4942 examples of greeting in sentences

"We thought we'd find you here!" was Bob's greeting.

She smiled very slightly and bowed, a greeting which Phipps returned with a smile which was almost of gratitude.

Then we clasped hands, uncouthly on his part, for it is not the method of greeting in his country, and he commended my soul to the care of his own gods, to his little lesser gods, the humble ones, to the gods that bless Belzoond.

I crossed that enormous tusk that had been the end of Perdóndaris and met the artists carving it as I went; and some by way of greeting as I passed extolled Singanee, and in answer I gave honour to his name.

Neither woman answered the greeting of the white men.

Vera's greeting was brief but not lacking in warmth.

She heard him in the passage, heard his tread upon the threshold, heard his voice greeting her.

He gave her a brief word of greeting, and went across to the school with his burden.

I am away, greeting everything as it wakes out of winter sleep, stretches arms upward and legs downward, and drinks goblet after goblet of young sunshine.

This custom of greeting travellers, universal in Germany, is very expressive of their social, friendly manners.

"To all, and singular, our faithful subjects within our province of Maryland, greeting....

Her greeting was warm, her eyes bright, she was very cheerful, and, I think, was not then suffering from pain.

Presently a young girl slipped in between us, and while greeting Pani Sniatynska, put out a small hand encased in a white kid glove and said: "Don't you know me, Leon?" I felt slightly perplexed at this question, for indeed I did not know who it was that greeted me thus familiarly; but not wishing to seem rude, I smiled and pressed the little hand, saying, "Of course I do.

I renewed my greeting very heartily.

And then passing quickly out upon the step to where the young man still stood looking on at this greeting, Mr. Jefferson laid a hand affectionately on his shoulder and looked into the young eyes.

With a brief greeting, and scarcely allowing the young man time to divest himself of his travelling things, he drew him into his private study, and there, with locked doors, began eagerly to speak about the business upon which he had called Calvert so hastily to Paris.

Blushing, he glides where'er she move; Her greeting can transport him; To every mead to deck his love, The happy wild flowers court him!

He drew near to her and spoke without a greeting.

On the third trip to Salonica the French captain saw him once at a distance, greeting him with a grave smile which showed that he no longer was thinking of him as a possible spy.

So he wrote letters and sent them to him with contents like these: King Alexander to his brother Jonathan, greeting: We have heard of you that you are a valiant man and fit to be our friend.

In answer to their greeting and the quite natural question if he had been waiting long, Rutlidge answered with a laugh.

As the path, after being closed by a long, arduous, and painful contest, is to use an Indian metaphor, now opened and made smooth, I shall please myself with the hope of hearing from you frequently; and till you forbid me to indulge the wish, I shall not despair of seeing you and Mrs. Fairfax once more the inhabitants of Belvoir, and greeting you both there the intimate companions of our old age, as you have been of our younger years."

"If that is the Kaiser's Christmas greeting to his loving followers," observed Wagstaffe drily, "I think he might safely have left it to us to deliver it!"

Valentine observing it, gave him a quiet, matter-of-fact greeting, and talked of the weather.

Valentine turned and saw John near him; he came forward, but attempted no greeting.

4942 examples of  greeting  in sentences