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334 examples of  gullied  in sentences

334 examples of gullied in sentences

Then, too, the road was much gullied, and we rocked in the sleigh as we would on shipboard, with the bounding over hillocks of snow and ice.

Having completed watering the horses, we left the well at 9.30 a.m., and steering about north-west over undulating sandy downs, covered with coarse scrub and patches of dense thickets, at 2.15 p.m. entered a small gully trending north-west.

At 4.40 bivouacked on a large gully trending northwards, with several small pools of water in a rocky bed of gneiss, containing numerous small garnets.

At 10.0 passed a large sandy hill, covered with short scrub, and halted at 11.0 in a grassy gully in the bottom of a wide scrubby valley; at 12.45 p.m. again resumed our journey, and ascending the sandy downs, at 1.15 gained the highest ridge.

The river turned south, and at 2.27 was joined by a small gully from the west, and coming from a grassy valley.

But was it for this that these islands were taken and retaken, till every gully held the skeleton of an Englishman?

Three points I longed to ascertain carefullythe relative heights of the water in the two craters; the height and nature of the spot where the lava stream issued; and lastly, if possible, the actual causes of the locally famous Rabacca, or 'Dry River,' one of the largest streams in the island, which was swallowed up during the eruption, at a short distance from its source, leaving its bed an arid gully to this day.

This sketch shall be completed by the background of green and gray, fading aloft into tender cobalt: the background of mountain, ribbed and gullied into sharpest slopes by the tropic rains, yet showing, even where steepest, never a face of rock, or a crag peeping through the trees.

A grass drive, as we should call it in Englanda 'trace,' as it is called in the West Indiessome sixty feet in width, and generally carpeted with short turf, led up hill and down dale; for the land, though low, is much ridged and gullied, and there has been as yet no time to cut down the hills, or to metal the centre of the road.

The knowledge of the jungles displayed by these poor ignorant men is wonderful; they know every gully and watercourse, every ford and quicksand, and they betray not the slightest sign of fear, although they know that at any moment they may come across a herd of wild buffalo, a savage rhinoceros, or even a royal tiger.

The rule in ridge-climbing is never to cross a gully, but always to keep on top.

The wickets that surrounded Logie Houselying as it does upon the south side of Balgay Hill, and flanked on the east by a deep gully, wherethrough runs a small stream, which, so far as I know, has no namewere locked at night.

From the hazy state of the atmosphere the Palm Islands were not visible: sunset being near at hand we were obliged to hasten our descent, which, by following the course of a torrent-worn gully, proved to be much shorter and easier than, from our rugged and difficult ascent, we were led to apprehend.

At the bottom of the hill the small stream that was trickling down the gully, by which we descended, joined another of larger size running over the beach into the sea, at about a quarter of a mile to the southward of that from which we watered.

We must work up along the next gully parallel with them and get a slap at 'em over the edge.

Bending double so as not to be seen, the two scurried up the parallel gully until they reckoned that they must be on a level with the gun and its crew.

'It's going to be a stalk now,' whispered Roy, and dropping on hands and knees, crept cautiously over the side of the gully.

Springing up, he dropped into the far gully and began to run towards the gun.

'Now for the gun,' said Ken, as he dropped back into the gully.

'There's about twenty Turks coming hard up the next gully,' he panted.

Which way are we to go?' As he spoke a shout came from the next gully.

The two other alternatives were to make off to the right or to go straight back up the gully.

But going to the right meant that they would have to climb the right-hand wall of the gully, which was much steeper and higher than that to the left.

'We must go back up the gully, Roy,' he said sharply.

'I fancy I see him giving us any parole.' He whipped round as he spoke, and the two set to running steadily up the gully.

But I'd give more than sixpence to get out of crawling back up that abominable gully.

In the darkness they missed the exact spot where they had first entered the gully, and when they reached the hill-side found that they were lost.

'Possum Gully, 25th March, 1899 Christmas, only distinguished from the fifty-two slow Sundays of the year by plum-pudding, roast turkey, and a few bottles of home-made beer, has been once more; New Year, ushered in with sweet-scented midsummer wattle and bloom of gum- and box-tree has gone; February has followed, March is doing likewise, and my life is still the same.

But here was a young man, who, having by his self-indulgence thrown away all the prospects of his youth, had rehabilitated himself by the luck of finding gold in a gully.

But beyond that keen moment when the four, after their one volley from ambush, had sprung this way and that shouting absurd orders to make-believe men, cheering and firing from behind trees, and (cut off from their horses) had made for a gully and swamp, the two returned ones could tell nothing of the two unreturned except that neither of them, dead or alive, was anywhere on the ground of the fight or flight as they knew it.

I walked across the gullied fields and examined the soil, I noted the scanty crops they bear to-day and gained a clearer idea of what Washington's problem had been than I could have done from a library of books.

At one time such a gully on Union Farm extended almost completely across a large field and was deep enough to hide a horse, but Washington filled it up with trees, stumps, stones, old rails, brush and dirt, so that scarcely a trace of it was left.

[Illustration: Gully on a Field of Union Farm, Showing Susceptibility to Erosion] He tried to raise a good quality and seems to have concentrated on what he calls the "sweet scented" variety, but for some reason, perhaps because his soil was not capable of producing the best, he obtained lower prices than did some of the other Virginia planters, and grumbled at his agents accordingly.

When looking for a new manager he once wrote that the man must be, "above all, Midas like, one who can convert everything he touches into manure, as the first transmutation toward gold; in a word, one who can bring worn-out and gullied lands into good tilth in the shortest time."

Yet his I thought very poor indeed; for it was (as is termed in America) gullied; which I call broken land.

With a door open anywhere the passage became a gully for the north wind.

We here experienced to a great degree that remarkable daily variation of temperature so peculiar to these regions: in the gully the wind was bleak and cold, but when encamped under the shelter of the fort the heat from the sun's rays reflected from the smooth surface of the bare rock was so intense that the thermometer rose to 100 of Fahrenheit.

There was nothing to be seen beyond the willow gully except smoke, set grotesquely with phantom trees, through which the enemy's fusillade sparkled and winked like a long level line of fire-flies in the mist.

Dey give out things den de way dey wanted 'em to soun', an' dat's de way dey done come down: "'It started wid Mr. John Gully gittin' shot.

Now Mr. Gully were a leadin' man 'mong de white democratic people in Kemper, but dey aint had much chance for 'bout seven years (I disremember jus' how long) on 'count o' white folks lak de Chisolms runnin' ever'thing.

Ever'body were sho' it were some' o' de Chisolm crowd, but some folks knowed it were dat Nigger, Walter Riley, dat shot Mr. Gully.

(But aint nobody ever tol' de sho' 'nough reason why Walter shot Mr. John Gully.) "'De Chisolms warnt Yankees, but dey warnt white democratic people.

"'Mr. John Gully he'p Mr. Chisolm git to be judge, but he turnt out to be worse dan dem he had to judge.

Mr. Gully an' de others made 'im resign.

I reckon maybe dat's why he quit bein' a Democratic an' started ructions wid Mr. Gully.

It were talked 'roun' dat de firs' name on dat lis' were Mr. John Gully's name.

"'Den Mr. John Gully got shot an' ever'body were sho' de Chisolms done it.

"'It got worse dat Satu'd'y when Mr. Gully were buried.

Mr. Henry Gully goes to de cullud people's church.

(Mr. Henry Gully were Mr. John Gully's brother an' a leadin' man o' de right.) "'De town were a-millin' wid folks from ever'where.

(Mr. Henry Gully were Mr. John Gully's brother an' a leadin' man o' de right.) "'De town were a-millin' wid folks from ever'where.

Some b'lieved he were de one dat killed Mr. John Gully.

"I know I aint tol' de sho' 'nough reason Mr. John Gully got killed.

Hope won't nobody think hard o' me for tellin': "Mr. John Gully had a bar-room an' a clerk.

De word jus' kinda got' roun' dat some of de Chisolm crowd done killed Mr. Gully's clerk.

Mr. Gully were pursuin' after 'im to ketch 'im. Walter sho' got tired of him pursuin' after 'i

At my right, the gully began and seemed to widen and deepen as it went, but nothing definite could I make out; all was lost in the night.

" "It's a gully," says he.

Jones, you must go twenty yards or so beyond the gully till I whistle for you, or call you.

Willis admitted that Thompson had reason, but did not think the rebels had yet found us out; at any rate, they would be afraid to come so near our strong skirmish-line; so for his part, he wasn't thinkin' of the left; the right was the place of dangerwhat was down this gully nobody knew; the rebels might sand a force up it, but not yet, for they didn't know we were here.

I saw a man as low as his waist and fired; almost at the same moment my sand-bag was struckthe second one on my right, which protected that flank, and which the bullet, coming from the left oblique, struck endwise; the bullet passed through, the length, of the bag and went on into the wall of the gully.

"Sergeant," I said, "if you say so, I'll go down the gully a little, and see what's there.

It was difficult to believe that the rebels would venture up the gully; they could not know how small was our force; if they should march a company up the ravine, the company would be exposed to capture by a sudden rush of our skirmishers.

A gully was in front of me, a large gully, only in parts visible from my position; it seemed to be on their route.

A gully was in front of me, a large gully, only in parts visible from my position; it seemed to be on their route.

The two men became hidden by this gully.

Why had the men gone into this gully?

I came down from the tree and cautiously approached the mouth of the gully.

I could now see that the gully extended far up the hill, and I suspected that the picket-line stretched across it; but there was no indication of the purpose which had caused the men to go into the gully.

I could now see that the gully extended far up the hill, and I suspected that the picket-line stretched across it; but there was no indication of the purpose which had caused the men to go into the gully.

Coming down the hill from the right in an oblique direction toward the gully, I saw an unarmed rebel.

He had gone down into this gully, which, I was now confident, separated by its width the pickets of different commands.

What could this unarmed man be doing in the gully?

Soon I saw another man coming down toward the gully; he was coming from the other sidethe left; he was armed.

The situation was clear; there was water in the gully; my opportunity had come.

Cautiously I made my way to the mouth of the gully.

A man was climbing the side of the gully; he was going to the left; he was armeddoubtless the man I had seen a moment before.

I went into the gully.

A little hollow had been made by digging with bayonets, perhaps, or with the hands, on one side of the gully, just where a huge bulk of unfallen earth would protect the hole from the midday sun, the only sun which could reach the bottom of this ravine, defended by its wall on either hand.

He was standing almost over me, upon a sort of shelf in the side of the gully, as there was not room at the water for more than one man.

We reached the edge of the gully, and stood still.

The gully was deeper up the hill.

There was a pit on either edge of the gully, which was about forty feet wide.

Had I known of the existence of that gully, I could have stolen through the picket-line in the nightbut perhaps they had it guarded at night.

" He stopped at the pit on the edge of the gully.

Where is it?" "Just to north of that gashthat wady, or gully, making down to the beach.

"Success, dominion, power!" "You mean" put in Leclair, his voice smitten away by the ever-increasing storm that ravened over the top of the gully.

Dimly they saw him dragging the old Sheik over the lip of the gully, down into its half-protection.

Early and late Washington preached to his overseers the value of fertilization; in one case, when looking for a new overseer, he said the man must be, "above all, Midas like, one who can convert everything he touches into manure, as the first transmutation towards gold;in a word one who can bring worn out and gullied Lands into good tilth in the shortest time."

"They will be here, if anywhere," said Sir Miles, and led the way down the long saddle-back to the entrance of the gully.

It is a continent of rock, gullied by furious rivers; plateau on plateau of sandstone, with sluiceways through which lakes have escaped; the whole surface gigantically grotesque with the carvings of innumerable waters.

For undoubtedly the San Juan flowed at the bottom of one of those amazing caรฑons which gully this Mer de Glace in stone.

The train had already entered a gully.

As this gully advanced it rapidly broadened and deepened into a caรฑon.

Thus the caรฑon is a sinuous gully, cut down from the hollows of rocky valleys, and following their courses of descent from mountain-chain toward ocean.

Beyond the Sierra de Lanterna the Grand River was joined by the Green River, streaming down through gullied plateaux from the deserts of Utah and the mountains which tower between Oregon and Nebraska.

On the banks of the Danube, thousands of men astride on small horses, clad in rat-skin coats, monstrous Tartars with enormous heads, flat noses, chins gullied with scars and gashes, and jaundiced faces bare of hair, rushed at full speed to envelop the territories of the Lower Empire like a whirlwind.

Without any transition, as though by some stage device, a frightful mineral landscape receded into the distance, a wan, dead, waste, gullied landscape.

But it was not until the winter of that year that the prospector, Gabriel Read, found in a gully at Tuapeka the indubitable signs of a good alluvial field.

Following upwards one of the two branches of the principal stream through a narrow gully, one reaches a small basin-like valley, filled with dense brush, through which it is difficult to pass, on account of the unusual quantity of the prickly Calamus palm.