Do we say gravid or grave

gravid 1 occurrences

I have seen them in the wallaby frequently two inches in length, and with pouches so large, that you could with ease thrust your hand into them; the uteri with their appendages enlarged and apparently very vascular, as well as thickened; but in no one instance at the Abrolhos could I detect a gravid uterus; but I have seen the young adhering to the nipples less than half an inch in length, and in a perfectly helpless state.

grave 10389 occurrences

Here sad Calista laughs outright, There Yorick looks most grave, Sir, And a Templar waves the cross to-night, Who never cross'd the wave, Sir.

"But what may that represent, I ask you?" She remained very grave, drawing back a step, the better to contemplate her work.

We will force him to do it, mademoiselle, will we not?" Clotilde, surprised at hearing her speak so long at one time on the subject, gave her word with a grave air.

"No, I am a soul, and you know no more about souls than I do!" He released her arm, and waved his hand vaguely toward heaven, and then a great silence fella silence full of grave meaning, of the uselessness of the discussion which he did not wish to enter upon.

Neither smiled, they regarded each other intently, with an air of grave imbecility.

But I am persuaded it is not so ill spent, I ought not to excuse or repent myself of this subject; on which many grave and worthy men have written whole volumes, Plato, Plutarch, Plotinus, Maximus, Tyrius, Alcinous, Avicenna, Leon Hebreus in three large dialogues, Xenophon sympos.

Doth this become grave philosophers?

5.) to recreate himself in this kind after his laborious studies, "since so many grave divines and worthy men have without offence to manners, to help themselves and others, voluntarily written of it.

Not without good cause therefore so many general councils condemn it, so many fathers abhor it, so many grave men speak against it; "Use not the company of a woman," saith Siracides, 8. 4.

For when lovers swear, Venus laughs, Venus haec perjuria ridet, Jupiter himself smiles, and pardons it withal, as grave Plato gives out; of all perjury, that alone for love matters is forgiven by the gods.

In the grave of anarchy and despotism with millions of deluded inhabitants who have been sacrificed by the Robespieres and the Bishops of that suffering nation.

* * 52 man' i fold do mes' tic pet' tish ly in grat' i tude MY MOTHER'S GRAVE.

The world was altered, too; and as I stood at my mother's grave, I could hardly realize that I was the same thoughtless, happy creature, whose cheeks she so often kissed in an excess of tenderness.

But I cannot call her back; and when I stand by her grave, and whenever I think of her manifold kindness, the memory of that reproachful look she gave me will bite like a serpent and sting like an adder.

But he had gone only a short distance, when he overtook a man of grave and sedate appearance, who was trudging along the road at a moderate pace.

the grasses on her grave Have forty years been growing!

Memory Gem: Virtue treads paths that end not in the grave.

With pious grief, Washington closed her eyes and laid her in the grave which she had selected for herself.

And though your friendship could raise me to a throne, or your resentment sink me to the grave, yet would I despise both.

I had now nothing on this side of the grave to wish for.

In November Annie's grave is snowy with white chrysanthemums.

At most thou gavest him a grave!

On the damp dungeon floor Oswald the Troubadour, gifted and strong, Lies in a loathsome cave, Dark as a living grave, No one to care or save, Silenced his song;

The Marquis was standing beside the fireplace, and they both looked rather grave.

Not even did he bend a moment above the little new-made grave where lay a part of all that was mortal of Patricia Whipple.

Do we say   gravid   or  grave