627 examples of good news in sentences

* Good News for the Birds.

"I can see the good news in your face.

I have good news for you."

Well, this is good news, Di; perhaps the best news in the world.

"Then what do you mean you've got good news?

Before the play was allowed to begin, his majesty the king of the coal-heavers read the bulletin of the day announcing the rapid progress of the queen toward recovery; and then, giving his hand to the queen of the fish-wives, the august pair, followed by their respective suites, executed a dance expressive of their delight at the good news, and then resumed their seats, and listened to Voltaire's "Zaire" with the most edifying gravity.

" "Well, that's certainly good news you've brought us, Lieutenant Beverly," said Tom, accepting the other's extended hand which was offered in congratulation.

The bearer of such good news was Makaraig, the young man at the head of the movement.

A wretched remnant managed to gain the security of the hill slopes, and not the good news of Mahomet's escape when they saw him amongst them could make of them aught but a vanquished and ignominious band.

" Isak stands still with his crowbar in hand; this was news, and good news, the best that could be.

And we think it's good news!

In these days of expensive boots this should be good news to people who travel to and from the City by Tube on foot.

"Oh, no; good news.

Then came St. Paul and preached to the very same people, and he did convert them to God; for he had good news for them, of things which prophets and kings had desired to see, and had not seen them, and to hear, and had not heard them.

" On the 7th of July, 1840, Clara was told the good news that the father had withdrawn the evidence upon which he based his opposition.

Without saying a word to any one, she clattered over the banquette as fast as she could in her sabots, to tell the good news to Anne Marie.

Good news, indeed!

" "A patient in this institution, who arrived unconverted, and was thought to be in a dying state, heard the good news of Salvation, and was enabled to rejoice in the Lord, through simple trust in Him; and from that moment she began to rapidly recover from her disorder, and soon became strong enough to nurse another patient.

Wondering how it was that he had been so quickly cured, he made haste to find Alcestis and tell her the good news.

the likehis figures stand still as in a tableau; and they contrast such passages unfavorably with scenes of the same kind in Scott, and with Browning's spirited ballad, How we brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix.

Without the doctrine of the forgiveness of sins you could have no good news for a sinful world; but with the assertion of this faith as the actual faith of the man, you have possibilities of service, the upspringing of altruism, the conquest of self, the enthronement of Christ, the advancement of humanity after the likeness of Jesus Christ.

It was good news when the sailor called from his rowboat that he had found a channel for going on around the island.

Every morning she ran to see if there was a letter, so that it might be she who brought the good news.

What's the good news?

"I haven't very good news for you," she answered regretfully.

627 examples of  good news  in sentences