2707 examples of gripped in sentences

So saying, he gripped stout Roger's arm and plunged into the crowd.

I looked round to see, and every one was having her arm held, but I don't believe the Vicomte need have gripped mine quite so tight as he did.

Before Sheila could even say her quick "I'm sorry," the woman had come at her with a sort of spring, had gripped her by the shoulders, had shaken her with ferocity, and let her go.

He gripped her hands tighter, then, toward the end, he rose with a sharp oath, lit his cigarette, paced to and fro.

He had his arms folded, his hands gripped the damp sleeves of his coat.

He gripped the steering wheel.

His helpless condition went straight to my heart, and gripped my sympathies.

"The winter had thoroughly gripped your system, and that was why you could not get better before.

Marianne gripped the glass hard and then dropped it.

Hands gripped at him with a clutch so powerful that the fingers burned into his flesh.

It was well for Hervey then that his panic was not blind, but with the surety that the end was come he whirled to his knees with the chair which had felled him gripped in both hands and straight at the lunging Perris he hurled it with all his strength.

Toppled head over heels in the rush of the Little Smoky, still his left hand gripped the rope and as he came gasping to the surface his feet struck and lodged strongly against the surface of a great boulder.

Hid in some hay" He gripped her arm as if it were more than he could stand.

It gripped her as it had never done before.

Instinctively the young woman gripped the long skirt as it slipped through her hands, and held it tenaciously, though too frightened for an instant to do more.

" Aldous reached over and gripped MacDonald's hand.

He could look off through the fading sunshine of the valley and see the mountain where Coyote Number Twenty-eight was to have done its work, and as he looked he gripped the window-sill so fiercely that the nails of his fingers were bent and broken against the wood.

" "And you did that for us," cried Aldous, and suddenly he reached over and gripped old Donald's hands.

He sat up with a start and gripped his rifle.

" MacDonald's fingers gripped his arm.

"I thought after we ran away they'd come in" He broke off, and his hat dropped from his hand, and he stood and stared; and what he was looking at, the sun fell upon in a great golden splash, and Joanne's hand gripped John's, and held to it tightly.

Monteith Sterry shot forward on his right foot, his revolver, with its two precious charges, tightly gripped in his naked hand.

I hope it is he, for he can give us help in hunting for Jennie" Monteith suddenly gripped the arm of his friend.

But the youth serenely murmured, as he gripped his angry dad, "You're a clever rusher, Guv'nor, but you tackle very bad"; And he rushed him through the center and he tripped him for a fall, And he scored a goal and touchdown with his papa as the ball.

For the space of a dozen switches Charles strove frantically with wild kicks, which wounded only the air, but all in silence; gripped only the more tightly, he at length uttered a yell of pain, followed by curses hot and swift.

2707 examples of  gripped  in sentences