1357 examples of grumbled in sentences

"Shucks, I might have known it," grumbled Racey; "middle-aged old maid!

" "You got the drop," grumbled the burly youth.

"I never did like Chuck Morgan," he grumbled.

"Oh, you needn't think I'm forgetting," grumbled Swing Tunstall, sliding out of his trousers and folding them tidily beside his boots.

"Helluva trick to play on a feller," grumbled Racey.

"Hold still, will you, Luke?" "Yo're taking twice as many stitches as necessary," grumbled Luke.

"Don't trot Gladys into the kitchen, for goodness' sake, Julia!" grumbled Nancy on a warm day.

he grumbled, "to say that if you've got brains enough you can do without college.

" "He's having a lord's life of it, while we're slaving ourselves to death," grumbled Mr. Kidd.

"But some crumbs must have got in as well," the Hatter grumbled.

The servant appeared surprised, and grumbled a few words under her breath.

" "I don't know about that," grumbled Conrad.

Little brook, sing to me; Sing about the bumblebee That tumbled from a lily bell and grumbled mumblingly, Because he wet the film Of his wings, and had to swim, While the water bugs raced round and laughed at him.

The poet grumbled internally to himself as he thought of the three bottles of Clos-Vougeot, one of Léoville, two of Moulin-au-Vent, that had been consumed, and the fellow not drunk yet.

" "We couldn't tell that this infernal trench was in front," I grumbled.

"I wish I had heard it," Doctor Groom grumbled.

Doctor Groom grumbled.

"We should have known the difference just the same," the doctor grumbled.

"He's been a-telling every one as he's Priam Farll," grumbled the younger policeman, looking over the other's shoulder.

Though he never grumbled at the booksellers, and on the contrary, was always ready to defend them as liberal men, he certainly failed, whether from carelessness or want of skill, to turn them to as much profit as many less celebrated rivals.

"Well, I hope so," Mr. Gerald grumbled.

"And she's just fickle-minded enough to turn up her nose at Jack if he got beat," Dade grumbled, thinking of a certain señorita.

In the reaction which followed that ten-seconds' suspense, men grumbled because it had ended so soon.

" "That's the result of cooping yourself in here all day, just thinking and smoking cigarettes," grumbled Dade, himself worried to the point of nervous petulance.

grumbled Marfa Timofeevna.

1357 examples of  grumbled  in sentences