69 examples of gopher in sentences

In the novel domains they now traversed the small dog's excitable nature led him to investigate everything that seemed suspicious, but he was so cowardly, in spite of this, that once when Patsy let him down to chase a gopher or prairie dogthey were not sure whichthe animal turned at bay and sent Mumbles retreating with his stubby tail between his legs.

Here and there you may see spades full of earth being thrown up as if by invisible hands, marking the onward work of the German gopher-like pioneers in their subterranean warfare.

By the end of the dry season the water trails of the Ceriso are worn to a white ribbon in the leaning grass, spread out faint and fanwise toward the homes of gopher and ground rat and squirrel.

But he came to no harm in it; the land tolerated him as it might a gopher or a badger.

One of the horses stepped in a gopher hole and fell, and a dozen others piled up on him, including their riders.

aide-de-camp, secretary, clerk, associate, marshal; right-hand, right-hand man, Friday, girl Friday, man Friday, gopher, gofer; candle- holder, bottle-holder; handmaid; servant &c 746; puppet, cat's-paw, jackal^. tool, dupe, stooge, ame damnee [Fr.]; satellite, adherent.

He dropped on his four feet, and resumed his gopher-hunting.

Thor weighed a thousand pounds; a mountain gopher is six inches long and weighs six ounces.

Yet Thor would dig energetically for an hour, and rejoice at the end by swallowing the fat little gopher like a pill; it was his bonne bouche, the luscious tidbit in the quest of which he spent a third of his spring and summer digging.

"He's halfway up, digging out a gopher.

He had succeeded in getting his gopher, a fat, aldermanic old patriarch who had disappeared in one crunch and a gulp, and he was now absorbed in finishing off his day's feast with an occasional fat, white grub and a few sour ants captured from under stones which he turned over with his paw.

A cat lies passive in this manner half a day, watching the gopher hole.

In the open pastures near by were the curious, extensive burrows of a gopher rat, which ate the roots of grass, not emerging to eat the grass but pulling it into the burrows by the roots.

Gopher Dick, the story of a northern cow-puncher.

Mary M. Aitchison (W); 13Jan69; R452678. Minnesota, the Gopher State.

Co., Inc. (PWH); 8Jan73; R543813. Roy Rogers and the Gopher Creek gunman.

Gopher Dick, the story of a northern cow-puncher.

Co., Inc. (PWH); 8Jan73; R543813. Roy Rogers and the Gopher Creek gunman.

" "in a gopher hole and near broke my fool neck.

Said you could locate a claim bounded on all sides by paying property and gopher through to China without ever striking ore.

He claims his horse stepped in a gopher hole and threw him.

But that pony didn't step in a gopher hole.

I done put my foot in a gopher hole that shake.

The first reference to woodwork is to be found in the Book of Genesis, in the instructions given to Noah to make an Ark of gopher wood, "to make a window," to "pitch it within and without with pitch," and to observe definite measurements.

"You'n the kid can gopher around there whilst I go step off the lines of a claim an' put up the location notice," he said, and left her standing there with the gold in her palm.

69 examples of  gopher  in sentences