173 examples of grills in sentences

" "But" "I'll have 'em send me up a bite from the grill.

He's out in front or down in the grill or somewhere around.

" "What about him?" "I rather thought I might want to grill him to-night.

She'd jump into the fire for this young man, and grill with a Joan of Arc smile on her face.

The heirs sold out in 1722 to a man named Grill, in whose family the property remained until 1800, when it was purchased by the ancestors of the present owners.

[U.S.], exchange [Euph.]; grill room, saloon [U.S.], shebeen^; coffee house, eating house; canteen, restaurant, buffet, cafe, estaminet^, posada^; almshouse^, poorhouse, townhouse [U.S.].

James, bring us a grill, and a lobster, and a bottle of Mumms, number 27, you know.

There were marry occasions where, after one pair of stupid sentries had put us through the grill, a second pair, watching from a distance of thirty yards or so, promptly repeated the entire performance.

Soups, Boiled Food, Pies, Stews, Salads, Roasts, Grills.

Soups, Boiled Food, Pies, Stews, Salads, Roasts, Grills.

Picnic tables and grills waited in small clearings.

Sweets alternated capriciously with roasts and grills.

The bank had removed itself and its business to the underground vaults, and the large room on the ground floor, with its polished mahogany counters, brass grills and desks, loomed dim and indistinct in the light which filtered past the sandbags piled outside.

If you want fare of the realm the dining rooms and grills of the hotels are at your service, as are the restaurants along Market, Powell and other streets.

A pulpit in the grill room.

The Milan grill room.

Is there any cold chicken you could grill?" "Chota murghi one egg lay, mem-sahib, anda poach.

Sahib, chicken grill laike!" "Oh, all right!

Sahib plenty 'ungrychicken grill, peechy ramble-tamble egg!" "Have it your own way.

Philharmonics, plays, burlesques, concerts, minstrel entertainments, never lacked audiences, especially when the proceeds were destined for the Union Defence Committee; the hotels, Bancroft, St. Nicholas, Metropolitan, New York, Fifth Avenue, were all brilliantly thronged at night; cafes and concert halls like the Gaieties, Canterbury, and American, flourished and flaunted their advertisements; grills, restaurants, saloons, multiplied.

But the very expression of my mother-in-law's back as I followed her through the glittering grill room of the Sydenham told me that our chances for having a pleasant evening were slender indeed.

During their office hours they professed an unflinching belief in the blessed word 'Democracy,' which means any crowd on the movethat is to say, the helpless thing which breaks through floors and falls into cellars; overturns pleasure-boats by rushing from port to starboard; stamps men into pulp because it thinks it has lost sixpence, and jams and grills in the doorways of blazing theatres.

Half boil it, score it and squeeze over lemon juice, and cover with grated bread crumbs, egg and parsley, broil it over a clear fire and put it to brown in a Dutch oven, or grill and serve with a sauce seasoned with lemon pickle and chopped mint.

Butter some biscuits on both sides, and pepper them well, make a paste of either chopped anchovies, or fine cheese, and spread it on the biscuit, with mustard and cayenne pepper, and grill them.

Other civilians had come that way beforehad seen, and grinned, and complimented and gone their way, leaving the gunners high up on the bleak hillside to grill or mildew or freeze for weeks and months.

173 examples of  grills  in sentences
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