1794 examples of hams in sentences

My uncle had sent out a quantity of Ayrshire cheeses, mutton hams, pickled salmon, Dunfermline linens, Paisley dimity, Alloa worsted, sweet ale from Tranent, Kilmarnock cowls, and a lot of fine feather-beds from the Clydeside.

We, too, had cause to remember him, for all the officers were summoned to the general's tent, and there was distributed to each of us a package containing a generous supply of sugar, tea, coffee, chocolate, cheese, butter, wine, spirits, hams, tongues, rice, and raisins, the gift of Mr. Franklin and the Philadelphia Assembly.

His chef came, presenting a list adorned with vignettes, and the first article of which, that met the prince's eye, was "fifty hams."

"Bertrand," said the prince, "I think you must be extravagant; Fifty hams!

Give me the order, and I will put those fifty hams in a crystal flask no longer than my thumb."

The prince smiled, and the hams were passed.

This was all very well for the prince de Soubise; but as we do not write for princes and nobles alone, but that our British sisters may make the best dishes out of the least expensive ingredients, we will also pass the hams, and give a few general directions concerning Sauces, &c. 355.


Hogs, he pointed out, were selling at two cents a pound; bacon and hams at twelve and fifteen cents.

He proposed to turn them into lard, hams, and bacon, to sell the same to local merchants (thereby saving cost of transportation), and to divide the profits with us after the original price of the hogs was paid.

Swiggart, he added, ought to know what good hams were, for he bought the very best Eastern brand.

we cried simultaneously, "does Mr. Swiggart buy hams?"

"Mrs. Swiggart," I began, lamely enough, "I am sure that your husband can cure hams" Ajax looked at me indignantly.

Excellent hams and sausages are to be had here; and the Viennese who dines and sups heartily at his own house never fails, during his evening promenade, to take a tolerable good portion of ham or sausage, with a proportion of Offen wine or Maylander Beer, by way of staying his stomach during the tedious interval between dinner and supper.

Hams and bacon forming part of his own trade, he wrote to certain farmers with whom he was in the habit of dealing, to send him up an unlimited supply of flitches and gammons; and his orders being promptly and abundantly answered, he soon found he had more bacon than he could possibly consume.

er, ef dey knowed 'im, 'Is yer stole any mo' hams lately?'

Thank you for the little Hams and Portugal Onions; pray keep some always by you.

well!" cried the initiated, casting up their hands and eyes to heaven; the more moderate among them were of the opinion that Ted was carrying things a bit too far, particularly when' it became known that Margaret was boiling hams and killing chickensyes, Sophia and Ernest, William and Augusta were laid lowin preparation for the forthcoming nuptial feast.

I always told poor Sarah as I did think she salted her hams too much; but, there!

Hams and stockings hung in parallel lines from the ceiling, and there was a mysterious little railed-off chamber at the back of the house, reached by a swing door, on which the word "Bar" was set forth in gold letters, with a printed legend underneath announcing that Diana McNally was licensed to sell wines and spirits to be consumed on the premises.

The cargo consisted of flour, beef, pork, lard, butter, fish, beans, onions, potatoes, apples, hams, furniture, sugar box shooks, &c., invoiced at about eight thousand dollars.

These jobs sometimes netted him hams, bits of cornmeal, cloth for dresses for his wife and children, and other small gifts; these he either used for his small family or bartered with the other slaves.

KASCHAU (29), a beautiful town in Northern Hungary, on the Hernad River, 140 m. NW. of Budapest; has a royal tobacco factory, is noted for hams, has an agricultural school and a Jesuit university.

So he put the young gentlemen of the Court of Boyville into the back room of his grocery store, where coal-oil and molasses barrels and hams and bacon and black shadows of many mysterious things were gathered.

Don't dew no good t' shute 'is hams.

1794 examples of  hams  in sentences