61 examples of haltingly in sentences

he cried, haltingly, as anger overcame his astonishment.

Hustle now!" Jerry shuffled off as old Dorn came haltingly, as if stunned, toward Kurt.

" She spoke haltingly, but Pearl knew what was in her heart, and her quick imagination painted in the details of each picture.

General Dyer has been haltingly blamed, and his evil genius Sir Michael O'Dwyer entirely exonerated because Englishmen do not want to leave this country of fields even if everyone of us has to be killed.

"Nothingany use" he began haltingly.

"Don't you see," she explained haltingly, "I can't go away.

"Life," he began somewhat haltingly, to break the embarrassing pause, "is only serious when we make it so; and as soon as we make it serious it makes us unhappy.

He told us haltingly that the smoke we had seen came from a scene of fighting somewhere to the eastward of Louvain.

And then she began to talkat first haltingly, with half-finished sentences; then hurriedly, with a rush of words that seemed not able to utter themselves fast enough to keep up with the thoughts behind them.

"Why, I thought you were going to discharge her?" "WellI was," he said, haltingly.

His words came haltingly.

This was the full flowering of those seeds of fantasy that had fallen into his infant mind as he lay baking his brains by the wide fire in the old stone house at the head of the hollow, while his father read, haltingly, of the wonders of the invisible world.

The right followed haltingly, sagging at hip and knee.

A nervous break-down," she explained haltingly.

So far he had spoken slowly, haltingly; with the effort of one to whom words were difficult.

a thief, yet innocent!" Anna smiled fondly, but her heart had stopped, her feet moved haltingly.

Then very haltingly at first, but afterwards more easily, he began to tell of the thing that was hidden in his life, the haunting memory of a beauty and a happiness that filled his heart with insatiable longings, that made all the interests and spectacle of worldly life seem dull and tedious and vain to him.

Through it the Southern battle flags still advanced, halted, tossed wildly, moved forward in jerks, swung to the fierce cheering, moved on haltingly, went down, up again, wavered, disappeared in the cannon fog.

RELATIVITY This crude analogy haltingly conveys what is meant by curved time.

"Gentlemen of the jury," he began haltingly, "this defendant seems to have been indicted for the crime of practising medicine without a licensea misdemeanor.

" "So I did," answered Yolanda, haltingly.

Her hands were clasped at her breast; her face was as pale as a gray dawn; her breath came in feeble gusts, and her words fell haltingly from her lips.

"Why isn't it?" I explained the difference haltingly, and spoke of the wonderful system of identification in the French army, with every man tagged with a metal identification check.

"We were lonesome without you," haltingly admitted Ondrejko, and presently they sat on the moss carpet at the feet of Bacha.

Then at length, haltingly she spoke.

61 examples of  haltingly  in sentences