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6624 examples of  grief  in sentences

6624 examples of grief in sentences

Was another in grief, Evasio Mon would send him on a long journey to a gay city, where the devout are not without worldly diversion in the evenings.

There the antic sate Mocking our state his queer visnomyhis bewildering costumeall the strange things which he had raked togetherhis serpentine rod swagging about in his pocketCleopatra's tear, and the rest of his relicsO'Keefe's wild farce, and his wilder commentarytill the passion of laughter, like grief in excess, relieved itself by its own weight, inviting the sleep which in the first instance it had driven away.

He died on October 26, 1821, to his brother's great grief, leaving Charles everything.

An ingenious friend of mine informs me, that this has been so often the case, in some workhouses, that Venice treacle has acquired the appellation of 'the Lord have mercy upon me,' in allusion to the nurses' hackneyed expression of pretended grief, when infants expire!

Happily, I did not wander alone; I attended some ladies, with another gentleman, who all heard and assisted the inquiry, with equal grief and indignation.

You know it is not, therefore I am sure you will be wise and generous, and spare Amy further grief by avoiding her for the little time we stay.

Amy was at breakfast in her room, sobbing and sipping, moaning and munching, for, though her grief was great, her appetite was good, and she was in no mood to see anything comical in cracking eggshells while she bewailed her broken heart, or in eating honey in the act of lamenting the bitterness of her fate.

" "Annina!This from thee!" "Thou surely didst not come to his palace to seek thy cousin!" Gelsomina had long been familiar with grief, but until this moment she had never felt the deep humiliation of shame.

What guardian spirit protects the bold and mischievous has never yet been discovered; but it is a well authenticated fact that wild, harum scarum fellows like Terrence Malone seldom come to grief or disaster.

The swim had removed some of the traces of last night's work, but he still looked haggard and worn, and there was that expression in his eyes which a man's wear when he has been battling with a great grief or struggling against an overwhelming fate.

The old man's eyes closed, he straggled for breath, and when he had gained it, he looked from one to the other with a smile, a senile smile, which added to Ida's grief and terror.

Then, again, she was not free to indulge in idle grief, in the luxury of woe; the great house had still to be run, she had to bury her beloved dead, the mourning which seems such a hopeless mockery when the heart is racked with misery, had to be seen to; and she did it, and went through it all, with outward calm, sustained by that Heron spirit which may be described as the religion of her classnoblesse oblige.

The girl solitary and lonely in her grief as she had been solitary and lonely through her life, would see no one but the doctor and Mr. Wordley, and the people who had once been warm and intimate friends of the family left reluctantly and sully, to talk over the melancholy circumstance, and to wonder what would become of the daughter of the eccentric man who had lived the life of a recluse.

he asked, and spoke with a certain hesitancy; for as yet he had not spoken of her future, feeling that her grief was too recent, too sacred, to permit of the obtrusion of material and worldly matters.

Those who fly to the wine-cup in moments of tribulation and grief rely on a broken reed which shall pierce their hand.

Compared with her other losses, that of her home, dearly as she loved it, weighed but little; it was but, an added pang to the anguish of her bereavement; and behind that, the principal cause of her grief, loomed the desertion of her lover.

It was a slender and light-clad little boy, who leaned his face upon a hillock of fresh-turned and half-frozen earth, and wailed bitterly, yet in a suppressed tone, as if his grief might receive the punishment of crime.

Soon, however, the spectators saw a change upon her face, as the consciousness of her sad estate returned, and grief supplied the fount of tears which joy had opened.

An attempt of Dorothy to revive his former sportiveness was the single occasion on which his quiet demeanor yielded to a violent display of grief; he burst into passionate weeping, and ran and hid himself, for his heart had become so miserably sore that even the hand of kindness tortured it like fire.

"Yea, and when I have hearkened carefully, the words seemed cold and lifeless, and intended for another and a lesser grief than mine.

" "Holy and wonderful in its might is the white rose of grief; but it is not the one we seek.

Upon his return from Cambridge his wife died, and his grief for her loss was so great, that for some time he betook himself to a retired and solitary life: Mrs. Donne died in the year 1617, on the seventh day after the birth of her twelfth child.

Why on this field of mirth, this realm of smiles Doth the fierce war of grief make such invasion?

So shalt thou thrive in love, fond boy; If thy tears and sighs discover Thy grief, thou never shalt enjoy The just reward of a bold lover: But when with moving accents thou Shalt constant faith and service vow, Thy Celia shall receive those charms With open ears, and with unfolded arms.

[Footnote 11: The whole speech is bravadothe frothy grief of a weak, excitable effusive nature.

This is foolish, no doubt, but human, and natural to a certain childishness in grief.

Learn this intelligence from those who have escaped from the massacre; for I, since my brothers and all my relations have been slain, am prevented by grief from declaring what has taken place."

All were full of fear and grief.

These things are suitable to those who are able to learn them without perturbation, to those who can say: "I am not subject to anger, to grief, to envy: I am not hindered, I am not restrained.

And my spirit to know, as in a dream, of the spiritual noise which did go outward through all space, and did be the grief of the Multitudes, as they did hear this thing.

And there did rise now a sound from all that Country that had no order in it; and did be like to a low moaning that did fill all the air of the Land; and there to be also a constant sound, as of a little whistling dree wind that did be in all that Country of Quiet; and truly this to be more than any singing; for it to be the true weeping of multitudes, that did sorrow from the heart, with the grief of this thing that did be.

Hidden grief seemed to knit his brows, anxiety was depicted in his looks, his lips were curled in a smile of pain.

When he arose and contemplated the corpse, in whose features were depicted the deepest grief, the tragedy of a whole wasted life which he was carrying over there beyond death, the old man shuddered and murmured, "God have mercy on those who turned him from the straight path!"

like patience on a monument smiling at grief

concern, grief, sorrow, distress, affliction, woe, bitterness, heartache; carking cares; heavy heart, aching heart, bleeding heart, broken heart; heavy affliction, gnawing grief.

concern, grief, sorrow, distress, affliction, woe, bitterness, heartache; carking cares; heavy heart, aching heart, bleeding heart, broken heart; heavy affliction, gnawing grief.

labor under afflictions; bear the cross; quaff the bitter cup, have a bad time of it; fall on evil days &c (adversity) 735; go hard with, come to grief, fall a sacrifice to, drain the cup of misery to the dregs, sup full of horrors

concerned, sorry; sorrowing, sorrowful; cut up, chagrined, horrified, horror-stricken; in grief, plunged in grief, a prey to grief &c n.; in tears &c (lamenting) 839; steeped to the lips in misery; heart-stricken, heart-broken, heart-scalded; broken-hearted; in despair &c 859.

concerned, sorry; sorrowing, sorrowful; cut up, chagrined, horrified, horror-stricken; in grief, plunged in grief, a prey to grief &c n.; in tears &c (lamenting) 839; steeped to the lips in misery; heart-stricken, heart-broken, heart-scalded; broken-hearted; in despair &c 859.

concerned, sorry; sorrowing, sorrowful; cut up, chagrined, horrified, horror-stricken; in grief, plunged in grief, a prey to grief &c n.; in tears &c (lamenting) 839; steeped to the lips in misery; heart-stricken, heart-broken, heart-scalded; broken-hearted; in despair &c 859.

disappointment, mortification; cold comfort; regret &c 833; repining, taking on &c v.; heart-burning, heart-grief; querulousness &c (lamentation) 839; hypercriticism. inquietude, vexation of spirit, soreness; worry, concern, fear &c 860.

the countenance falling; the heart failing, the heart sinking within one; a plague of sighing and grief [Henry IV]; thick-ey'd musing and curs'd melancholy [Henry IV]; the sickening pang of hope deferred [Scott].

frown, scowl, make a wry face, gnash one's teeth, wring one's hands, tear one's hair, beat one's breast, roll on the ground, burst with grief. complain, murmur, mutter, grumble, growl, clamor, make a fuss about, croak, grunt, maunder; deprecate &c (disapprove) 932. cry out before one is hurt, complain without cause.

With the defeat of Montrose at Philiphaugh vanished those brilliant hopes with which the king had consoled himself for his former losses; but the activity of his enemies allowed him no leisure to indulge his grief; they had already formed a lodgment within the [Footnote 1: Balfour, iii. 341.

So had each dreadful day gone by, each slow departing night, And the queen stood now at sunset alone with grief and shame, When one came running towards her through the failing crimson light, A little lad, with Egypt's eyesbut hair like golden flame.

"He has come to grief in Chiltistan," he continued.

[and this out of tenderness to her, for what attention did I ever yet pay to the grief, the execrations, the tears of a woman I had triumphed over?] to bear me in her sight: to expostulate with me, to be pacified by my pleas, and by my own future hopes, founded upon the reconciliatory-project, upon my reiterated vows, and upon the Captain's assurances.

If it be the union of two hearts, [there was a turn, Jack!] to my utmost grief, I must say that we are not; since now I see you hate me.

she, in a violent fit of grief [falling upon her knees, and clasping her uplifted hands together] thy heavy curse is completed upon thy devoted daughter!

Wonder not then that her action, her grief, her tears, set the women into the like compassionate manifestations.

The charming creature threw her handkerchief over her head and neck, continuing kneeling, her back towards me, and her face hid upon a chair, and repeatedly sobbed with grief and passion.

dei, "that subjects himself to fear, grief, ambition, shame, is not happy, but altogether miserable, tortured with continual labour, care, and misery."

Aristotle, because he could not understand the motion of Euripus, for grief and shame drowned himself: Caelius Rodigimus antiquar.

In China 'tis an ordinary thing for such as are excluded in those famous trials of theirs, or should take degrees, for shame and grief to lose their wits, Mat Riccius expedit.

obscurorum virorum, so to heart, that for shame and grief he made away with himself, Jovius in elogiis.

A general cause, a continuate cause, an inseparable accident, to all men, is discontent, care, misery; were there no other particular affliction (which who is free from?) to molest a man in this life, the very cogitation of that common misery were enough to macerate, and make him weary of his life; to think that he can never be secure, but still in danger, sorrow, grief, and persecution.

[1750]Ingress, progress, regress, egress, much alike: blindness seizeth on us in the beginning, labour in the middle, grief in the end, error in all.

What day ariseth to us without some grief, care, or anguish?

"In which grief and sorrow" (as he right well observes out of Solon) "innumerable troubles, labours of mortal men, and all manner of vices, are included, as in so many pens."

Even in the midst of all our mirth, jollity, and laughter, is sorrow and grief, or if there be true happiness amongst us, 'tis but for a time, "Desinat in piscem mulier formosa superne:" "A handsome woman with a fish's tail," a fair morning turns to a lowering afternoon.

" Pleno se proluit auro: he feasts, revels, and profusely spends, hath variety of robes, sweet music, ease, and all the pleasure the world can afford, whilst many an hunger-starved poor creature pines in the street, wants clothes to cover him, labours hard all day long, runs, rides for a trifle, fights peradventure from sun to sun, sick and ill, weary, full of pain and grief, is in great distress and sorrow of heart.

17, "behold, for felicity I had bitter grief;" to weep with Heraclitus, to curse the day of our birth with Jeremy, xx.

So that both ways, hit or miss, he is distracted so long as his ambition lasts, he can look for no other but anxiety and care, discontent and grief in the meantime, madness itself, or violent death in the end.

And though he be at a banquet, or at some merry feast, "he sighs for grief of heart" (as Cyprian hath it) "and cannot sleep though it be upon a down bed; his wearish body takes no rest," [1850]"troubled in his abundance, and sorrowful in plenty, unhappy for the present, and more unhappy in the life to come."

It is a wonder to see, how many poor, distressed, miserable wretches, one shall meet almost in every path and street, begging for an alms, that have been well descended, and sometimes in flourishing estate, now ragged, tattered, and ready to be starved, lingering out a painful life, in discontent and grief of body and mind, and all through immoderate lust, gaming, pleasure and riot.

Tristes voluptatum exitus, et quisquis voluptatum suarum reminisci volet, intelliget, as bitter as gall and wormwood is their last; grief of mind, madness itself.

Their familiar attendants are, [2001] "Pallentes morbi, luctus, curaeque laborque Et metus, et malesuada fames, et turpis egestas, Terribiles visu formae" "Grief, labour, care, pale sickness, miseries, Fear, filthy poverty, hunger that cries, Terrible monsters to be seen with eyes.

Or if they be docile, yet all men's wills are not answerable to their wits, they can apprehend, but will not take pains; they are either seduced by bad companions, vel in puellam impingunt, vel in poculum (they fall in with women or wine) and so spend their time to their friends' grief and their own undoings.

But, thus reserv'd to lure the wolves of Turkey, Adds shame to grief, and infamy to ruin.

Aspasia!spare that lov'd, that mournful name: Dear, hapless maidtempestuous grief o'erbears My reasoning pow'rsDear, hapless, lost Aspasia! LEONTIUS.

Be fruitless grief The doom of guilt alone, nor dare to seize The breast, where virtue guards the throne of peace.

My hopes, my wishes, terminate in life, A little life, for grief, and for repentance.

Shake off this weight of unavailing grief, Rush to the war, display thy dreadful banners, And lead thy troops, victorious, round the world.

The wretch, whose guilt, declar'd by tortur'd Cali, My rage and grief had hid from my remembrance: Abdalla brought her doom! HASAN.

There came to him many a Maiden, Whose eyes had forgot to shine; And Widows, with grief o'erladen, For a draught of his sleepy wine.

Indifference to suffering and a keen appreciation of pleasure, make prolonged grief very unusual among Afro-Americans, and in consequence their lives are comparatively joyous.

There is sufficient matter for tears and grief without this addition."

Then also the losses of private families were made known throughout the several houses; and so completely was the whole city filled with grief, that the anniversary sacred rite of Ceres was intermitted, because it was neither allowable to perform it while in mourning, nor was there at that juncture a single matron who was not in mourning.

he was a laureate ere one leaf Of the great crown had whispered on his brows; Fame shrilled his song, Love carolled it, and Grief Blessed it with tears within her lonely house.

Bring a candle, for the room Is dark and cold, Antechamber of the tomb O grief untold!

Severe shock or grief, worry, nervous exhaustion, disease, and poisons in the blood of the mother are the most serious sources of injury; they render nutrition defective and if poison enters directly the blood of the mother or is generated by toxins through disease, the embryo will be poisoned and may be destroyed.

Pleasure in joy she was never to find on earth; she would find it, then, in grief.

Grief and horror and pity were painted on Lord Delacour's countenance as he passed hastily out of the room.

"If as they walk there, in the broad sunbeam, an angel meets them, bearing the tokens of a golden bowl that is broken and a silver cord that is unloosed, they follow him without grief or fear, thinking on that chamber of crystal gold!

Now her sorely-tried nerves gave way, and, distracted with grief, bow-ma caught her child in her arms, and their mingled cries rent the air.

But so dulled were her ears with fear and grief that he was twice obliged to repeat his words.

When he saw that he couldn't stop her in any other way, in his grief he seized his spear and hurled it.

Among the studies I remarked that day in his apartment was one of a mother who had just lost her only child,a most masterly rendering of an unspeakable grief.

He thought then that he was grieving deeply, but since last year he had learned all that a man could know of grief.

I seemed past feeling any grief.

Their books were open, but they did little work, and it was evident that Montagu was filled with the most touching grief.

We always knew at school that Eric was one of his greatest favorites, as indeed he and Vernon were with all of us; and when the unhappy boy had run away without even having the opportunity for bidding any one farewell, Mr. Rose displayed such real grief, that for weeks he was like a man who went mourning for a son.

I detest any exhibition of emotion, and this girl's utter abandonment to whatever grief or terror was hers irritated me.

she gasped, her face convulsed with grief and fear.

I sat stunned, helpless, grief-stricken.

Then I had wept my grief out on his shoulder secure in the knowledge of his brotherly love.

I think it was the stench from within that first roused me from my grief and made me realize that this was war and no time for tears.

"Of course, I know the whole thing would look insane to most people," he said sturdily, "but I've been in business long enough to see sharp gentlemen come to grief in spite of their funny work.

On the servant's return to Agua Dulce, the alarm and grief of the family were pitiful, as was their helplessness.

Yet even in his laughter his eyes were brightly observant; not a single detail of misery or grief was lost upon him; he drank it in; he fed his famine-stricken soul upon it.