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6624 examples of  griefs  in sentences

6624 examples of griefs in sentences

Can you forgive the Griefs I've made you suffer? Org.

p. 41, l. 6 Griefs. 1724 'Grief.' p. 41, l. 9

I have never been told, and now will never be told, what his griefs against my mother's family, and specially against that cousin, had been; but that he had been very determined, deeply prejudiced, there can be no doubt.

All personal griefs, everything but the pending battle, were driven from the men's minds as the signs of the momentous work of the morrow accumulated.

And as the faithful lover by his loved one's empty seat Knows that the wind of love may change e'er once again they meet, So to this sad foreboding do fancied griefs appear As he who has most cause to love has too most cause for fear.

They found themselves left alone to their private griefs, ruminating regretfully over the golden age that had suddenly ended, gazing into the blackness of a future without hope.

Lady Huntingdon at this period of her life was called upon to endure some very heavy domestic griefs.

I think you said you had been tossed from wrong to injury, and that you thought your griefs would equal mine, if both were opened."

And in the height of my griefs the hawk came back, and lighting upon the beam of my chamber, he said to me in a man's voice, which sounded strangely even in my dream, to hear a hawk to speak: Be of good cheer, he said, O daughter of Icarius!

"I have been selfish, dearest Miss Effingham," he exclaimed"have overtaxed your patiencehave annoyed you with griefs and losses that have no interest for you, which can have no interest, with one happy and blessed as yourself.

But a child who has no taste for reading, who is utterly incapable of losing himself in a printed page, quite unable to forget his childish griefs, "And plunge, Soul forward, headlong into a book's profound, Impassioned for its beauty and salt of truth," such a child is to be pitied as missing one of the chief joys of life.

If it be egotism to imply and twine with his own identity the griefs and affections of anothermaking himself many, or reducing many unto himselfthen is the skilful novelist, who all along brings in his hero, or heroine, speaking of themselves, the greatest egotist of all; who yet has never, therefore, been accused of that narrowness.

When he had talked to Miss Caroline through the second julep,digressing only to marvel briefly again that the properties of mint should so long have been Nature's own secret in Little Arcady,telling her his joys, his griefs, his interests, which were but the joys and griefs and interests of his people, he wrought a spell upon her so that she in turn became confiding.

When he had talked to Miss Caroline through the second julep,digressing only to marvel briefly again that the properties of mint should so long have been Nature's own secret in Little Arcady,telling her his joys, his griefs, his interests, which were but the joys and griefs and interests of his people, he wrought a spell upon her so that she in turn became confiding.

" "'Twould make my griefs still heavier, did I know that one who has shown so much courage in my behalf, has equal reason to feel their justice," returned Violetta, quickly.

Still retaining her hand, he dropped on his knees before her, as he answered, "I am the pupil, the child of your late husband, the companion of his dangers, the sharer of his joys and griefs, and would I could add, the friend of his widow.

If I had loved anyone sufficiently to make confiding my griefs a necessity, I should not have been in the condition I was.

Above all, she not only told her of heavier sorrows; she told her how those greater griefs might be lightened.

The mother now motioned to her son to quit the room, while she remained herself to soothe the weeping girl, as she so often had done before, when overcome by her infantile, or youthful griefs.

Little did either dream, at that instant, that this same wayward beingthe creature of passion, and the fierce avenger of all his own fancied griefs, was the cause of the dreadful blow that had so recently fallen on them.

Read what the singing-womenone to ten thousand of the suffering womentell us, and think of the griefs that die unspoken!

A Christmas Carol God bless you all this Christmas Day And drive the cares and griefs away.

My heart is full: writing may give some vent to my griefs, and perhaps I may write what lies most upon my heart, without confining myself strictly to the present subject.

H. Give me thy hand; now God's curse on me light, If I forsake not grief, in griefs despite.

'Twas he that urged the king to 'sess the clergy, When to the holy land he took his journey; And he it is that rescued those two thieves, Scarlet and Scathlock, that so many griefs To churchmen did: and now, they say, He keeps in Sherwood, and himself doth play The lawless reaver:[202] hear you, my Lord Prior, He must be taken, or it will be wrong.

What we show is but a Christmas jest; Conceive of this, and guess of all the rest: Full like a scholar's hapless fortune's penn'd, Whose former griefs seldom have happy end.

Where'er we toss upon this crabbed stage, Griefs our companion; patience be our page.

Meanwhile Apollo, in a gloomy shade (The native lustre of his brows decayed) 20 Indulging sorrow, sickens at the sight Of his own sunshine, and abhors the light: The hidden griefs, that in his bosom rise, Sadden his looks, and overcast his eyes, As when some dusky orb obstructs his ray, And sullies in a dim eclipse the day.

Now secretly with inward griefs he pined, Now warm resentments to his grief he joined, And now renounced his office to mankind.

At length he raised his head, and thus began To vent his griefs, and tell the woods his pain.

6 Yet then from all my griefs, O Lord, Thy mercy set me free; Whilst, in the confidence of prayer, My soul took hold on thee.

for they tell you they would fain know of a balm for the many griefs they endure; they would be taught to avoid the many sins they commit; and, oh!

All my griefs to this are jolly, Naught so mad as melancholy.

When I lie, sit, or walk alone, I sigh, I grieve, making great moan, In a dark grove, or irksome den, With discontents and Furies then, A thousand miseries at once Mine heavy heart and soul ensconce, All my griefs to this are jolly, None so sour as melancholy.

All my griefs to this are jolly, None so damn'd as melancholy.

All my griefs to this are jolly, Naught so harsh as melancholy.

All my griefs to this are jolly, Naught so fierce as melancholy.

Now desperate I hate my life, Lend me a halter or a knife; All my griefs to this are jolly, Naught so damn'd as melancholy.

In a commonwealth, where is no public enemy, there is likely civil wars, and they rage upon themselves: this body of ours, when it is idle, and knows not how to bestow itself, macerates and vexeth itself with cares, griefs, false fears, discontents, and suspicions; it tortures and preys upon his own bowels, and is never at rest.

Intolerable pain and anguish, long sickness, captivity, misery, loss of goods, loss of friends, and those lesser griefs, do sometimes effect it, or such dismal accidents.

Robert Fielding's death and Jerrold's absence were two griefs that inflamed each other; they came together to make one immense, intolerable wound.

He could not tell his griefs.

The excitement of the fight had kept them up at first; but as it went on and, no matter what the issue, the ruin became plain; each one had his griefs, and each feared to lose the littlebut that little, infinitely preciousremained to him.

why could not the great Tuscan have been superior enough to his personal griefs to write a whole book full of such beauties, and so have left us a work truly to be called Divine?]

"The heart knoweth its own bitterness," and a stranger may not inter-meddle with its griefs.

Childhood can weep over its sorrows; it is only later griefs that refuse the healing balm of tears.

It had been one of the griefs of his life that Henry and Esther had both refused to join their father's church, though Esther always dutifully attended it every Sunday morning; and it was thinking of them, though without naming them, that he said, "I met Mr. Trotter yesterday,"Mr.

Adelheid gladly pointed out to her companion the various objects of the view, as a means of recalling the thoughts of Christine from her own particular griefs, which were heightened by regret for the loss of her mother, from whom she was now seriously separated for the first time in her life, since their communications, though secret, had been constant during the years she had dwelt under another roof.

A time will come in the profoundest griefs when those rituals to which young grief is so eager to vow itself will grow lifeless and conventional, the daily tasks of remembrance become as the told beads of pattered prayers.

That alone was grief enough for her; and yet that was the lightest of all her griefs.

Now the Griefs of Lovers begin to flow, and their Wounds to bleed afresh.

The sharp private griefs that sting the heart so deeply, and leave a little poison behind, did not spare him.

He had before gone from among us with his joy; and then we heard that he had dropped out of life with his griefs; and our beautiful region, and the region of life, were so much the darker in a thousand eyes.

There, in a heap, the masks of Earth, The cares, the sins, the griefs, are thrown Complete, as, through diviner birth, I walk the sands alone.

One gracious drop, falling from my seared orbs, would have been the blessed channel of pent-up griefs that seemed to crush my almost frenzied brain.

The air was thick with disasters, and injustice, and strange griefs immediately I loosed my hold on the immense fact that he was mine.

She forgot her little home griefs to wonder why a brown-purple shadow always streaked one particular part in the fullest sunlight; why the cloud-shadows always seemed to be wafted with a sidelong motion; or she would imagine what lay beyond those old gray holy hills, which seemed to bear up the white clouds of Heaven on which the angels flew abroad.

=Memory=, in whose mysterious cells are treasured the records of the past, carries us back to our earlier years, and all our pursuits, and sports, and joys, and griefs, pass rapidly in review before us; and =Hope= leads us onward, investing future years with charms, and bidding us strive with brave and manly hearts in the conflicts and duties that remain.

I see more and more that if we have within us the mind of Christ, we must bear the burden of other griefs than our own; He did not merely pity suffering humanity; He bore our griefs, and in all our afflictions He was afflicted.

I see more and more that if we have within us the mind of Christ, we must bear the burden of other griefs than our own; He did not merely pity suffering humanity; He bore our griefs, and in all our afflictions He was afflicted.

"I know my griefs; but then my consolations, My joys, and my immortal hopes I know" joys unknown to the prosperous, hopes that spring from seed long buried in the dust.

It was when Mark had come ashore again, and commenced the toil of covering the decayed fish, and of gathering them into piles, that these smaller matters supplanted the deep griefs of his solitude.

Tears are for lighter griefs.

Eliza's griefs are so express'd by you, They are too eloquent to have been true.

For remember, Jesus was no shallow optimist; He did not go through life seeing only its pleasant things; He was at Cana of Galilee, but He was also at Nain; over all His life there lay a shadow, the shadow of the Cross; He died in the dark, betrayed of man, forsaken of God; surely He hath borne our griefs and carried our sorrows.

In the midst of the silence of the night, the cathedral clock struck twelve, the old year with its griefs and sorrows had disappeared.

The voices of the birds which love the deeper shades of the forest are sadder than those of the open fields: these are the nuns that have taken themselves away from the world and tell their griefs to the infinite listening Silences of the wilderness,for the one deep inner silence that Nature breaks with her fitful superficial sounds becomes multiplied as the image of a star in ruffled waters.

Thus the sacred seer who is esteemed the most eloquent of the ancient prophets, more than seven hundred years before the events occurred, spoke of the vicarious sufferings of Christ as of things already past, and even then described them in the phraseology of historical facts: "Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.

If thou wilt leave me, do not leave me last, When other petty griefs have done their spite; But in the onset come: So shall I taste At first the very worst of fortune's might; And other strains of woe, which now seem woe, Compared with loss of thee, will not seem so. SONG.

His ready smile a parent's warmth expressed, Their welfare pleased him, and their cares distressed; To them his heart, his love, his griefs, were given, But all his serious thoughts had rest in heaven.

Doom me (ye powers) to misery and shame, Let mine be the most ignominious name, Let me, each day, be with new griefs perplext, Curst in this life, nor blessed in the next, If I believe the like of her survives, Or if I think her not the best of mothers, and of wives.

That was a mere jest lacking all but the touch of cruelty which gives a spice to so many of life's witticisms; but the second tide, overflowing in wave after wave of human misery, reached great heights of tragedy which submerged all common griefs.

It was Burns's Alloway Kirk we paid for, and we find we have bought a share in the griefs of James Russell, seedsman; for is not the stone that tells this blinding sorrow of real life the true centre of the picture, and not the roofless pile which reminds us of an idle legend?

" It is certain that, if we had listened to our griefs, if we had called to legal account, the authors of our misfortunes, it is difficult to believe that they would have escaped the inflexible rigour of justice.

Cadurcis had found some opportunities of pouring forth his griefs and mortification into the ear of Venetia, and they had reached her mother; but Lady Annabel, though she sympathised with this interesting boy, invariably counselled duty.

"'Thus, O Krishna, afflicted with numerous griefs, and in great distress, am I living, with Dhaumya at our head, but deprived of the company of the adorable Kunti!

And burying her face in his bosom, the beauteous Damayanti of large eyes began to sigh heavily, remembering her griefs.

Through health and sickness, hope and fear; In griefs imagined, never known, Its current flowed, my heart to cheer; And light upon my pathway shone, But ah!

Other troubles have been mitigated, other griefs respected if not understood.

" It is curious also to remark, in the various lists of griefs which make life a burden and a sorrow, how often the climax of these woes is the lack of sleep, or the troubled dreams bearing their train of "gorgons, hydras, and chimeras dire," which come with broken rest.

Be not deterred if thy gorge at first rises against it, for, when thou art wonted, it is a balm for all sorrows and griefs, and as a dream of Paradise.

Far hence exert thy awful reign, Where tutelary shrines and solemn busts Inclose the hallow'd dust: Where feeble tapers shed a gloomy ray, And statues pity feign; Where pale-ey'd griefs their wasting vigils keep, There brood with sullen state, and nod with downy sleep.

This common-place way of Thinking I fell into from an awkward Endeavour to throw off a real and fresh Affliction, by turning over Books in a melancholy Mood; but it is not easy to remove Griefs which touch the Heart, by applying Remedies which only entertain the Imagination.

He does not encourage a man to desire a mutual soul intimately to share griefs and joys; one in whom the confiding heart can repose, whose smile shall reward and soften toil, whose voice shall beguile sorrow.

Yolanda, on the contrary, was intense in all her joys and griefs.

I remember everything, even the griefs, and all my thoughts that have been and are to be bestir themselves and arise before me.

The less one is disposed, if one has any sense, to talk of oneself to people that inquire only out of compliment, and do not listen to the answer, the more satisfaction one feels in indulging a self-complacency, by sighing to those that really sympathise with our griefs.

"While life's dark maze I tread, And griefs around me spread, Be Thou my guide; Bid darkness turn to day, Wipe sorrow's tears away, Nor let me ever stray From Thee aside.

Few know what care an husband's peace destroys, His real griefs, and his dissembled joys.

For the one ship that struts the shore Many's the gallant, overwhelmed creature Nodding in navies nevermore. XXXIII. GRIEFS.


Bisected now by bleaker griefs, We envy the despair That devastated childhood's realm, So easy to repair.

6, so in due time "he bare our griefs, and carried our sorrows.

It seemed to me strange, on the other hand, that people born in Italy, with this sun, with these nights, with so many glories, so many griefs, so many hopes at home, should have the mania of singing the mists of Scandinavia, and the Sabbaths of witches, and should go mad for a gloomy and dead feudalism, which had come from the North, the highway of our misfortunes.

Like all Nature's processes, it is gentle and gradual in its approaches, strewed with illusions, and all its little griefs soothed by natural sedatives.

There is a time to laugh and sing, A time to mourn and grieve as well; Then let your song and laughter ring, This is no time on griefs to dwell.

The absurdity of a custom authorizing people at a first interview to revive the idea of griefs which time has lulled, perhaps obliterated, is intolerable.

To griefs congenial prone, More wounds than nature gave he knew, While misery's form his fancy drew In dark ideal hues, and horrors not its own.

And the girls, who were dying to ask a hundred thousand questions, felt that they were dismissed, and, kissing their dignified parent, they retired to their own large, back room, which they shared, in common with all their pleasures and little griefs, together.

Many troubadours, as has been said, ended their lives in monasteries and the disappointments or griefs which drove them to this course often aroused religious feelings, regrets for past follies and resolutions of repentance, which found expression in poetry.