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76 example sentences with  gourmand

76 example sentences with gourmand

Indeed, several of the ancient gourmands of the "imperial city" were so fond of game, that they brought themselves to ruin by eating flamingoes and pheasants.

A celebrated gourmand remarked that a dinner without cheese is like a woman with one eye.

Then, with half an hour to wait, he lumbered into the buvette and gorged, while Lanyardhaving secured his own transportation for Lyons by the some routeskulked in the offing and kept a close eye on the gourmand.

Of quadrupeds, the greatest favorite was the wild boar,the chief dish of a grand coena,coming whole upon the table; and the practised gourmand pretended to distinguish by the taste from what part of Italy it came.

In the same manner, M. d'Ablaincourt, who was a great gourmand, said to his niece: "My dear, you know that I am not at all fond of eating, and am satisfied with the simplest fare; but I must tell you that your cook puts too much salt in everything!

But you must not think that the abbé of St. Philémon was a gourmand.

He was neither an epicure nor a gourmand.

Have I represented him as a gourmand, a libertine, or a drunkard?

Sensualist N. Sybarite, voluptuary, Sardanaphalus, man of pleasure, carpet knight; epicure, epicurean, gourmet, gourmand; pig, hog; votary of Epicurus, swine of Epicurus; sensualist; Heliogabalus; free liver, hard liver; libertine &c 962; hedonist; tragalist^. 955.

epicure, bon vivant, gourmand; glutton, cormorant, hog, belly god, Apicius^, gastronome; gourmet &c 954.1, 868.

"And, by the way, in order to show how little coena had to do with any evening hour (though, in any age but that of our fathers, four in the afternoon would never have been thought an evening hour in the sense implied by supper,)the Roman gourmands and bons vivants continued through the very last ages of Rome to take their coena, when more than usually sumptuous, at noon.

Now, old Bernardini did not care a button that his little wife had a lover; it would not have been en règle if she had notnor did he care that his wife's lover should dine with him every daynot a bitbut old Bernardini is a gourmand, and he does care to be kept waiting for his dinner.

I won't have him a liar and a gourmand; he's bad enough without that.

was such a gourmand, that he would eat at a sitting four platesful of different soups, a whole pheasant, a partridge, a plateful of salad, mutton hashed with garlick, two good sized slices of ham, a dish of pastry, and, afterwards, fruit and sweetmeats.

A large flock of fat sheep accompanied us on the march down from Ferozepore; and I shall never forget the agony of mind of one of our gourmands when one day it was reported that the sheep had all been carried off by the enemy when grazing in the rear of the canal.

A speech supposed to have been delivered that very year partly answers the question: 'Gourmands say that a meal is not all that it ought to be unless, precisely when you are relishing most what you are eating, your plate is removed and another, and better, and richer one is put in its place.

Dick could only laugh, for any allusion to the feast instantly brought back that owl-like gourmand to whom he was so deeply indebted.

Many of these unhallowed meetings took place afterwards, and their entertainer, the gentleman in blackman or devilseems to have been a regular gourmand, "and never failed to bring with him abundance of excellent cheer."

A facetious gourmand used to say, that he had eaten so much beef for the last six months, that he was ashamed to look a bullock in the face.

Of all gourmands Polly is the most shameless waster.

"England" has been slightingly defined by a French gourmand as a country of fifty religions and only one sauce!

Yet the cattlemen about the table settled themselves for the meal with a pleasant expectation fully equal to that of the most seasoned gourmand in a Manhattan restaurant.

Seldom had La Fleur or either of her husbands prepared for prince, ambassador, or titled gourmand a meal which better satisfied the loftiest outreaches of the soul in the truest interests of the palate.

Another, who is a gourmand, is only interested in subjects connected with the gratification of his palate.

Under a point of land, where the stream made an eddy, they halted, and with their fishing-lines, soon secured a breakfast which the daintiest gourmand might have envied.

Alan Massey's mood filled Jim Roberts with exquisite enjoyment, enjoyment such as a gourmand feels on setting his teeth in some rare morsel of food.

The brothers boast of two things: theirs is the oldest branch of the order in Switzerland, dating from 1581, and they carry on in it the somewhat unappetizing industry of cultivating snails for the gourmands of foreign countries.

The ordinary three parts or courses (mensae) of a dinner,the gustatio or light preliminary course, the cena proper, with substantial dishes, and the dessert of pastry and fruit, could be amplified and extended to an unlimited extent by the skill of the slave-cooks brought from Greece and the East (see above, p. 209); the gourmand had appeared long before the age of Cicero and had been already satirised by Lucilius and Varro.

" "But it is no better than the tender steak of young bear," said Tayoga, with all the inflections of a gourmand.

It will not surprise us to learn that the eminent gourmand Apicius offered a prize to the inventor of a new sauce made of mullets' livers.

Chops and garlic à la Francaise are exquisite; and the saddle, cut learnedly, is the Elysium of a gourmand.

We saw one of them devouring pumpkin as a gourmand would turtle, and this voracity is by weather-wise people considered as a sure indication of rain.

Only let the gourmand take a walk through the avenues of the present Covent Gardenfrom the imperial pine, to the emerald leaves sprinkled with powdered diamondsvulgo, savoys.

To be complete, he should have been ignorant, gourmand, and cowardly.

In this he was rivalled by the father of French opera, Lully, who was a gourmand, in spite of the fact that he spent his early life as a kitchen boy.

BERINGHEN (The Sieur de), an old gourmand, who preferred patties to treason; but cardinal Richelieu banished him from France, saying: Sleep not another night in Paris, Or else your precious life may be in danger.

Gourmands of fruit all flock to the Horticultural Society's dinner for the sake of its dessert; and by a recent regulation, tea, coffee, and cakes are handed round at the evening meetings of the Antiquarian and other societies.

The livers of geese and poultry are esteemed a great delicacy by some gourmands; and on the continent great pains are taken to procure fat overgrown livers.

Henry de Valois spent whole days at table, and the constellations of the kitchen shone with the greatest splendour under this gourmand king.

But what avails it to defend cooks and gourmands?

And in the present times, the first chemist of the day, Sir Humphry Davy, passes for a finished gourmand.

We may affirm, that the Almanach des Gourmands made a complete revolution in the language and usages of the country.

But when some lay-preferment fell by chance, The gourmands made it their inheritance.

He charges him (falsely, however) with having represented Charles the Fifth as "a pattern of abstinence," when he was in fact one of the greatest of royal gourmands.

And "There was a young gourmand of John's Who'd a notion of dining off swans; To the "Backs" he took big nets To capture the cygnets, But was told they were kept for the Dons."

Do you not remember with what awe we first read in the "Almanach des Gourmands," that a certain sauce piquante was so fine that with it a man would eat his own mother?

This reasoning is very just, for none but the most thankless of gourmands, or the gourmet who wished to affect the sorrows of the great man of antiquity,would sit down and weep for new worlds of luxury.

s'est-elle approchée?Était-elle douée d'un grand appétit?Comment mangeait-elle?Qu'est-ce que les spectateurs se demandaient enfin?Gargantua aurait-il approché du gourmand du

LE MELON DE MAYENNE Le duc de Mayenne, gros, gras et gourmand, était plutôt bon gastronome qu'habile général.

GOURMAND, E, qui mange avec excès les bons morceaux.

R69606, 6Nov50, Helen Skinner Gordon (W) LA GASTRONOMIE PRATIQUE; études culinaires, suivies du traitement de l'obésité des gourmands, per Ali-Bab [pseud. of Henri Babinski] 3.

Au capucin gourmand, roman.

Paris gourmand.

R69606, 6Nov50, Helen Skinner Gordon (W) LA GASTRONOMIE PRATIQUE; études culinaires, suivies du traitement de l'obésité des gourmands, per Ali-Bab [pseud. of Henri Babinski] 3.

Au capucin gourmand, roman.

Paris gourmand.

Lady Annabel found herself placed at table between a pompous courtier, who, being a gourmand, was not very prompt to disturb his enjoyment by conversation, and a young man whom she found very agreeable, and who at first, indeed, attracted her attention by his resemblance to some face with which she felt she was familiar, and yet which she was not successful in recalling.

A little fat Brahminee child, 'farci an ris,' must be a tempting and tender bonne bouche to these river gourmands.

An almanack, with a pleasantry on the Convention, or a couplet in behalf of royalism, is handed mysteriously through half a town, and a brochure [A pamphlet.] of higher pretensions, though on the same principles, is the very bonne bouche of our political gourmands.

An almanack, with a pleasantry on the Convention, or a couplet in behalf of royalism, is handed mysteriously through half a town, and a brochure [A pamphlet.] of higher pretensions, though on the same principles, is the very bonne bouche of our political gourmands.

Ne prenez pas vostre repas en gourmand.

" "I may add," said Captain Hull, "that it is just when the enormous gourmand is occupied in this way, that it is easiest to approach it without exciting its suspicion.

Indeed, there is said to be an odd fellow, a strictly American gourmand, in New York, who sits, from noon to dusk on Christmas-Day, up in a tall steeple, merely to catch the aroma of roast-turkey floating over the city,and much good, it is said, it does him.

She was slight of build, perhaps not yet fully developed, with the early ripeness of the Eastern beauty expressed in face and figurea black cherry, at sight of which the mouth of such a gourmand as the Ritter von Wallishausen would naturally water!

A variety of the plant known as red cabbage was the delight of ancient gourmands more than eighteen centuries ago.

We have now not unfrequently had mutton at table, the flavour of which is quite excellent, as indeed it well may be, for it is raised under all the conditions of the famous Pré salé that the French gourmands especially prize, and which are reproduced on our side of the channel in the peculiar qualities of our best South Down.

Would you then sleep tranquilly after your meal, and never fear those dreams which are so fatal to gourmands, quaff your coffee; it will fall like dew upon your lips, and sweetly temper with all those juices which oppress your exhausted stomach.

or why does your Paris gourmand roll a fig on his tongue, that a Lazzarone of Naples would cast into his bay, but because he wishes to enjoy the bounties of a low latitude, under a watery sky?

So, gourmand, there you are!

This delicious little fish, which the gourmands of Paris so much delight in, when preserved in oil, and sent to their capital in those little tin boxes whose look must be familiar to all who have frequented the Parisian breakfast-houses"

How could such a constitution flourish in the very foyer of gourmands, in the fatherland of Véry, of Véfour, and of Carême?

The tradespeople, who know how to turn everything to their advantage, saved the gourmands a walk and brought their wares into the office building, where they took up their position on the stairs and in the corridors.

The 2010 edition of his guide won a Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.

A gourmand base of brown sugar, black Cherry and Amber add sensuality to the scent.

The open kitchen has granite counter tops, stainless appliances & a large pantry perfect for Gourmands & Entertainers!

The region’s restaurants are also guaranteed to awaken your appetite, especially if you make a stop at Salaberry-de-Valleyfield’s Quartier Gourmand.