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100 example sentences with  griefe

100 example sentences with griefe

Nero, my love doth make thy fault and my griefe greater.

I protest I felt no griefe in it.

Let them extoll weake pittie that do neede it, Let meane men cry to have Law and Iustice done And tell their griefes to Heaven that heares them not: Kings must upon the Peoples headlesse courses Walk to securitie and ease of minde.

Whose griefe to know I humbly made request, But she as yet will not reueale the same. Ge.

Since needs you will that I renew my griefe, Whether it be my chance to finde reliefe Or not, I wreake not: such my crosses are As sooner I expect to meet despaire.

Ah, Ioculo, my brest is full of griefe,

No, No, great Phoebus; this your silence tends To hide your griefe from knowledge of your friends, Who, if they knew the cause in each respect, Would shewe their utmost skill to cure th'effect: Ap.

Good Ladyes, your conceites in iudgement erre: Because you see me dumpish, you referre The reason to some secret griefe of mine: But you haue seene me melancholy many a time: Perhaps it is the glowing weather now That makes me seeme so ill at ease to you.

Good Ladies, though I hope for no reliefe He shewe the ground of this my present griefe: This time of yeare, or there about it was, (Accursed be the time, tenne times, alas!)

Ile sit me downe and wake my griefe againe To sing a while in honour of thy name.

Stay, Ioculo, it is the Eccho, Boy, That mocks our griefe and laughes at our annoy.

More overthrowne and deeper in dispaire Than is the manner of your heavie smart, My carelesse griefe doth ranckle at my hart; And, in a word to heare the summe of all, I love and am beloved, but there-withall The sweetnesse of that banquet must forgo, Whose pleasant tast is chaungde with bitter wo.

Happy folkes would sell their blessings for her griefes But to be sure to meete them thus.

Thou art the comfort of my Treasure, Girle: Wee'le live together, if it please the King, And tell sad Stories of thy wretched Mother; Give equall sighes to one anothers griefe, And by discourse of happinesse to come Trample upon our present miseries.

Methinkes griefe dwells about her purest eyes, As if it begg'd a pardon for those teares Exhausted hence and onely due to love: Her Vaile hangs like a Cloud over her face, Through which her beauty, like a glimmering Starre, Gives a transparent lustre to the night, As if no sorrow could Ecclipse her light: Her lips, as they discourse, methinks, looke pale

I finde it now, but to my griefe I finde, Life stands not with us on such ticklish points, What is't, because we are Kings, Life takes it leave With greater state?

This and the Image of my living wrongs Is still confronted by me to beget Griefe like my shame, whose length may outlive Time: This Crosse the object of my wounded soule, To which I pray to keepe me from despaire, That ever, as the sight of one throwes up Mountaines of sorrowes on my accursed head, Turning to that, Mercy may checke despaire And bind my hands from wilfull violence.

Oh, Baltazar, I am thy friend, and mark'd thee When the King sentenc'd thee to banishment: Fire sparkled from thine eyes of rage and griefe; Rage to be doom'd so for a Groome so base, And griefe to lose thy country.

Oh, Baltazar, I am thy friend, and mark'd thee When the King sentenc'd thee to banishment: Fire sparkled from thine eyes of rage and griefe; Rage to be doom'd so for a Groome so base, And griefe to lose thy country.

And grones of buried ghosts the Heavens did perse; Where Homer's spright did tremble all for 'griefe, And curst th' accesse of that celestial thief.

140 "Seemes that that gentle river, for great griefe Of my mishaps which oft I to him plained, Or for to shunne the horrible mischiefe With which he saw my cruell foes me pained, And his pure streames with guiltles blood oft stained, From my unhappie neighborhood farre fled, 145 And his sweete waters away with him led.

[* Welds, wields] "O griefe of griefes!

[* Welds, wields] "O griefe of griefes!

that with such vaine illusion Hath so wise men bewitcht and overkest*, That they see not the way of their confusion: O vainesse to be added to the rest That do my soule with inward griefe infest!

But, O vaine labours of terrestriall wit, That buildes so stronglie on so frayle a soyle, As with each storme does fall away and flit, And gives the fruit of all your travailes toyle 515 To be the pray of Tyme, and Fortunes spoyle, I saw this towre fall sodainlie to dust, That nigh with griefe thereof my heart was brust.

This goodlie bridge, one foote not fastned well, Gan faile, and all the rest downe shortlie fell, Ne of so brave a building ought remained, That griefe thereof my spirite greatly pained.

"Behold," said it, "and by ensample see, That all is vanitie and griefe of minde, Ne other comfort in this world can be, But hope of heaven, and heart to God inclinde; 585 For all the rest must needs be left behinde.

Can griefe then enter into heavenly harts, And pierce immortall breasts with mortall smarts?

With that she wept and wofullie waymented, 355 That naught on earth her griefe might pacifie; And all the rest her dolefull din augmented With shrikes, and groanes, and grievous agonie.

For griefe enough it is to grieved wight To feele his fault, and not be further vext.

My fortune was, mongst manie others moe, To be partaker of their common woe; And my weake bodie, set on fire with griefe, 15 Was rob'd of rest and naturall reliefe.

50 The Foxe, that first this cause of griefe did finde, Gan first thus plaine his case with words unkinde: "Neighbour Ape, and my gossip eke beside, (Both two sure bands in friendship to be tide,) To whom may I more trustely complaine 55 The evill plight that doth me sore constraine, And hope thereof to finde due remedie?

Both for because your griefe doth great appeare, And eke because my selfe am touched neare: For I likewise have wasted much good time, 75 Still wayting to preferment up to clime, Whilst others alwayes have before me stept, And from my beard the fat away have swept; That now unto despaire I gin to growe, And meane for better winde about to throwe.

410 Or where shall I finde lamentable cryes, And mournfull tunes enough my griefe to show?

I. One day, whiles that my daylie cares did sleepe, My spirit, shaking off her earthly prison, Began to enter into meditation deepe Of things exceeding reach of common reason; Such as this age, in which all good is geason*, And all that humble is and meane** debaced, Hath brought forth in her last declining season, Griefe of good mindes, to see goodnesse disgraced!

so nothing doth endure, But bitter griefe and sorrowfull annoy: Which make this life wretched and miserable.

Whatever man he be whose heavie mynd, With griefe of mournefull great mishap opprest, Fit matter for his cares increase would fynd, Let reade the rufull plaint herein exprest, Of one, I weene, the wofulst man alive, Even sad Alcyon*, whose empierced brest Sharpe sorrowe did in thousand peeces rive.

"Yet since so much thou seemst to rue my griefe, And car'st for one that for himselfe cares nought, (Sign of thy love, though nought for my reliefe, For my reliefe exceedeth living thought,) 95 I will to thee this heavie case relate: Then harken well till it to end be brought, For never didst thou heare more haplesse fate.

V. "Hencefoorth I hate whatever Nature made, And in her workmanship no pleasure finde, For they be all but vaine, and quickly fade 395 So soone as on them blowes the northern winde; They tarrie not, but flit and fall away, Leaving behind them nought but griefe of minde, And mocking such as thinke they long will stay.

But when in hand my tunelesse harp I take, Then doe I more augment my foes despight, And griefe renew, and passions doe awake To battaile, fresh against my selfe to fight.

L. Long languishing in double malady Of my harts wound and of my bodies griefe, There came to me a leach, that would apply Fit medcines for my bodies best reliefe.

Thus I the time with expectation spend, And faine my griefe with chaunges to beguile, That further seemes his terme still to extend, And maketh every minute seem a myle.

Which well perceiving, that imperious boy 120 Doth therewith tip his sharp empoisned darts, Which glancing thro the eyes with* countenance coy Rest not till they have pierst the trembling harts, And kindled flame in all their inner parts, Which suckes the blood, and drinketh up the lyfe, 125 Of carefull wretches with consuming griefe.

Fresh flowre of grace, great goddesse of my life, When your faire eyes these fearfull lines shall read, Deigne to let fall one drop of dew reliefe, That may recure my harts long pyning griefe, 285 And shew what wondrous powre your beauty hath, That can restore a damned wight from death.

And of his griefe complayned; Who could not chuse but laugh at his fond game, Though sad to see him pained.

Grecian Libbard, v. Greece, ii.; v. Greenwich, v. Grey, Lord, of Wilton, i. Griefe, ii.

My Lord, do as you please, But if you hold it fit after the Play, Let his Queene Mother all alone intreat him To shew his Greefes: let her be round with him, [Sidenote: griefe,] And Ile be plac'd

[Sidenote: Greefe ioy ioy griefes] This world is not for aye, nor 'tis not strange That euen our Loues should with our Fortunes change.

Which makes thy tongue to blazon thy hearts griefe: But as I haue a soule, I sweare by heauen, I neuer knew of this most horride murder: But Hamlet, this is onely fantasie, And for my loue forget these idle fits.

What is he, whose griefes [Sidenote: griefe] Beares such an Emphasis?

What is he, whose griefes [Sidenote: griefe] Beares such an Emphasis?

Beleeue mee, it greeues mee much Horatio, That to Leartes I forgot my selfe: For by my selfe me thinkes I feele his griefe, Though there's a difference in each others wrong.]

But sure the brauery of his griefe did put me Into a Towring passion.

Thus he Affections could, or raise or lay; Love, Griefe and Mirth thus did his Charmes obey: He Nature taught her passions to out-doe, How to refine the old, and create new; Which such a happy likenesse seem'd to beare,

Frozen with griefe we could not stir away Untill the Epilogue told us 'twas a Play.

Our griefe doth but contract the heart, & gladnesse Dilate the same; and soo too much of eyther Is hott i'th' fourth degree.

Ive to much griefe already."

Sorrows flow high: one griefe succeed another; I die in piety to redeeme my Mother.

And, which I cannot without true griefe utter, There drownd them both.

The livery of my griefe: my fathers dead And mee hath made his poore executor.

Then he licenced the Merchants to depart, without giuing them any thing for their horses, which when the poore men saw, they were desperate, and as it were mad with sorrow and griefe.

[Footnote 16: "Faith, doctor, it is well, thy study is to please The female sex, and how their corp'ral griefes to ease."

And then I know there is no griefe on Earth Will touch his hart so much; which I will suffer, To quite his late good pleasure wrought on me, For ile be sworne in motion, and progresse Of his friends suite, I never in my life Wrastled so much with passion or was mov'd To take his firme love in such jelouse part.

รด tis growne with griefe, But now this love shall tear thy griefe from thee.

รด tis growne with griefe, But now this love shall tear thy griefe from thee.

O friend, thou hast betraide my love in vaine: Now am I worse then eyther mad or drown'd, Now have I onely wits to know my griefes And life to feel them.

Sir, I best knowe howe muche abusses wounde An inocent brest: myne keepes a register With corsives charactred on everye syde Of the griefe drinkinge pap[er].

Why should this loade of griefe lye on my heart With such a ponderous waight?

my heart is full of griefe

But what my Ladies pleasure is, we are thus in griefe.

Brother, I feare, this Child when I am gone, Wil have great cause of griefe and hideous feare: You will protect him, but I prophecie, His share will be of woe and misery: But mothers feares do make these cares arise; Come, boye, and close thy mothers dying eyes.

Ah, do not so disconsolate your selfe, Nor adde new streames of sorrow to your griefe, Which like a spring tide over-swels the bankes, Least you do make an inundation And so be borne away with swiftest tides Of ugly feare and strong dispairing thoughts.

Now have my feares brought forth this fearefull childe Of endlesse care, and everlasting griefe!

And yet my griefe is sure infallible.

That is no paine; death is a welcome guest To those whose hearts are overwhelm'd with griefe.

Your sighes do shew some inward heavinesse; Your heavy lookes, your eyes brimfull of teares, Beares testimonie of some secret griefe.

To any one, for I have past my worde; And therefore urge me not to tell my griefe.

But those that smother griefe too secretly, May wast themselves in silent anguishment, And bring their bodies to so low an ebb, That all the world can never make it flowe, Unto the happy hight of former health.

My cause of griefe is now remedilesse, And all the world can never lessen it; Then since no meanes can make my sorrowes lesse, Suffer me waile a woe which wants redresse.

0 happy I, if my tormenting smart, Could rend like her's, my griefe-afflicted heart!

Now, father, give attention to my tale; I will not dip my griefe-deciphering tongue

happy was that griefe, Which hath abridg'd whole numbers numberlesse Of hart-surcharging deplorations.

Good Harrie Williams, make no doubt of that; Besides your griefe reveald may have reliefe, Beyond your present expectation.

rather, you hy powers, Then to prolonge our griefes, shorten our howers.

And to my griefe I see his marriage rites Will cut him short of all this earths delights.

What meanes this griefe, my Lord?

The Duke, I feare, is slaine with extreame griefe.

O liv'd my Euphrata and Constantine, How gladly would I all my griefe resigne.

Thus far, my love, our hopes have good successe; One storme more past, my griefes were much the less.

O give no way to griefe, But let beliefe Of mutuall love, This wonder to the vulgar prove Our Bodyes, not wee move.

men in her, being busie to set vp a newe maste, but when they perceyued their men to bee so handeled in the Amsterdam, and that they leapt ouer horde, they turned backe againe, and in great haste rowed to land, so that at that time they got not much by the bargaine, and no small griefe to vs, for there wee lost 12.

At this place died of the bloody flixe, the Pilot of our Admirall Kees Collen of Munickendam, a worthy man, to our great griefe.

The nineteenth, we proceeded thence on our voige, and the same day, to the great griefe of vs all died the Pilot of our Admirall.

Wee'l live together like two wanton Vines, Circling our soules and loves in one another, Wee'l spring together and weel beare one fruit; One joy shall make us smile, and one griefe mourne; One age go with us, and one houre of death Shall shut our eyes, and one grave make us happie.

This is my griefe, I shall be flesht on Cowards; Teach me to fight, I willing am to learne.

I the wretched Claius Salute thy happy soyle, I that have liv'd Pelted with angry curses in a place As horrid as my griefes, the Lylibaean mountaines, These sixteene frozen winters; there have I Beene with rude out-lawes, living by such sinnes As runne o' th' score with justice 'gainst my prayers and wishes:

A Cell where griefe the Landlord is Shall be my palace of delight, Where I will wooe with votes and sighes Sweet death to end my sorrowes quite; Since I have lost my Rhodon deare, Deaths fleshlesse armes why should I feare?

This is sometimes called "griefing" because trolls cause grief and make them sad or angry.

Stop griefing me, losers!

As he rushed for cover in the building he made a comment about his being "griefed by my child right now."