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520 example sentences with  hallucination

520 example sentences with hallucination

Idea of flame might have been a retroactive hallucination."

"Looks as if the cave might have been a hallucination."

"If the cave was an hallucination, as you suggest, the seal-murder was fiction."

Possibly I might have thought it a hallucination but for what came after.

Sir Henry must be the victim of a hallucination.

I had already convinced myself that if Sir Henry were the subject of a hallucination, I also shared it.

But to this little child" "Whereas there is nothing more likelymore consonant with all the teachings of sciencethan that the little thing should have this hallucination, of which you ought never to have heard a word.

And if Lady Mary could not make herself known to the poor cottagers who had loved her, or to the women who wept for her loss while they blamed her, how was she to reveal herself and her secret to the men who, if they had seen her, would have thought her an hallucination?

'That is strange,' I said, assenting, as when there is such a hallucination it is best to do.

Was it a hallucination?

He might be under a hallucination; but his head was clear enough, and I did not think him so ill as everybody else did.

All this story may be an hallucination, you know.

Insanity, dementia, derangement, craziness, madness, lunacy, mania, frenzy, hallucination.

Galaxy, galleon, garrulity, gesticulate, gormand, granivorous, grandiloquent, gravamen, gratuitous, gregarious, habitue, hallucination, harbinger, hardihood, heckle, hectic, hedonist, hegemony, heinous, herbivorous, heretic, hermaphrodite, heterodox, heterogeneous, hibernate.

But the possibility of a person having seen me in this position before the dead was enough to startle me to my feet, and though in another instant I became convinced that I had been the victim of hallucination, I nevertheless made haste to cross to the window and take a look through its dismal panes.

Could this dainty creature, with beauty scarred and yet powerfully triumphant, be the victim of an hallucination as to the cause of that scar and the awesome circumstances which attended its infliction?

Shelley asserted it, others disbelieved it: after much disputation the biographer supposes that, if not an imposture, it was a romance, and, if not a romance, at least a hallucination,Shelley, besides being wild in talk and wild in fancy, being by this time much addicted to laudanum-dosing.

In this hallucination he deceived himself even as Oliver Cromwell did later and equally for his own ends.

"But where do you think these came from if the whole thing was some kind of hallucination?

Somehow, the Witch sent you here and created a very elaborate hallucination for you.

I can assure you that you spoke to a hallucination caused by an infusion made out of these dratted weeds!"

A very beautiful hallucination!

But he was never entirely cured of his hallucination, and, exasperated by the vexations he was subjected to by the Viennese Government, even in the asylum, the great patriot put an end to his own life on April 8, 1860, by a pistol-shot.

Even if they are projected from the beholder's brain, there is no hallucination if they are known for such; but only when they are confounded with reality, as it were, in a waking-dream.

"Not deer-skin," says science, "but amber; not miracle, but faith-cure; not prophetic insight, but thought-transference; not apparition, but hallucination."

I love the safety, which a palpable hallucination warrants; the security, which a word out of season ratifies.

For what is Benthe pleasant sailor which Bannister gives usbut a piece of satirea creation of Congreve's fancya dreamy combination of all the accidents of a sailor's characterhis contempt of moneyhis credulity to womenwith that necessary estrangement from home which it is just within the verge of credibility to suppose might produce such an hallucination as is here described.

For what is Benthe pleasant sailor which Bannister gave usbut a piece of a satirea creation of Congreve's fancya dreamy combination of all the accidents of a sailor's characterhis contempt of moneyhis credulity to womenwith that necessary estrangement from home which it is just within the verge of credibility to suppose might produce such an hallucination as is here described.

I am under the strange hallucination that my body is part of me, and in spite of old Plotinus, look with horror at a disembodiment till the giving of that new body, the great perfection of which, in your eyes, and those of every one else, seems to be, that it will be less, and not more of a body, than our present one.

Unless she were out of her mind, the victim of a strange hallucination, it was he himself who stood there, his face, pale and haggard, turned towards her.

But the hallucination had made her feel faint and ill.

She recalled her flight from Laburnum Villa, her wandering through the streets, the crowded and noisy quay, and the strange hallucination, the vision of Stafford standing on the stern of the vessel.

Of course, it was only a vision, an hallucination; but how real it had seemed!

Hence we find one man remembering a multitude of details, with a memory so vivid that it almost amounts at times to hallucination, yet without any artistic power; and we may find menBlake was onewith an imagination of unusual activity, who are nevertheless incapable, from deficient sympathy, of seizing upon those symbols which will most affect us.

As her whole life had been merged in this struggle which had only conquered her overwrought heart and brain when she had felt that the Madonna had deserted her and delivered her to the wrath of Venice, so now, in her hallucination,since the Madonna had brought her to Rome,her faith and power of speech suddenly returned, and she rallied all her strength to fulfil her mission.

One hallucination in particular took a strong hold on his credulity.

Hilda heard the kitchen door slammed to behind her, but the noise was like a hallucination in her brain.

It passed, swiftly as a hallucination.

Her glance pierced it and it faded to a hallucination.

This hallucination must have greatly pained him, for no one ever saw more clearly, or was less blinded by irrational confidence.

"Are you sure that there is not a mistake somewhere, or a little mental hallucination?

This particular story, however, found no mention in his book on Collective Hallucination for the simple reason (so he confided once to a fellow colleague) that he himself played too intimate a part in it to form a competent judgment of the affair as a whole....

But the hallucination of an audible voice, of course, is one of the commonest forms of delusion due to mental excitementan excitement, my dear boy, perfectly excusable, and, let me add, wonderfully controlled by you under the circumstances.

The hallucination died away as gradually as it came, leaving me overcome with a soft and pleasant drowsiness, from which I sank into a deep, refreshing sleep.

We may say that the 'haunted' house is real and the 'ghost' is not; but as an hallucination the ghost is real enough.

I have already shown that this claim of Dr. Jackson's was proved to be but the hallucination of a disordered brain, and it will not be necessary to go into the details of the controversy.

It would be enough to see a man haunted by a spirit, under the strong and entire dominion of a wilful hallucination.

Since science has presumed to take the place of theology, we should talk about hysteria instead of witchcraft, and hallucination instead of demoniacal possession.

Almost ashamed to make the search, now convinced it was all an hallucination of the senses, he crossed the narrow passageway and opened the door.

The hallucination passes off, however, with the silvery tones of the orator, and the exhilarating fumes of the liquor which inspired it.

It had the force of an hallucination; as if in the head-lines he actually saw the word suicide in thick black letters.

She had been the victim of some extraordinary hallucination: "with the little brooks for variations on the theme," she added hastily.

It never assumed the form of hypochondria, hallucination, misogyny, or misanthropy.

This, I thought, must be one of the very common cases of mental hallucination which one hears of every daythe belief of the sufferer that he is surrounded by enemies and followed by spies.

Some declare that his energy is due to an hallucination that they are German generals.

Motionless she lay on the sofa, looking at the grey November day with vague eyes that bespoke an obsession of hallucination.

Was this some torturing hallucination?

I understood perfectly the sort of hallucination into which I had fallen.

Soon, in his dream, in a hallucination springing undoubtedly from the weakness of his brain, plaints, confused and distant groans, reach him from different points of the island.

I saw her in Boston the other day, and the Venus hallucination is shattered, but the yellow bells look just the same, proving" "That every prospect pleases And man (or woman)

" I have a sufficient variety of cases to prove the continuity between all the forms of visualisation, beginning with an almost total absence of it, and ending with a complete hallucination.

The moment the maid got up the hallucination disappeared.

It is probable that much of what passes for hallucination proper belongs in reality to the hybrid case, being an illusive interpretation of some induced visual cloud or blur.

It appears that stars of this kind, so frequently spoken of in history, and so well known as a metaphor in language, are a common hallucination of the insane.

Abroad the ex-Kaiser was very busy sawing trees, possibly owing to an hallucination that they were German Generals.

"Charity is simply a hallucination, then?"

They sought to cover the puny nakedness, and make an hallucination of it all.

But for her it had been a blinding hallucination nevertheless, fraught, during the first days, at least, with the delicious exhiliration, the voluptuous abandonment of true love.

It was almost an hallucination.

The crude Toni experienced the same hallucination that had perturbed all the others on the boat.

A sight which was quite exhilarating, and reminded me so strongly of the fine odour which exhales from the products of illicit distillation, that guagers and potteen, like the phantoms of hallucination, were presenting themselves continually to my imagination for the remainder of that day.

The belief in the Resurrection originated in an hallucination of the disordered fancy of Mary Magdalen, whose mind was thrown off its balance by her affection and sorrow; and, once suggested, the idea rapidly spread, and produced, through the Christian society, a series of corresponding visions, firmly believed to be real.

The Hollywood hallucination.

The Hollywood hallucination.

There are times when I believe that Wallace was no more than the victim of the coincidence between a rare but not unprecedented type of hallucination and a careless trap, but that indeed is not my profoundest belief.

And blind philosophers came and talked to him of the wicked levity of his mind, and reproved him so impressively for his doubts about the lid of rock that covered their cosmic casserole that he almost doubted whether indeed he was not the victim of hallucination in not seeing it overhead.

One hallucination in particular took a strong hold on his credulity.

Her hallucination was so monstrous, and gave me such a shock of desperate alarm, that I spoke, on the impulse of the moment, with great energy, without regarding how her feelings might be wounded.


The extraordinary hallucination caused by the sun-stroke lasted with him for over a week, but at the end of that time his mind cleared and he saw things in the same light as reasonable folk.

The old host, still under the influence of his hallucination, is bearing down like a hawk (with his old bent elbow extended) on Barbara, until intercepted and redirected by a whispered roar and graphic pantomime on the part of his nephew.

An hallucination came to him that he was shod with lead, like a deep-sea diver, and it was all he could do to resist the desire to reach down and feel the lead.

Here, the hallucination was marked with an exquisite tenderness; no longer was it the dark mirages of the American author, but the fluid, warm, almost celestial vision; it was in an identical genre, the reverse of the Beatrices and Legeias, those gloomy and dark phantoms engendered by the inexorable nightmare of opium.

It was a Pickersgill hallucination to be attentive to people who had legacies in their power.

This group of students is busied with "Psychical Research," and the obscure human faculties implied in alleged cases of hallucination, telepathy, "double personality," human automatism, clairvoyance, and so on.

It will be seen that we cannot really account for the origin of the belief in spirits while we neglect the scientific study of those psychical conditions, as of hallucination and the hypnotic trance, in which that belief must probably have had some, at least, of its origins.

Moved by this hallucination the Witch uttered a veridical premonition, totally adverse to her own interests, and uncommonly dangerous to her life.

We demur when, because an hallucination of the Witch of Endor (probably still incompletely developed) is called by her Elohim, therefore the highest Elohim is said by Mr. Huxley to differ from a ghost only in degree, not in kind.

One of them informed me, quite gravely, that 'he never had an hallucination,' thereforehis mind being sane and healthythe inference seemed to be that no sane and healthy mind was ever hallucinated.

Ah, an hallucination!

It has been surmised that the soldier who made this report may indistinctly and from a distance have descried a flock of tall white cranes, otherwise he was either the victim of an hallucination or an inventor of strange tales to astonish his fellows.

Then Hope, to his horror, began to see that this must be the very hallucination of which he had read, a sweet illusion of green fields and crystal water, which often precedes actual death by thirst and starvation.

"Some people begin by a plunge, as it were, and under some unusual stimulus become able just for once to see some striking vision; and very often in such a case, because the experience does not repeat itself, the seer comes in time to believe that on that occasion he must have been the victim of hallucination.

Some people have hallucinations when they have not slept for a long time; other people have something resembling a hallucination before falling asleep.

Hallucination set in, and one by one they began to die.

In his book Carew described how his daughter saw a guardian angel during her bout with leukemia, and he thought it may have been a drug-induced hallucination, but then he saw a guardian angel, too.

The film makes the talking vegetable can, voiced by H. Jon Benjamin, seem like a hallucination of Chef Gene's, but the Netflix series tells a different story.

The result is mass hallucination.

This scene is revealed to be a hallucination brought on by the Joker's new toxin.

It shares this real-unreal trajectory with the hallucination.