194 examples of handel in sentences

So retentive was her memory that she could play without notes a large portion of the works of Handel, Beethoven and Mendelssohn.

As there were different nationalities present, she very simply but gracefully said she was going to sing from the Holy Scriptures, repeating the words in German and Italian, and then sang Handel's "Comfort ye," "He shall feed His flock," and afterwards, "Rest in the Lord."

Thus Mr. BALFOUR, who has little time for golf nowadays, finds his most refreshing recreation in reading the speeches of Lord NORTHCLIFFE, co-ordinating them with those of BURKE and PERICLES, and setting them to music in the style of HANDEL, his favourite composer.

It is a splendid instrumentcan't be equalled in this part of the country for either finery or musicand is played by a gentleman whose name ranks in St. George's anthem book, with those of Beethoven, Handel, and Mozart.

Handel, a patron of the institution, gave the organ it still possesses, and society followed the lead of the men of genius.

At the same time new forces are starting to form the new cycle, or, to speak like Goethe, the newest spiral: Hauptmann, Frenssen, Ricarda Huch, Enrica von Handel, to name only these.

As time progressed, however, and the petty annoyances grew more numerous, the merely intellectual pleasure of the writings of Wagner and Handel and Mozart possibly failed to suffice, and an organ was contracted for.

"Remember Handel?

Would that produce the chorus of Handel that made you almost rise and march in majesty?

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Yet it is a curious question whether if Handel, say, could have heard an overture of Wagner's he would have thought it an advance in beauty or notwhether it would have seemed to him like the realisation of some incredible dream, a heavenly music, or whether he would have thought it licentious, and even shapeless.

All people are no more born great scholars like Gibbon and Bentley, than they are all born great musicians like Handel and Beethoven.

In Scott leather jerkins, swords, horses, mountains, and castles harmonise completely and fully with food, fighting, words, and vision of life; the chords are simple as Handel's but they are as perfect.

Do not snatch the laurel wreaths from Handel, Haydn, Mozart; they are entitled to them; as yet I am not.

The principal oratorios of Handel may be purchased for as many shillings each as they cost pounds years ago.

194 examples of  handel  in sentences