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Do we say   grays   or  graze

Do we say grays or graze

grays 86 occurrences

They naturally were affected most of all by the colorsthe intense azure of the sky, the purplish grays of the granite, the red and browns of dry meadows, and the translucent purple and crimson of huckleberry bogs; the flaming yellow of aspen groves, the silvery flashing of the streams, and the bright green and blue of the glacier lakes.

The rain brought out the colors of the woods with delightful freshness, the rich brown of the bark of the trees and the fallen burs and leaves and dead ferns; the grays of rocks and lichens; the light purple of swelling buds, and the warm yellow greens of the libocedrus and mosses.

The lacy folds and furbelows and semi-transparencies that clothed her were now tinged with gold and now, as a hedge or a flower bed screened her from the level rays, were softened into multitudinous graduations of grays and mauves and violets.

My lady notes that the Burkes have at last got them a new chariot from London, and her husband looks with appreciative eyes at the handsome team of matched grays which draw it.

She got it out of a song; and the Grays knew that song, and said it was a beautiful name.

They are also known in different parts of the country, as Chitteprats, Creoles, or Corals, Bolton bays and grays, and, in some parts of Yorkshire, by the wrong name of Corsican fowls.

With a glass, there come out other colors: very decided greens, very delicate blues, browns, grays, and white.

Linnet looked like a veritable linnet in her brown suit with the crimson plume in her brown hat; I believe the girl affects grays and brown with a dash of crimson, because they remind her of a linnet, and she is like a linnet in her low, sweet voice, not strong, but clear.

Besides the plays in which Beaumont was jointly concerned with Fletcher, he writ a little dramatic piece entitled, A Masque of Grays Inn Gentlemen, and the Inner-Temple; a poetical epistle to Ben Johnson; verses to his friend Mr. John Fletcher, upon his faithful Shepherd, and other poem's printed together in 1653, 8vo.

A Masque of Grays Inn Gentlemen, presented at the marriage of the Princess Elizabeth and the Prince Palatine of the Rhine, in the Banqueting House at Whitehall.

A Mask at Grays-Inn, and the Inner Temple; Four Plays, or Moral Representations. APPENDIX.

His father was a member of the society of Grays-Inn, and suffered much for the Royal cause.

The hours of labor were unendurably long, ten hours being the general rulewith the exception of the Grays Harbor district, where the eleven or even twelve hour day prevailed.

Strange to say, almost the first really important clash occurred in the very heart of the lumber trust's domain, in the little city of Aberdeen, Grays Harbor Countyonly a short distance from Centralia, of mob fame!

This event may be considered the beginning of the labor movement on Grays Harbor that the lumber trust sought finally to crush with mob violence on a certain memorable day in Centralia seven years later.

In Centralia, Aberdeen and Montesano, in Grays Harbor County, the struggle was more local but not less intense.

Terror was loose in Centralia; prejudice and hatred against the I.W.W. was being systematically and sweepingly spread in Grays Harbor county and throughout the whole Northwest; and intimidation or influence of some sort was being employed against every possible witness and talesman.

He always said the grays were mine from the day he bought them.

The coloring, in this land of drab grays and browns, was a delight to the eye.

Towards the end of August the heights are capped with purple, although the distant moors, however brilliant they may appear when close at hand, generally assume more delicate shades, fading into grays and blues on the horizon.

She leaned back, dropped back, rather, into a tired little heap and let the country slide bythe strange, wide, broken country with its circling mesas, its somber grays and browns and dusty greens, its bare purple hills, rocks and sand and golden dirt, and now and then, in the sudden valley bottoms, swaying groves of vivid green and ribbons of emerald meadows.

He told me that his Master came to Town last Night, and would be glad to take a Turn with me in Grays-Inn Walks.

I was no sooner come into Grays-Inn Walks, but I heard my Friend upon the Terrace hemming twice or thrice to himself with great Vigour, for he loves to clear his Pipes in good Air (to make use of his own Phrase) and is not a little pleased with any one who takes notice of the Strength which he still exerts in his Morning Hems.

If, instead of going on to the north, you had descended from the train, and had mounted to the seat beside "Old Joe," you would have made the acquaintance of a very worthy member of Hillton society, and, besides, have received a deal of information as the two stout grays trotted along.

Grays combined with filmy white material, dull bronzes lightened with cream-tinted lace, are also charmingly appropriate.

When the open carriage with its pair of handsome grays had bumped over the rough entrance to the Cobhurst estate, and had drawn up to the front of the house, Miss Dora skipped lightly out, and rang the door-bell.

Nothing can be finer than some of those early works wrought out in quiet pearly grays,the tone of Nature in her soberest and tenderest moods.

Then I've a dear room to take you into, all soft grays and greens, and oh, such a good bed!

That no precaution might be omitted, a call was issued to the Wellington Grays, the crack independent military company of the city, who in an incredibly short time were on guard at the jail.

The white people, on the other hand, procured both arms and ammunition in large quantities, and the Wellington Grays drilled with great assiduity at their armory.

Her father owned a noble pair of grays and a very fine carriage, and she had the pleasure of riding with her father whenever she chose.

The Whigs, or "Silver Grays," met and endorsed Fillmore.

The fat birds perched on the tree limbs over the trail, relying on their mottled plumage, blending perfectly with the dull grays and browns of the foliage, to keep them out of sight.

The grays, blacks, and browns of the men's coats toned down the mass of colour, for all must be dark when the king was dark, and only the blues of the officers' uniforms, and the pearl and gray of the musketeers of the guard, remained to call back those early days of the reign when the men had vied with the women in the costliness and brilliancy of their wardrobes.

As the two cavaliers reined their horses aside to leave the roadway clear, the coach rumbled heavily past them, drawn by two dapple grays, and the Horsemen caught a glimpse, as it passed, of a beautiful but haughty face which looked out at them.

They "speak for Buncombe," are Barn-Burners, Old Hunkers, Hard Shells, Soft Shells, Log-Rollers, Pipe-Layers, Woolly Heads, Silver Grays, Locofocos, Fire-Eaters, Adamantines, Free Soilers, Freedom Shriekers, Border Ruffians.

The species that remain, or that come to us then, wear the hues of the season, and melt into the tone of Nature's backgroundblues, grays, browns, with touches of white on tail and breast and wing for coming flecks of snow.

A few paces on he met Captain Girnway, jaunty, debonair, smiling, handsome in his brass-buttoned uniform of the Carthage Grays.

Even when a late comer from Nauvoo told him that Prudence Corson had married Captain Girnway of the Carthage Grays, two years after the exodus from Nauvoo, his first feeling was one of blazing anger against the mobocrats rather than regret for his lost love.

He had a comprehension of technique possessed by none of our home paintersa rapid and masterly execution with a scale of color limited to cool grays, but, within this gamut, of exquisite refinement.

My methods of painting were my own, for I had never painted under any one except the few months with Church, whose method had taught me nothing; and I had a way of painting scud clouds, such as always hang around the Alpine peaks, by brushing the sky in thinly with the sky-blue, and then working into that, with the brush, the melting clouds, producing the grays I wanted on the canvas.

Timothy is off to-day; I will harness the grays to the stanhope, as we can't wait to send to the stable, and we will drive over the back way by the Ridge and be home again by dinner time.

This morning for instance he had risen before daylight to try an effect in grays that he had missed two days before.

Gobs of paint from the tubes melted into pearly-grays and purples in the middle of his palette to be quickly transposed and placed tone beside tone like a pale mosaic enriched and blended by the soft fingers of Time.

It had been a lovely foreground of sand and stubble, iridescent with the dew, rich with the broken grays and violets of the reflected heavens.

Her father owned a noble pair of grays and a very fine carriage, and she had the pleasure of riding with her father whenever she chose.

your conversation is all in grays and browns.

Wordsworth was something of a Quaker in poetry, and loved the sober drabs and grays of life.

He had patiently courted Starling Tucker in the office of the Mansion House livery stable, sitting by him in silent admiration while he discoursed learnedly of men and horses, helping to hitch up the dappled grays to the bus, fetching his whip, holding his gloves, until it became a matter of course that he should mount to the high seat with him.

He knew Charley and Dick, the big dray horses; and Dexter, who drew the express wagon; he knew Bob and George, who hauled the ice wagon; he knew the driving horses in the Mansion stables by name and point, and especially the two dapple grays that drew the bus.

The gray of the stucco joints brings the whole composition together, serving as cool grays in a picture to give tender unity.

was printed in 1736 'for Fletcher Gyles against Grays Inn in Holbourn,' and was called (as this is) the third; but it gave no delusive intimation in the title that Pope was the author, honestly assigning it to the Right Hon.

The dark, glossy-green of the orange and the lighter shining tints of the lemon groves, with the rich, satiny-gray tones of the olive-trees, were replaced now by the softer grays, greens, yellows, and browns of the chaparral.

" Up and down a perpendicular procession on the page he every now and then mentally returned the salute of the one little musketeer of the same height as the steamboat's chimneys, whether the Attention he challenged was that of the Continentals, the Louisiana Grays, Orleans Cadets, Crescent Blues or some other body of blithe invincibles.

All day they rode, while the main armies lay with North Fork between them, the grays entrenching, the blues rebridging.

Next morning, in a fog, the blue holders of a new line of rifle-pits close under the top of a bluff talked up to the grays in a trench on its crest.

From Southern Mississippi and East Louisiana all the grays who marched under the slanting bayonet or beside the cannon's wheel were gone.

The spotted patterns conferred no benefit as compared with the nearly or quite monochrome blacks, reds, and dark grays.

Standing motionless facing one, in the sparse scrub, they are hard to make out; if seen sideways the reddish of their coats, contrasted with the greens and grays of the landscape, betrays them; and when they bound off the upraised white tail is very conspicuous.

They have something to say for themselves and say it so cleverly that we do not care if their feathers are of sober grays and browns.

The Scots Grays, the Life Guards, Maitland's and Mitchell's regiments, Pack's and Kempt's infantry, Ponsonby's and Somerset's cavalry, the Highlanders playing the bagpipes under the shower of canister, Ryland's battalions, the fresh recruits who could hardly manage a musket, and yet held their ground against the old bands of Essling and Rivoliall this is grand.

What was the matter with you that afternoon, one summer, when your father rode his hunter to the town, and Albert followed after upon his; and then your mother trundled to the gate behind the dappled grays.

These superb grays, however, wereexcepting the laurels of Arcola, Marengo, and Mantua, the only spoils of war that Bonaparte brought back with him from his famous Italian campaignthe only gift which the general had not refused to accept.

It is true that the six grays could not be very conveniently hitched to a simple private carriage, but they had an imposing look attached to the gilded coach of state in which, a year later, the first consul made his solemn entry into the Tuileries.

With the exception of the splendid vehicle in which the three consuls rode, and which was drawn by the six grays presented by the Emperor of Austria, there were but few good equipages to be seen.

He told me that his Master came to Town last Night, and would be glad to take a Turn with me in Grays-Inn Walks.

I was no sooner come into Grays-Inn Walks, but I heard my Friend upon the Terrace hemming twice or thrice to himself with great Vigour, for he loves to clear his Pipes in good Air (to make use of his own Phrase) and is not a little pleased with any one who takes notice of the Strength which he still exerts in his Morning Hems.

Another of my Fellow-Templers, on Thursday last, was getting up into his Study at the Bottom of Grays-Inn-Lane, in order, I suppose, to contemplate in the fresh Air.

Printed for W. Lewis in Russell-street Covent Garden; and Sold by W. Taylor, at the Ship in Pater Noster Row; T. Osborn, in Grays-Inn near the Walks; J. Graves in St. James's-street; and J. Morphew near Stationers' Hall.

In water-colors she has painted "Sketches in Tuscany" and several pictures of soldiers, among which are "Scot's Grays Advancing" and "Cavalry at a Gallop.

There is a total absence of the garish coloring which has become so common, the religious subjects being without exception in a minor key, usually soft grays and blues.

It was built in the form of a T, of hewn logs, and the whole structure, both inside and out, was a combination of those soft grays and browns with which nature colors wood, and in its close setting of primeval forest, made a harmonious picture.

"I don't see anything unusual," said she, her eyes on the trim sleigh drawn by a pair of fine grays, the driver waving an arm at the window as he caught sight of the faces thereat.

There were two grays, a black, two bays and a chestnut sorrelthe latter clearly a race-horse.

When they left he rode the black horse and led one of the grays.

Knowing that it would be impossible to pass before the whole long line had gone by, I crossed over and now saw that the Scots Grays would soon find friends.

He was thinking about it uneasily and staring out across the wide coulรฉe to the red tumble of clouds, that had strange purples and grays and dainty violet shades here and there.

Suddenly the sound of wheels caught her ear, and she turned as Judge Markham's grays headed up to her gate.

Young calves, you know, make larruping fine eating for grays.'

One is trotting by now, a victoria and pair of grays, and in it, leaning restfully back, and holding up her parasol, is the lady I noticed in church.

The kindness of the Grays had supplied a few immediate necessaries.

Ere the sun stood steep, Back came the Blues, with a troop of Grays, Ten riding doubleluckless ten!

After he drove his handsome span of grays into the horse barn he come in and I see his linement looked considerable brighter and happier, brightenin' still more as he met Rosy's sweet smiles and cordial words.

"You'll not be wanting such bright things now, child; you'll best wear grays, and white, and black.

I had a dream last night, and already I have begun a new picture of grays and mistsof these strange fogs!" Count Mimo Sykypri was a confirmed optimist.

The said Rectory was in a decided state of fresh, not to say raw, novelty outside, though the old trees and garden a little softened its hard grays and strong reds; but it promised to look well when crumbling and weather-stain had done their work.

graze 272 occurrences

We saw where the ball struck the water just beyond the deer, passing directly under its belly, possibly high enough to graze its body.

Once a van of knitted stuffs, always the gray, corded and bound into bales, rumbled by, close enough to graze and send her stumbling back.

The illusion was so strong, that I never paused till I felt my forehead graze against the wall and my hands clutch the ground,for there was nobody there to save from falling, as in my foolishness I thought.

And bow to thy superiors of the stall; Through every scene of sense superior far: They graze the turf untilled; they drink the stream Unbrewed, and ever full, and unembittered With doubts, fears, fruitless hopes, regrets, despair.

The Circus Has Bad Luck in Indian TerritoryA Herd of Animals Turned Out to Graze Is Stampeded by IndiansThey Go Dashing Over the Plains, and the Circus Tent Follows, Picked Up by a Cyclone. CHAPTER XXIV.

Wearied at length with his exertions, he dismounted, and leading Rakush to a green spot near a limpid fountain or rivulet of spring water, allowed him to graze, and then went to sleep.

Of all the birds that ever yet was seen, I would not have them graze upon this green; I hope they will not, for this crop is poor, And they may pasture upon greater store:

Forests of cork clothe the mountain-slopes; the Berbers graze their herds and flocks in the deep green valleys, and export quantities of skins.

They left at sunrise one morning and rode until noon, when they halted in the wilderness to allow the horses an hour to rest and graze, while they lay on a blanket spread on the grass under a tree.

At the sight of us some would bound up the steep mountain sides in great alarm, while several times at only a couple of hundred yards others merely turned their heads in our direction, and after observing us for a short time continued to graze.

In vain, however, did the old Sioux try every feint; now he would aim a blow at his feet, and as suddenly change to his face; now he would graze his very ear; and at length, enraged at the stoicism of his victim, he raised the gleaming hatchet, as if about to strike in earnest.

But this is no cause, the Commissioner says, Why he should not be fit for a licence to graze.

I can dig in a bog, Feed pigs or for firewood can split up a log, Clean shoes, riddle cinders, or help to boil downโ€” Or whatever you please, but graze lands of the Crown. WALLABI JOE (Air: โ€œThe Mistletoe Bough.โ€)

And had I his sagacious scent, Jove ne'er had heard my discontent.' 30 The lion craved the fox's art; The fox, the lion's force and heart: The cock implored the pigeon's flight, Whose wings were rapid, strong, and light: The pigeon strength of wing despised, And the cock's matchless valour prized: The fishes wished to graze the plain; The beasts to skim beneath the main.

A hare, who in a civil way, Complied with everything, like Gay, Was known by all the bestial train Who haunt the wood, or graze the plain.

V. be contiguous &c adj.; join, adjoin, abut on, march with; graze, touch, meet, osculate, come in contact, coincide; coexist; adhere &c 46.

live on; feed upon, batten upon, fatten upon, feast upon; browse, graze, crop, regale; carouse &c (make merry) 840; eat heartily, do justice to, play a good knife and fork, banquet. break bread, break one's fast; breakfast, lunch, dine, take tea, sup. drink in, drink up, drink one's fill; quaff, sip, sup; suck, suck up; lap; swig; swill [Slang], chugalug

V. rub, scratch, scrape, scrub, slide, fray, rasp, graze, curry, scour, polish, rub out, wear down, gnaw; file, grind &c (reduce to powder) 330. set one's teeth on edge; rosin.

" OUR FLAG ON THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS We find the following incident of placing the American flag on the highest point of the Rocky Mountains, in "Col. Fremont's Narrative:" We managed to get our mules up to a little bench about a hundred feet above the lakes, where there was a patch of good grass, and turned them loose to graze.

Now (so much does madness prevail), all the world must be Sent to Anticyra, to graze on Hellebore.

pacer, to graze, pasture.

rozar, to graze, touch slightly, be on a level (con, with).

When cattle are reluctant to enter the jungle, restless, and unwilling to graze, you may be sure tiger are somewhere about, not far away.

She often seated herself beneath the shade of the two cocoa trees, and there she sometimes led her goats to graze.

Moreover, it amply indemnified the Socii and Latini who had surrendered land for the colonies of Caius, while some compensation was given to poor farmers by a clause, that in future a man might only graze ten large and fifty smaller beasts on the pastures of what still remained public land.

They were cattle, and for the right to graze on Turkish lands they paid back a pail of their milk of manhood.

the bidders in excitement stand Around a youth who cries with lifted hand And features pale and stern, who now began To bid against a wealthy nobleman, Whose countless herds graze far upon the plain, His laden ships that ride upon the main He counts by scores.

Having laid before him the motives of their plan, and the object they had in view, they received the highest commendation, and were loaded with promises; and that their countrymen might believe that they had gone out of the city to obtain plunder, they were desired to drive to the city some cattle of the Carthaginians which had been sent out to graze.

In combat, shots which graze the enemy's trench or position and thus reduce the effectiveness of his fire have the approximate value of hits; such shots only, or actual hits, contribute toward fire superiority.

This is not true any more than it is true that the words, "The valley of the Meuse," bring to your mind vine-clad hills, a noble river, and green fields where cattle graze.

Having done this, he left him to graze as far as his tether would permit; and, after supping with Crusoe, lay down to-rest, not a little elated with his success in this first attempt at "creasing" and "breaking" a mustang.

Along the extreme eastern shore lies the old sheep meadow, which is a mile and a half long, and the largest meadow in all ร–land, where animals can graze and play and run about, as free as if they were in a wilderness.

It was this that caused him to graze an oath with less margin that he had allowed himself in twenty years.

But of beasts that graze and browse, a large number have turned their tails rather to a use which throws a pathetic light on misery of which we have little experience.

They left the horse to graze.

Cosme slipped from his horse, pulled the reins over his head, and left him to graze at will.

The sun is big and strong now, the snow is gone, green showing everywhere; the cattle are out to graze.

No cattle graze on that part of the ranch any more.

Redesdale is a district of monotonous, almost dreary, moorlands, and wild, bare fells, where sheep graze on what scanty provender the bleak hills afford, finding better fare, however, in the valleys near the river banks, where the pasture is fresh and green.

On them graze sheep by the thousandand it is from those sheep that the true Merino wool comes.

About sunset, however, as I was preparing to pass the night in this manner, and had turned my horse loose that he might graze at liberty, a woman, returning from the labours of the field, stopped to observe me, and perceiving that I was weary and dejected, inquired into my situation, which I briefly explained to her; whereupon, with looks of great compassion, she took up my saddle and bridle and told me to follow her.

Cattle are suffered to graze their pastures without stint; but the slaves are restrained in their food to a fixed allowance.

Cattle are suffered to graze their pastures without stint; but the slaves are restrained in their food to a fixed allowance.

On each side are immense fields of corn and rice, intersected by tracts of waste land covered with broom and heath, and spots of pasture-land on which large droves of camels graze.

Indeed, if I didn't keep constant watch over you, you would be too terrified even to graze!"

There was once a Horse who used to graze in a meadow which he had all to himself.

And they sent her to graze in the forest of Biรฉre, but I do not think she is there now.

Sometimes quite heated ones too, if the remarks had ventured to even graze the historical bunions that afflicted the feet of many old families.

On the other hand, deer and sheep, which are both gregarious, and both eat the same food and graze within the same enclosure, avoid one another.

It was not long, however, before she began to graze, the voyage having been made on a somewhat short allowance of both food and water.

The horses could not graze, and the women who came with their husbands' rations could not reach us without passing within gunshot of the outlying trenches of the Turks, and I have seen a file of them come in, each with a huge loaf of bread on her head, and the bullets from the trenches flying around them, but not one hastening her step or paying the least attention to the danger.

No lure Shall draw me to disown them, or forsake The meagre wandering herd that lows for help And needs me for its guide, to seek my pasture Among the well-fed beeves that graze at will.

And the leopard will lie down with the kid; The calf and the young lion will graze together, And a little child shall be their leader.

The tired horses and oxen were turned loose to graze.

Gunsmoke graze.

<pb id='107.png' /> GLIDDEN, DAVID S. Gunsmoke graze.

GLIDDEN, JONATHAN H. Gunsmoke graze, by Peter Dawson, pseud.

GLIDDEN, TIMOTHY W. Gunsmoke graze.

SEE Glidden, Jonathan H. GLIDDEN, DOROTHY S. SEE Ewing, Dorothy S. GLIDDEN, FREDERICK D. Sunset graze.

SEE Glidden, Jonathan H. GLIDDEN, DOROTHY S. SEE Ewing, Dorothy S. GLIDDEN, FREDERICK D. Sunset graze.

I noticed early in May the water buffaloes just turned out to graze in the Lolab, and more weakly, melancholy collections of skinandbone I have seldom seen.

Broad green meadows, where the cattle graze beside the streams and in the plains; rolling uplands, ploughed and sown, where the barley nourishes; deep rich wheatlands; high hills and shadowy woods; grey church towers; new glaring schools; quiet wayside inns, and ancient farmhouses tenanted for generations by the same families.

"They will graze about the Witches' Pool without watching, so I can take all the boys with me, and the more there are of us the less trouble we will have. Sit down and eat breakfast, Nails, and then tell me about the raid.

" To their surprise, the ranchers learned that the Lost Lode was only about five miles from the plains and that it was at the foot of one of the mountains, instead of high up in them, with a splendid valley where the cattle could graze close beside it.

We read in the same Hitopadesa that they are like cowsalways searching for new herbs in the meadows to graze on.

The next day the old cow pretended that she was too weak to rise, and was left behind when the herd went out to graze.

To the man who makes a clearing in the forest, life is largely a struggle against the beasts of prey and the animals who graze down the crops.

A Tigress and a Cow used to graze in a dense jungle, and they were both with young.

They kept the young ones in the same place and used to go and graze together, and then return at the same time to suckle their young.

The cow saw what was in the mind of the tigress and she left some of her milk in a bowl, and said to her calf: "The tigress has resolved to eat me; watch this milk and when you see it turn red like blood, you will know that I have been killed;" then she went off to graze with the tigress.

His house is in the mountain ways, A phantom house of misty walls, Whose golden flocks at evening graze, And witch the moon with muffled calls.

My Ladie shall look lovingly on thy learning, and when true time shall point thee for a Parson, I will convert thy egges to penny custards, and thy tith goose shall graze and multiply.

'Tis done Sir, take your keys again: But hark you Savil, leave off the motions Of the flesh, and be honest, or else you shall graze again: I'le try you once more.

G] you wall graze.

Weigh, and graze a Rock, or Touch and go.

The reader should, however, consult Mr. Darwin's work on the Geology of Volcanic Islands page 143.) WEIGH AND GRAZE

If this was Shoop's place, Shoop would not be gone long, or he'd have turned the horse to graze on the open mesa.

The unbridled ponies drank eagerly, and were allowed to graze.

Haught said half a mile below there was a grassy park where the horses would graze with elk.

Here Copple said was a place for deer to graze.

Does a dog graze?

We could not risk turning the mule loose at night, and the long strip of raw-hide was designed and used to secure him, and yet to afford him liberty to graze while we slept.

They decided to use them for pack animals to carry their blankets, and to proceed slowly toward the mines, killing game, if possible, and permitting their animals to graze and improve in condition as they moved.

The vicar is likewise generally sure to find upon his admittance to his living, a convenient house and barn in repair, with a garden, and a field or two to graze a few cows, and one horse for himself and his wife.

He hath a house and barn in repair, a field or two to graze his cows, with a garden and orchard.

Just which course deer would graze he could predict by the quarter of the wind.

"It seemed their whole outfit was driving that one steer, and turning the others loose to graze.

"He just wants to show Jack how it affects a cow-horse to graze a few days on a boomer's claim,that's all," said Edwards, when he joined us.

" From a secret door we walk out on to the open rampart, where the sheep now graze; the cattle are driven into one of the ruined towers.

There, sheep that graze the neighboring plain Like white ghosts come and go, The farm-horse drags his fetlock chain, The cow-bell tinkles slow.

There Faunus and Sylvanus keep their courts, And thither all the horned host resorts To graze the ranker mead; that noble herd On whose sublime and shady fronts is rear'd Nature's great masterpiece; to show how soon, Great things are made, but sooner are undone.

He sat down upon the root of a tree, and allowed his mule to graze at liberty.

The cultivator of this plant must not expect to graze his land, but allow all the growth to be husbanded as above; and although it will not be found generally advantageous on this account, it nevertheless may be grown to very great advantage either in wet soils, or where land can be flooded at pleasure.

He slipped the bridle-reins through the head-stall, and giving his mare a soft slap on the shoulder, turned her loose to graze.

The world is bright with beauty, and its days Are filled with music; could we only know True ends from false, and lofty things from low; Could we but tear away the walls that graze Our very elbows in life's frosty ways; Behold the width beyond us with its flow, Its knowledge and its murmur and its glow, Where doubt itself is but a golden haze.

That is, they strive to shoot so that the bullet will barely graze the top of the animal's vertebrae, just behind the ears, stunning the horse and making it helpless for the capture.

Upon reaching their destination, the horse was unharnessed and permitted peacefully to graze while the men fished for an hour or two.

It was in the dead of night, and Hans Schuyler had the wheel, I remember, when we went to pieces on that iceberg, all for disregarding the captain's orders; you see, he meant to graze it like!" "Graze it!"

It was in the dead of night, and Hans Schuyler had the wheel, I remember, when we went to pieces on that iceberg, all for disregarding the captain's orders; you see, he meant to graze it like!" "Graze it!"

Graze itHeaven, what rashness!" "Don'tdon't!