus promised Much prosperous hap and many golden days, If of his beauty he no knowledge took.

The night owl to her home hath fled, to shun the glorious pomp Of golden day she speeds away to her nest in the tea-tree swamp; Away, away to her nest in the tea-tree swamp.

So Jeanie was left entirely to Avery's motherly care while the golden days slipped by.

The sealing went on the while, and with reasonable returns, though the golden days of the business had been seriously interrupted by Macy's indiscretion and disobedience.

The time hath been, in those golden days when Saturn reigned, that, if a man received a benefit of another, I was presently sent for to put him in mind of it; but now, in these iron afternoons, save your friend's life, and Oblivio will be more familiar with him than you.

Perhaps a merrier company never made the golden days of autumn ring with laughter, either at Apple Orchard, where hill and meadow echoed to the joyous carol, or in any other place.

I ever did, and believe ever shall, like women best "Just in the noon of lifethose golden days, When the mind ripens as the form decays.

~L'Amour, L'Amour.~ We catch the fleeting perfume of roses As the evening closes the golden day, And the rhythmic beating of waves in motion Comes from the ocean a mile away; In the west is dying the sunset's splendor, And twilight tender enfolds the land; Where the tide is flying a-down the river, And the grasses quiver, we silent stand.

Southey, pardonably anxious to magnify an office belittled by some of its occupants, does not scruple to rank Spenser, Daniel, and Drayton among the Laurelled: "That wreath, which, in Eliza's golden days, My master dear, divinest Spenser, wore, That which rewarded Drayton's learned lays, Which thoughtful Ben and gentle Daniel bore," etc.

Then shall the golden days of the republic once more return, and the people become prosperous and happy, SAMUEL JONES TILDEN.

Remember, you are young, and these golden days of youth will very soon pass.

"When you were a boy, when the Road began to take hold on youwhen we were much together, playing cricket out there in the garden," and her voice broke upon the memory of those golden days, "when I might have been able, perhaps, to turn you to other thoughts, I never tried to, Dick?

I said!But all were golden days before us!Her presence and generous concern had done every thing.

And the golden day appeared, dispelling dreams, and still the abominations were silent, and the King's prophets answered not to portend the omen of the dream.

So mused the poet Becquer in the golden days of his youth, when his veins were swelling with health, when his heart was fired with ambition, and in his ears was ringing the joyous invitation of his muse.


" Mysterious sensation, which, in the golden days of youth, we have all experienced once at least with ravishing delight.

The fellows recently elected were men of great attainments, chosen as the most likely persons to restore, as tutors, the golden days of the college.

Modifications of what was originally a statement of a simple occurrence of daily routine, they became transmitted in the limbeck of mythology to the story of the beneficent god of the past, and the promise of golden days when again he should return to the people whom erstwhile he ruled and taught.

An autumn began, such as no one in Muro rememberedan autumn of golden days and dewy moonlight nights, soft, breathless, sweet, and tender.

The earliest ray of the golden day On that hallow'd spot is cast; And the evening sun, as he leaves the world, Looks kindly on that spot last.

She was won to a perception of the really best in life,that which this plain old spinster, with her "scrap of lace and a front," had found worth living for after the golden days were over.

"Those days when I was in the dream, folded in the dream, days before any of it fell away, they were golden days, singing daysdays there are no words for.

Born in the mediaeval pontificate of Sixtus IV., brought up in the golden days of Lorenzo de' Medici, he survived the Franco-Spanish struggle for supremacy, watched the progress of the Reformation, and only died when a new Church and a new Papacy had been established by the Tridentine Council amid states sinking into the repose of decrepitude.

He could be induced to this base action only by a base motive, that of obviating any difficulties which a suspicion of his holding opinions different from those avowed by the establishment, might throw in the way of his preferment: and of rendering himself a possible object of the bounty of "his worthy masters and mistresses," whenever the golden days arrive, in which they shall again dispense the favours of the crown.

"Not one of the perfect lady's golden days, I should say," said one of the men, raising his eyebrows.

Golden days they promised to be to him and to Marie, but to France those early August days held portents of defeat and disaster.

L.E.L. The march of mind is progressing, and the once boasted "wisdom of our ancestors" and the "golden days of good Queen Bess," are hurled with derision to the tomb of all the Capulets.

Is it not a golden day?

He went out amongst men to live with them and help them; for his heart was filled with sadness when he found that they were no longer happy as they had been during the golden days when Saturn was king.

they laughed; "now the golden days of youth have come again!"

But though sweeping years have borne away the halcyon days of childhood, the golden days of youth, and the sobered and subdued period of middle life, and our sun has passed its meridian and is verging rapidly towards its setting, still this grief comes back again with all its first freshness.

"Oh golden days!

"O golden days!

It was one more of that string of golden days, of which they had already enjoyed so many, and the splendour of that amazing landscape was complete.

And all with reverent joy beheld the Spear, And thanked the Lord that it had come again To bring the golden days of health and power.

Her beauty had the ripeness of the full-blown summer and the somnolence of golden days when the woods are very still in the shimmering heat and not a grass-blade moves except when a cricket stirs it with its chirruping.

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Golden days.

The golden day, by Max Brand, pseud.

Pat Hobby's golden days.

The Golden days of moonshine.

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Pat Hobby's golden days.

The Golden days of moonshine.

" These were his golden days.

"What were you not to me in those golden days!"

When the venerated remains of the golden days of the Irish Church were collected together and publicly destroyed, especially when the staff of St. Patrick, the famous Baculum Cristatum, part of which was believed to have actually touched the hands of the Saviour, was burnt in Dublin in the market-place, a spasm of shocked dismay ran through the whole island.

Our first visit to the Apostolic city was on the morning of one of those golden days in early autumn, any one of which might have inspired Longfellow's little poem, "A Day of Sunshine," they were so perfect.

the golden days are vanished!

Cangia, cangia consiglio, Pazzerella che sei, Che il pentirsi dassezzo nulla giova; such is the burden of her song, or yet again, recalling the golden days of love she too of yore had wasted: Il mondo invecchia E invecchiando intristisce.

s-m Bees .70 3.00 Golden Days, Phila.

" Such were the lettersamong the most beautiful ever penned by loverwhich the King addressed to his "Menon" in those golden days, when all the world was sunshine for him, black as the sky was still with the clouds of war.

Give me but one of those golden days, and I would make the pomp of emperors ridiculous.

Thus the golden day approached, looming larger and larger upon the horizon as it came.

[Ii] Followed that pair of golden days that shed On Como's Lake, and all that round it lay, 725 Their fairest, softest, happiest influence.

Oh, the golden days at mountain-capped Corellia!that watching in the perfumed woodsthat pleading with the stars that shone over Enrica to bear her his love-sick sighs!

When the golden days arrive, With the swallow at the eaves, And the first sob of the south-wind Sighing at the latch with spring, 40 Long hereafter shall thy name Be recalled through foreign lands, And thou be a part of sorrow When the Linus songs are sung.

Not in the full fruition of a rose-laden June or in the golden days of Indian summer or the ruddy autumn or the white holiness of Christmas-tidenot in the beauties of the whole year is there anything so exhilarating, so thrilling, so intoxicating as these first days of spring, which always come with a delicious shock of surprise, before one suspects their approach or has time to grow weary with waiting.

O, say no word against the golden days Of youth, when heads are hot, but hearts are pure!

One golden day when dawn shall blush to noon And noon incline to dark, and, oversoon, My joy lie buried 'neath a rounded moon.