6624 examples of grief in sentences

Was another in grief, Evasio Mon would send him on a long journey to a gay city, where the devout are not without worldly diversion in the evenings.

" "Annina!This from thee!" "Thou surely didst not come to his palace to seek thy cousin!" Gelsomina had long been familiar with grief, but until this moment she had never felt the deep humiliation of shame.

What guardian spirit protects the bold and mischievous has never yet been discovered; but it is a well authenticated fact that wild, harum scarum fellows like Terrence Malone seldom come to grief or disaster.

An attempt of Dorothy to revive his former sportiveness was the single occasion on which his quiet demeanor yielded to a violent display of grief; he burst into passionate weeping, and ran and hid himself, for his heart had become so miserably sore that even the hand of kindness tortured it like fire.

"Yea, and when I have hearkened carefully, the words seemed cold and lifeless, and intended for another and a lesser grief than mine.

" "Holy and wonderful in its might is the white rose of grief; but it is not the one we seek.

Upon his return from Cambridge his wife died, and his grief for her loss was so great, that for some time he betook himself to a retired and solitary life: Mrs. Donne died in the year 1617, on the seventh day after the birth of her twelfth child.

Why on this field of mirth, this realm of smiles Doth the fierce war of grief make such invasion?

So shalt thou thrive in love, fond boy; If thy tears and sighs discover Thy grief, thou never shalt enjoy The just reward of a bold lover: But when with moving accents thou Shalt constant faith and service vow, Thy Celia shall receive those charms With open ears, and with unfolded arms.

And my spirit to know, as in a dream, of the spiritual noise which did go outward through all space, and did be the grief of the Multitudes, as they did hear this thing.

And there did rise now a sound from all that Country that had no order in it; and did be like to a low moaning that did fill all the air of the Land; and there to be also a constant sound, as of a little whistling dree wind that did be in all that Country of Quiet; and truly this to be more than any singing; for it to be the true weeping of multitudes, that did sorrow from the heart, with the grief of this thing that did be.

Hidden grief seemed to knit his brows, anxiety was depicted in his looks, his lips were curled in a smile of pain.

When he arose and contemplated the corpse, in whose features were depicted the deepest grief, the tragedy of a whole wasted life which he was carrying over there beyond death, the old man shuddered and murmured, "God have mercy on those who turned him from the straight path!"

With the defeat of Montrose at Philiphaugh vanished those brilliant hopes with which the king had consoled himself for his former losses; but the activity of his enemies allowed him no leisure to indulge his grief; they had already formed a lodgment within the [Footnote 1: Balfour, iii. 341.

So had each dreadful day gone by, each slow departing night, And the queen stood now at sunset alone with grief and shame, When one came running towards her through the failing crimson light, A little lad, with Egypt's eyesbut hair like golden flame.

[and this out of tenderness to her, for what attention did I ever yet pay to the grief, the execrations, the tears of a woman I had triumphed over?] to bear me in her sight: to expostulate with me, to be pacified by my pleas, and by my own future hopes, founded upon the reconciliatory-project, upon my reiterated vows, and upon the Captain's assurances.

he was a laureate ere one leaf Of the great crown had whispered on his brows; Fame shrilled his song, Love carolled it, and Grief Blessed it with tears within her lonely house.

Bring a candle, for the room Is dark and cold, Antechamber of the tomb O grief untold!

Pleasure in joy she was never to find on earth; she would find it, then, in grief.

"If as they walk there, in the broad sunbeam, an angel meets them, bearing the tokens of a golden bowl that is broken and a silver cord that is unloosed, they follow him without grief or fear, thinking on that chamber of crystal gold!

Now her sorely-tried nerves gave way, and, distracted with grief, bow-ma caught her child in her arms, and their mingled cries rent the air.

But so dulled were her ears with fear and grief that he was twice obliged to repeat his words.

Among the studies I remarked that day in his apartment was one of a mother who had just lost her only child,a most masterly rendering of an unspeakable grief.

I seemed past feeling any grief.

On the servant's return to Agua Dulce, the alarm and grief of the family were pitiful, as was their helplessness.

6624 examples of  grief  in sentences