Do we say grays or graze

grays 86 occurrences

Linnet looked like a veritable linnet in her brown suit with the crimson plume in her brown hat; I believe the girl affects grays and brown with a dash of crimson, because they remind her of a linnet, and she is like a linnet in her low, sweet voice, not strong, but clear.

A Mask at Grays-Inn, and the Inner Temple; Four Plays, or Moral Representations. APPENDIX.

The coloring, in this land of drab grays and browns, was a delight to the eye.

That no precaution might be omitted, a call was issued to the Wellington Grays, the crack independent military company of the city, who in an incredibly short time were on guard at the jail.

The white people, on the other hand, procured both arms and ammunition in large quantities, and the Wellington Grays drilled with great assiduity at their armory.

The grays, blacks, and browns of the men's coats toned down the mass of colour, for all must be dark when the king was dark, and only the blues of the officers' uniforms, and the pearl and gray of the musketeers of the guard, remained to call back those early days of the reign when the men had vied with the women in the costliness and brilliancy of their wardrobes.

As the two cavaliers reined their horses aside to leave the roadway clear, the coach rumbled heavily past them, drawn by two dapple grays, and the Horsemen caught a glimpse, as it passed, of a beautiful but haughty face which looked out at them.

My methods of painting were my own, for I had never painted under any one except the few months with Church, whose method had taught me nothing; and I had a way of painting scud clouds, such as always hang around the Alpine peaks, by brushing the sky in thinly with the sky-blue, and then working into that, with the brush, the melting clouds, producing the grays I wanted on the canvas.

This morning for instance he had risen before daylight to try an effect in grays that he had missed two days before.

Gobs of paint from the tubes melted into pearly-grays and purples in the middle of his palette to be quickly transposed and placed tone beside tone like a pale mosaic enriched and blended by the soft fingers of Time.

It had been a lovely foreground of sand and stubble, iridescent with the dew, rich with the broken grays and violets of the reflected heavens.

He had patiently courted Starling Tucker in the office of the Mansion House livery stable, sitting by him in silent admiration while he discoursed learnedly of men and horses, helping to hitch up the dappled grays to the bus, fetching his whip, holding his gloves, until it became a matter of course that he should mount to the high seat with him.

The gray of the stucco joints brings the whole composition together, serving as cool grays in a picture to give tender unity.

All day they rode, while the main armies lay with North Fork between them, the grays entrenching, the blues rebridging.

What was the matter with you that afternoon, one summer, when your father rode his hunter to the town, and Albert followed after upon his; and then your mother trundled to the gate behind the dappled grays.

These superb grays, however, wereexcepting the laurels of Arcola, Marengo, and Mantua, the only spoils of war that Bonaparte brought back with him from his famous Italian campaignthe only gift which the general had not refused to accept.

It is true that the six grays could not be very conveniently hitched to a simple private carriage, but they had an imposing look attached to the gilded coach of state in which, a year later, the first consul made his solemn entry into the Tuileries.

With the exception of the splendid vehicle in which the three consuls rode, and which was drawn by the six grays presented by the Emperor of Austria, there were but few good equipages to be seen.

Printed for W. Lewis in Russell-street Covent Garden; and Sold by W. Taylor, at the Ship in Pater Noster Row; T. Osborn, in Grays-Inn near the Walks; J. Graves in St. James's-street; and J. Morphew near Stationers' Hall.

In water-colors she has painted "Sketches in Tuscany" and several pictures of soldiers, among which are "Scot's Grays Advancing" and "Cavalry at a Gallop.

There is a total absence of the garish coloring which has become so common, the religious subjects being without exception in a minor key, usually soft grays and blues.

"I don't see anything unusual," said she, her eyes on the trim sleigh drawn by a pair of fine grays, the driver waving an arm at the window as he caught sight of the faces thereat.

Young calves, you know, make larruping fine eating for grays.'

One is trotting by now, a victoria and pair of grays, and in it, leaning restfully back, and holding up her parasol, is the lady I noticed in church.

I had a dream last night, and already I have begun a new picture of grays and mistsof these strange fogs!" Count Mimo Sykypri was a confirmed optimist.

graze 272 occurrences

We saw where the ball struck the water just beyond the deer, passing directly under its belly, possibly high enough to graze its body.

Once a van of knitted stuffs, always the gray, corded and bound into bales, rumbled by, close enough to graze and send her stumbling back.

Forests of cork clothe the mountain-slopes; the Berbers graze their herds and flocks in the deep green valleys, and export quantities of skins.

They left at sunrise one morning and rode until noon, when they halted in the wilderness to allow the horses an hour to rest and graze, while they lay on a blanket spread on the grass under a tree.

At the sight of us some would bound up the steep mountain sides in great alarm, while several times at only a couple of hundred yards others merely turned their heads in our direction, and after observing us for a short time continued to graze.

But this is no cause, the Commissioner says, Why he should not be fit for a licence to graze.

I can dig in a bog, Feed pigs or for firewood can split up a log, Clean shoes, riddle cinders, or help to boil down Or whatever you please, but graze lands of the Crown. WALLABI JOE (Air: The Mistletoe Bough.)

And had I his sagacious scent, Jove ne'er had heard my discontent.' 30 The lion craved the fox's art; The fox, the lion's force and heart: The cock implored the pigeon's flight, Whose wings were rapid, strong, and light: The pigeon strength of wing despised, And the cock's matchless valour prized: The fishes wished to graze the plain; The beasts to skim beneath the main.

V. be contiguous &c adj.; join, adjoin, abut on, march with; graze, touch, meet, osculate, come in contact, coincide; coexist; adhere &c 46.

live on; feed upon, batten upon, fatten upon, feast upon; browse, graze, crop, regale; carouse &c (make merry) 840; eat heartily, do justice to, play a good knife and fork, banquet. break bread, break one's fast; breakfast, lunch, dine, take tea, sup. drink in, drink up, drink one's fill; quaff, sip, sup; suck, suck up; lap; swig; swill [Slang], chugalug

V. rub, scratch, scrape, scrub, slide, fray, rasp, graze, curry, scour, polish, rub out, wear down, gnaw; file, grind &c (reduce to powder) 330. set one's teeth on edge; rosin.

pacer, to graze, pasture.

rozar, to graze, touch slightly, be on a level (con, with).

the bidders in excitement stand Around a youth who cries with lifted hand And features pale and stern, who now began To bid against a wealthy nobleman, Whose countless herds graze far upon the plain, His laden ships that ride upon the main He counts by scores.

They left the horse to graze.

Redesdale is a district of monotonous, almost dreary, moorlands, and wild, bare fells, where sheep graze on what scanty provender the bleak hills afford, finding better fare, however, in the valleys near the river banks, where the pasture is fresh and green.

There was once a Horse who used to graze in a meadow which he had all to himself.

And they sent her to graze in the forest of Biére, but I do not think she is there now.

The horses could not graze, and the women who came with their husbands' rations could not reach us without passing within gunshot of the outlying trenches of the Turks, and I have seen a file of them come in, each with a huge loaf of bread on her head, and the bullets from the trenches flying around them, but not one hastening her step or paying the least attention to the danger.

I noticed early in May the water buffaloes just turned out to graze in the Lolab, and more weakly, melancholy collections of skinandbone I have seldom seen.

"They will graze about the Witches' Pool without watching, so I can take all the boys with me, and the more there are of us the less trouble we will have. Sit down and eat breakfast, Nails, and then tell me about the raid.

We read in the same Hitopadesa that they are like cowsalways searching for new herbs in the meadows to graze on.

" From a secret door we walk out on to the open rampart, where the sheep now graze; the cattle are driven into one of the ruined towers.

There, sheep that graze the neighboring plain Like white ghosts come and go, The farm-horse drags his fetlock chain, The cow-bell tinkles slow.

He sat down upon the root of a tree, and allowed his mule to graze at liberty.

Do we say   grays   or  graze