Pick Elegant Words
Do we say   happy   or  delighted

Do we say happy or delighted

happy 20344 occurrences

Late in the night, long after the dinner and the dance, the tired but happy company flocked to the picturesque hanging garden for rest and the last refreshment.

"I was merely wondering whether dear little Mrs. Browne is as happy as she might be.

"I'll be happy to tell you all about her some other time," he said.

Here am I, with my happy family at my heels.

He had made a happy exchange, however, the freshness and sweetness of the new bed, of itself, acting as delicious restoratives.

Thrice happy would it be for the man of science, could he ever thus hold his powers in subjection to the great object for which they were brought into existence; and, instead of exulting in, and quarrelling about the pride of human reason, be brought to humble himself and his utmost learning, at the feet of Infinite Knowledge and power, and wisdom, as they are thus to be traced in the path of the Ancient of Days!

By the utmost care to profit by every puff of air, and by handling the boat with the greatest skill, this happy result was obtained, however, without any sacrifice.

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'We are more uneasy from thinking of our wants than happy in thinking of our acquisitions' (Windham), iii. 354.

DAVID, CHARLES A. How to be happy on nothing a year.

DAVID, LOUIS S. How to be happy on nothing a year.

The happy rider.

The happy rider.

The happy rider.

The happy rider.

The happy rider.

The happy rider.

The happy rider.

The happy rider.

The happy rider.

The happy rider.

<pb id='146.png' /> SHERRILL, HENRY K. SEE A Harvest of happy years.

The gate of happy sparrows.

Elizabeth M. Vare (W); 26Aug64; R343474. VARE, ELIZABETH M. The gate of happy sparrows.

The happy bluebird.

Edgar Bergen (PWH); 24Jan66; R380269. Happy birthday; Charlie McCarthy took the words right out of my mouth, it's true.

Sex satisfaction and happy marriage.

TYRER, ELLIOTT C. Sex satisfaction and happy marriage.

GARDNER, HORACE J. Happy birthday to you! Illus.

Happy birthday to you!

Zhenya Gay (A); 13Jul66; R389221. <pb id='375.png' /> Happy birthday.

The happy return.

The happy return.

The happy family.

The happy family.

I'm a happy pilgrim and I'm longing for Jesus.

I'm a happy pilgrim and I'm longing for Jesus.

And in its agony it threw up a number of large objects, which the Prince, dimly perceiving they were strange and important, was, by a happy expedient, able to secure before they sank.

He is happy, however, if he can find a solace in his own work, and if he is sustained by a hopefulness that makes light of results, if he finds pleasure in the mere doing of unrecognised work.

But if they walk earnestly, not knowing what the end may be, never mistaking the delight of the moment for the joy that shines and glows beyond the furthest horizon, then they are of the happy number who have embraced the true quest.

But because I realise how much better a fellow he is than myself, I believe that he has every prospect of being a decidedly happy man.

I may, of course, be only coming down like a burnt-out stick; and this is where the humiliation lies; but I feel rather as if I were soaring to worlds unknown: though perhaps, after all, that is only one of the happy delusions, the gentle compensations, which God showers down so plentifully upon the middle-aged.

Some of them want to talk, and some of them seem not even to wish to be talked to; a very few to listen, and a small and happy percentage desire both to give and to take.

It seemed to Brown that he had been sitting at that table, in the midst of the old environment in which he had once been carelessly happy and assured, for hours upon end, before the signal came at last for the departure of the women.

He had not so many happy hours that he could afford to lose one because it could be only one.

" "Are you happy, Donald dear?" asked the lady, sitting up and reaching up both hands to him.

"So happy I don't know what I'm doing, you kind, wise friend.

Is Helena happy, too?

Jack himself, by some happy chance, had been able to come out for luncheon, and the three men found each other thoroughly congenial.

The happy future which the little bean had dangled before her eyes, absurdly as he had fashioned and bedecked it, reminded her all too sharply of that which she had promised herself with one, in whose affections she had fancied herself secure, despite the attacks of the prettiest Abigail in the world.

She replied, "Mother, I can't tell you, but nothing in this world will make me happy."

She arose from her bed, and went to the house of God, her heart still glowing with these newly awakened emotions; and while on her way thought within herself, "O that I had a voice that would reach to all the world, I would tell them how happy I am.

Now miserable from a consciousness of having grieved the Spirit of God, and again hopeful, confident, and happy.

"Oh! how happy was I!I did not hear to profit, I was troubled in mind.

This morning the young man sent for Mr. R., wishing to see him, and to inform him of the happy change wrought in his heart by the Spirit of God.

So happy was James R., who careless of all below, smiled, and bid the world adieu.

To-night my soul is truly happy in God.

One soul was made truly happy, and another rejoiced in the Lord, having received good the week before.

Visited Mrs. C. again; she said, 'I feel happy.

The tears started in her eyes, and she confessed with great frankness, that she was convinced she must have the peace of God to be happy; but she had never mentioned the subject to any but her mother.

While I write my soul is happy.

My pillow seemed softer than usual, and my soul was happy.

On their return, several of them being deeply convinced of sin, united in prayer; and so powerfully did the Spirit work, that six were crying for mercy at once: thus they continued to pray and wrestle until two in the morning, when five of them were made happy.

Angels were hov'ring round, And breathing incense there; Almost I heard the sound Of wings upon the air; Light as the breeze, and clear as light, Her happy spirit took its flight.

I saw her this morning; she was just able to say 'yes,' when asked, if she was happy.

And all my happy soul o'erflow!"

When. asked by her husband if she was happy, she said with emphasis, 'Yes'.

O blessed cross! where Jesus bowed His head, Baptized with precious blood, for sinners shed: Happy are they who keep the words he brought, And bear the cross by their great Pattern taught.

When a Man gets to be a confirmed Joiner he is not Happy unless he can get into an unlighted Room two or three Nights a Week, and wallop the Neophyte with a Stuffed Club, and walk him into a Tub of Water, and otherwise Impress him with the Solemnity of the Ordeal.

These were the Songs linked in his Memory with some Purple Evenings of the Happy Long Ago.

But she wouldn't be Happy until she got it, and so she Got It right where the Newport Lady wears the Rope of Pearls.

We made many most charming acquaintances, too, scattered all over our Western World, and saw how comfortable and happy sensible people could be, living in most straitened circumstances, with none of the luxuries of life.

And this fact led me, on one trip, to lecture to my fair countrywomen on "Marriage and Maternity," hoping to aid in the inauguration of a new era of happy, healthy babies.

The Judge, having maintained a happy bachelor state, looked placidly on the aggressive movements of the sex, as his domestic felicity would be no way affected, whether woman was voted up or down.

I felt satisfied that they had had one happy hour, and that I had said nothing to hurt the feelings of the most unfortunate.

The moment the hand of the clock pointed at eight o'clock the band struck up, thus announcing that the happy hour for the minstrels had come.

I can be happy in thinking that my activity transmits his impulse, and that his ends prolong my own.

Loud the whistles blew and the thunder of cannon was drowned by the happy shouting of the people.

SPRING IN NEW HAMPSHIRE Too green the springing April grass, Too blue the silver speckled sky, For me to linger here, alas, While happy winds go laughing by, Wasting the golden hours indoors, Washing windows and scrubbing floors.

I have embalmed the days, Even the sacred moments, when we played, All innocent of passion uncorrupt, At noon and evening in the flame-heart's shade: We were so happy, happy,I remember Beneath the poinsettia's red in warm December.

I have embalmed the days, Even the sacred moments, when we played, All innocent of passion uncorrupt, At noon and evening in the flame-heart's shade: We were so happy, happy,I remember Beneath the poinsettia's red in warm December.

TWO-AN'-SIX Merry voices chatterin', Nimble feet dem patterin', Big an' little, faces gay, Happy day dis market day.

When my heart is weak an' sad, Who but you can mek it glad?" So dey kissed an' kissed again, An' deir t'oughts were not on pain, But was 'way down in de sout' Where dey'd wedded in deir yout', In de marnin' of deir life Free from all de grief an' strife, Happy in de marnin' light, Never thinkin' of de night.

As for Dyveke, she was radiantly happy at finding herself thus transported into the favour of a Prince and the Queendom of fair women, for whose envy she cared as little as for the danger in which she stood.

Some praised God for the happy discovery, while others expressed their severe regret that their country should have been deprived of that vast acquisition through the incredulousness of their king.

Thus holding on his way, the admiral reached Barcelona about the middle of April, having before sent to their highnesses on account of the happy success of his voyage.

When on the 14th of September we reached the cape, and found the land turned off to the southwards, so that we could conveniently continue our voyage with those levanters or east winds that so continually prevailed, we all gave thanks to GOD for the happy change, for which reason the admiral gave it the name of Cape Garcias a Dios.

The chief made answer, that his sovereign would assuredly be happy to hold intercourse with ours, and that he should convey a true report of this request to Montezuma, who would instruct him what answer he should make.

They never made her happy, she once told me, and I could understand her better than most since I had had success too, and knew that it did not mean happiness.

It is nice to think that she is just as happy now as she was thenthat she made no mistake when she left the stage, where she had such a brief and brilliant career.

"I would like to tell you what a big darling my husband is, and how perfectly happy he makes my lifebut

"If any one deserves to be happy, you do," many a friend wrote.

Well, I am happy, and while I am happy, I cannot feel old.

Well, I am happy, and while I am happy, I cannot feel old.

A preëstablished harmony of foreseen happy issuesa fool's paradiseis scarcely our ideal of a rational world.

delighted 4220 occurrences

Nelly Lebrun was frankly afraid; and she was also delighted.

And since such fencing with the wits delighted her, she let all her delight come with a sparkle in her eyes.

She delighted in the village streets.

" "Why," he said, "I'd be delighted!

Blossy pretended to be relieved, protesting that she was delighted to find that she would now have an extra hour in which to ponder the question.

But the fact was, he liked her stories better than her sugar-candy and liquorice; while above all things he delighted in watching the wonderful wheel go round and round so fast that he could not find out whether her foot was making it spin, or it was making her foot dance up and down in that curious way.

Holland is delighted to provide passage for Germany's exports and imports, and probably does so at a minimum cost.

The Major was very delighted to see us, a rumour having got about that we and the last guns had been left on the wrong side of the Tagliamento, when the bridge went up.

She was delighted to oblige him; but still, when he came up, he looked disappointed, and never said, "Luna, I love you; when are we to be married?"

Consequently, though he made quite a companion of the fine bright boy, and was delighted to see him so fond of reading his fairy-books, and was never tired of hearing him say my name is Norval, or hearing him sing his songs about Young May Moons is beaming love, and When he as adores thee has left but the name, and that; still he kept the command over the child, and the child was a child, and it's to be wished more of 'em was.

I found him unchanged in character, but improved, cultivated, to a degree which delighted, almost awed me.

My grandfather, who, as the commander of his own merchant-ship, had formerly visited many foreign countries, was delighted to refresh his recollections of distant scenes, and to live over again his adventures by sea and land.

The little boy had made attempts to reach his mother for several minutes, and he was delighted at his brother's quick departure.

"There are men who would be delighted to hear even the little that has fallen from your lips in this trifling," he said, as soon as Mrs. Bloomfield was out of hearing.

Those who had been preferred in honor were not so delighted at this precedence as they were suspicious of the affair, particularly as a result of Caesar's influence.

Four women have been delighted to make my acquaintancethree men have thought themselves in the presence of a superior being; one offered me twenty-five cents because I reached him the key of the museum.

I was delighted at the prospect of a short discourse, but I found his 'not much talking' exactly corresponded to 'a good deal' in my use of words.

I was perfectly delighted, and think it the finest picture I have yet seen.

Stage-coaches are now very rare in England, and I was delighted with the chance for a ride.

" The sunshine so brilliant and keen, had a cold and merciless tang in it, and a busy-body look about it, as if it delighted in shining into forbidden corners and tearing away the covers that people put on their sorrows, calling all the world to come and see!

There, as we have seen, the remains of the venerable Carver were deposited; and there the infant form of Ludovico Maitland was laid in its last narrow resting-place, and shaded by shrubs and plants that Edith, and the faithful servant Janet, delighted to place there, and to tend and water with untiring care and watchfulness.

About two months after the conversation just given, and therefore somewhere about the Christmas holidays of the year 1821, Père Jerome delighted the congregation of his little chapel with the announcement that he had appointed to preach a sermon in French on the following sabbathnot there, but in the cathedral.

Mr. Fairfield expressed himself as being delighted to have Patty under the influence of such a gracious and charming young woman, and Aunt Alice quite agreed with him.

When Patty's opinion was asked, she said she would be delighted to go away for a vacation, and that she had the place all picked out.

" "I'm delighted to have you," said Nan, who was in a hammock at the other end of the veranda when this conclave was taking place.

She was delighted with the prospect, and her father had ordered her a beautiful new frock from New York, which proved to be rather longer than any she had as yet worn.

All were delighted with the place.

I'm just as delighted as I can be!

"She seems delighted too," said Mr. Fairfield, smiling.

The great introducer of moral wisdom among the pagans did practise it so much (by it repressing the windy pride and fallacious vanity of sophisters in his time), that he thereby got the name of [Greek], the droll; and the rest of those who pursued his design do, by numberless stories and apophthegms recorded of them, appear well skilled and much delighted in this way.

Zohák was delighted with the dishes, made from every variety of bird and four-footed animal.

Zohák beheld Delighted the repast, and eagerly Relished its flavor; then in gratitude, And admiration of the matchless art Which thus had ministered to his appetite, He cried:"For this, whatever thou desirest, And I can give, is thine."

And in his arms he took the boy The harbinger of future joy; Delighted that indulgent Heaven To his fond hopes this pledge had given, It seemed as if, to bless his reign, Irij had come to life again.

Rúdábeh was delighted with this proof of their regard.

This announcement delighted the heart of the old warrior, and he sent the messenger back with the assurance of his approbation of the proposed union, but requested that the subject might be kept concealed till he returned with his army from the expedition to Karugsár, and was able to consult with Minúchihr.

The young man, delighted with the information, immediately discovered himself, acknowledged that he was Kai-kobád, and then Rustem respectfully hailed him as the sovereign of Persia.

Information of this discovery was immediately sent to Kai-káús, who was delighted to find that Mázinderán was truly a blessed region, the very garden of beauty, where the cheeks of the women seemed to be tinted with the hue of the pomegranate flower, by the gate-keeper of Paradise.

Gúdarz, and Tús, and Báhrám, and Gíw, and Gustahem, were delighted to meet him, and the king embraced him with great warmth and affection, and heard from him with admiration the story of his wonderful progress and exploits.

When the delighted father, doubly blest, Resigned his daughter to his glorious guest, The people shared the gladness which it gave, The union of the beauteous and the brave.

Bob had instantly decided to give his mount to Dave Thorne, the section foreman, who had shown him many kindnesses and who was delighted to get a trained saddle horse.

Betty was delighted to meet these old friends, and she introduced them to the Littell girls and Libbie and Frances in the happy, tangled fashion that such introductions usually are performed.

The culprit, who had been a third time an offender, and whose expulsion was at this time deemed irreversible, was brought forth, as at some solemn auto da fe, arrayed in uncouth and most appalling attireall trace of his late "watchet weeds" carefully effaced, he was exposed in a jacket, resembling those which London lamplighters formerly delighted in, with a cap of the same.

She danced about, not with light love, or foolish expectations, for she had no lover; or, if she had, none she knew that could have created those bright images which delighted her.

They arrived at Plymouth on the 9th of August, 1573, on Sunday, in the afternoon; and so much were the people delighted with the news of their arrival, that they left the preacher, and ran in crowds to the quay, with shouts and congratulations.

The two who associated themselves with the English appeared much pleased with their new guests, received willingly what was given them, and very exactly observed every thing that passed, seeming more particularly delighted with seeing Oliver, the master-gunner, shoot an English arrow.

They very readily traded for glass and such trifles, with which the old and the young seemed equally delighted.

He was received with discharges of cannons and every kind of musick, with which he was so much delighted, that, desiring the musicians to come down into the boat, he was towed along in it at the stern of the ship.

Barretier drew up, that night, some positions in philosophy, and the mathematicks, which he sent immediately to the press, and defended, the next day, in a crowded auditory, with so much wit, spirit, presence of thought, and strength of reason, that the whole university was delighted and amazed; he was then admitted to his degree, and attended by the whole concourse to his lodgings, with compliments and acclamations.

He was delighted to welcome his young neighbour home.

The King had been delighted with it,a circumstance doubtless considered by Sir Robert in selecting a rival for Savage.

He had delighted above all in strong effects of colour: spirits who have upon their heads instead of hair the feathers of peacocks; a phantom reaching from a swirl of flame towards a star; a spirit passing with a globe of iridescent crystal-symbol of the soul- half shut within his hand.

Lady Holden, perhaps, will come with her; for she always delighted in her Mamma Sinclair's company, and talks of her, and her good management, twenty times a day.

The prude was delighted with what she heard.

" As time went on, it was delighted to find that it grew taller than any other blade in the field, and threw out other blades; and at last there grew out at the top of its stalk ever so many plump, new little grains, all fitting closely together, and wearing tight little green covers.

Plautus wrote for the multitude, Terence for the few; Plautus delighted in noisy dialogue and slang expressions; Terence confined himself to quiet conversation and elegant expressions, for which he was admired by Cicero and Quintilian and other great critics.

" In order to render herself attractive, she exhausted all the arts of cosmetics and elaborate hair-dressing; she delighted in magical incantations and love-potions.

" Pompey let loose six hundred lions in the arena in one day; Augustus delighted the people with four hundred and twenty panthers.

It is a sort of chronological metaphoran artificial analogy, by which ideas, widely remote and heterogeneous, are brought into contact; and the mind is delighted by this unexpected assemblage, as it is by the combinations of figurative language.

There is one thing in which all classes delighted in the fourteenth century, and that was a garden, in which flowers bloomed,things of beauty which were as highly valued as the useful.

The worthy friar, struck by the noble bearing of a man so poor and wearied, became delighted with the conversation of his guest, who opened to him both his heart and his schemes.

Madame de Maintenon, who once delighted in Fénelon, learned to detest him as much as Bossuet did, when the logical tendency of his writings was seen.

It was absurd, impossible, not to be thought of, and yet all the time his insistence delighted her.

Interest had given the stranger an air of great attention, and the delighted woman had poured out her torrent of words in a way that gratified, in the highest degree, her intense desire to be imparting information.

"Really, my dear Mr. Westcote," she protested at length, being a chartered utterer of indiscretions which (as she delighted to prove)

The children would be delighted with him.

Young Fitzgerald at once professed a disinclination to dance, and begged that, when she was sufficiently rested, she would allow him to lead her to the piano, that he might hear her sing something from Norma, by which she had so delighted his mother, in Rome.

She's a charming girl, and we would be delighted to see you.

"And I am delighted, my dear Jinks!"

"Delighted to have made your acquaintance, Mr. Wingate, you treated him exactly as he deserved.

As a boy Andy delighted in novel sensations; and as an ambitious aviator he yearned to experience all the glorious possibilities that open up to the one who has the pluck and the nerve to attempt them.

The captain assured her that he had no reason to be anything but delighted with her conduct on all occasions, and for a time he was all right.

It was a beautiful day, and the basin was thronged around with thousands and thousands of persons, looking, from the variety of their dresses, more like the colors of a splendid rainbow than aught besides; and when, at four o'clock, Triton and his satellites threw up their immense volumes of water, all was wonder, astonishment, and delight; but none were more delighted than Emma, to whom the scene was quite new.

Aarsens accepted these presents with the approbation of Prince Maurice, to whom he had confided the circumstance, and who was no doubt delighted at what promised a rupture to the negotiations.

" "Go and give Comrade Spiller our compliments and say that we can't come down, but shall be delighted to see him up here.

Speaking for Comrade Jackson and myself, we should both be delighted to join in the mimic warfare of our National Game, as you suggest, only the fact is, we happen to be the Young Archaeologists.

Fencing is eagerly learned; the English officer who teaches it being delighted with his pupils' progress.

I have always took so little care to please the generality of the world, that I am never mortified or delighted by its reports which is a piece of stoicism born with me; but I cannot be one minute easy while you think ill of "Your faithful" "This letter is a good deal grave, and, like other grave things, dull; but I won't ask pardon for what I can't help.

It had delighted him to do a difficult thing, to show the really great skill he had.

The old man was delighted with the interest shown.

I began to watch the skies with some anxiety, and on Thursday I was delighted to see the weather become clearer, and a warm dry wind spring up from the southwest.

General Murat, some years ago, married an American lady, who delighted in being called the "princess," a little piece of vanity quite in keeping with the aristocratical prejudices of American females in the south, who are devoted worshippers of lordly institutions and usages.

We have already observed, that our author while in Ireland, neglected the best opportunity of encreasing his fortune; and the circumstance which occasioned it we find to be this: He had contracted an intimacy which soon grew into friendship, with judge Upton, a man of the same temper with himself, who delighted in retirement and poetical amusement.

Madame Gay found in Gérard's salon all the people she had best known in her youth, and she was delighted to have her early years recalled to her.

His charming manner intimates that, instead of taking thought, he chooses to take pleasure with us, and compare old notes; and we are delighted that he does us so much honour, and makes, as it were, Ariostos of us all.

He again applied to Alfonso for permission to return to Ferraraagain received it, though on worse than the old conditionsand again found himself in that city in the beginning of the year 1579, delighted at seeing a brilliant assemblage from all quarters of Italy on occasion of a new marriage of the duke's (with a princess of Mantua).

" "I should be delighted," said his daughter, "if you think it will not tire you.

Antoinette was delighted to find that her father was recovering his strength, but he was alarmingly quiet and thoughtful.

While all this was going on, young Lord Ravenel, the son and heir of Luxmore, had been a constant visitor at the Halifax home, and delighted in the company of John's daughter.

It was the society of Maud in which his lordship now delighted, though he never forgot the serene and happy days he had spent with her blind sister.

He belonged to the plebeian ranks, being the son of a watchmaker; was sickly, miserable, and morbid from a child; was poorly educated, but a great devourer of novels (which his fathersentimental as heread with him), poetry, and gushing biographies; although a little later he became, with impartial facility, equally delighted with the sturdy Plutarch.

The singers grew more and more enthusiastic over the music, and when the first public performance was given, on October 20, 1842, the audience also was delighted and remained to the very end, although the performance lasted six hours.

He was now there, but as a political fugitive, wherefore it was not deemed advisable to have him attend the public performance; but he did secretly witness a rehearsal, and was delighted to find that Liszt's genius had enabled him to penetrate into the innermost recesses of this music.

"I have no doubt Ida will be delighted to see you.

She remembered, however, the soft and beautiful smiles which had beamed over that haggard countenance, when it was turned upon her only childsmiles which she delighted to recognise in the lovely portrait, from which her idea of her mother was chiefly formed.

As each inmate became added to his household, rough houses, almost huts, were built for their reception, but the Prophet himself had no abiding place, only a council-chamber, where he conducted public business, and dwelt by turn in the houses of his wives, but delighted most to visit Ayesha, who occupied the foremost position by virtue of her beauty and personality.

He delighted in and commended the name and the life and all the practices of its former owner, yet he found fault with the structure itself, saying that it had been badly built and was scantily and meanly equipped.

Trajan celebrated a triumph and was given the title of Dacicus; in the theatre he had contests of gladiators, in whom he delighted, and he brought back dancers once more to the theatre, being in love with one of them, Pylades.

Having no opportunity of learning in the West Indies the propriety of being presented at court, ere he could be upon a more intimate footing with the prince, he was less astonished than delighted at the reception of an invitation on that occasion to Carlton house.

Gough went up to him, spoke kindly to him, and got him to sign: the ladies were delighted, and heartily shook hands with Joe.

On the 29th I went over the Tract House in New York, and was delighted to see there six steam-presses,four of which were then at work, pouring forth in rapid succession sheet after sheet impressed with that kind of literature which in my judgment is admirably adapted to meet the wants of this growing country.