98 examples of griefe in sentences

That shortly from the shape of womanhed, 345 Such as she was when Pallas she attempted, She grew to hideous shape of dryrihed*, Pined with griefe of follie late repented: Eftsoones her white streight legs were altered To crooked crawling shankes, of marrowe empted, 350

410 Or where shall I finde lamentable cryes, And mournfull tunes enough my griefe to show? Helpe, O thou Tragick Muse, me to devise Notes sad enough, t'expresse this bitter throw: For loe, the drerie stownd* is now arrived, 415 That of all happines hath us deprived.

I. One day, whiles that my daylie cares did sleepe, My spirit, shaking off her earthly prison, Began to enter into meditation deepe Of things exceeding reach of common reason; Such as this age, in which all good is geason*, And all that humble is and meane** debaced, Hath brought forth in her last declining season, Griefe of good mindes, to see goodnesse disgraced!

on earth so nothing doth endure, But bitter griefe and sorrowfull annoy: Which make this life wretched and miserable.

Whatever man he be whose heavie mynd, With griefe of mournefull great mishap opprest,

And given like cause with thee to waile and wepe; Griefe finds some ease by him that like does beare.

"Yet since so much thou seemst to rue my griefe, And car'st for one that for himselfe cares nought, (Sign of thy love, though nought for my reliefe, For my reliefe exceedeth living thought,) 95 I will to thee this heavie case relate: Then harken well till it to end be brought, For never didst thou heare more haplesse fate.

[Sidenote: cloake coold mother ] Nor Customary suites of solemne Blacke, Nor windy suspiration of forc'd breath, No, nor the fruitfull Riuer in the Eye, Nor the deiected hauiour of the Visage, Together with all Formes, Moods, shewes of Griefe, [Sidenote: moodes, chapes of] That can denote me truly.

Then he licenced the Merchants to depart, without giuing them any thing for their horses, which when the poore men saw, they were desperate, and as it were mad with sorrow and griefe.

And then I know there is no griefe on Earth Will touch his hart so much; which I will suffer, To quite his late good pleasure wrought on me, For ile be sworne in motion, and progresse Of his friends suite, I never in my life Wrastled so much with passion or was mov'd To take his firme love in such jelouse part.

Why should this loade of griefe lye on my heart With such a ponderous waight?

Ah, do not so disconsolate your selfe, Nor adde new streames of sorrow to your griefe, Which like a spring tide over-swels the bankes, Least you do make an inundation

Now have my feares brought forth this fearefull childe Of endlesse care, and everlasting griefe! Duke.

Oh my good Lord, do not mistake my case, And yet my griefe is sure infallible.

That is no paine; death is a welcome guest To those whose hearts are overwhelm'd with griefe.

Your sighes do shew some inward heavinesse; Your heavy lookes, your eyes brimfull of teares, Beares testimonie of some secret griefe.

Good Maister Cowley, you were ever kinde, But pardon me; I will not utter it To any one, for I have past my worde; And therefore urge me not to tell my griefe.

But those that smother griefe too secretly, May wast themselves in silent anguishment, And bring their bodies to so low an ebb, That all the world can never make it flowe, Unto the happy hight of former health.

My cause of griefe is now remedilesse, And all the world can never lessen it; Then since no meanes can make my sorrowes lesse, Suffer me waile a woe which wants redresse.

0 happy I, if my tormenting smart, Could rend like her's, my griefe-afflicted heart!

Now, father, give attention to my tale; I will not dip my griefe-deciphering tongue In bitter wordes of reprehension.

happy was that griefe, Which hath abridg'd whole numbers numberlesse Of hart-surcharging deplorations.

Good Harrie Williams, make no doubt of that; Besides your griefe reveald may have reliefe, Beyond your present expectation.

At this place died of the bloody flixe, the Pilot of our Admirall Kees Collen of Munickendam, a worthy man, to our great griefe.

The nineteenth, we proceeded thence on our voige, and the same day, to the great griefe of vs all died the Pilot of our Admirall.

98 examples of  griefe  in sentences