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85 example sentences with  handcraft

85 example sentences with handcraft

And I would say, "My handcraft creaking On this autumnal gale Unto all wayfarers is speaking

" Handiwork, handicraft, and handicraftsman, appear to have been corruptly written for handwork, handcraft, and handcraftsman.

Handcraft and handcraftsman are now exhibited in some dictionaries, and handiwork seems likely to be resolved into handy and work, from which Johnson supposes it to have been formed.

Children of the handcrafts.

Children of the handcrafts.

Children of the handcrafts.

420 handcrafts simple steps.

ti: Four hundred and twenty handcrafts illustrated in simple steps.

Children of the handcrafts.

Children of the handcrafts.

Children of the handcrafts.

420 handcrafts simple steps.

ti: Four hundred and twenty handcrafts illustrated in simple steps.

"Why, old Hank Handcraft come out in that crazy launch uv his and guv it ter me," rejoined the captain.

"Hank Handcraft," repeated Rob.

The two young scouts were both at home, and after brief explanations the four started off at a lively pace for Hank Handcraft's hut, which was situated about two miles along the beach.

It was a little over half an hour before they reached the dilapidated hut where old Handcraft, a beach-comber, made his dwelling place.

"I remember now I heard some time ago that he was thick with that Hank Handcraft."

I saw Hank Handcraft the other day, and I can tell you he's in no very amiable mood.

It'll all come back on Hank Handcraft, I owe him a grudge for bothering me about money, anyhow, the old beach-combing nuisance!"

The next morning Jack lost no time in making his way toward Hank Handcraft's tumble-down abode.

Three youths whom our readers will recognize as Jack Curtiss, Bill Bender and Sam Redding; were in earnest consultation with the unkempt and unsavory individual whom we know as Hank Handcraft, the beach-comber.

"Hank Handcrafts, the beach-comber's," suggested Tubby.

" "Hank Handcraft," exclaimed Merritt.

"You know that all our investigation only pointed to two persons, Jack and Bill, and their assistant, Hank Handcraft."

"Down the road a piece driving like the Mischief," responded the rustic pointing back with his whip, "but you're wrong 'bout ther' bein' only two of them; that no-good beach-comber, Hank Handcraft, was in there with them.

And so Jack Curtiss, Bill Bender and Hank Handcraft vanish for a time from the ken of the Boy Scouts, leaving behind them no regrets, except it be those of their parents who were for many months bowed down with the grief and humiliation of their boys' misdoings.

Balabushka made about 1,200 handcrafted cues during his 16 year career from 1959 to his death in 1975.

According to the businessโ€™ website, each item at Lush Bazaar is โ€œhandcrafted with great precision and style and is made to empower and inspire the ones who create our products and the ones who buy our products.โ€

Chite is offering free embroidery on all of its iconic Lover Knickers and Bralettes, as well as Black Friday discounts on core, timelines, and wearable capsule collections, which are handcrafted in Italy by independent female artisans.

Created by Bengaluru-based lighting designer Jenny Pinto, the hand sculpted piece is made from handcrafted banana fibre paper, and is ideal to create mood lighting in any corner of your home.

Airbnb says that they offer over 7 million accommodations and 40,000 handcrafted activities, all powered by local hosts.

All neatly packed inside a traditional wicker hamper, alongside a traditional โ€˜polished knotโ€™ cheese knife and handcrafted cheeseboard.

Honoring their roots in Mexico's Guerrero region, Barajas and Maldonado sold handcrafted tamales on the streets of San Francisco's Mission district, attracting a loyal fanbase.

Indeed schools can generate additional income from sales of studentโ€™s handcraft and art.

'It indicates that a single, small group of people was dedicating themselves to handcrafts related to the production of threads and textile manufacture and that, furthermore, these activities were carried out exclusively by women.'

It will specialize in handcrafted bread and baked goods, all made from scratch in-house.

Marbled ring dish set, handcrafted for Doorstep Market, which features the work of local artisans in the region.

Mark Wakefield, managing director at AlixPartners, said Bentley's green conversion could sway environmentally conscious consumers into buying one of the company's six-figure, handcrafted vehicles.

Mici Handcrafted Italianโ€” known for its strong celebration of family and Italian food has teamed up with various local hospitals to feed frontline workers.

One can feel that these marshmallows are handcrafted with love and attention to details.

Seventy7 North serves up handcrafted cocktails such as Brown Betty, with cognac, apple-spice elixir, lemon and creole bitters, and Angelโ€™s Share, with Angelโ€™s Share bourbon, Drambuie, plum-spice elixir, lemon and rhubarb bitters.

Surprise the accessorizer in your life with a funky, handcrafted gift theyโ€™ll wear all year.

There is also the Prohibition Cocktails tour that visits some of the cityโ€™s speakeasy locations and includes handcrafted cocktails.

These boots are handcrafted in Maine using textured bison leather sourced from Tasman Tannery.

The secret recipe for smooth and creamy ice cream is handcrafted fresh daily in store, and then customized by combining a variety of mix-ins on a frozen granite stone.

This package includes 50 new MyFonts fonts handcrafted by the experts at Monotype, one of the webรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs biggest typeface makers.

โ€œAt Iron Doors Arizona, we design and manufacture the finest handcrafted iron entry doors, custom gates and high end garage doors,โ€ Yagudayev explains.

We handcrafted posters and attached chocolates to them, and distributed them to children and asked them to take it home.

Come check out handcrafted Christmas giftsโ€”including bowls, cutting boards, coasters, salad serversโ€”and talk to the members about joining their club.

Every Venetian glass beetle has been individually blown by master glassmaker Giuliano Donaggio in Murano, Italy, with slight, handcrafted variations that make each one unique!

Featuring a branch with stockings, this Christmas card was handcrafted in the Philippines by the makers of Salay Handmade Products.

Forgiveness by Essence Project, released 01 March 2019 1. Forgiveness 2. No Words Pray 3. Therapy Forgiveness, is a dubastic psychill instrumental handcrafted art by Essence project.

Gabi is handcrafted in Italy by the finest Italian shoemakers.

Guests can enjoy simple, fresh, local and handcrafted artisan food in ARC โ€ฆ Our guests are always at home at the Fairmont Waterfront โ€“ and their โ€ฆ

Handcrafted from waterproof premium full-grain leather with locking speed lace hooks and lace lock at the top to keep laces in place.

Handcrafted in lifelike ULTRASKYN, Ryanโ€™s Man Squeeze features a tight, textured interior that warms to the touch and feels just like the real thing.

Handcrafted quality, with heavy-duty full-seam welded construction and premium quality materials up to 76% heavier than other fireplaces to ensure a perfect fire and quiet operation โ€“ every time.

Handcrafted signs by Jennifer Konanz.

Hansi, a very popular shop offers all kinds of handcrafted products.

Hickory Hops: Festival features handcrafted North Carolina beer from more than 50 microbreweries and the Carolinas Championship of Beer (April 25 in Hickory).

Also there was a draw made on handcrafted snow people, donated by PatMercer, at the Masstown Market and the winner was Patty Frank of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.

Made with capiz, this decorative garland was handcrafted by the makers working with Saffy Handicrafts.

Multiple layers of fiberglass applied to handcrafted molds give each box the custom shape and rigidity necessary to deliver clean, full bass.

No, we're not going to advise you how to escape that awful knight fork or to save your pinned queen, but we're happy to help you out with selecting a beautiful handcrafted chess set for your next match.

On the 2nd floor your will find 3 spacious bedrooms, one with cedar closet, another with built in handcrafted storage.

Premium protection paired with traditional handcrafted style has produced a timeless, leather iPhone X/XS case made to impress.

Artisan handcrafted and made of 100% natural wood.

See the wonderful assortment of Baked Goods, Handcrafted sewing, knitting, home dรฉcor and decorations that are available for sale.

Shop the SLC is back this year with from the Ryerson community, all with unique handcrafted goods!

The Earth Breaker Ankle Strap Sandal takes inspiration from indigenous handcrafted artwork.

These elements are incorporated in a number of her original handcrafted art-jewellery creations.

These spring-hued glass goblets, from Cochabamba in the Bolivian highlands, make a tasteful handcrafted addition to your table.

The single bowl, handcrafted from stainless steel, features tightly angled corners to maximize basin space and a sloped bottom that helps with draining and cleanup.

The store carries everything from locally made jewelry to handcrafted soaps, essential oils and a collection of artwork, including both Wilsonโ€™s and Springerโ€™s.

This sturdy handcrafted wooden vase makes for a gorgeous decorative piece to complement any decor.

Three young people who had started a small company in one of the gentleman's father's garage handcrafted snowboards.

Thursday afternoonโ€™s opening worship service marked the official opening of convention, highlighted by the singing of hymns, sharing peace, Holy Communion and a handcrafted confession.

Time-honoured handcrafts, including ceramics and weaving, continue in many areas of the country.

TRUSKYNโ„ข is pure, hygienic, health-grade silicone that has been proprietarily handcrafted into a form that emulates actual skin, right down to warming to your own body temperature.

Vendors will be selling a variety of homemade and handcrafted items that will make perfect gifts for the holiday season!

When I ventured here via a Caribbean cruise, our bus drove to Tulum making a quick stop at el crucero "the crossroads" where booths of colorful handcrafts culled from local craftsmen are neatly displayed.

While each knife still takes at least 100 handcrafted steps to complete, the materials Shun uses are among the most advanced in the industry.

Would you believe these succulents are handcrafted from green paper cardstock? inked the petals different shades of green with purple hues, curled them and arranged her creations into pottery and other vessels she found lying around her home.

Yemaya Natural Products: A Canadian home-based business offering 100% natural handcrafted personal care products, including herbal bath and calendula ointment.