683 examples of habitually in sentences

Yet the elevation at which Michael Angelo habitually lived in thought and feeling was so far above the plains of common life, that from the summit of his solitary watch-tower he might have followed even such high-fliers as Bruno or as Campanella in their Icarian excursions with the eyes of speculative interest.

habitually spoke of Shelburne as "Malagrida," and the "Jesuit of Berkeley Square.

These eccentric practices gradually invested him, in the eyes of his domestics, with a certain preternatural mystery, which enhanced the fear with which they habitually regarded him, and was subsequently confirmed by his giving orders to have the furniture taken out of the ominous suite of rooms, and the doors nailed up and secured.

Certainly, however, she has grown a good deal fuller, and her color is higher; and whether it is fancy or not, I cannot say, but certainly to me it seems that the expression of her face has acquired something habitually lowering and malicious, and which, I know not how, inspires me with an undefinable dread.

My father's health required considerable and constant exercise, and he walked habitually before breakfast, generally in the green lanes towards Hornsey.

I believe him to have had much more feeling than he habitually showed, and much greater capacities of feeling than were ever developed.

His greasy, sly, fox face with its touch of bold impudence betrayed him for a man who would habitually hedge his bets.

He habitually allowed the dead past to bury its dead.

On the one hand is rugged Ben Jonson's tribute to his power and ability, and on the other Hallam's summary that he was "a man who, being intrusted with the highest gifts of Heaven, habitually abused them for the poorest purposes of earthhired them out for guineas, places, and titles in the service of injustice, covetousness, and oppression.

The truth is (he wrote) that our labourers are for the most part in the position of persons who live habitually within their incomes.

The features of the face are modifiable, and if one habitually assumes a peevish expression, it becomes, after a time, permanently fixed.

Certain phrases persist in the mind as habits so that when the phrase is once begun, you proceed habitually with the rest of it.

The hell to be endured hereafter, of which theology tells, is no worse than the hell we make for ourselves in this world by habitually fashioning our characters in the wrong way.

Jesus habitually rose early, and climbed the solitary mountains to engage in holy communion.

" It was significant that Linforth, who had never been in India, none the less spoke habitually of going back to it, as though that country in truth was his native soil.

His eyes habitually sought the sky, yet they did not seem to perceive what they gazed upon; it was as if they would pierce beyond it.

The members of main guards and stable and park guards will habitually be relieved every 24 hours.

The commander of the guard will see that all sentinels are habitually relieved every two hours, unless the weather or other cause makes it necessary that it be done at shorter or longer intervals, as directed by the commanding officer.

Another door in the smaller apartment opened to the passage, but this, she remembered, was habitually locked on the inside.

A man may be perpetually sulky, and yet habitually witty,may smile, and smile, and smile, and yet be a most melancholy individual.

An earnest Christian, with a will too resolute to allow the aid of the punch-bowl in vanquishing trouble, professionally wielding the religious and moral ideas, and habitually obeying them, he stood erect and looked at the life to come with a firm eye.

But the replies of the latter are typical of the notions of a large number of persons, who habitually speak of 'the Dictionary,' just as they do of 'the Bible,' or 'the Prayer-book,' or 'the Psalms'; and who, if pressed as to the authorship of these works, would certainly say that 'the Psalms' were composed by David, and 'the Dictionary' by Dr. Johnson.

Dr. John Bard, the fashionable doctor of his day, who attended Washington through the severe illness which laid him up for six weeks early in his administration, habitually wore a cocked hat and a scarlet coat, his hands resting upon a massive cane as he drove about in a pony-phaeton.

Her very fear of the man was not a reasoning fear, but the instinctive shrinking of a nature that had never felt the unclean touch of the world in which James Rutlidge habitually moved.

"No, Mr. Hooper; if they were to stay up all night, go without eats and work twenty-five hours a day they couldn't do any" And just then the end of the too-much inclined crutch skated outward and the habitually unfortunate girl dropped kerplunk on the floor.

683 examples of  habitually  in sentences