112 examples of granulated in sentences

Farther up the ice disappeared beneath coarse granulated snow.

The snow on the ground also settles and thaws every bright day, and freezes at night, until it becomes coarsely granulated, and loses every trace of its rayed crystalline structure, and then a man may walk firmly over its frozen surface as if on ice.

Brown sugar was 20 cents per pound and granulated sugar was 25 cents a pound.

A cloth bag of granulated sugar had eagerly absorbed all the oil it could.

Granulated or beet sugar will not do.

STORY VII BUDDY PIGG IS CAUGHT Buddy Pigg was sent to the store by his mother, one fine summer day, to get a pound of butter, a loaf of bread and three-and-a-half pounds of granulated sugar, and as that made quite a load to carry Buddy had a basket to put the things in.

He was incapable of rounding and modelling the nude with those soft stipplings and granulated shadings which bring the whole surface out like that of a bas-relief in polished marble.

If we have to do with a granulated object, we test it with the thumb and index finger.

Beat well, and add one half cup of liquid yeast, or one half cake of compressed yeast, dissolved in one half cup of warm water, and two teaspoonfuls of granulated sugar.

2.Into two and one half cups of cold cream or rich milk, sprinkle slowly with the hands, beating meanwhile to incorporate air, four cups of best Graham flour, sifted with one half cup of granulated sugar.

Use the best granulated white sugar.

An icing without eggs may be prepared by boiling a cup of granulated sugar in five tablespoonfuls of sweet milk for five minutes, then beating until cool enough to spread.

SUGAR CRISPS.Make a soft dough of two and one fourth cups of Graham flour, one half cup of granulated white sugar, and one cup of rather thick sweet cream.

Add to the juice three tablespoonfuls of granulated sugar or syrup, and dilute with cold water to suit the taste.

Let the apples cook on top of the beans until they are thoroughly done, then mix well with a good quarter cup of granulated sugar.

STEWED PRUNES Cleanse thoroughly, soak in water ten or twelve hours, adding a little granulated sugar when putting to soak, for although the fruit is sweet enough, yet experience has shown that the added sugar changes by chemical process into fruit sugar and brings out better the flavor of the fruit.

SCHALET DOUGH (MERBER DECK) Cream four tablespoons of drippings, add a pinch of salt, two tablespoons of granulated sugar, beat in well one egg, add one cup of sifted flour and enough cold water to moisten dough so that it can be rolled outabout three tablespoons will be sufficient; it depends on the dryness of the flour how much is required.

RAHM STRUDEL Prepare the dough as for Apple Strudel as directed in the foregoing recipe, drip one quart of thick sour milk on it lightly, with a large spoon, put one cup of grated bread crumbs over the milk, add two cups of granulated sugar, one cup of chopped almonds, one cup of raisins, and one teaspoon of cinnamon, roll and place in well-buttered pan, put small pieces of butter over the top, basting frequently.

Blanch one-half pound of almonds and grind, when dried beat the yolks of four eggs light with one-quarter pound of granulated sugar, add the grated peel of one lemon and mix in the almonds.

While cooling prepare strudel dough, fill with cabbage and one cup of raisins and currants mixed, two cups of granulated sugar, one-half cup of chopped almonds and one teaspoon cinnamon, roll and put little pieces of grease on top; bake in hot oven and baste frequently.

LEMON CREAM FILLING Put on to boil the yolks of five eggs, one-half cup of granulated sugar, the juice of three lemons and grated rind of one, and about a brandy glass of water.

In twenty days my wounds filled up and granulated; the princess used to come [regularly] at night when all were asleep, and she then supplied me with food and drink.

Opening more or less oblique, subtriangular, partially filled up by a granulated calcareous expansion.

The lower half of what would otherwise be the oral opening of the cell is filled up by a thin plate of calcareous matter, granulated on the surface, and by which the actual opening is rendered more or less subtriangular, the mouth being placed just below the apex of the triangle.

Marginal cells shallow, opening oval, margin much thickened, granulated: usually a short conical spine at the summit; a very minute sessile avicularium behind the outer edge, superiorly.

112 examples of  granulated  in sentences