3192 examples of goodness in sentences

This Goodness, Sir, resembles that of Heaven, Preserving what it made, and can be paid Only with grateful Praise as we do that.

Let me embrace and thank thee for this goodness.

The Defence of the first is left to the Reverend Gown, but the departing Stage can be no otherwise restor'd, but by some leading Spirits, so Generous, so Publick, and so Indefatigable as that of your Lordship, whose Patronages are sufficient to support it, whose Wit and Judgment to defend it, and whose Goodness and Quality to justifie it; such Encouragement wou'd inspire the Poets with new Arts to please, and the Actors with Industry.

Why, a hundred dear soft things of Love, kiss it as often, and bless me for my Goodness.

Marry, Heavens forbid, thou art always creating Fears to startle one; why, if he be not mad, his want of Sleep this eight and forty hours, the Noise of strange unheard of Instruments, with the fantastick Splendour of the unusual Sight, will so turn his Brain and dazzle him, that in Grace and Goodness, he may be mad, if he be not; come, let's after him to the Gallery, for I long to see in what showing

Thus low I fall to thank their Royal Goodness.

Goodness is rewarded and wickedness is punished, as is only right in the child's eyes, and goodness usually means kindness, the virtue best understood of children.

Goodness is rewarded and wickedness is punished, as is only right in the child's eyes, and goodness usually means kindness, the virtue best understood of children.

"Oh, she's not, thank goodness, at all badly off, poor dear.

He had sent a courier to give their friends in Constantinople the assurance of their personal safety; "which," adds the lady, "is held by all this court as an act of great courtesy,gran gentilezza; and there is no one here who does not admire the goodness and magnanimity of your Highness."

Kate had left the wagon, and was shaking with laughter over this extraordinary goodness on the turkeys' part, and before long our basket was full of struggling, kicking, squeaking things, "werry promiscuous," in Mr. Weller's phrase.

And goodness knows, she was not clever!

"Thank goodness that chauffeur had a grain of sense," said he.

Year by year, Lorna's beauty grows, with the growth of goodness, kindness, and true happinessabove all, with loving.

"For goodness' sake," he exclaimed roughly, "don't let that young ruffian tyrannize over you!

Thank goodness he has gone away!

But you say again, as a confirmation of these your former arguments, (by which you would have it understood, that the Africans themselves are sensible of the goodness of your intentions)

Goodness knows it would puzzle a guinea-pig to render itself inconspicuous in our village, yet I have watched battalion after battalion march into it and be halted and dismissed.

The general direction in which these islands were situated had been pointed out to him by the natives of Guanahani and the Española; hence, he had steered a southwesterly course on this his second voyage, "and," says the doctor, "by the goodness of God and the Admiral's knowledge, we came as straight as if we had come by a known and continuous route.

"Oh, Dona Schnapper-Elle, do not sin against the goodness of creative Nature!

His music, his passion for rural and especially Highland scenery, the enjoyments of society, the love of seeing others happy, the joining of happiness with goodness, made the Dean what he was in after life, and enabled him to take that position amongst his countrymen which a purely theological upbringing would not have done.

Yes! piety, goodness, the favour and approbation of God, are all marked out by sorrow and infirmity here.

Believe only this, that to my own dying day I never can forget your goodness.


"Because your goodness, your purity, are making a slave of me.

3192 examples of  goodness  in sentences