97 examples of good hour in sentences

"We've got a good hour's march, and if you're wise, Captain Sprague, you won't waste time for any frills.

"Methinks we come in good hour.

In large establishments, six is a good hour to rise in the summer, and seven in the winter.

The first day he was away was dreadful sultry; the sun went down away over the woods in a kind of a red-hot fog, and it seemed as though the stars were dull and coppery at night; even the whip-poor-wills was too hot to sing; nothin' but a doleful screech-owl quavered away, a half a mile off, a good hour, steady.

So in a good hour they crossed the sea, coming with a fair wind to the port of Southampton.

Whilst we lie waiting here as those sick men did at the Pool of [2086] Bethesda, till the Angel stirred the water, expecting a good hour, they step between, and beguile us of our preferment.

" We had a good hour's rest, before our friends returned from the pursuit; and then, once more mounting, we set out for camp, which we reached late in the afternoon, to learn that neither of the messengers sent to the fort, had returned, nor had any tidings been received from them.

With a short light rod, a good silk line, and an English hook attached to fine gut, I have enjoyed many a good hour's sport at Parewah.

It still appeared far away, although they had been walking a good hour.

It was perfect weather; suddenly we saw the sky overcast; a darkness like that of a total eclipse spread itself abroad and lasted a good hour.

I only provided myself with a small stock of provisions, and immediately mounted one of the horses from the captain's stable, which brought me past the rocky pass in a good hour.

" "Yes; he has been gone a good hour," repeated Mrs. Ellis.

It was earlier than usual when we camped, for the sun was a good hour or two from the horizon, and leaving my friend still asleep on the hot sand, I wandered about in desultory examination of our hotel.

" During the events just recorded, which occupied a good hour, the police agents had time to go and come from the Rue Bellechasse.

"Nobody will think of coming here this time o' night," she said, "and the girl is in for a good hour at least with her prayers, and so I think I may venture.

The men-haulers started 1 1/2 hours before us and got here a good hour ahead, travelling easily throughout.

"Comtesse," said Antony, looking at the clock, "there is one good hour before the arrivals by the last train can possibly get here.

It is true the hope was murdered afterward, butmultiply that good hour by a thousand, and you will have some idea of how it feels to be in Canadaa place which even an 'Imperial' Government cannot kill.

I took my place among the others and stood for a good hour waiting for the second ovenful to finish baking.

"Aye, and he's been dead a good hour, I should say, by the feel of him!

And thus they talked for one good hour, and in the adjoining room Janet fumed and fretted; for 'twas far past her child's bedtime.

It was, however, sufficient to waste a good hour of the painter's time.

The interview had lasted a good hour, and Arthur Miles was glad to regain his liberty.

It had been raining at intervals during the day, but held up for a good hour just at dusk, as if on purpose for the moccoli.

Still the counsel argued on, and insisted on its authority; after listening to which for a good hour, his lordship drily remarked, "I do believe all the teeth of this act have been drawn, for there is nothing left but the jaw."Literary Gazette.

97 examples of  good hour  in sentences