4960 examples of handle in sentences

If we find him, and I can handle him, I'll know where to look.

When he let go the handle the spring-bolt had engaged.

Don Ramon is tactful, and I think will handle the situation discreetly.

And only those Who are true merchants know to handle us.

Our illustration clearly shows what it is: it consists of a tin plate with a handle, with a space for three perforated cups.

I looked for trouble, and was inclined to welcome it, anxious indeed to prove to Estada my ability to handle men.

It ought not to take more than five minutes to handle those lads, and slew around a carronade.

Watkins, you and Carter hand out the cutlasses from the rack; you boys will handle those better than firearms.

I am captain here, and I know how to handle insubordination.

I believe I can handle them, with what help I have.

"We'll give it a trial, and should need no help to handle the two of them.

" It was no pleasant job confronting us, although we had less dead men to handle than I anticipated.

The swift slaver made excellent progress in spite of light winds, and proved easy to handle.

"Have the lads back the boat up to this port; then come down, and help me handle it.

Here, let me handle the hatchet, because you see I was such a truthful little shaver away back that my folks often regretted they hadn't named me George Washington.

The freaks are awful to handle, the giant being the only one that can wade through and look pleasant, and the fat woman would make you weary, she has to be carried back and forth to the platform by half a force of hands.

In his roll, the handle slipped out so that it might lie snug against the steel head, was a short miner's pick.

There stood old Honeycutt, tremblingly upheld upon his sawed-off broom-handle.

These features of the edition of 1882-6 are preserved in that of 1896, and the following are added: FIRST, The volumes are published, not in library 8vo size, butas the works of every poet should be issuedin one more convenient to handle, and to carry.

All of them have suffered from the fallacies and troubles of the pure psychologist who would handle mind as an entity in a vacuum.

Moreover, we are learning how to handle the machinery ourselves.

I don't envy the men who have to handle the drags.

"How do you do, Parson Danvers?" said Marston, touching his hat with the handle of his whip.

As a result, in addition to their own clientele, other members of the bar who found themselves encumbered with matters which for one reason or another they preferred not to handle formed the habit of turning them over to Tutt & Tutt.

"But Bonnie says it's the toughest case he ever had to handle in which to find any witnesses for the defense.

4960 examples of  handle  in sentences