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Do we say   gravid   or  grave

Do we say gravid or grave

gravid 2 occurrences

I have seen them in the wallaby frequently two inches in length, and with pouches so large, that you could with ease thrust your hand into them; the uteri with their appendages enlarged and apparently very vascular, as well as thickened; but in no one instance at the Abrolhos could I detect a gravid uterus; but I have seen the young adhering to the nipples less than half an inch in length, and in a perfectly helpless state.

Also, can release eggs at any time whilst the lobster host is gravid (berried), but they are unable to produce eggs on non-ovigerous hosts.

grave 11104 occurrences

Steinmetz accepted this statement with his grave smile.

So Etta Sydney Bamboroughthe Princess Howard Alexiscame back after all to her husband, lying in a nameless grave in the churchyard by the Volga at Tver.

When at last she was at the point of death, God sent Bishop Zozimus to hear her confession, give her the last sacrament, and with the help of a lion, whom He sent also, dig her grave.

The peasantry expect to have beyond the grave houses much like their earthly homes, only there the thatch will never grow leaky, nor the white walls lose their lustre, nor shall the dairy be at any time empty of good milk and butter.

The young fellow, by manly acts on some occasions and grave weaknesses on others, won Uncle John's kindly interest.

It does not appear that the people of Israel as yet ignored Jehovah as God; but they worshipped him in the form of the same Egyptian symbol that Aaron had set up in the wilderness,a grave offence, although not an utter apostasy.

On, ye brave, Who rush to glory or the grave!

give judgment on the slave, Whose shameless life deserves a shameful grave.

Some of Watson's best verse, such as Wordsworth's Grave, is written in praise of dead poets.

The grave perils of this false scale in human society have been recognized by many individuals ever since the thing itself became operative, and every Utopia conceived by man during the last two centuries, whether it was theoretical or actually put into ephemeral practice, has been couched in terms of revolt away from imperialism and towards the unit of human scale.

What shall I do with myself until then?" Then a sudden recollection filled him with anxiety, and he became grave.

had you seen the glistening tear in the eye of that noble father, as, but a few hours before, they consigned their idolized child to the mercies of the deep; had you heard that prayer to God, if it might be his will, to spare their darling from an ocean-grave, your great heart would have been, if possible, kindled to a greater love for that helpless little one!

Perhaps his body lay side by side with those who, through his unfeeling heart, had found a watery grave; but we trust that, unlike him, they had gone to meet the reward of having lived an holy life,gone to the "sailor's home," in the skies.

How tenderly has he dealt with us, inasmuch as he has so ordered that our dear Harry should be spared to us; for as I look upon the past, I can see nothing but the kindly interference of his will, that my brother did not share the same grave with his father.

No grave was ever dug for his remains, and no headstone tells the story of his noble resolution and his intrepid effort to carry it into execution.

Brigham Young's grave, of which we give an illustration, has been visited from time to time-by countless pleasure and sight-seekers.

There was nothing on the body to aid identification, and a stranger's grave had to be provided.

He arrived in New Orleans on November 1st, and when taken out to the grave that had been provided for the stranger who had died just outside the gates, he was astounded to find several handsome bouquets of flowers, with wreaths and crosses, lying upon it.

Many men who were thus situated did not consider it advisable to throw away their chances by accepting grave risks in search of gold, and many who stayed at home and supplied the wants of those who went up country realized handsome competences, and in some cases small fortunes.

That idea was that it was his duty to take care of and preserve his old master's grave.

She is there, her sides bleeding from their knives, Prostrate; and on her grave They have placed a slab.

The tiniest academician worked furiously to diminish the glory of the great men asleep in the peace of the grave.

"Who, all?" "All of them back there where I come from, in Paris, friends and relations; the people on the other side of the grave, the live ones.

Am I a savage of Homer's time that I should believe that the sorrow of my dead son will be appeased, and his craving for light satisfied, if I sprinkle the earth which covers him with the blood of other men's sons?Are we at that stage still?No, each new murder kills my son again, and heaps the heavy mud of crime over his grave.

Such a view would be unjust, undoubtedly, but it is a thing that must always be reckoned with; the opinion of a whole people is respectable, no matter how extreme and unfair it may appear, and Clerambault had made a grave mistake in trying to brave it.

This, again, is a grave mistake.

While indulging the kindly impulses of nature and yielding the tribute of a tear upon his grave, let it not be permitted to close upon his bright example as it must upon his mortal remains.

As instances of this grave defect, people adduced the fact that, apparently, she had not anticipated the entry of Great Britain into the war at all, while her treatment of Belgium immediately afterwards was universally pronounced to be not a crime merely, but a blunder of the stupidest sort.

She was a grave-looking old lady, who wore spectacles, and the inquisitive manner in which she looked over the top of them into Arthur's face, quite frightened the little fellow, and he could only reply in very low monosyllables to the questions she asked him; so John gave her such information as she desired.

A little before his decease he revealed to the people his real name and character, which had long been known to the Rev. Mr. Pierpont the minister, but requested that no monument should be erected at his grave, "lest his enemies might dishonour his ashes," but only a plain stone inscribed with his initials J. D., Esq., his age, and time of death.

President Stiles, in his "History of the Judges," says, "So late as the last French war, 1760, some British officers passing through New Haven, and hearing of Dixwell's grave, visited it, and declared, with rancorous and malicious vengeance, that if the British ministry knew it, they would even then cause their bodies to be dug up and vilified.

It is the intention of His Majesty not to leave unsettled any subject of grave discussion between the two States, and the King is too well convinced of the friendly sentiments of your Government not to believe that the United States will be disposed to agree with France on all the points.

Has not its oak-ribbed ceiling rung, for now a hundred years, to the laughter of painters, sculptors, grave divines (unbending at least there), great lawyers, statesmen, wits, even of Foote and Quin themselves; while the sleek landlord wiped the cobwebs off another magnum of that grand old port, and took in all the wisdom with a quiet twinkle of his sleepy eye?

The blood-stained planet from which we had escaped was neither the cradle nor the grave of His children.

The eyes suddenly became grave.

"It is," her voice came down to him in grave tones.

The mottled sunlight under the trees danced and quivered after her, smiling and darkening as she dimpled or was grave.

CHAPTER XVII NOBLESSE OBLIGE The thought which caused Bennington de Lane so suddenly look grave was suggested by the sentence in his mother's letter.

Truly he had a grave time that first winter.

Whenever, in our games, there were quarrels and high words, and I began to feel about my dress and to wear a grave look, they all took the alarm, and shouted, 'Look out for Titbottom's spectacles,' and scattered like a flock of scared sheep.

The good mother saw her lord sitting opposite, a grave, respectable being, eating muffins.

"My companions naturally deserted me, for I had grown wearily grave and abstracted: and, unable to resist the allurement of my spectacles, I was constantly lost in a world, of which those companions were part, yet of which they knew nothing.

He shook hands quietly, made his grave Spanish bow to Prue, and taking his hat, went towards the front door.

Mr. Podington said not a word; he expected every moment to see the horse sink into a watery grave.

"The petticoat is fast enough, Betty, but I have something grave to say.

They all assure me it gives sore eyes, besides encouraging an early grave.

The situation at times became so grave that it not only caused prejudice but gave rise to intense opposition against those who defended the cause of the blacks as in the case of the abolition riots which occurred at several places in the State in 1834.[10] To relieve this situation, Gerrit Smith, an unusually philanthropic gentleman, came forward with an interesting plan.

She was very grave, almost severe, and her conversation was confined to inquiries as to the state of his ankle, and his general comfort.

Old Mrs Keswick was kind to him, but grave, and rather silent.

The sermon was intended to be a long one, for, had it been otherwise, Brother Hines had lost his reputation; and, therefore, the preacher, after a few prefatory statements, delivered in a grave and solemn manner, plunged boldly into the midst of his exhortations, knowing that he could go either backward or forward, presenting, with equal acceptance, fresh subject matter, or that already used, so long as his strength held out.

Her face was pale and grave, with an air of rigidity about it, which was not common to her, for, in general, she possessed a very mobile countenance.

Her manner was grave, and even stern; but she made a few remarks in regard to the weather and some neighborhood matters; and before the end of the meal both Lawrence and Annie fancied that they could see some little signs of a return to her usual humor, which was pleasant enough when nothing happened to make it otherwise.

After Mrs Keswick's return from Aunt Patsy's cabin, where, according to her custom, she made herself very prominent, it was noticeable that she had dropped some of the grave reserve in which she had wrapped herself during the preceding day.

Every race, every nationality, is represented, from the stalwart, ruddy-faced Russian soldier in flat white cap and olive-green tunic, to the grave, stately Arab merchant with huge turban and white draperies, fresh from Bagdad or Bussorah.

She had been living up to the limit of her energies, and her case proved a grave one.

All looked grave.

But on Palmerston accepting the decision of the last Parliament in favour of a Committee of Inquiry, Gladstone, Sidney Herbert, and Sir James Graham resigned; their reason being that the admission of such a precedent for subordinating the Executive to a committee of the House was a grave danger to the Constitution.

Papa is very grave and unhappy, doing justice of course to your motives, but fearing that in sacrificing yourself you sacrifice the best interests of the country.

We accordingly dug a tolerably deep grave; then we resolutely attacked the oven.

We placed the whole in the grave, which we filled up as well as we could, and then broke and scattered the oven.

After you went away it was again taken up, and every bit was eaten"a fact I afterwards ascertained by examining the grave and finding it empty.

Twins are destroyed in South Australia, says Leigh (159), and if the mother dies "they throw the living infant into the grave, while infanticide is an every-day occurrence."

That this is intended to be the moral of this Biblical drama is further shown by the famous lines near the close: "For love is strong as death; jealousy is cruel as the grave [literally: passion is as inexorable (or hard) as sheol]: The flashes thereof are flashes of fire, a very flame of the Lord.

Such phrases, too, are used as "longing for Odysseus, I waste my heart away," or "May I go to my dread grave seeing Odysseus still, and never gladden heart of meaner husband."

The finest expression of it is the Song of Solomon, and it is easy to see that such a form of symbolism is specially liable to degradation, and is open to grave dangers, which it has not always escaped.

In grave problems of history, such as the establishment of empires, the discovery and settlement of countries, or the rise and fall of dynasties, the knowledge of the truth or falsity of the legendary narrative will be of importance, because the value of history is impaired by the imputation of doubt.

If anyone should, so far as I can see, he would have to walk to his grave, dig it, and lie down in it himself, and that would be a scandal, and I am positive it would lead to a procรจs.

He was worldly-wise enough to know that there were few women in London who would have refused him; and he said to himself that, if she would not marry him, he would go unmarried to the grave.

And he tells me that he shall go unmarried to the grave unless you consent to be his wife."

Grave inconvenience was doubtless caused in many cases by the delay of the commissioners in making their awards.

Next day we went to the strange and ugly church erected over the Sepulchre of Jesus, the "Church of the Life-giving Grave"; and we kissed the stone of anointingthe stone on which the body of Jesus lay whilst it was being wrapped in fair linen and anointed with oil.

Then we spent a whole night in the Sepulchre and entered into the mystery of deathsaw our own death as in a picture before us, our abiding in the grave until the resurrection.

At Bethany we prayed at Lazarus' grave.

Was it for this that I opened my house, that I might see it made the grave of my children?

Most of our friends thought it a grave blunder, but the result proved otherwise.

I advised them to organize their forces at once, get their minute guns, battering rams, monitors, projectiles, bombshells, cannon, torpedoes, and crackers ready, and keep up a brisk cannonading until the grave and reverend seigniors opened the door, and shouted, "Hold, enough!"

"The first glimpse we get of Saxon blood in history is that line of Tacitus in his 'Germany,' which reads, 'In all grave matters they consult their women.'

Years hence, when robust Saxon sense has flung away Jewish superstition and Eastern prejudice, and put under its foot fastidious scholarship and squeamish fashion, some second Tacitus from the valley of the Mississippi will answer to him of the Seven Hills: 'In all grave questions, we consult our women.'

" "And you don't know that he ever went to any particular place to look at any particular grave or house?"

The grave my little cottage is, Where, keeping house for thee, I make my parlor orderly,

She's 'sorry I am dead,' again, Just when the grave and I Have sobbed ourselves almost to sleep, Our only lullaby.

Bereaved of all, I went abroad, No less bereaved to be Upon a new peninsula, The grave preceded me, Obtained my lodgings ere myself,

And when I sought my bed, The grave it was, reposed upon

I waked, to find it first awake, I rose, it followed me; I tried to drop it in the crowd, To lose it in the sea, In cups of artificial drowse To sleep its shape away, The grave was finished, but the spade Remained in memory.

If I may have it when it's dead I will contented be; If just as soon as breath is out It shall belong to me, Until they lock it in the grave, 'T is bliss I cannot weigh, For though they lock thee in the grave, Myself can hold the key.

If I may have it when it's dead I will contented be; If just as soon as breath is out It shall belong to me, Until they lock it in the grave, 'T is bliss I cannot weigh, For though they lock thee in the grave, Myself can hold the key.


The person addressed swung back the rebellious cowlick from his forehead, as if to clear his thinking faculties from a load while he considered the grave question.

"A month's illness followed, which brought him almost to the grave.

I call Heaven to witness, that your name, your history, the secret which you are to reveal, shall pass with me to the grave, if you desire it."

Then he referred to a certain other grave matter, and wanted to know when?

When the dead are laid in the earth, the grave is approached by going round in the same manner.

The coffin was taken deiseal about the grave, when about to be lowered; boats were turned to sea according to it, and drams are given to the present day to a company.

In this case it was usual with those who believed that their children were thus taken away, to dig a grave in the fields upon quarter-day, and there to lay the fairy skeleton till next morning; at which time the parents went to the place, where they doubted not to find their own child instead of this skeleton.

"You describe so temptingly the other side of the grave, that one would be eager to leap into it."

Let us fly, unless you wish that our marriage-hour should strike above my grave!

It was of raw gold, apparently unalloyedas befitted its office of carrying the water from the roof of the Ka'aba and throwing it upon Ishmael's grave, where pilgrims have for centuries stood fighting to catch it.

The grave is darkness and good deeds are its lamps; but for the betrayer, there shall be no light!'

Lombardo, who had fully atoned for his fault by having given his life in the service of the now depleted Legion, was buried in his service-uniform, in a fairly deep grave on which the Legionaries heaped a great tumulus of sand.

There were few grave faces, though possibly some of the many grins were more reflected than original.