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4942 examples of  greeting  in sentences

4942 examples of greeting in sentences

His smile was one of gladness, and his greeting a hearty roar.

MARMADUKE Spare me awhile that greeting.

So he smiled in return to Henrich's greeting, and tried to draw Oriana into friendly conversation, by noticing her lovely boy; who, however, received his advances with a very bad grace.

Cundincus, also, the Chief of the powerful and much dreaded Narragansetts, sent his son with a friendly greeting to the new settlers of Boston; and, in the following year, his nephew and co-ruler, Miantonomo, came on a visit to the Governor.

And he had guessed correctly, for presently they saw a horseman appear, and as he came up he waved his hand in greeting.

"Hello, anything the matter?" was Bob's greeting.

"We thought we'd find you here!" was Bob's greeting.

" The next instant the handsome, cheery face was looking in at the parlor door and the boisterous "vacation" voice was greeting her with, "Well, Miss Mousie!

And there he now found the sunlight streaming brilliantly, like a glorious greeting to new life.

Good morrow, my sweet Prince, hearty good morrow; This greeting well becomes us, marry does it, Better, i'wis, than strife and jangling.

"Good morning," said Mr. Merrick, while the Major nodded a greeting.

It was past eleven when the major came, and the only greeting he received was the breathless question, "Did you find him?" "I found something much better than any baron, a courier.

Welcome to our little villa on the lake!" CHAPTER VI Stafford's heart warmed at his father's greeting; indeed it would have been a very callous heart if it had not; for the emotion of genuine affection shone in Sir Stephen's brilliant eyes, and rang in his musical voice.

For at the first move the big wolf sprang alertly to his feet, looked deep into Mooka's eyes with that intense, penetrating light which serves a wild animal to read your very thoughts, and instantly his great bushy tail was waving its friendly greeting.

Collins confronted him with the card still between his fingers, and returned his greeting with the utmost coldness.

When Winthrop Beresford came into her neighborhood, Jessie McRae's cheek always flew a flag of greeting.

But when I tapped at Lisa's door (dreading, yet wishing, to have our first greeting over), it appeared that she had a bad headache and did not want to go with us to see the Rajah's automobile.

Her usual morning greeting was: "Well, Lou, have you dusted the parlors?"

"Hallo, Bertie, you old ass," was her very matey greeting.

So, innocence listened to worldly wisdom, and pride overturned simplicity; and, in consequence, our friend Verty found himself opposite a young lady who blushed, and exhibited a most unaccountable constraint, and only gave him the tips of her fingers, when he was ready for, and expected, the most enthusiastic greeting.

The old lady returned the greeting, and, crossing to a chair and seating herself in a very upright fashion, regarded him calmly.

She smiled very slightly and bowed, a greeting which Phipps returned with a smile which was almost of gratitude.

He gave me no sign of greeting as I mounted the large grey horse which was awaiting me, but he looked thoughtfully at me from under his down-drawn brows, and his jaw muscles still throbbed with that stealthy rhythmical movement.

As I glanced back at the black keep of Grosbois, and at the sinister figure who stood looking after us from beside the gateway, I saw from over his head a white handkerchief gleam for an instant in a last greeting from one of the gloomy meurtriere windows, and again a chill ran through me as I thought of the fearless girl and of the hands in which we were leaving her.

"Where is he, sheriff?" was the greeting.

The time-worn veteran did not again assume office, but he was the frequent recipient of appreciative mention by the kaiser in public rescripts and speeches, and on his seventy-ninth birthday, April 1,1894, he received from the emperor a greeting by letter and a steel cuirass, "as a symbol of the German gratitude."

Through the unlatched door she heard a tramping of unshod masculine feet in the passage, and the delightful curt greeting of Osmond Orgreave and his sleepy son Jimmiesplendid powerful males.

They link us up with the pageant of nature, and with the immortals of our kindwith Wordsworth watching them in "sprightly dance" by Ullswater, with Herrick finding in them the sweet image of the beauty and transience of life, with Shakespeare greeting them "in the sweet o' the year" by Avon's banks long centuries ago.

The first professor returned his greeting coldly, and winked to Basilio, as he said to him, "Now I know that Capitan Tiago smells like a corpsethe crows and vultures have been gathering around him."

Without any greeting Basilio slowly advanced into the room, and in a voice that made the jeweler shudder said to him, "Señor Simoun, I've been a wicked son and a bad brotherI've overlooked the murder of one and the tortures of the other, and God has chastised me!

The cheering was afterward ascertained to have been simply the greeting of the men to some one of their officers as he rode along the lines; and night fell without any attempt on the Federal side to improve their success.

His first greeting is commonly, Your friends are well;

Klok-No-Ton looked at him sourly, and without greeting stalked straight through their midst to the house of Scundoo.

"Greeting, O Scundoo!"

"Greeting, Klok-No-Ton," he returned.

And likewise I bring thee greeting from myself: for I am Percival, King Pellinore's son, and thy Queen and my mother are sisters.

General William Booth of the Salvation Army was once asked to send a Christmas greeting to his forces throughout the world.

Soeur Angélique had invited the two girls to tea, and Halloway, when he came in from his study, seated himself at once by Phebe, though after his warm greeting and self-congratulations upon having her back in her old haunts, he had fallen into quite an unusual silence.

But he would return to-morrow, and her welcome would be all the greeting that he would wish for.

Other men came and fluttered round Lesbia, and women and girls exchanged endearing smiles and pretty little words of greeting with her, and envied her the brown frock and buttercups and Mr. Smithson at her chariot wheel.

" She returned the merry greeting most heartily.

Matilde had risen, however, and had moved a step forward to meet the visitor, speaking at the same time, as though to direct him to herself, with the somewhat maternal air which even young women sometimes assume in greeting old men.

"I have seen the doctor again," she said, not waiting for any greeting, and knowing that he would understand.

" The greeting of Dr. Wallace was, however, of a different nature from that which he had anticipated.

She said nothing against him, but her face was a rigid mask of disapproval, her eyes two flames of fire, in answer to the courteous greeting the tutor never failed to offer her with a special roll of his little grey eyes.

Farewell and fraternal greeting!" Jean paid the Colonel's score and set out for home.

It was a goodly sight to see the tenderness of these men here gathered; how they were forgetful of all inequalities of station, such as worldlings live by,meeting on a new ground, and greeting one another in a new spirit.

"'Where have you been, Lettie?' was his greeting.

The former called a gay greeting and approval.

"Greeting," she began; then saw his face, and added, "Jungle beast!"

Both hands went out to his impulsive greeting.

One thing was sure; we might not let the laddie see how close we were to greeting.

They were two most commonplace words, merely the "Thank you" with which she responded to his hospitable greeting, but that "Thank you" seemed let out of a whole under sea of feeling for which it would try to speak.

"Isn't this heat distressing?" was her greeting, though she had succeeded in keeping herself very fresh and sweet looking under the distress.

On the whole, Jerry preferred the careless nod of the editor-in-chief to the more familiar greeting of the subaltern.

For slaughtering I used A. Hulsewé; for greeting R. Michihata; on law Ch'ü T'ung-tsu; on philosophy I adapted ideas from Chan Wing-sit.

I had certainly heard her enter, and seen her kneel to await my greeting, and if not then, I had seen her plainly when I lifted the lamp, for the light had streamed full upon her.

Both men knew something of the ways of the frontier and turned in greeting.

He found Portia alone, for which he was glad; but her greeting was distinctly accusative.

Then we clasped hands, uncouthly on his part, for it is not the method of greeting in his country, and he commended my soul to the care of his own gods, to his little lesser gods, the humble ones, to the gods that bless Belzoond.

I crossed that enormous tusk that had been the end of Perdóndaris and met the artists carving it as I went; and some by way of greeting as I passed extolled Singanee, and in answer I gave honour to his name.

Neither woman answered the greeting of the white men.

Vera's greeting was brief but not lacking in warmth.

She heard him in the passage, heard his tread upon the threshold, heard his voice greeting her.

He gave her a brief word of greeting, and went across to the school with his burden.

I am away, greeting everything as it wakes out of winter sleep, stretches arms upward and legs downward, and drinks goblet after goblet of young sunshine.

This custom of greeting travellers, universal in Germany, is very expressive of their social, friendly manners.

"To all, and singular, our faithful subjects within our province of Maryland, greeting....

Her greeting was warm, her eyes bright, she was very cheerful, and, I think, was not then suffering from pain.

I never saw a greeting that was not exquisite.

But it would not be well that the greeting between the husband and the wife should be in public.

His heart poured out in a greeting that girdled the world, to find the Womansomewhere.

"Hello," she responded forlornly to Sahwah's greeting.

Orchard workers came along the road, occasionally, stepping aside to make room for the famous man, though he answered their greeting absent-mindedly.

Presently a young girl slipped in between us, and while greeting Pani Sniatynska, put out a small hand encased in a white kid glove and said: "Don't you know me, Leon?" I felt slightly perplexed at this question, for indeed I did not know who it was that greeted me thus familiarly; but not wishing to seem rude, I smiled and pressed the little hand, saying, "Of course I do.

I renewed my greeting very heartily.

And then passing quickly out upon the step to where the young man still stood looking on at this greeting, Mr. Jefferson laid a hand affectionately on his shoulder and looked into the young eyes.

With a brief greeting, and scarcely allowing the young man time to divest himself of his travelling things, he drew him into his private study, and there, with locked doors, began eagerly to speak about the business upon which he had called Calvert so hastily to Paris.

Blushing, he glides where'er she move; Her greeting can transport him; To every mead to deck his love, The happy wild flowers court him!

He drew near to her and spoke without a greeting.

On the third trip to Salonica the French captain saw him once at a distance, greeting him with a grave smile which showed that he no longer was thinking of him as a possible spy.

So he wrote letters and sent them to him with contents like these: King Alexander to his brother Jonathan, greeting: We have heard of you that you are a valiant man and fit to be our friend.

In answer to their greeting and the quite natural question if he had been waiting long, Rutlidge answered with a laugh.

He gave each a kindly greeting.

Halting by the gate she balanced her basket on the upper bar, and immediately measured out a quart by way of greeting.

Then, certain favorsall of a spiritual naturewere attached to this situation: a place nearer the master during lectures, a more affectionate greeting, a sweeter smile.

A WARRANT FOR THE EXECUTION OF A WITCH[A] AND THE SHERIFF'S RETURN THEREON To George Corwin Gentlm high Sheriff of the County of Essex Greeting Whereas Bridgett Bishop als Olliver the wife of Edward Bishop of Salem in the County of Essex Sawyer at a special Court of Oyer and Terminer (held at?)[B]

But this recollection of his first greeting of his pupils, and the expression of his countenance at the moment, will go with me to the end of life.

As the path, after being closed by a long, arduous, and painful contest, is to use an Indian metaphor, now opened and made smooth, I shall please myself with the hope of hearing from you frequently; and till you forbid me to indulge the wish, I shall not despair of seeing you and Mrs. Fairfax once more the inhabitants of Belvoir, and greeting you both there the intimate companions of our old age, as you have been of our younger years."

"If that is the Kaiser's Christmas greeting to his loving followers," observed Wagstaffe drily, "I think he might safely have left it to us to deliver it!"

Valentine observing it, gave him a quiet, matter-of-fact greeting, and talked of the weather.

Valentine turned and saw John near him; he came forward, but attempted no greeting.

She sat prim and upright and waited for her greeting, and Sylvia knew in a moment before their hands touched each other that here was no kindred spirit.

"That's not a very cheery greeting for a newcomer!"

The good old man was striving, as well as he could, to explain to them their way to a part of the city, where they might find a lodging, when the garden-gate opened, and a young man gave to the host a hearty greeting.

As we disembarked Josiah grasped holt of my hand ostensibly to help me but really in tender greeting, and sez in fervid axents, "I wouldn't have you take that trip alone, Samantha, without me with you to protect you, not for worlds.

When the pastor and the parson chanced to meet in some lowly cottage, it was never with embarrassment or apology, as if they served two masters, but always with hearty and glad greeting, and they always went away together.

At the same moment there was a shout of greeting from below, and Fenwick came into sight on the steep pitch of lane that led from the high-road to the cottage.

" This maternal blessing was followed by a most affectionate greeting and then the happy family repaired to Judge Donald McDonald's stately mansion where they further celebrated their reunion.

Well might the summer air bear on its wings greeting of familiar odors, lost and found!