367 examples of greenish in sentences

On the other hand, flowers of a yellow or greenish hue were distasteful to them.[10]

The eggs laid will approach nearly the colour of the layer,light-coloured ducks laying white eggs, and brown ducks greenish-blue eggs; dark-coloured birds laying the largest eggs.

It got as light as noonstrange greenish-white flare.

A greenish-coloured coat, which he had on, forbade me to surmise that he was a clergyman.

Some incidental pain and uneasiness, some slightly greenish appearance of the motions, leads the mother to believe that more purging is necessary, when, in fact, both circumstances have probably been induced by the irritation caused by the purgatives already too freely administered.

It will thus frequently happen, that a few days before the mother is going to be unwell, the infant will become fretful and uneasy; its stomach will throw up the milk, and its motions will be frequent, watery, and greenish.

Two seamstresses sat chattering around the centre-table; while a ruddy young man, with greenish brown moustaches and sandy hair, rested his clumsy boots on the fender, holding an open music-book in his lap and a flute in his ill-kept and gaudily-ringed hands.

Some of the bricks were quite imperfectly made and had a greenish hue.

Male: shining golden-green above, with dark purplish wings and tail, the latter forked; glittering ruby-red throat; other under parts grayish, with some white on the breast and greenish on the sides.

But near by it is greenish-brown and gray on top, and its head and neck have bright colors, like what you see on silver that has not been cleaned for some time or the spoon with which you have been eating boiled eggs.

Upper parts mottled with reddish-brown, black, gray, buff, and whitish, in different blended patterns; on each side of the neck a tuft of long glossy greenish-black feathers in the male, much shorter and not so dark in the female; the tail in both sexes gray or brownish with black bars or mottling, especially one broad bar near the end, and gray tip of the feathers.

Upper parts glossy greenish black in front, but ashy-gray behind and on the neck, wings, and tail; the forehead white, and two slender white plumes sticking out six or eight inches behind the head.

Bill black, with greenish bare skin between it and the red eyes; legs yellow.

Bill blackish and yellowish; legs greenish; claws brown; eyes yellow.

Feathers on upper part of the legs reddish-brown, the bare scaly part black; bill yellow and greenish, with black on top; bare skin between it and the eyes blue.

Eyes brown; feet and bill greenish-gray, the latter very soft and sensitive, the former with a very small hind toe.

Bill black; feet greenish-gray, with a small hind toe like other Sandpipers', but no sign of any web at the roots of the front toes.

The color of the eggs is always greenish, gray, drab, or buff, never with any spots.

Male (the Drake, as the male of all Ducks is called): upper parts velvety black, shining with bronzy, purplish, greenish, and violet tints.

Bill greenish; eyes brown; feet orange.

Dodo nearly stepped upon a couple of greenish, dark-spotted eggs, that were nearly as large as a Hen's.

Then came a piercing burst of greenish-blue light from a long tube which looked like a curious mercury vapor lamp.

"Might I ask," interrupted Kennedy, "what that curious greenish or bluish light from the tube is composed of?" Prescott eyed him keenly for an instant through his thick glasses.

If the milk be allowed to stand a few days, the blue is converted into a greenish or reddish color.

The faint greenish patina that covered it could have been painted only by the hand of the greatest artist of them all, Time.

367 examples of  greenish  in sentences