4942 examples of greeting in sentences

"Good-morning, Thomas," she said politely enough, as I entered, and, as I returned her greeting, motioned me to a chair.

"You are growing old, Jason," he said, by way of greeting.

A shout brought Jerry plunging out of the door, and he joined in noisily greeting the coming of the team.

Safe on deck, he became in a moment stiff and haughty, greeting a fellow passenger here and there with a half-military salute.

Mrs. Foster had been abundantly affectionate in greeting her daughter; but, when once they were alone in the wee sitting-room of the old Kinzer homestead, she put her arms around her, saying, "Now, my darling, tell me what it all means.

"Hullo, you!" was the greeting which now came to his ears.

This was my morning greeting as I peeped in before breakfast to see that the operating theatre was swept and garnished for the day's work.

the Oriental answered, shuffling out to the car to help with the luggage and twisting and squirming as he kept bowing in greeting.

He threw up his hand in greeting and passed on out of the grounds.

Jessie waved a scarf, and Beresford, who had spent the previous evening with her, threw up a hand in gay greeting.

Cornificia, subduing her contralto voice, read the letter aloud: "To Nimius Secundus Sextus, son of Galienus Maximus, the freedman Rufus Glabrio sends humble greeting.

To her greeting their guest replied in that engaging shyness which is not awkwardness.

Some one passed with a greeting of which he was conscious too late to return.

There were traces of tears upon her thin little face and the warmth of the hug which returned her sister's greeting was evidence of an unusually disturbed mind.

As they returned through the splendid halls of the palace, Giustinian paused frequently to exchange a greeting with some old senator who came forward to welcome the young noble to the grave circle of rulers, and they were followed with glances of interest as they passed through the Piazza.

"To the Most Reverend the Patriarchs, Archbishops, and Bishops of our Venetian Dominions," said this "Protest," "and to the Vicars, Abbots, Priors, Rectors of Parochial Churches, and other Ecclesiastical Prelates, greeting:" forthwith proceeding to declare that "the Interdict which his Holiness was 'said' to have published was null and void, and forbidden to be observednot having been incurred by any fault of Venice.

Fra Paolo paused only for a moment as he passed the group to exchange a greeting, but his keen, quiet glance took in every expression, from the affectionate smile of old Fra Giulio to the jealous discontent of Fra Antonio, whose gaze drooped before him while he hastened to give the accustomed sign of reverence due to one so high in authority.

The man nodded acknowledgment of this greeting without detaching attention from the girl.

In good English but with musical Eastern inflection a voice gave greeting: "Good evening, Thirteen.

Without a sign to show he shared or even was aware of Sturm's emotion, Victor deliberately fished from beneath the table a telephone instrument, unhooked the receiver, and pronounced a conventional phrase of greeting.

She even sent a smile of casual greeting to Piers as she went.

He was never summoned to the Vicarage now, and, when they chanced to meet, the Vicar invariably reserved for him the iciest greeting that courtesy would permit.

From that day to the present, he had seen her only a half dozen times, and only for a chance greeting as they had passed each other in the street; but it seemed to him that she had never been really absent from him, so conscious was he of her all the time.

He offered no word of greeting.

His first greeting is commonly, Your friends are well;

4942 examples of  greeting  in sentences
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