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1464 example sentences with  good news

1464 example sentences with good news

That is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the good news about the Saviour.

The good news that there was a kind friend willing to write to them gradually spread; and sailor after sailor wrote to Miss Weston, and their correspondence grew so large that at length she had to print her letters.

"I bring you good news, Miss Morriston.

It was good news!

"It's good news, lad, though not much different from what I've come to expect from sich a soldier as the commandant.

In Paris, at any rate, it was not believed that they brought good news.

It seems to them in that case neither they, nor those they love, would be the same persons in the world to come they are here; and that thought is lonely and dreadful, till they accept the good news of Easter day, the thrice blessed words of St. Paul, in his Epistle to the Corinthians, which they hear at the burial of those whom they love and lose.

So we may imagine them dragging on life till near Easter, when a gleam of good news comes tip from the west, to gladden the hearts and strengthen the arms of these poor men in the depths of Selwood.

It was like a beneficent, nourishing ocean, in which all hunger would be appeased, and in which to-morrow might arise, amid that tide of wheat whose waves were ever carrying good news to the horizon.

"Murray has just arrived, Falconer, with the good news!"

Our mental condition was thisdesperate, yes; discouraged, no. Items of bad news came to us as good news had come to us on the evening of the 3d, one after another.

"I have good news for you, Wilhelmina," cried the captain, coming into the parlour where his wife used to sit and knit or sew quite half the day, and speaking with a bright face, and in a cheerful voice"Here is a letter from my excellent old colonel; and Bob's affair is all settled and agreed on.

Master, nay, pray you, do not run mad: I'll tell you good news; my young Master Fortunatus is come home: and see where he comes.

I have good news from the North.

IX Ninon de l'Enclos to Saint-Evremond Stomachs Demand More Attention than Minds The Abbé Dubois has just handed me your letter, and personally told me as much good news about your stomach as about your mind.

"I arrived from Paris at five this morning, and I've brought you good news."

Flockart had returned that night from Paris, gone to his chambers in Half-Moon Street, breakfasted, dressed, and had now called upon her ladyship in order to impart to her the good news.

"Ha," quoth Tristram, "that is very good news to me, for I believe that it would be the greatest joy to me that the world can now give to behold King Arthur and those noble knights of his court ere I die.

At last when they thought that the search brought no good, One man found Juanita's neat bundle of wood; He called the good news, and as more came to see, Loud knocking was heard in the Balete tree.

Moreover they are apt to mistake, amplify, too credulous sometimes, too full of hope and confidence, and then again very jealous, unapt to believe or entertain any good news.

Every portion of the good news loses its efficacy, because it is anticipated by a demand, and room is left for an increase in it.

"My lady," he asked, very softly, "haven't you any good news for me on this wonderful morning?" "Excellent news," Margaret assented, with a cheerfulness that was not utterly free from trepidation.

Dr. Harrison himself broke the good news by reading the following paragraph from the newspaper.

"It might lie there forever, for all my goin' after it," thought Reuben to himself, as he picked it up from the dust; "it's no good news, I'll be bound."


It is only French billiards, but still one has to play properly, so at last I said that evidently the good news of Victorine's engagement had so distracted him that he could not pay attention to the game.

Isak stands still with his crowbar in hand; this was news, and good news, the best that could be.

He was told the good news by his wife, and Crosby was made welcome.

You have good news for me, I am sure.

You do not come without some reason; tell me, what news have you?" [Illustration: Seizure of the Spy.] "My lord, I have very good news, thank God!" was the reply.

At every place where Lois had been that day she had told her bit of good news, and at every place it had been met with the same kindly smile and "I'm glad he's back, Lois."

I've a bit of qualified good news for you, but the spirit is moving me mightily to hold my tongue."

The faith of the heart; the childlike, undoubting, ready, willing faith, which welcomes the news of the Lord; which runs to meet it, and is not astonished at it; and, if it ever doubts for a moment, only doubts for very joy and delight; and feeling that the news of the gospel is good news, cannot help feeling now and then that it is too good news to be true; shewing its love and its faith in its very hesitation.

Oh, do you really believe the good news of this text, in which the Son of God himself said to mortal men like ourselves, 'Handle me and see that it is I, indeed; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones as ye see me have.'

Is it not the plain meaning of the Gospel that it is good news?

All things seem waiting as to hear good news.

But I got rid of her and her gratitude very soon, as she was in a hurry to be off to tell her husband the good news.

Kincaid spoke: "Would you have me pass you by with my good news to go first to her with the bad?" "Oh, Captain Kincaid, yes, yes!

On the first suitable opportunity the sister says to her brother: "Brother, I have some good news for you.

I told her of the good news I had to send, and she wanted to know if now we would try to catch the road agents.

He was observed to gape while good news was announcing."

And so Edna waited and waited, hoping day by day for good news from Captain Horn; and so Mrs. Cliff waited and waited, hoping for news from Captain Horngood news, if possible, but in any case something certain and definite, something that would make them know what sort of life they were to lead in this world, and make them free to go and live it.

"It is good news to at last hear that progress is being made again towards healing the 'split.'"Nottingham

And you call that good news, traitor!

"Good news indeed!

"Can you bear a little more good news, Herbert?" said Julius.

His catch phrase is "Good news everyone!"

But that is not good news for those who suspect that more is needed in order for the eurozone to thrive.

Cllr John Burden, Leader of Gravesham council, said: "This can only be good news.

Egg McMuffin is your go-to breakfast order, Dr. Mandal has some good news.

Finally, there is a piece of good news for and KL Rahul's fans.

First, the good news about Ken “Hawk” Harrelson: He’s on the mend.

From here, oil needs some good news in the form of a US stimulus breakthrough, or some verbal support from OPEC+ to stop the rot.

Good news for parents (and parents-to-be) who love : there's a very easy, very fun way to incorporate your pop culture obsession into your baby's monthly pictures.

He doesn't even seem to want to publicise or dramatise good news with the same parity as the bad news.

Amid months of pandemic-related bad news, the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport (AVP) on Wednesday received some good news.

However, some people actually didn't latch onto the Jamie Dornan’s new co-star, Emily Blunt, which actually may have been good news for the actor.

If that is what happens, it will be good news for Israel, which during the past year found itself in double distress.

I know this will not be good news to offenders and their families, but this is being done with everyone's health and safety in mind."

In good news for Greggs workers, it was also revealed yesterday that its employees are to get a share of a £7million bonus following the bumper sales.

In more good news, scientists on the Covid Symptom Study claimed yesterday the R rate of the across all of Britain is now 0.9 meaning the outbreak has started shrinking and the 'end is in sight' for the second wave.

“It’s a good news-bad news kind of thing.

“Like many good news stories, I think we got a little too much of a good thing.”

More good news – you likely won’t have to buy a new TV to be able to make the switch to ATSC 3.0.

And the good news is sales are booming.

Second bit of good news: Thanks to bring one editorial employee back to work, which means you’ll be getting even more of the progressive, thoughtful journalism the is famous for producing.

Share your thoughts: Good news for South Africans with sl…

That’s good news if you fall into that category as you can avoid the hassle of returns, but we’d like to see an extended range.

The good news is redshirt freshman Ben Smiley is back after initially deciding to sit out the 2020 season.

The good news is that despite local lockdowns, several economic indicators — e-way bills, electricity, and registrations of cars and two-wheelers, container traffic have started looking up.

The good news is there were no new people admitted to the ICU yesterday in the state, and just five more people were admitted to the hospital statewide.

The good news is, while we probably won’t be getting any new Cymbals Eat Guitars music any time soon, there’s plenty of good stuff to dig into in the vault.

The good news, there is hope.

The good news was that seemed to be putting off other buyers.

The good news we NEEDED pic.

The Microsoft Surface Duo, the dual-screen smartphone unveiled last October, brought good news and bad news for eager fans in a on Wednesday.

THERE is good news coming from the Zimbabwe Football Association (Zifa) following the announcement that they have targeted August or September for the kick-off of the much-awaited 2020/21 domestic football season.

“This is not good news.”

VATICAN CITY—Every Christian is called to be a missionary, sharing the good news of salvation in Christ and making disciples for him, not for oneself or one’s clique of like-minded believers, Pope Francis said.

Well, there’s good news – Andre’s done it again.

We messaged good news stories and successes through news articles using our base public affairs office.

We rush to the radio, TV or internet for a glimmer of good news about the health crisis, but we let our Bibles accumulate dust.

Experiencing a happy thought, a celebratory event or a satisfying achievement is a very lonely thing when there is no-one to whom we can tell the good news.

Here is some good news for moms-to-be.

If similar results are found to be true in Atlantic Canada, it could be good news for fish, wetlands, and people.

If the only thing keeping you from starting a fitness program is the cost of a gym membership, here's good news.

If you have ADD/ADHD, there is good news!

I just saw good news as well, the cider production they're looking at in Milton – now, if it's anything close to the success that Port Rexton Brewery had, I'm sure it's going to be huge.

I think the good news for us, in terms of the population issue, is that in the last quarter - is it?

It’s good news, but it doesn’t mean we’ve stopped.

Leader: People of God, Robert and Susan have some very good news for us.

Not good news there.

Now, we all like good news, don't we?

Overall a good news Executive Director's Report with positive acceptance of the new 15 Mbp/s DSL subscription.

The good news is the market for the Ride Norfolk shuttle service continues to grow.

The good news is there are programs to help you connect.

Bad news sells, good news means you can turn off the TV and go for a walk.

We are happy to be bringing you a good news story.

Well there’s good news and bad news today.

While the good news is, some employers are hiring more full-time positions in Bruce, Grey, Huron and Perth counties, the bad news is many employers feel the local workforce is lacking in 'Soft Skills.'