59 examples of gratian in sentences

Its single Greek work was a grammar; and if it could boast of a copy of the Institutes of Justinian, it did not yet possess a single book of civil law, not even Gratian's Decretum.

[Sidenote: Strict laws of Gratian, Valentinian, and Theodosius.]

Public opinion, custom, and the influence of the old Roman law were too powerful to allow Christian monarchs to become fanatical on the subject; but certain stricter regulations were introduced by the pious Gratian, Valentinian, and Theodosius, in the years 380, 381, and 382.[260]

The language of some of them is pretty strong, howevermatre iam secundis nuptiis funestataCodex, v, 9, 3 (Gratian, Valentinian, Theodosius).

Thus, Gratian remarks[380]: "Clandestine marriages are, to be sure, contrary to law; nevertheless, they can not be dissolved.

NOTES: Augustine quoted by Gratian, Causa, 33, Quaest.

Gratian, Causa 30, Quaest. 5, c. 7Friedberg, i, p. 1106: Feminae dum maritantur, ideo velantur, ut noverint se semper viris suis subditas esse et humiles.

Gratian, Distinctio, 30, c. 2Friedberg, i, p. 107: Quecumque mulier, religioni iudicans convenire, comam sibi amputaverit quam Deus ad velamen eius et ad memoriam subiectionis illi dedit, tanquam resolvens ius subiectionis, anathema sit.

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See also Deuteronomy xxii, 5. Gratian, Dist., 23, c. 29Friedberg, i, p. 86: Mulier, quamvis docta et sancta, viros in conventu docere non praesumat.

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" Gratian, Causa, 27, Quaest.

Gratian, Causa, 30, Quaest.

Gratian, Causa, 30, Quaest. 5, c. 6Friedberg, i, p. 1106: Nullum sine dote fiat coniugium; iuxta possibilitatem fiat dos, nee sine publicis nuptiis quisquam nubere vel uxorem ducere praesumat.

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iDe Reformatione Matrimonii. See Gratian, Dist., v, c. 4Friedberg, i, p. 8, e.g., ...

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[390] For this and what immediately follows see Session 24 of the Council of Trent "On the Sacrament of Matrimony" and also the Catholic Encyclopedia under "Divorce." Gratian, Causa 28, Quaest.

59 examples of  gratian  in sentences