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273 example sentences with  gruel

273 example sentences with gruel

Two li north from this was the place where the Grรขmika girls presented to Buddha the rice-gruel made with milk; and two li north from this was the place where, seated on a rock under a great tree, and facing the east, he ate the gruel.

He disappeared behind the curtain and could be heard in a kindly, jovial tone: "There, sonny, keep kivered; the lady is coming to bring you something better than the doctor's gruel, so lie still."

During Ramazan, for example, the streets are lined with booths and stalls for the sale of the rice-gruel or "Faludah" which is so grateful a posset to the famishing Faithful, hurrying dinnerless to the nearest mosque.

There is one woman in the rooma member of the frail sisterhood, now turned faithful, nursing an elderly and peevish Lothario with a cup of sago-milk gruel, which opium-eaters consider such a delicacy: while the other customers sit in groups talking with the preternatural solemnity born of their favourite drug, and now and again passing a remark to the cheery-looking landlord with the white skull-cap and henna-tinged beard.

When the glasses are empty the company calls for desert; for the opium-drinker must always have his "kharbhanjan" or bitter taste remover; and the landlord straightway produces sweets, fruit, parched grain, or sago-gruel known as "khir" according to the taste of his customers.

It consists of rice-gruel, cooked and allowed to cool in large copper-trays and sold at the corners of Mahomedan streets.




At the Top a Dish of Plumb Gruel.

At the Top Rice Gruel.

Gruel or Sack Posset.

red + Granade + Grapes to preserve all Winter + another Way Gruel Sagoo Plumb Rice Goofer Wafers to make H Hams or Tongues to salt Hare, to stew to pot to jugg to roast with a Pudding in the Belly Hedge Hogs Cupid, to make Almond Herrings to boil to fry to pickle to keep all the Year Hotch potch, to make J Jam Cherry to make Bullies, do.

It was the man who brought him a gruel of meal and tallow, and urged him to eat, while Joan sat with her chin in her two hands, looking at the dog, and talking to him.

Did you ever have a very bad cold, with a total irresolution to submit to water-gruel processes?

THE CALF IN AMERICA.In America, the calf is left with the mother for three or four days, when it is removed, and at once fed on barley and oats ground together and made into a gruel, 1 quart of the meal being boiled for half an hour in 12 quarts of water.

One quart of this certainly nutritious gruel, is to be given, lukewarm, morning and evening.

This process, gradually increasing the quantity of gruel twice a day, is continued for two months, till the calf is fit to go to grass, and, as it is said, with the best possible success.

Sussex produces the fattest and largest poultry of any county in England, and the fatting process there most common is to give them a gruel made of pot-liquor and bruised oats, with which are mixed hog's grease, sugar, and milk.

The barley-gruel of the Lacedaemonians, of the Athenian gladiators and common people, was the same, with the exception of the slight seasoning it had beyond the simplicity of Scottish fare.

Gruel served in a tumbler is more appetizing than when served in a basin or cup and saucer.


Sufficient with the wine to make 1-1/2 pint of gruel.


Put it into a very clean saucepan; boil the gruel for 10 minutes, keeping it well stirred; sweeten to taste, and serve.

It may be flavoured with a small piece of lemon-peel, by boiling it in the gruel, or a little grated nutmeg may be put in; but in these matters the taste of the patient should be consulted.

Pour the gruel in a tumbler and serve.

Sufficient to make a pint of gruel.

Two tablespoonfuls of oil of turpentine in a pint of warm gruel.

If possible, throw up a warm turpentine clyster (two tablespoonfuls of oil of turpentine in a pint of warm gruel), or, if this cannot be obtained, one composed of about a quart of warm salt-and-water and soap.

Give very low diet indeed: gruel, arrowroot, and the like.

Castor Oil, Gruel.

As well as this, simple gruel, milk, or thick flour-and-water, are very useful, and should be given in large quantities.

In all these cases, two tablespoonfuls of the fever-mixture should be given every four hours, and only gruel or arrowroot allowed to be eaten for some days.

Arrowroot, gruel, and the like drinks, are to be taken.

Barley-water, gruel, arrowroot, linseed-tea, &c., are also very useful, and should be taken constantly, and in large quantities.

The diet in all these cases should only consist of arrowroot or gruel for the first few days, and then of weak broth or beef-tea for some time after.

A solution, half of lime-water and half of linseed-oil, well mixed, may be given, as well as plenty of arrowroot, gruel, or linseed-tea.

If the gums are sore, wash them, as recommended in the case of corrosive sublimate, with brandy-and-water three or four times a day, and keep the patient on fluids, such as arrowroot, gruel, broth, or beef-tea, according to the other symptoms.

Give whites of eggs, sugar-and-water, castor-oil, and drinks, such as arrowroot and gruel.

Arrowroot or gruel should be taken in good large quantities.

Let the patient take plenty of arrowroot, gruel, and the like drinks, and if there is much depression of strength, give a little warm brandy-and-water.

for this reason, all visits and letters from ladies are strictly to be prohibited; and if any of the members shall be detected with a lapdog, pack of cards, box of dice, draught-table, snuffbox, or looking-glass, he shall, for the first offence, be confined for three months to water gruel, and, for the second, be expelled the society.

'There is not a man or woman here,' wrote Horace Walpole from Paris (Letters iv. 434), 'that is not a perfect old nurse, and who does not talk gruel and anatomy with equal fluency and ignorance.' '"I remember that interview well," said Dr. Parr with great vehemence when once reminded of it; "I gave him no quarter."

"My dear aunt, I'm very glad to see you," murmured Mrs. Snow, advancing with a smile of welcome; for though as weak as water gruel, she was as kind-hearted a little woman as ever lived.

Old Harry's got his gruel.

"Master!heremaster," said Peter Johnson, as he stood at a window of Mr. Benfield's room, stirring a gruel for the old gentleman's supper, and stretching his neck and straining his eyes to distinguish objects by the light of the lamps"I do think there is Mr. Denbigh, handing Miss Emmy from a coach, covered with gold, and two footmen, all dizened with pride like."

Their faces, tanned by many suns, exhibited a curious uniformity of tintthe colour of dirty gruel.

"I should give the nags some gruel, Pottinger, and put an extra coat on them: it'll be cold to-night.

The plan to be followed for the first six months.-Until the breast- milk is fully established, which may not be until the second or third day subsequent to delivery (almost invariably so in a first confinement), the infant must be fed upon a little thin gruel, or upon one third water and two thirds milk, sweetened with loaf sugar.

In early infancy, mothers are too much in the habit of giving thick gruel, panada, biscuit-powder, and such matters, thinking that a diet of a lighter kind will not nourish.

The simplest form of an aperient enema, is warm water; but barley- water, or thin gruel, or even milk and water, are to be preferred at all times, as they are of a more bland and less irritating nature.

REGIMEN.Cooling drinks, as plain water, toast and water, barley water flavoured with lemon peel, fresh whey, lemonade, and thin gruel, may all be resorted to in their turn.

Mild mucilaginous drinks, and warm, may be given liberally; as barley-water, or thin gruel, etc.

Lemonade should form the common drink during the fever; and gruel, barley-water, and roasted apples are all else that is required during this period, and not until the disease is going off must any change be made in the diet.

She looked round the little unceiled room, open on one side to the wooden staircase which led to the kitchen below; at the earth-stained corduroys hanging on a peg; at the brown mug which held Happy Jack's last meal, and all he cared to takea thin gruel.

So you see, I have taken my gruel and come up to time smilingif you will pardon the pugilistic metaphorand I promise you loyally to do your bidding and never again to distress you.

Like buckwheat cakes and rum gruel they are best whilst hot.

Not only a little pap and gruel is, in their estimation, necessary, long before this period, but even many choice bits of meat.

Thus secured against surprise, he took off his cravat, put on his dressing-gown and slippers and his night-cap, and sat down before the very low fire to take his gruel.

Breakfast in the prison is not exactly an appetizing meal, but at that moment the memory of its thin gruel and greasy cocoa and bread seemed to me beautiful beyond words.

E. Whether the author here means the dissolved sour curd, mentioned at the close of the former Section, or gruel made from meal and water, does not appear.

THE MAN OF TOBAGO There was an old man of Tobago Who lived on rice, gruel, and sago,


Mix the groats with a wineglassful of cold water, gradually added, into a smooth paste, pour this into a stew-pan containing nearly a pint of boiling water or milk, stir the gruel on the fire (while it boils) for ten minutes.

on its last legs; weak as a child, weak as a baby, weak as a chicken, weak as a cat, weak as a rat; weak as water, weak as water gruel, weak as gingerbread, weak as milk and water; colorless &c 429.

All relief was inseparable from the workhouse, and the thin gruel issued three times a day to its inmates.

Each boy had one porringer of gruel, and no more.

At last the boys got so voracious and wild with hunger, that one, who was tall for his age and hadn't been used to that sort of thing (for his father had kept a small cook's shop), hinted darkly to his companions that unless he had another basin of gruel per diem he was afraid he might some night happen to eat the boy who slept next him, a weakly youth of tender age.

The master, in his cook's uniform, stationed himself at the copper to ladle out the gruel; his pauper assistants ranged themselves behind him, the gruel was served out, and a long grace was said over the short commons.

The master, in his cook's uniform, stationed himself at the copper to ladle out the gruel; his pauper assistants ranged themselves behind him, the gruel was served out, and a long grace was said over the short commons.

The gruel disappeared, the boys whispered to each other, and winked at Oliver, while his next neighbours nudged him.

He realizes the cruel fact that Fame is fickle, and he makes one desperate effort to grasp it, by offering determinedly to walk around the world in ninety days, stopping for his gruel only at Hong Kong.

Wheat made into gruel for a long time was an important ingredient in cooking, being the basis of a famous preparation called fromentรฉe, which was a bouillie of milk, made creamy by the addition of yolks of eggs, and which served as a liquor in which to roast meats and fish.

Conscience had pricked him, maybe; he had no longer the heart to see the district where he had been Lensmand famishing on home-made gruel and short of money.

I did not want to go out into life; it was dull and gruel and greasy with soot.

She even insisted on his taking a basin of onion gruel before he went to bed, because she thought he had caught a chill.

He swallowed the gruel obediently enough, yet knew all the time that the chill was at his heart, where no comforting food nor drink could relieve him.

'He can take his gruel,' said the Bustler.

Also gruel, made of vegetables, quantity not stated, and one and a half ounces of oatmeal mixed with it.

In the Leicestershire House of Correction, two pounds of bread, and three pints of gruel; and when at hard labor, one pint of milk in addition, and twice a week a pint of meat soup at dinner, instead of gruel.

In the Leicestershire House of Correction, two pounds of bread, and three pints of gruel; and when at hard labor, one pint of milk in addition, and twice a week a pint of meat soup at dinner, instead of gruel.

In the Buxton House of Correction, one and a half pounds of bread, one and a half pints of gruel, one and a half pints of soup, four-fifths of a pound of potatos, and two-sevenths of an ounce of beef.

The only ones which I can remember were "Patience and water-gruel cure gout" (I always wondered what "gout" might be) and "Little girls should be seen and not heard" (which I thought unkind).

'Taters in the cauldron sink, Peeled by hands as black as ink; Portions of a slaughtered cat, Piece of breakfast-bacon fat, Bits of boot and bits of stick Make the gruel slab and thick.

Robert Buchanan is ours, only in the adaptation Scotch gruel has been substituted for perfumed white wine.

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Well, what does he do, but he catches salmon and puts them into tanks, and every day added more and more salt, till the water was as thick as gruel, and the fish could hardly wag their tails in it.

First I relate how all the nation Is ruined by Emancipation: How honest men are sadly thwarted; How beads and faggots are imported; How every parish church looks thinner; How Peel has asked the Pope to dinner; And how the Duke, who fought the duel, Keeps good King George on water-gruel.

In the corner of the one windowless room that serves for all domestic purposes stands the earthen pot of black gruel.

"You stay where you are, and go on with your gruel and poulticesby-the-bye you needn't make those poultices quite so thick, Mrs. Tyrerand

The Gaffer, moreover, consented to swallow a basin of gruel with just a dash of spirits in it to take away the sickliness of it.

Doctor Craddock had forbidden all stimulants, but, as Mrs. Wainwright remarked, "a little taste like that, just to make the gruel slip down, couldn't coom amiss."

Here they had reached the rectory, and Harry, after seeing that the horses were properly supplied with gruel, took himself and his ill-humor up-stairs to his own chamber.

He felt that it would be improper to ride his horse home without giving time to the animal to drink his gruel, and therefore made his way into the little breakfast-parlor, where Molly had a cup of tea and buttered toast ready for him.

Sophie was strangely disconcerted; she had such fearsome awe of the Axtells, "she couldn't think of interfering," she said, "unless to make gruel or some condiment."

It's a gruel case for yours truly."

Chef Andrew Gruel, owner of Slapfish, a network of popular seafood restaurants, has also vowed to keep his restaurants in Southern California open for customers and his staff.

The new article is a fairly standard workout of the establishment Republican position that Islam is a religion of peace that has nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism, and is nothing if not weak Romneyite establishment Republican gruel.

Then, it's a hard-knock life for Bart when a prank lands him in the Springfield Orphanage, where he is subjected to gruel and unusual punishment by Mr. Burns.