71 examples of halyard in sentences

" It is one of the most spirited things imaginable, when well sung, and, when applied to the topsail-halyards, brings the yards up in grand style.

Jump to the halyard.

" "I'll not answer for the craft, though that's her blue peter, and them's her mast-heads, and I turned in that taw-sail halyard-block with my own hands.

Reach in there and clear that mess of halyard.

I looked about me, and at the distance of eight or ten yards from me, I saw the main topsail halyard block above water: the water was about thirteen fathoms deep, and at that time the tide was coming in.

I swam to the main topsail halyard block, got on it, and sat upon it, and then I rode.

"'When I got on the main topsail halyard block, I saw the admiral's baker in the shrouds of the mizen-top-mast, and directly after that, the woman, whom I had pulled out of the port-hole, came rolling by: I said to the baker, who was an Irishman, named Robert Cleary, "Bob, reach out your hand, and catch hold of that woman; that is a woman I pulled out of the port-hole: I dare say she is not dead."

He called Joe for'ard to help stretch the mainsail by means of swinging on the peak and throat-halyards.

"Let go the jib-halyards and come in on the downhaul!" Joe had seen the manoeuver performed the previous night, and so was able to carry it out with fair success.

Then they coiled down the halyards and put everything in order before they returned aft.

" Joe found the jib-halyard and cast it off the pin, and, as the canvas fluttered down, came in hand over hand on the downhaul.

In order to make the deception more complete, we hauled up our courses, and let run the top-gallant halyards, as if ready to bring up.

I then got up the halyards, and loosened and set the jib; a job that consumed quite two hours.

I now jumped to the jib-halyards and down-haul, getting that sail reduced; then I half-brailed the spanker; this was done lest my hold on the yard should give way.

An "Analytical Spelling-Book;" (with Part of the "Story of Jack Halyard;") 12mo, pp. 192: (published at first under the fictitious name of "John Franklin Jones:") New York, 1823; 2d Ed., 1824.

This notion of the parts of speech, as the reader will presently see, found an advocate also in the author of the popular little story of Jack Halyard.

Cardell, in his Grammar, gives, "drink, drank, drunk;" but in his story of Jack Halyard, on page 59, he wrote, "had drinked:" and this, according to Fowle's True English Grammar, is not incorrect.

Then the next morning her doubts all vanished once more when the Winnebagos assembled on the front lawn for flag raising, and Veronica, whose turn it was to hoist the Stars and Stripes, stepped out with shining eyes, and with loving hands fastened the flag of her adopted country to the waiting halyard, carefully keeping it from touching the ground, and with an attitude both proud and humble sent it fluttering to the top of the pole.

Then Hercules, Bat, Acteon and Austin being placed, some at the royal halyards, others at those of the top-sails, he proceeded up the mast.

And the Rebel gunners, holding their halyards, stood still and shouted.

Fastened to the hawser by a large loop was a sling of cordage, from which a long halyard trailed shoreward, while another connected it with the top.

Doubtless the crowd on the beach would know enough to make the hawser fast and pull on the halyard.

Meantime the people on shore had made fast the hawser to a tree and manned the halyard.

The halyards reeve through a hole in a projecting arm a foot long at the masthead.

" The canvas was instantly permitted to fall, and it was no sooner stretched to the yards, than force was applied to the halyards, and the sails were hoisted.

71 examples of  halyard  in sentences