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1127 examples of  guise  in sentences

1127 examples of guise in sentences

Thus solitary, and in pensive guise, Oft let me wander o'er the russet mead

In a few words this means that the dastardly crime of Princip and his fellow conspirators was exploited by Germany, acting through Austria, to disturb the European balance of power under the guise of a just vengeance.

I think we shall know, shall know at last, All that was strange in all the past, Shall one day know, and shall haply see That the sorrows and ills, that with tears and sighs, We vainly endeavored to flee, Were angels who, veiled in sorrow's guise Came to us only to bless.

And o'er the ground its sparkling lustre streamed; Accoutred thus in manly guise, no eye However piercing could her sex descry; Now, like a lion, from the fort she bends, And 'midst the foe impetuously descends; Fearless of soul, demands with haughty tone, The bravest chief, for war-like valour known, To try the chance of fight.

A glow of youthful grace, Diffused its radiance o'er the stripling's face, And when he saw in renovated guise, The foe so lately mastered; with surprise, He cried"What!

Revolution will come in peaceful guise, as it came when we put aside the crude government of the Confederation, and created the great Federal Union which governed individuals, not States, and which has been these one hundred and thirty years our vehicle of progress.

Thus with a compassion for all echoes in human guise, I greet the solemn-faced "native preacher" whom I find awaiting me.

He made his entry into Winchester in this extremely lawyer-like guise; that is to say, in moccasins and leggins, with a rifle in one hand, a pigeon on the wrist of the other, and a turkey dangling at his horse's side.

Then the prophet gave a parable, or a message in Oriental guise, showing that these four hundred prophets of Ahab were speaking falsely, as if inspired by a lying spirit, and that, if Ahab followed their counsel, he would go to his ruin.

[Footnote 13: 'all red', 1st Q. 'totall guise.']

To tell men, not about knights or kings or types of heroes, but about themselves in the guise of plain men and women, about their own thoughts and motives and struggles, and the results of actions upon their own characters,this was the purpose of our first novelists.

Since we are trying to apply these things in small and simple ways to the individual life let us each one consider how much moral courage it takes to defend Christian virtues when they are sneered at under the guise of "jokes."

This novel was the pioneer of the sentimental romances which rapidly followed in France and England and Germany,worse than our sensational literature, since the author veiled his immoralities by painting the transports of passion under the guise of love, which ever has its seat in the affections and is sustained only by respect.

[Fr.]; pageantry &c (ostentation) 882; insignia &c (indication) 550. aspect, angle, phase, phasis^, seeming; shape &c (form) 240; guise, look, complexion, color, image, mien, air, cast, carriage, port, demeanor; presence, expression, first blush, face of the thing; point of view, light.

under the mask of religion, under the cloak of religion, under the pretense of religion, under the form of religion, under the guise of religion.

He hints that if there is a God, he would be less displeased with atheists than with those who accepted him in the guise of Jehovah.

The respect felt for him by gentlemen who saw him at all hours, and under none of the guise of ceremony, was probably greater than that experienced by the community who looked upon him from a distance.

Thence he proceeded up the Mediterranean, capturing, under pretence of reprisals, the French vessels, whether merchantmen or men-of-war, and seeking, but in vain, the fleet under the duke of Guise.

But Abdallah, a man of profound faith and love for Islam, received thereafter a vision wherein a "spirit, in the guise of man, clad in green garments," appeared to him and summoned him to call the Believers to prayer from the Mosque at every time set apart for devotion.

Most of the learned men patronised by Lorenzo probably quarrelled with him on account of it, plaguing him in somewhat the same spirit, though in more friendly guise, as the Della Cruscans and others afterwards plagued Tasso; so he banters them in turn, and takes refuge from their critical rules and common-places in the larger indulgence of his friend Politian and the laughing wisdom of Lorenzo.

By perfidy, in friendship's guise, This breast was injur'd, lost, betray'd Where, where shall Mary look for aid?

By a supreme effort, in the last scene, he saw and heard her again clearly and distinctly, yet not as with his ordinary senses, for she wore for him the elemental guise of a supernatural vision.

But alas! 'tis but a dream, for how should I enter a lady's boudoir in this rude and sordid guise?"

It was obvious that he had gained admission to the house under the guise of a dealer in rare silks and Eastern brocades.

About the year 1786, we find Sir William Chambers, the leading architect of his day in England, in his famous treatise on "The Decorative Part of Civil Architecture," giving elaborate and emphatic expression to his contempt of that Greek Art, which had presented itself to him in a guise well suited to cause misapprehension and error.

But in certain parts of the equatorial zone the Ferns put off the humble guise in which they appear at the North.

Could you believe it, daughter, in these times of backsliding and rebuke there have been found painters base enough to paint the pictures of vile, abandoned women in the character of our Blessed Lady; yea, and princes have been found wicked enough to buy them and put them up in churches, so that the people have had the Mother of all Purity presented to them in the guise of a vile harlot.

And from her lip there seems indeed to move A spirit sweet and in Love's very guise, Which goeth saying to the soul, 'Aspire!'

A flourishing trade in false passports is being carried on, enabling their spies to travel back and forth across the Atlantic in the guise of American business men, ambulance drivers, Red Cross workers and what not.

In order to secure his object, Lionardo was obliged to steal the body away, and to despatch it under the guise of mercantile goods to the custom-house of Florence.

None such, however, took place; and, on the expected anniversary, long ere the witching hour of midnight, Dannischemend terminated his visit in the castle of Arnheim, by riding away from the gate in the guise of an ordinary traveller.

The number of the good was small compared to the evil, and though it was in their power to come in what shape or guise they chose, "dilated or condensed, bright or obscure," yet it must be confessed they generally chose to assume "forms forbidden," and their visitations were much oftener accompanied with "blasts from hell" than "airs from heaven."

Dans l'Amérique Méridionale quelque Peuples décharnent les corps de leurs Guerriers et les mangent leurs chairs, ainsi que je viens de le dire, et après les avoir consumées, ils conservent pendant quelque temps leurs cadavres avec respect dans leurs Cabanes, et il portent ces squeletes dans les combats en guise d'Etendard, pour ranimer leur courage par cette vue et inspirer de la terreur à leurs ennemis.

"Perhaps"a septuagenarian, with snowy hair and a thin body, clad in the clerical guise of the old school, and who had made a fortune by inventing a hat-block, arose hastily to his feet, and said: "I cannot stay to listen to a dun!"

For when the gods had upchurned the nectar, the delectable Butter of the Brine, Ráhu's mouth watered at the very sight of it: and "in the guise of a god" he mingled unperceived among them, to partake.

"Tulsi, in this world hobnob with everybody: for you never know in what guise the deity may present himself.

It is one of the main factors in the progressive embitterment of the Labour situation that whatever business is afootarbitration, conciliation, inquiryour contemporary system presents itself to Labour almost invariably in a legal guise.

He is an accomplished devil, wearing the guise of a New-York man of fashion and fortune,a devil such as tempts every person thrown into the vortex of our daily commonplace life.

His address to her, with which his volume closes, may thus be translated in homely guise.

" "A Guise, Sire," pursued the haughty Duchess, as she once more stood erect before him, "cannot marry the mistress of any man, even although that man should chance to be his monarch.

" "Every man, Madame," retorted the King, "must pay the penalty of seeking to humiliate his sovereign, even although that man be a Guise." "M. de Joinville, Sire, shall never become the husband of Jacqueline de Bueil.

Neither, Madame, has it escaped my memory that the House of Guise endeavoured to wrest from me the crown of France; and, in short, finding myself so ill-requited for my indulgence, I am weary of exercising a lenity which has degenerated into weakness.

" Thus abruptly dismissed, Madame de Guise withdrew, and hastened to apprise her son of the impending peril, upon which he escaped from the capital before the order issued for his arrest could be put into execution; while his relatives endeavoured by humility and submission to obtain his forgiveness.

This they did without difficulty, as Bassompierre did not travel at night; but as the gallant Marquis had no ambition to be conveyed to Fontainebleau in the guise of a prisoner, he despatched a letter to M. de Villeroy requesting to be liberated from the presence of his captors, and pledging himself to return instantly to Court.

Louis de Lorraine, Cardinal de Guise, son of Henri, Duc de Guise, who was killed at the States of Blois.

Louis de Lorraine, Cardinal de Guise, son of Henri, Duc de Guise, who was killed at the States of Blois.

" On the 1st of May, when returning from the Tuileries by the great gallery to the Louvre, supported in consequence of his gout by the Duc de Guise and the narrator himself, he said on reaching the door of the Queen's closet to his two attendants, "Wait for me here.

The most zealous partisans of Marie de Medicis were at this period the two Marillacs and the Ducs de Guise and de Bellegarde; while her confidential friends of her own sex were the Duchesse d'Elboeuf and the Princesse de Conti.

One of these groups, and that perhaps the most inimical of all that brilliant assemblage to the Cardinal, was composed of the two MM. de Marillac, the Duc de Guise, and the Marquis de Bassompierre.

During this time the King, the two Queens, and the Duc d'Orléans had made their entrance, and were slowly passing round the several salons uttering courteous welcomes to the assembled guests, and the royal party had no sooner swept by the group to which we have alluded, than the Duc de Guise exclaimed disdainfully, "Richelieu has learnt to fear at last!

"Nay, nay, Maréchal," interposed De Guise with a bitter laugh, "you are inexorable!

And M. de Guise is an amateur of exile and of beggary: truly it were a pity to thwart his fancy; and France can well spare a prince or two without making bankrupt of her dignity.

As he advanced to pay his respects to the sovereigns, he encountered Bassompierre, whom he greeted with a smile of more than usual cordiality; and the Duc de Guise, to whom he addressed a few words of courteous recognition; but the one felt that the smile was a stab, and the other that the greeting was a menace.

How say you, M. de Guise?

But the scene of Guise's return to Paris, is the only part of the original sketch which Dryden thought fit to interweave with the play, as acted in 1682; and as that scene is rendered literally from Davila, upon the principle that, in so remarkable an action, the poet was not at liberty to change the words actually used by the persons interested, we only learn from it, that the piece was composed in blank verse, not rhyme.

About the same time, the king's express command engaged Dryden in a work, which may be considered as a sort of illustration of the doctrines laid down in the "Vindication of the Duke of Guise."

It is expressly levelled against "The Duke of Guise," and generally against Dryden as a court poet.

But in the "Vindication of the Duke of Guise" Shadwell and they are spoke of as three distinct persons.

In this edition I have retained a specimen of a translation which our author probably executed with peculiar care; selecting it from the account of the barricades of Paris, as illustrating the tragedy of "The Duke of Guise.

The Duke of Guise.

So, in private guise, he directed his course to Laconia, and passed through Achai, and Sycyonia, and returned after two months travail in vain.

Then Pyrocles told him he had been infected by love through a sight of the picture of the king's daughter Philoclea, and by what he had heard of her and, in the guise of an Amazon, and under the name of Zelmane, had come forth to seek her.

The scheme that he had outlined was followed out to the letter, with additions made as they occurred to the ingenious minds of the editor or of his clever young reporters who took an immense delight in running under the guise of news items, bits of reminder, gentle gibes at slowness, bland comments on ignorance of the commercial value of beauty, mild jokes at letting children do men's work.

My love shows itself in the guise of hatred, scorn, and irony.

Twas a species of blackmail cloaked in the guise of filial sentiment.

By A. F. Gustafson, C. H. Guise, W. J. Hamilton, Jr. & H. Ries.

The House of Guise.

The House of Guise.


By A. F. Gustafson, C. H. Guise, W. J. Hamilton, Jr. & H. Ries.

So one day as he was sitting on the bank she appeared to him in the guise of a human maiden.

Par-dessus celles- ils en portent, en guise de manteau, une autre de feutre qu'on nomme capinat.

From the banks of the Meuse to Orleans the little prince was carried in his cradle; but once on the Loire, this manner of travelling beseemed him no longer; his conductors would that his entry into his dominions should have a manly and warrior-like appearance; they clad him in arms proportioned to his height and age; they put him and held him on horseback; and it was in such guise that he entered Aquitaine.

Savoisy did not like it, but the king insisted; and so they went in this guise through the crowd, and got many a blow from the officers' staves when they attempted to approach too near the procession.

Francis opposed to them in the east and north the young Count Claude of Guise, the first celebrity amongst his celebrated race, the veteran Louis de La Tremoille, the most tried of all his warriors, and the Duke of Vendome, head of the younger branch of the House of Bourbon.

Claude of Guise defeated a body of twelve thousand lanzknechts who had already penetrated into Champagne; he hurled them back into Lorraine, and dispersed them beneath the walls of the little town of Neufchateau, where the princesses and ladies of Lorraine, showing themselves at the windows, looked on and applauded their discomfiture.

"But in the morning," says Brantome, "knowing that the enemy was getting ready, he, brimful of courage, gets out of bed, mounts his horse, and appears at the moment the march began; whereof I do remember me, for I saw him and heard him, when M. de Guise came forward to meet him to give him good day, and ask how he was.

Great was the consternation there; Francis I. hurried up from Fontainebleau and rode about the streets, accompanied by the Duke of Guise, and everywhere saying, "If I cannot keep you from fear, I will keep you from harm."

And ever the judge rides by, rides by, And goes to hunt the deer, And ever another rides his soul In the guise of a mortal fear.

The third wife came to hold up the manikin, while the fourth lay at its feet, in the guise of a cushion.

"Yudhishthira said, 'And what office will be performed by that mighty descendant of the Kurus, Dhananjaya, the son of Kunti, that foremost of men possessed of long arms, invincible in fight, and before whom, while he was staying with Krishna, the divine Agni himself desirous of consuming the forest of Khandava had formerly appeared in the guise of a Brahmana?

And holding in hand a cooking ladle and a spoon, as also an unsheathed sword of sable hue and without a spot on the blade, he came in the guise of a cook illumining all around him by his splendour like the sun discovering the whole world.

Alas, that Yudhishthira, who was daily waited upon by a thousand sages of ascetic merit, versed in the Vedas and having every desire gratified, as his courtiers,that Yudhishthira who maintained eighty-eight thousands of domestic Snatakas with thirty maid-servants assigned unto each, as also ten thousand yatis not accepting anything in gift and with vital seed drawn up,alas, even that mighty king now liveth in such guise.

That Yudhishthira who is without malice, who is full of kindness, and who giveth every creature his due, who hath all these excellent attributes, alaseven he now liveth in such guise.

Alas, the bull among men, Dhananjaya, who was ever the terror of foes, is now living in a guise that is despaired by all.

Beholding that son of Pritha who in virtue, heroism and truth, was the most admired in the world, now living in the guise of a woman, my heart is afflicted with sorrow.

O Bharata, beholding the youngest of you all, Sahadeva, superintending the kine, in the guise of a cowherd, I grow pale.

" SECTION XX "Draupadi said, 'Alas, on account of that desperate gambler, I am now under Sudeshna's command, living in the palace in the guise of a Sairindhri.

We never dreamed that anything under the guise of religion could be so vile."

" Each buyer who camelord, squire, or dame Behaved in most courteous guise, Showing honour due, as to one they knew To be at once wealthy and wise.

This Act could be enforced only upon those Irish families who dwelt within the reach of English law, and as emigrants from those districts, deprived of their pure Celtic names, came to America in an English guise and in English vessels, they were officially recorded as "English."

With a sadly beating heart, I accompanied Dessauer in the same guise as on the previous day.

How different from love is lovers guise!

The union was a natural one, for the pastoral, whether in its Arcadian or chivalric guise, was well suited to supply the framework for graceful poetry and elaborate dances alike, while the rustic and burlesque elements were equally capable of furnishing matter for the antimasque, when the form had reached that stage of structural elaboration.

As she ends Comus re-enters in guise of a shepherd, and offers to escort her to his hut where she may rest until her companions are found.

Dramatically the piece is somewhat of a retrogression, but it is interesting from the characters introduced in pastoral guise.

It is one of those days when one feels most convinced of being immortalwhen the spirits of men stretch out longing arms toward the All-Good, the Altogether Beautifulwhen souls thirst for God, yearn most deeply for the well of his unfathomed truthwhen, to those who have lost, their dead come back in most pleasant, gentle guise.

We have been long in search of him, and to-day he has appeared [to us] in this guise.'

and ill beseems it me, 90 Who came a Welcomer, in Herald's Guise, Singing of Glory and Futurity, To wander back on such unhealthful road Plucking the Poisons of Self-harm!

The supper-room was in festal guise, hung round with flags, and the table adorned with flowers; a band was playing, and never had either Anne or Naomi been made so much of.