271 examples of gruel in sentences

During Ramazan, for example, the streets are lined with booths and stalls for the sale of the rice-gruel or "Faludah" which is so grateful a posset to the famishing Faithful, hurrying dinnerless to the nearest mosque.

There is one woman in the rooma member of the frail sisterhood, now turned faithful, nursing an elderly and peevish Lothario with a cup of sago-milk gruel, which opium-eaters consider such a delicacy: while the other customers sit in groups talking with the preternatural solemnity born of their favourite drug, and now and again passing a remark to the cheery-looking landlord with the white skull-cap and henna-tinged beard.

When the glasses are empty the company calls for desert; for the opium-drinker must always have his "kharbhanjan" or bitter taste remover; and the landlord straightway produces sweets, fruit, parched grain, or sago-gruel known as "khir" according to the taste of his customers.

It consists of rice-gruel, cooked and allowed to cool in large copper-trays and sold at the corners of Mahomedan streets.




At the Top a Dish of Plumb Gruel. Remove, boil'd Fowls.

At the Top Rice Gruel. Remove, a Couple of Ducks.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1. Gruel or Sack Posset.

It was the man who brought him a gruel of meal and tallow, and urged him to eat, while Joan sat with her chin in her two hands, looking at the dog, and talking to him.

Castor Oil, Gruel.

As well as this, simple gruel, milk, or thick flour-and-water, are very useful, and should be given in large quantities.

In all these cases, two tablespoonfuls of the fever-mixture should be given every four hours, and only gruel or arrowroot allowed to be eaten for some days.

Arrowroot, gruel, and the like drinks, are to be taken.

Barley-water, gruel, arrowroot, linseed-tea, &c., are also very useful, and should be taken constantly, and in large quantities.

The diet in all these cases should only consist of arrowroot or gruel for the first few days, and then of weak broth or beef-tea for some time after.

A solution, half of lime-water and half of linseed-oil, well mixed, may be given, as well as plenty of arrowroot, gruel, or linseed-tea.

If the gums are sore, wash them, as recommended in the case of corrosive sublimate, with brandy-and-water three or four times a day, and keep the patient on fluids, such as arrowroot, gruel, broth, or beef-tea, according to the other symptoms.

Give whites of eggs, sugar-and-water, castor-oil, and drinks, such as arrowroot and gruel.

Arrowroot or gruel should be taken in good large quantities.

Let the patient take plenty of arrowroot, gruel, and the like drinks, and if there is much depression of strength, give a little warm brandy-and-water.

Just as he sat down to a basin of gruel, Mrs. Batty admitted a boy who brought him a message.

With Landlord or with Vestry get at odds, And you're gone coon; they'll soon give you your gruel.

I felt as he strolled with me round my garden on the following morning that he was regarding my paltry, unadventurous life with a sincere pity, as the life of one who had stolen from the brisk encounters of wit and revelry to a quiet bedroom and a basin of gruel.

271 examples of  gruel  in sentences