1127 examples of guise in sentences

Revolution will come in peaceful guise, as it came when we put aside the crude government of the Confederation, and created the great Federal Union which governed individuals, not States, and which has been these one hundred and thirty years our vehicle of progress.

To tell men, not about knights or kings or types of heroes, but about themselves in the guise of plain men and women, about their own thoughts and motives and struggles, and the results of actions upon their own characters,this was the purpose of our first novelists.

It is one of the main factors in the progressive embitterment of the Labour situation that whatever business is afootarbitration, conciliation, inquiryour contemporary system presents itself to Labour almost invariably in a legal guise.

My love shows itself in the guise of hatred, scorn, and irony.

And ever the judge rides by, rides by, And goes to hunt the deer, And ever another rides his soul In the guise of a mortal fear.

The third wife came to hold up the manikin, while the fourth lay at its feet, in the guise of a cushion.

"Yudhishthira said, 'And what office will be performed by that mighty descendant of the Kurus, Dhananjaya, the son of Kunti, that foremost of men possessed of long arms, invincible in fight, and before whom, while he was staying with Krishna, the divine Agni himself desirous of consuming the forest of Khandava had formerly appeared in the guise of a Brahmana?

And holding in hand a cooking ladle and a spoon, as also an unsheathed sword of sable hue and without a spot on the blade, he came in the guise of a cook illumining all around him by his splendour like the sun discovering the whole world.

Alas, that Yudhishthira, who was daily waited upon by a thousand sages of ascetic merit, versed in the Vedas and having every desire gratified, as his courtiers,that Yudhishthira who maintained eighty-eight thousands of domestic Snatakas with thirty maid-servants assigned unto each, as also ten thousand yatis not accepting anything in gift and with vital seed drawn up,alas, even that mighty king now liveth in such guise.

That Yudhishthira who is without malice, who is full of kindness, and who giveth every creature his due, who hath all these excellent attributes, alaseven he now liveth in such guise.

Alas, the bull among men, Dhananjaya, who was ever the terror of foes, is now living in a guise that is despaired by all.

Beholding that son of Pritha who in virtue, heroism and truth, was the most admired in the world, now living in the guise of a woman, my heart is afflicted with sorrow.

O Bharata, beholding the youngest of you all, Sahadeva, superintending the kine, in the guise of a cowherd, I grow pale.

" SECTION XX "Draupadi said, 'Alas, on account of that desperate gambler, I am now under Sudeshna's command, living in the palace in the guise of a Sairindhri.

We never dreamed that anything under the guise of religion could be so vile."

" Each buyer who camelord, squire, or dame Behaved in most courteous guise, Showing honour due, as to one they knew To be at once wealthy and wise.

This Act could be enforced only upon those Irish families who dwelt within the reach of English law, and as emigrants from those districts, deprived of their pure Celtic names, came to America in an English guise and in English vessels, they were officially recorded as "English."

With a sadly beating heart, I accompanied Dessauer in the same guise as on the previous day.

How different from love is lovers guise!

The union was a natural one, for the pastoral, whether in its Arcadian or chivalric guise, was well suited to supply the framework for graceful poetry and elaborate dances alike, while the rustic and burlesque elements were equally capable of furnishing matter for the antimasque, when the form had reached that stage of structural elaboration.

As she ends Comus re-enters in guise of a shepherd, and offers to escort her to his hut where she may rest until her companions are found.

Dramatically the piece is somewhat of a retrogression, but it is interesting from the characters introduced in pastoral guise.

We have been long in search of him, and to-day he has appeared [to us] in this guise.'

and ill beseems it me, 90 Who came a Welcomer, in Herald's Guise, Singing of Glory and Futurity, To wander back on such unhealthful road Plucking the Poisons of Self-harm!

The supper-room was in festal guise, hung round with flags, and the table adorned with flowers; a band was playing, and never had either Anne or Naomi been made so much of.

1127 examples of  guise  in sentences