98 examples of griefe in sentences

And grones of buried ghosts the Heavens did perse; Where Homer's spright did tremble all for 'griefe, And curst th' accesse of that celestial thief.

140 "Seemes that that gentle river, for great griefe Of my mishaps which oft I to him plained, Or for to shunne the horrible mischiefe With which he saw my cruell foes me pained, And his pure streames with guiltles blood oft stained, From my unhappie neighborhood farre fled, 145

But when in hand my tunelesse harp I take, Then doe I more augment my foes despight, And griefe renew, and passions doe awake To battaile, fresh against my selfe to fight.

L. Long languishing in double malady Of my harts wound and of my bodies griefe, There came to me a leach, that would apply Fit medcines for my bodies best reliefe.

Thus I the time with expectation spend, And faine my griefe with chaunges to beguile, That further seemes his terme still to extend, And maketh every minute seem a myle.

Fresh flowre of grace, great goddesse of my life, When your faire eyes these fearfull lines shall read, Deigne to let fall one drop of dew reliefe, That may recure my harts long pyning griefe, 285 And shew what wondrous powre your beauty hath, That can restore a damned wight from death.

that I so much did scorne, Hath hurt me with his little horne." 30 Unto his mother straight he weeping came, And of his griefe complayned; Who could not chuse but laugh at his fond game, Though sad to see him pained.

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What is he, whose griefes [Sidenote: griefe] Beares such an Emphasis?

Beleeue mee, it greeues mee much Horatio, That to Leartes I forgot my selfe: For by my selfe me thinkes I feele his griefe, Though there's a difference in each others wrong.

But sure the brauery of his griefe did put me Into a Towring passion.

The livery of my griefe: my fathers dead

Brother, I feare, this Child when I am gone, Wil have great cause of griefe and hideous feare: You will protect him, but I prophecie, His share will be of woe and misery:

Now have my feares brought forth this fearefull childe Of endlesse care, and everlasting griefe! Duke.

But those that smother griefe too secretly, May wast themselves in silent anguishment, And bring their bodies to so low an ebb, That all the world can never make it flowe, Unto the happy hight of former health.

My cause of griefe is now remedilesse, And all the world can never lessen it; Then since no meanes can make my sorrowes lesse, Suffer me waile a woe which wants redresse.

0 happy I, if my tormenting smart, Could rend like her's, my griefe-afflicted heart!

Now, father, give attention to my tale; I will not dip my griefe-deciphering tongue In bitter wordes of reprehension.

happy was that griefe, Which hath abridg'd whole numbers numberlesse Of hart-surcharging deplorations.

Good Harrie Williams, make no doubt of that; Besides your griefe reveald may have reliefe, Beyond your present expectation.

O give no way to griefe, But let beliefe Of mutuall love, This wonder to the vulgar prove Our Bodyes, not wee move.

At this place died of the bloody flixe, the Pilot of our Admirall Kees Collen of Munickendam, a worthy man, to our great griefe.

The nineteenth, we proceeded thence on our voige, and the same day, to the great griefe of vs all died the Pilot of our Admirall.

Wee'l live together like two wanton Vines, Circling our soules and loves in one another, Wee'l spring together and weel beare one fruit; One joy shall make us smile, and one griefe mourne; One age go with us, and one houre of death Shall shut our eyes, and one grave make us happie.

This is my griefe, I shall be flesht on Cowards; Teach me to fight, I willing am to learne.

98 examples of  griefe  in sentences