627 examples of good news in sentences

And now that a messenger came from Verona, he thought surely it was to confirm some good news which his dreams had presaged.

"We heard the good news from Mr. Wordley, and neither I nor my husband could wait another day before we came to congratulate you.

Then said Hopeful, That's good news; good brother, pluck it out of thy bosom, and try.

" "But he did write once; and plaguy good news was it that he sent us in that letter!"

And you, fully cognizant of what I am in for, come babbling about good news.

He had been intrusted by his father with the transaction of some business, and his trip to the great city having turned out satisfactorily, the joy of bringing good news caused him to walk the sixty leagues more gaily and briskly than was his wont; for, though he had a rather large sum of money in his pocket, he travelled on foot for pleasure.

We need hope; we need sometimes to receive good news; we need to see sometimes the bright side of things.


Would I could send you as good news of my poor Lucy.

"My lady," he asked, very softly, "haven't you any good news for me on this wonderful morning?" "Excellent news," Margaret assented, with a cheerfulness that was not utterly free from trepidation.

This was good news, and served to keep him from the worst depth of despair.

I am happy to be the first to advertise you of good news.

This good news inspired our home-keepers with renewed courage.

"Oh, no; good news.

"And now, your majesty," continued the Field-Marshal, turning abruptly to the Sultan, "I bring you good news.

Oh, do you really believe the good news of this text, in which the Son of God himself said to mortal men like ourselves, 'Handle me and see that it is I, indeed; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones as ye see me have.'

"You have had good news," said Madelene, when they were in the dim daylight on the creeper-screened back porch.

Kincaid spoke: "Would you have me pass you by with my good news to go first to her with the bad?" "Oh, Captain Kincaid, yes, yes!

Besides, he had sent by land camels loaden with provisions to meet us, lastly, the Moors were desired to respect us, and to render us assistance: so much good news revived us, and gave us fresh courage.

THOMAS E. Good news for bad times.

What's the good news?

As I was passing along to-day, a Paper given into my Hand by a Fellow without a Nose tells us as follows what good News is come to Town, to wit, that there is now a certain Cure for the French Disease, by a Gentleman just come from his Travels.

I'm a bad correspondent, you know, and as I had no good news to write, I did not think it worth while to bother him.

Have you heard some good news?" "Never you mind," said he; "bring the pipe.

Herbert smiled her away, for he was still in a state where it was not possible to bear any engrossing of his head-nurse, and the lover's absence was, even to his unselfishness, good news.

627 examples of  good news  in sentences