212 examples of green fields in sentences

We drove about a great dealthe country at the back of Deauville, going away from the sea, is lovelyvery like Englandcharming narrow roads with high banks and hedges on each sidebig trees with spreading branches meeting overheadstretches of green fields with cows grazing placidly and horses and colts gambolling about.

The doors were always open, and one had a lovely view of green fields and trees.

It occurred a long time ago, when there were fewer green fields in Oswego county and especially in the town of Mexico, than there are now.

But you, my reader, who have lived in a foreign land for any length of time, know well how wearisome becomes the life, however brilliant, and how sweet are the recollections of our dear gray old England with her green fields, her muddy lanes, and the bustling streets of her gray, grimy cities.

But green leaves, and blossoms, and sunny warm weather, And singing, and lovingall come back together, But the lark is so brimful of gladness and love, The green fields below him, the blue sky above, That he sings, and he sings; and forever sings he "I love my Love, and my Love loves me!" PROVERBS AND POPULAR SAYINGS.

In these walks I always accompanied him, and with my earliest recollections of green fields and wild flowers, is mingled that of the account I gave him daily of what I had read the day before.

we shall see the green fields in the sun.

By an unfinished street, Forth came they on a wide and level space; Green fields lay side by side, and hedgerow trees Stood here and there as waiting for some good.

She loved the sea only for the sake of its storms, and the green fields only when broken up by ruins.

Animals and men were glad enough to leave the high, arid desert and enter the oasis of Caraveli with its luscious, green fields of alfalfa, its shady fig trees and tall eucalyptus.

For Tom tonight had nought but the wind to ride; they had taken his true black horse on the day when they took from him the green fields and the sky, men's voices and the laughter of women, and had left him alone with chains about his neck to swing in the wind for ever.

One line of hills brooded grey in the distance, the other stood a patchwork of little square green fields, with a few white cottages about it.

A calenture is a form of fever at sea in which the sufferer believes himself to be surrounded by green fields, and often leaps overboard.

He has a great contempt for out-of-door prospects, for green fields and trees, and is for referring every thing to Utility.

They dug us down and earthed us in, their hasty shovels plying, Us the poor dead of Oudenarde, Ramillies, Waterloo; We heard their drum-taps fading and their trumpet fanfares dying As they marched away and left us, in the dark and silence lying, Home-bound for happy England and the green fields that we knew.

There are thousands of "out-of-works," "ne'er-do-wells," &c., in every large town in England, who are naturally fitted for agricultural work, although they have lived all their lives, perhaps, far away from the green fields.

We had no costly dresses to spoil, and were permitted to play in the green fields without a servant's eye, and to bathe in the clear shallow stream without fear of drowning.

There is a wild horse of Tartary; and heremost strange of allis a land of ice and snow without green fields, woods, or gardens.

Angelic songs are swelling O'er earth's green fields and ocean's wave-beat shore.

Peace hath its victories no less renowned than war, and the picture of the American Cincinnatus striving as earnestly on the green fields of Mount Vernon as he did upon the scarlet ones of Monmouth and Brandywine, is one that the world can not afford to forget.

Yet what are fresh air and green fields to us, who are immured amidst a thousand ill scents, and have no prospect but filth and stone walls?

We watched the crows at a little distance from us become white as silver, as they flew in the sunshine; and, when they went still farther, they looked like shapes of water passing over the green fields.

The sick man's ghastly face was yet more ghastly; his eyes were more sunken, his skin more livid; "his nose was as sharp as a pen," and if he did not "babble of green fields" it was because he seemed to be beyond even that.

On the east was a snow-capped peak, and here we were in the midst of green fields of grass and wild flowers, in the softest climate of an early spring.

It rambled on quietly, softly, like one of his own mountain brooks, babbling of green fields, of sunny summer days, of his favorite sport, and ah! of other things.

212 examples of  green fields  in sentences