53 examples of hagan in sentences

It runs: 'Hagan arrives 10.30 p.m. Wednesday to get Cary's Naval Notes.

I feel that I love Hagan, and won't have him disturbed.

After that I rather fancy that we shall enjoy ourselves, and that the salt will stick very firmly upon Hagan's little tail.

Hagan is going to take all the risks; you and I are not looking for any.

"Hagan was met at the train, taken to a place we know of, and shadowed by us tight as wax.

One deckhand, an idle fellow to whom Hagan was very civil, told his questioner quite a lot of interesting details about the Navy ships, great and small, which could be seen upon the building slips.

"But I warn you that my sympathies are steadily going over to Hagan.

Hagan is off to London to-night by the North-Western.

Hagan has the original masterpiece.

The two copies shall reach the Kaiser, bless him, but I really must have Hagan's set of Notes for my Museum."

This man Hagan is a black heartless devil.

" Half an hour before the night train was due to leave for the South, Dawson, very simply but effectively changed in appearancefor Hagan knew by sight the real Dawsonled Cary to the middle sleeping-coach on the train.

"I have had Hagan put in No. 5," he said, "and you and I will take Nos. 4 and 6.

A beam of light stabbed the darkness of his berth, and putting his eye with some difficulty to the holeone's nose gets so confoundedly in the wayhe saw Hagan comfortably arranging himself for the night.

Dawson did not come out of his berth at Euston until after Hagan had left the station in a taxi-cab, much to Cary's surprise, and then was quite ready, even anxious, to remain for breakfast at the hotel.

"Two of my men," said he, as he wallowed in tea and fried solesone cannot get Dover soles in the weary North"who travelled in ordinary compartments, are after Hagan in two taxis, so that if one is delayed, the other will keep touch.

" Cary and Dawson spent the morning at the hotel with a telephone beside them; every few minutes the bell would ring, and a whisper of Hagan's movements steal over the wires into the ears of the spider Dawson.

"Hagan has applied for and been granted a passport to Holland, and has booked a passage in the boat which leaves Harwich to-night for the Hook.

As for Hagan, he is not going to arrive.

"Hagan is an American citizen," explained Dawson.

But between Hagan and the gangway suddenly interposed the tall form of the ship's captain; instantly the man was ringed about by officers, and before he could say a word or move a hand he was gripped hard and led across the deck to the steamer's chart-house.

Hagan's face, which two minutes earlier had been glowing with triumph and with the anticipation of German gold beyond the dreams of avarice, went white as chalk.

" "What became of Hagan?"

But I rather think that I have here Hagan's epitaph."

"Now, Mr. Dawson," said I. "Perhaps you will tell me to what happy circumstance I owe the honour of this visit?" He had been chuckling over certain rich details in the Hagan chasewith an eye, no doubt, to future enlarged editionsbut these words of mine pulled him up short.

53 examples of  hagan  in sentences