72 examples of gourmand in sentences

A celebrated gourmand remarked that a dinner without cheese is like a woman with one eye.

Then, with half an hour to wait, he lumbered into the buvette and gorged, while Lanyardhaving secured his own transportation for Lyons by the some routeskulked in the offing and kept a close eye on the gourmand.

He was neither an epicure nor a gourmand.

" "England" has been slightingly defined by a French gourmand as a country of fifty religions and only one sauce!

Seldom had La Fleur or either of her husbands prepared for prince, ambassador, or titled gourmand a meal which better satisfied the loftiest outreaches of the soul in the truest interests of the palate.

Another, who is a gourmand, is only interested in subjects connected with the gratification of his palate.

" "But it is no better than the tender steak of young bear," said Tayoga, with all the inflections of a gourmand.

Chops and garlic à la Francaise are exquisite; and the saddle, cut learnedly, is the Elysium of a gourmand.

We saw one of them devouring pumpkin as a gourmand would turtle, and this voracity is by weather-wise people considered as a sure indication of rain.

Only let the gourmand take a walk through the avenues of the present Covent Gardenfrom the imperial pine, to the emerald leaves sprinkled with powdered diamondsvulgo, savoys.

To be complete, he should have been ignorant, gourmand, and cowardly.

And "There was a young gourmand of John's Who'd a notion of dining off swans; To the "Backs" he took big nets To capture the cygnets, But was told they were kept for the Dons.

a attiré les regards des spectateurs?De quoi cette personne était-elle couverte?De quel meuble s'est-elle approchée?Était-elle douée d'un grand appétit?Comment mangeait-elle?Qu'est-ce que les spectateurs se demandaient enfin?Gargantua aurait-il approché du gourmand du

LE MELON DE MAYENNE Le duc de Mayenne, gros, gras et gourmand, était plutôt bon gastronome qu'habile général.

GOURMAND, E, qui mange avec excès les bons morceaux.

Au capucin gourmand, roman.

Paris gourmand.

Au capucin gourmand, roman.

Paris gourmand.

Lady Annabel found herself placed at table between a pompous courtier, who, being a gourmand, was not very prompt to disturb his enjoyment by conversation, and a young man whom she found very agreeable, and who at first, indeed, attracted her attention by his resemblance to some face with which she felt she was familiar, and yet which she was not successful in recalling.

" "I may add," said Captain Hull, "that it is just when the enormous gourmand is occupied in this way, that it is easiest to approach it without exciting its suspicion.

Indeed, there is said to be an odd fellow, a strictly American gourmand, in New York, who sits, from noon to dusk on Christmas-Day, up in a tall steeple, merely to catch the aroma of roast-turkey floating over the city,and much good, it is said, it does him.

Now, old Bernardini did not care a button that his little wife had a lover; it would not have been en règle if she had notnor did he care that his wife's lover should dine with him every daynot a bitbut old Bernardini is a gourmand, and he does care to be kept waiting for his dinner.

or why does your Paris gourmand roll a fig on his tongue, that a Lazzarone of Naples would cast into his bay, but because he wishes to enjoy the bounties of a low latitude, under a watery sky?

So, gourmand, there you are!

72 examples of  gourmand  in sentences