Do we say grays or graze

grays 86 occurrences

My lady notes that the Burkes have at last got them a new chariot from London, and her husband looks with appreciative eyes at the handsome team of matched grays which draw it.

The hours of labor were unendurably long, ten hours being the general rulewith the exception of the Grays Harbor district, where the eleven or even twelve hour day prevailed.

Strange to say, almost the first really important clash occurred in the very heart of the lumber trust's domain, in the little city of Aberdeen, Grays Harbor Countyonly a short distance from Centralia, of mob fame!

This event may be considered the beginning of the labor movement on Grays Harbor that the lumber trust sought finally to crush with mob violence on a certain memorable day in Centralia seven years later.

In Centralia, Aberdeen and Montesano, in Grays Harbor County, the struggle was more local but not less intense.

Terror was loose in Centralia; prejudice and hatred against the I.W.W. was being systematically and sweepingly spread in Grays Harbor county and throughout the whole Northwest; and intimidation or influence of some sort was being employed against every possible witness and talesman.

Towards the end of August the heights are capped with purple, although the distant moors, however brilliant they may appear when close at hand, generally assume more delicate shades, fading into grays and blues on the horizon.

The Whigs, or "Silver Grays," met and endorsed Fillmore.

Even when a late comer from Nauvoo told him that Prudence Corson had married Captain Girnway of the Carthage Grays, two years after the exodus from Nauvoo, his first feeling was one of blazing anger against the mobocrats rather than regret for his lost love.

This morning for instance he had risen before daylight to try an effect in grays that he had missed two days before.

Gobs of paint from the tubes melted into pearly-grays and purples in the middle of his palette to be quickly transposed and placed tone beside tone like a pale mosaic enriched and blended by the soft fingers of Time.

It had been a lovely foreground of sand and stubble, iridescent with the dew, rich with the broken grays and violets of the reflected heavens.

your conversation is all in grays and browns.

The gray of the stucco joints brings the whole composition together, serving as cool grays in a picture to give tender unity.

All day they rode, while the main armies lay with North Fork between them, the grays entrenching, the blues rebridging.

Next morning, in a fog, the blue holders of a new line of rifle-pits close under the top of a bluff talked up to the grays in a trench on its crest.

From Southern Mississippi and East Louisiana all the grays who marched under the slanting bayonet or beside the cannon's wheel were gone.

These superb grays, however, wereexcepting the laurels of Arcola, Marengo, and Mantua, the only spoils of war that Bonaparte brought back with him from his famous Italian campaignthe only gift which the general had not refused to accept.

It is true that the six grays could not be very conveniently hitched to a simple private carriage, but they had an imposing look attached to the gilded coach of state in which, a year later, the first consul made his solemn entry into the Tuileries.

With the exception of the splendid vehicle in which the three consuls rode, and which was drawn by the six grays presented by the Emperor of Austria, there were but few good equipages to be seen.

"I don't see anything unusual," said she, her eyes on the trim sleigh drawn by a pair of fine grays, the driver waving an arm at the window as he caught sight of the faces thereat.

There were two grays, a black, two bays and a chestnut sorrelthe latter clearly a race-horse.

When they left he rode the black horse and led one of the grays.

One is trotting by now, a victoria and pair of grays, and in it, leaning restfully back, and holding up her parasol, is the lady I noticed in church.

The kindness of the Grays had supplied a few immediate necessaries.

graze 272 occurrences

pacer, to graze, pasture.

rozar, to graze, touch slightly, be on a level (con, with).

She often seated herself beneath the shade of the two cocoa trees, and there she sometimes led her goats to graze.

Having laid before him the motives of their plan, and the object they had in view, they received the highest commendation, and were loaded with promises; and that their countrymen might believe that they had gone out of the city to obtain plunder, they were desired to drive to the city some cattle of the Carthaginians which had been sent out to graze.

But of beasts that graze and browse, a large number have turned their tails rather to a use which throws a pathetic light on misery of which we have little experience.

The sun is big and strong now, the snow is gone, green showing everywhere; the cattle are out to graze.

The Lambs with Wolves shall graze the verdant Mead And Boys in flow'ry Bands the Tyger lead; The Steer and Lion at one Crib shall meet, And harmless Serpents Lick the Pilgrim's Feet.

Steele wrote: I have turned to every verse and chapter, and think you have preserved the sublime, heavenly spirit throughout the whole, especially at "Hark a glad voice," and "The lamb with wolves shall graze."

No cattle graze on that part of the ranch any more.

I watch, the mowers as they go Through the tall grass, a white-sleeved row; With even stroke their scythes they swing, In tune their merry whetstones ring; Behind the nimble youngsters run And toss the thick swaths in the sun; The cattle graze; while, warm and still, Slopes the broad pasture, basks the hill, And bright, when summer breezes break, The green wheat crinkles like a lake.

Against whatever other scheme of reform this objection might be valid, the one it was brought expressly to overturn was impregnable against it, invulnerable to its slightest graze.

"In a former life you were a cow, and near the spot in the jungle where you used to graze was an altar to Shiva.

A grey horse had just got rid of his rider, and after galloping round and round, his head in the air, stopped and began to graze.

The Secretary of Agriculture decides what number and what kind of animals shall graze on each forest.

Preferences to graze live stock on the forest ranges are for the most part granted to stockmen who own improved ranch property and live in or near one of the National Forests.

The total receipts which Uncle Sam collects from the 30,000 or more stockmen who graze their cattle and sheep on the National Forests amount to nearly $2,500,000 annually.

The horses could not graze, and the women who came with their husbands' rations could not reach us without passing within gunshot of the outlying trenches of the Turks, and I have seen a file of them come in, each with a huge loaf of bread on her head, and the bullets from the trenches flying around them, but not one hastening her step or paying the least attention to the danger.

And the leopard will lie down with the kid; The calf and the young lion will graze together, And a little child shall be their leader.

They shall pasture along all ways, Even oh all the bare hills shall they graze.

The fuse in question would, we believe, act even on graze, at any angle over 10°.

If the fuse should be set too long, or from any other cause the shell strikes before the fuse fires the charge, the percussion action fires the shell on graze by the following arrangement:

Chote answered "Oh I have got a capital place; all the morning I sit at my ease on the oil mill, then I have a good dinner and take the bullock out to graze and as it has had a good meal of oilcake it lies down without giving any trouble and I sit in the shade and enjoy myself."

The next day the old cow pretended that she was too weak to rise, and was left behind when the herd went out to graze.

Here Copple said was a place for deer to graze.

They decided to use them for pack animals to carry their blankets, and to proceed slowly toward the mines, killing game, if possible, and permitting their animals to graze and improve in condition as they moved.

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