14170 examples of guard in sentences

Love guard thee, gentlest!

The rest remained with them, as did also the Mohicans; but their fear of the Pequodees was so great, that Mason could only employ them as a sort of rear-guard.

Henrich and Jyanough approached the guard, who had thus thoughtlessly left their post, and desired them immediately to return to their duty.

The terrified guard now reached to the gate, accompanied by Henrich and Jyanough, when, to their dismay, they beheld in the faint moonlight a large body of men approaching close to the fort.

Litters were therefore constructed and, in these, the wounded were sent off under the charge of the Mohicans, while the able-bodied men, whose number was reduced to little more than forty, prepared to follow as a rear-guard.

The rear- guard turned, and met the onset bravely.

In petty circumstances this [? his] wayward disposition appeared, but in greater things he thought it worth while to summon his recollection and be always on his guard....

[To them that loved him not] as rough as winter; to those who sought his love as mild as summermany instances will readily occur to those who knew him intimately of the guard which he endeavoured always to keep over himself.'

Teach your boys how to work, how to read, how to play, you fathers, before you send them to college, if you want to guard them against the temptations of strong drink and the many shames and sorrows that go with it.

The goal of the path of covetousness may be discerned in the face of any old money-worshipper; keeping guard over his piles of wealth, like a surly watch-dog; or, if perchance he has failed, haunting the places where fortune has deceived him, like an unquiet ghost.

What did you ever guard for me, except too little clothes and victuals?

Andy met an advance guard of the circus about two miles out of Clifton.

Andy was taken off his guard.

Growls were their only comment when, under direction of Beresford, the Montanan stripped them of their weapons and kept guard on the fur-capped manhis name appeared to be Lemoinewhile the latter brought the mules to the wagon pointed out by the officer.

"We have the honour of Ireland to guard this day.

" "And well we know how to guard it, captin!" cried the same ominous voice; and there was a buzz from the length of the company.

So secure did the captains feel, that it was not uncommon for them, at such times, to leave their ships under a sufficient guard, and to start off in the long-boat, either upon a sporting expedition or, more frequently, upon a visit to some outlying town, where they burned the heads of the women by their swaggering gallantry, or broached pipes of wine in the market square, with a threat to pistol all who would not drink with them.

The guard at the front door was not so busy as Sofia had hoped to find him, not too interested in the progress of siege operations outside to note her approach and look round from his peephole with a menacing grin of welcome; and his unmistakable readiness, as pistol in hand he took a single step toward her, drove the girl back to the foot of the stairs.

The meaning of this sentence is obscure, unless it is intended to guard the readers against the supposition that these countries were to the west of Europe.

He carried his guard high, with apparent contempt for an attack on his body, after the manner of a practiced boxer.

During this time, the leaders who held Montmartre, spurred on by the ambitious around them, and by those desirous of kindling civil war for the sake of the illicit gains to be obtained from it, were getting up a manifestation, which was to claim for the National Guard the right of electing its commander-in-chief; and the post was to be offered to Menotti Garibaldi.

Was it there that the Central Committee of the National Guard held their sittings in full conclave?

The least improbable of the versions circulated is the following: At break of day some shots are said to have been exchanged between the Federal advanced guard and the patrols of the Versailles troops.

"Unable to bring French bayonets against us, they have opposed us with the Imperial Guard and Pontifical Zouaves.

pport of the National Guard, the victory will be ours!" Victory!

14170 examples of  guard  in sentences