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75 example sentences with  halyard

75 example sentences with halyard

" It is one of the most spirited things imaginable, when well sung, and, when applied to the topsail-halyards, brings the yards up in grand style.

Jump to the halyard.

" Ford Foster looked out to seaward, even while he was hauling his best upon the sail halyards.

The spar and boom served for the ridge and front poles, the sail for the canvas covering, the sheet and halyards for the restraining lines.

It's got all twisted and tangled with the halyards.

" "I'll not answer for the craft, though that's her blue peter, and them's her mast-heads, and I turned in that taw-sail halyard-block with my own hands.

He was going aloft to fit a strap round the main-topmast head for ringtail halyards, and had the strap and block, a coil of halyards, and a marlin spike about his neck.

He was going aloft to fit a strap round the main-topmast head for ringtail halyards, and had the strap and block, a coil of halyards, and a marlin spike about his neck.

Seth, you clap your knife across the fore throat and peak halyards; and you, John, cut the main.

The fore and main halyards were cut, and the two graplings cast off at the same instant, and, as the heavy gaffs came rattling down, our five heroes leaped on board the pirate.

To the apex of the "A" is attached a forked stick, over which run the halyards.

The main halyards take the place of a backstay.

The flag is then securely attached to the halyards and rapidly hoisted.

The halyards are then securely fastened to the cleat on the staff and the detail marched to the guardhouse.

When the flag is to be lowered, the halyards are loosened from the staff and made perfectly free.

It is then neatly folded and the halyards made fast

The flag should never be allowed to touch the ground and should always be hoisted or lowered from the leeward side of the staff, the halyards being held by two persons.

There are men who pause before the old Admiral and see the cutwater of men-of-war's bows and hear the singing of the signal halyards as they rise with the command to close in.

"Blast this mess of halyards and gear Bucky strewed alongside" I heard Thirkle draw his breath sharply as he left the sentence unfinished.

Reach in there and clear that mess of halyard."

I looked about me, and at the distance of eight or ten yards from me, I saw the main topsail halyard block above water: the water was about thirteen fathoms deep, and at that time the tide was coming in.

I swam to the main topsail halyard block, got on it, and sat upon it, and then I rode.

"'When I got on the main topsail halyard block, I saw the admiral's baker in the shrouds of the mizen-top-mast, and directly after that, the woman, whom I had pulled out of the port-hole, came rolling by: I said to the baker, who was an Irishman, named Robert Cleary, "Bob, reach out your hand, and catch hold of that woman; that is a woman I pulled out of the port-hole: I dare say she is not dead."

He called Joe for'ard to help stretch the mainsail by means of swinging on the peak and throat-halyards.

"Let go the jib-halyards and come in on the downhaul!"

Then they coiled down the halyards and put everything in order before they returned aft.

Joe found the jib-halyard and cast it off the pin, and, as the canvas fluttered down, came in hand over hand on the downhaul.

But at the first rattle of the halyards on the sheaves a warning "Hist!" came to them through the darkness, followed by a loudly whispered "Drop that!"

"I say, you fellers, you 'd better let go them halyards pretty quick, I 'm a-tellin' you, or I 'll give you what for!" This threat being dramatically capped by the click of a cocking pistol, 'Frisco Kid obeyed and went grumblingly back to the cockpit.

Joe had half a mind to run forward and cut the halyards so that the Dazzler might be captured.

He was beginning to feel half sorry that he had not cut the halyards, and longed to ask French Pete a thousand questions; but just as the first was on his lips that worthy ordered him to go below and get some coffee and then to turn in.

First the main portion of the wreckage was securely fastened to the forward bitts; then, breathless and gasping, more often under the water than out, they cut and hacked at the tangle of halyards, sheets, stays, and tackles.

Sea-sickness, in a crowded boat, and the retching of the waves, soon turned everything and every one topsy-turvy; every being, in fine, bearing a stomach which had not been seasoned to such tossings among anchors and halyards, was prostrate.

Leslie Goldthwaite was giving a hasty touch to the tent drapery and the gray blanket; Leonard Brookhouse and Dakie Thayne manned the halyards for raising the curtain; there was the usual scuttling about the stage for hasty clearance; and Sin Saxon's hand was on the bell, when Grahame Lowe sprang hastily in through the dressing-room upon the scene.

Presently the Englishman's bow fell off, and by the time he was dead before the wind, we could see his studding-sails flapping in the air, as they were in the act of being distended, by means of halyards, tacks and sheets, all going at once.

As for us Americans, we had our hands full, to get the head-yards braced up in time, and to settle away the top-gallant halyards, aft, in order to save the spars.

The ship beginning to gather way, too, I threw Sennit the end of a lower-studding-sail halyards, that were brought aft for the purpose, ordered his bowman to let go his hold of the tackle, and dropped the boat a safe towing distance astern.

As soon as everything required was passed into the boat, she was dropped astern, nearly to the whole length of the studding-sail halyards.

Marble struck a blow with the axe on-the studding-sail halyards, and away the Dawn glided, leaving the boat tossing on the waves, twenty fathoms further astern, on the very first send of the sea.

In order to make the deception more complete, we hauled up our courses, and let run the top-gallant halyards, as if ready to bring up.

I then got up the halyards, and loosened and set the jib; a job that consumed quite two hours.

I now jumped to the jib-halyards and down-haul, getting that sail reduced; then I half-brailed the spanker; this was done lest my hold on the yard should give way.

Then, turning towards the silent an attentive crew, he shouted, in a voice that was appalling by its vehemence and warning, "Let run the after halyards!

As a prudent and sagacious seaman had let fly the halyards of the solitary sail that remained, at the moment when the squall approached, the loosened but lowered topsail was now distended in a manner that threatened to drag after it the only mast which still stood.

From the extremity of New-Berne quay the crew might have been seen holystoning the deck, after which they loosened the reef lines, under the direction of Effrondat, the boatswain, hoisted in the boats and cleared the halyards.

"Take another pull at these main-topsail-halyards, and send the steward down below for my sword and pistols.

In a couple of minutes the small crew were on deck, hauling in the ropes and halyards.

"Here, gentlemen, take the halyards, and rouse up the topgallant sails.

Captain Sumner, aided by our hero and Jack, at length found the topgallant halyards, and lowered the sail in the peak.

An "Analytical Spelling-Book;" (with Part of the "Story of Jack Halyard;") 12mo, pp.

This notion of the parts of speech, as the reader will presently see, found an advocate also in the author of the popular little story of Jack Halyard.

Cardell, in his Grammar, gives, "drink, drank, drunk;" but in his story of Jack Halyard, on page 59, he wrote, "had drinked:" and this, according to Fowle's True English Grammar, is not incorrect.

Then the next morning her doubts all vanished once more when the Winnebagos assembled on the front lawn for flag raising, and Veronica, whose turn it was to hoist the Stars and Stripes, stepped out with shining eyes, and with loving hands fastened the flag of her adopted country to the waiting halyard, carefully keeping it from touching the ground, and with an attitude both proud and humble sent it fluttering to the top of the pole.

The preparations to show the ensign, which caught the quick and understanding glance of Ghita, and which had not escaped even the duller vision of the artillerists, were made at the outer end of this jigger-yard, A boy appeared on the taffrail, and he was evidently clearing the ensign-halyards for that purpose.

At length the halyards moved, and then three fair, handsome flags rose to the end of le Feu-Follet's jigger yard, a spar that was always kept aloft in moderate weather.

Even the halyards were touched in order that the sails might stand like boards.

Two or three midshipmen were lounging about the quarter-deck; here and there a seaman was on the lookout, at the halyards, or on a cathead; some twenty or thirty old sea-dogs were pacing the gangways or the forecastle, with their arms crossed and hands stuck in their jackets; and a quick-eyed, active quartermaster stood near the man at the wheel, conning the ship.

Upon reaching Cairncross Island, under which it was my intention to anchor, the sails were reduced; and, as we were in the act of letting go the anchor, Mr. Roe, who was at the masthead holding thoughtlessly by the fore-topmast staysail-halyards, whilst the sail was being hauled down, was precipitated from a height of fifty feet, and fell senseless on the deck.

Then Hercules, Bat, Acteon and Austin being placed, some at the royal halyards, others at those of the top-sails, he proceeded up the mast.

Last night our flagour country's flagwas torn from the halyards above this building and trampled in the dust of the street.

As they gathered in the street and gazed up at the naked halyards, a shot dropped one of them in his tracks.

And the Rebel gunners, holding their halyards, stood still and shouted.

Above the writhing smoke, now stained pink in the sunset light, a flag crept jerkily up the halyards of a tall flag-staff, higher, higher, until it caught the evening wind aloft and floated lazily out.

The sloop swung around into the trough of the sea, in a tangle of sails, sheets, halyards, and standing rigging; and the next great comber came plump into her, filling her almost to the gunwales with a white smother of foam.

Fastened to the hawser by a large loop was a sling of cordage, from which a long halyard trailed shoreward, while another connected it with the top.

Doubtless the crowd on the beach would know enough to make the hawser fast and pull on the halyard.

Meantime the people on shore had made fast the hawser to a tree and manned the halyard.

His crew sullenly tailed on to the halyards, and the strange, outlandish sail, lateen in rig and dyed a warm brown, rose in the air.

The halyards reeve through a hole in a projecting arm a foot long at the masthead.

Tacks, sheets, and halyards, went together; and, in less than a minute, the cruiser showed naked spars and whistling ropes, where so lately had been seen a cloud of snow-white cloth.

The canvas was instantly permitted to fall, and it was no sooner stretched to the yards, than force was applied to the halyards, and the sails were hoisted.

My grandparents taught me to sing let go your jib halyard, let go your jib halyard, my fingers are caught in the block, LET GO!

My grandparents taught me to sing let go your jib halyard, let go your jib halyard, my fingers are caught in the block, LET GO!

The cover of the main halyard (the rope that raises and lowers the main sail) was frayed through to its core.

The first one is hanging our dinghy/tender from a halyard.