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80 examples of  gouging  in sentences

80 examples of gouging in sentences

It was the Overland route that SLUKER took for California, and when his aged mother heard that three eyes had been gouged out in one day in the Golden City, she wept tears of joy.

Whether it should be Williamsburg or London, the boy was required to be kept at his books every morning, and was off every afternoon to the Dumfries tavern, where there was always a crowd of ne'er-do-wells, promoting a cock-fight, or a horse race, or eye-gouging contest.

Some have their legs blown offsome bullets through the breastsome indescribably horrid wounds in the face or head, all mutilated, sickening, torn, gouged outsome in the abdomensome mere boysmany rebels, badly hurtthey take their regular turns with the rest, just the same as anythe surgeons use them just the same.

Women knew so much best how a woman surpassedhow and where and why, with no touch or torment of it lost on them; so that as it produced mainly and primarily the instinct of aversion, the sense of extracting the recognition, of gouging out the homage, was on the whole the highest crown one's felicity could wear.

But what is the disputed point to-day?" "There is a proposition to alter the interior of the church, and our neighbour Gouge has brought the plans, on which, as he says, he has lately altered several churches in the county.

" "Yes," observed Mr. Gouge, "give me good, strong preaching, any day, in preference to good praying.

Hence German wounded have had their eyes gouged out, noses, ears, fingers and genitals cut off and their bodies cut open; in other cases German soldiers have been poisoned, hanged on trees, or had burning liquids poured on them, causing death in a most terrible form.

Later a German patrol discovered the remains, and on investigation, found that the dead Germans had all had their eyes gouged out.'

So much is certain, however, that in the matter of eyes being gouged out, an absolute mania of gruesomeness broke loose.

"In September, 1914, the following paragraph appeared in the papers: 'Several ladies engaged in Red Cross work on Cologne Station were informed with every assurance of truth, that a hospital at Aix-la-Chapelle contained a whole ward full of wounded whose eyes had been gouged out on the battlefields of Belgium.'

Recently Dean A., who is the Superior in a military hospital in the Franciscan Nunnery at S., came to us and reported that a wounded soldier had told him that he had heard that in the monastery Bl. by V., in Holland, there were twenty-two wounded German soldiers whose eyes had been gouged out by Belgians.

Inquiries were made in all directions wherever a case of gouged-out eyes was reported, the result being everywhere the samea fairy-tale.

Yet when the German Imperial Chancellor received a party of American journalists (representatives of the United Press and the Associated Press) on September 2nd, 1914, he communicated this statement: "The English will inform your countrymen that German troops have burnt down Belgian villages and towns, but they will conceal the fact that Belgian girls have gouged out the eyes of our helpless soldiers lying on the battlefields.

And there seemed no end of them, sweeping up out of those black shadows, with bearded or lean brown savage faces, charging over the dead bodies, hacking and gouging in vain effort to break through.

Their tunnel had begun to slope gently downward, with niches gouged here and there for the passing of burden-bearers.

Between beetling ramparts of stone, terraced, crenellated and battlemented in motley strata of pink and brown and yellow and black, the river Tarn had gouged out for itself a canyon through which its waters swept and tumbled, as green as translucent jade in sunlight, profound emerald in shadow, cream white in churning rapids.

They fought by no rules, with no science, but bit and kicked and gouged and wrenched and struck as occasion offered and each to the best of his ability.

My fellow-guest was a large doll braced stiffly in its chair; a doll whose waxen face had been gouged by vandal nails.

This anarchical condition resulted, as usual, in habits of personal violence; and, at one time, an adverse vote was considered matter for stabbing or gouging, and juries often dismissed indictments, fearing private vengeance in case of a discharge of their duty.

"Oh, my golly, Massa Will! aint dis here my lef eye for sartain?" roared the terrified Jupiter, placing his hand upon his right organ of vision, and holding it there with a desperate pertinacity, as if in immediate dread of his master's attempt at a gouge.

'I'm not talking about reason,' answered Mr. Van Torp, gouging his waistcoat pockets with his thick thumbs, and looking at the top of her old grey felt hat as she bent her head.

They have been gouged out, in every direction, by the furious tropic rains and tropic rain-torrents.

V. be concave &c adj.; retire, cave in. render concave &c adj.; depress, hollow; scoop, scoop out; gouge, gouge out, dig, delve, excavate, dent, dint, mine, sap, undermine, burrow, tunnel, stave in.

V. be concave &c adj.; retire, cave in. render concave &c adj.; depress, hollow; scoop, scoop out; gouge, gouge out, dig, delve, excavate, dent, dint, mine, sap, undermine, burrow, tunnel, stave in.

Perforator N. perforator, piercer, borer, auger, chisel, gimlet, stylet^, drill, wimble^, awl, bradawl, scoop, terrier, corkscrew, dibble, trocar [Med.], trepan, probe, bodkin, needle, stiletto, rimer, warder, lancet; punch, puncheon; spikebit^, gouge; spear &c (weapon) 727; puncher; punching machine, punching press; punch pliers.

At the third stroke it went too far, and gouged out a deep scratch right through the design, clear across the whole side of the vase.

It was not a fair, stand-up, knock-down English fight, but a Scotch tussle, in which either could strike, kick, bite or gouge.

The gouges of wheels and feet were at the roadside.

Also, the explosives had dug big gouges in the earth.

They were buried to their haunchesif a field gun may be said to have haunchesin depressions gouged out by their own frequent recoils; otherwise they were without concealment of any sort.

Considering the tools which dug them they were rather symmetrical craters, not jagged and gouged, but with smooth walls and each in shape a perfect funnel.

About this time died my dear friend Mr. Thomas Gouge, of whose life you may see a little in Mr. Clark's last book of Lives:a wonder of sincere industry in works of charity.

This poor wretch was scourged, had his limbs broken, his nose and hands cut off, and his eyes gouged out of their sockets.

Then they were to have ready their tapping gouges, their spiles and buckets.

Then he skillfully modeled out a stone tapping gouge of the shape required to make the incision in the tree from which the sap would flow.

With his knife he made a sample spile of cedar, the thin end of which was to be driven into the hole made by the gouge and along which the sap would flow.

Next, with your heel gouge out on one edge of your little pond a small round bay.

Such acts, for example, as the reported gouging-out of the eyes of prisoners, cutting off the wrists of children, the alleged stabbing of old women, cutting off the wrists and ears of nurses, and the more refined cruelties of which I have heard reports, are, it goes without saying, atrocities.

If it had struck a quarter of an inch to the left it would have gouged a furrow; a quarter of an inch beyond that would have caused it to miss entirely.

'Now,' says I, 'you've gouged yourself out of a banana.

The derivative signification of doccia (a gouge, a tool to make channels with) coincides.

"Tom was a great, rollicking boy, that had an eye gouged out at the widow Mulloney's wake, and an ugly cut that made his mouth six inches wide: and, before he got the cut, it was as broad as yer own out there.

You will remove the journal, take a gouge and cut a clean groove across the box, starting in at one corner, about I/8 of an inch from the point of box and cut diagonally across coming out at the opposite corner on the other end of box.

Why, they tell me he has started in business for himself, and with what he can gouge from the just wages of his employees he pays pew rent and gives to the heathen.

The diseased cartilage, or side-bone, gave some trouble, a considerable portion having to be cut and scraped, and the sinus in it gouged out; but its complete removal did not appear to be called for.

Fist fights, canings, beatings, biting off noses and ears, gougings, knockings down, &c., unless they result in death, will not be included in the list, nor will ordinary murders, unless connected with circumstances that serve as a special index of public sentiment.

Fist fights, canings, beatings, biting off noses and ears, gougings, knockings down, &c., unless they result in death, will not be included in the list, nor will ordinary murders, unless connected with circumstances that serve as a special index of public sentiment.

There was a shallow two-inch cut in his forehead, two deeper ones in his right cheek, and a gouge in his chin.

I may fight rough and tumble, but I always give warning, and I never gouge.

The course in wood turning includes: 1. Elementary principles: first, straight turning; second, cutting in; third, convex curves with the chisel; fourth, compound curves formed with the gouge.

Here are windrows of mutilated Germans with gouged eyes and mangled limbs, attesting to that same senseless bestial ferocity which lies beneath the veneer.

The priest in the pulpit is thorning the politician against us, gouging him from underneathhe'd never dare do it openly, for our Elders could crimson his face with shameand the minions of the mob may be after us again.

There he punched, jabbed, gouged, and scratched as they writhed together.

Above once more, he saw a hideous turmoil in the black fabricjust windan avalanche of wind that gouged the sea, that could have shaken mountains....

He gouged a little piece out of Chaucer's tomb, an' as we went home we bought a copy of the old gentleman's poems, so as we could see what reason there was for keepin' him so long, an' at night I read Jone two of the Canterbury Tales.

We were sitting at the door, surrounded by captains, lawyers, and squires, when one of the gentlemen demanded of another if there had not been a "gouging scrape" at the "Colonel's tavern" the evening before.

Then followed a description of the divers punishments inflicted by the combatants on each otherthe major had his eye nearly "gouged" out, and the judge his chin almost bitten off.

But when they do commence hostilities, they fight with great bitterness, as do most Americans, biting, gouging, and cutting unrelentingly.

Sundry "stump orations" were delivered on the occasion, for the enlightenment of the electors; and towards the close of the proceedings, by way of an appropriate finale, the aforesaid triune-citizen and another gentleman, had a gouging scrape on the hustings.

Desperately I gouged it open.

You see they have a bill like a chisel for gouging out insects, and with this same tool they make their homes.

Their bills are strong and straight, like chisels, so that they may cut and gouge hard wood without breaking them.

Brutally savage fights were frequent; the combatants, who were surrounded by rings of interested spectators, striking, kicking, biting, and gouging.

All eastern and European observers comment with horror on the border brawls, especially the eye-gouging.

Brawls, with their brutal accompaniments of gouging and biting, were common.

Jacques Coeur, the two brothers Bureau, Martin Gouge, Michel Lailler, William Cousinot, and many other councillors, of burgher origin, labored zealously to establish this administrative system, so prompt and freed from all independent discussion.

Shells make gouges, fractures, pulp.

They were but grim, battling demons, striking, gouging, firing.

Imagine eight-and-forty hours of roaring wind, the thermometer well down towards zero, scooping and gouging across a hundred miles of newly fallen snow.

We stood to lose a little over a million apiece right there, and no knowing what the crowd that was under the market would gouge us for in the end.

So if these fellows try to do business as they should do it, by clean and sound methods and at fair and square prices, they can't earn money enough to satisfy their stockholders, and they get sore; and if they try to do business in the only way that's left, by clubbing competition to death, and gouging the public, then the whole country gets sore.

Either a Mauser pistol or an explosive bullet fired at but short distance had entered the cheek and gouged its way through the lad's head, carrying away part of the ear and welllet us not go any further.

To the contrary, they showed a rough surface, on which the marks of the chisel could be plainly seen as it had shorn away the yielding metal in great gouges.

Feverish with desire, with aching back and stiffening muscles, with pick and shovel gouging and mauling the soft brown earth, the man toiled up the hill.

These very persons who would have gouged their neighbors' eyes to gain ten sous, lost all presence of mind and discrimination before suspicious looking girls in restaurants who pitilessly harassed and relentlessly fleeced them.

All he knew was that every second was worth saving, and with this impulse driving him, swung the sharp blade with all his strength and skill, gouging out great splinters of wood, and finally forcing the lock to yield.

Your boots gouge my shoulder.

The smooth, slab-like, papa cliffs are often curiously markedtongued and grooved, as with a gouge, channelled and fluted.

But as to that dd old Frenchman Ferrers, in the next loft, with his stuck-up airs and high-falutin style, we must get quit of him; he's regularly gouged me in that ere horsehair spekilation.

Some were headed with a piece of bamboo shaped like a gouge or scoop, and several other varieties were observed.