Do we say happy or delighted

happy 20344 occurrences

DAVID, CHARLES A. How to be happy on nothing a year.

DAVID, LOUIS S. How to be happy on nothing a year.

The happy rider.

The happy rider.

The happy rider.

The happy rider.

The happy rider.

The happy rider.

The happy rider.

The happy rider.

The happy rider.

<pb id='146.png' /> SHERRILL, HENRY K. SEE A Harvest of happy years.

He is happy, however, if he can find a solace in his own work, and if he is sustained by a hopefulness that makes light of results, if he finds pleasure in the mere doing of unrecognised work.

But if they walk earnestly, not knowing what the end may be, never mistaking the delight of the moment for the joy that shines and glows beyond the furthest horizon, then they are of the happy number who have embraced the true quest.

But because I realise how much better a fellow he is than myself, I believe that he has every prospect of being a decidedly happy man.

I may, of course, be only coming down like a burnt-out stick; and this is where the humiliation lies; but I feel rather as if I were soaring to worlds unknown: though perhaps, after all, that is only one of the happy delusions, the gentle compensations, which God showers down so plentifully upon the middle-aged.

Some of them want to talk, and some of them seem not even to wish to be talked to; a very few to listen, and a small and happy percentage desire both to give and to take.

It seemed to Brown that he had been sitting at that table, in the midst of the old environment in which he had once been carelessly happy and assured, for hours upon end, before the signal came at last for the departure of the women.

He had not so many happy hours that he could afford to lose one because it could be only one.

" "Are you happy, Donald dear?" asked the lady, sitting up and reaching up both hands to him.

"So happy I don't know what I'm doing, you kind, wise friend.

Is Helena happy, too?

Jack himself, by some happy chance, had been able to come out for luncheon, and the three men found each other thoroughly congenial.

Thus holding on his way, the admiral reached Barcelona about the middle of April, having before sent to their highnesses on account of the happy success of his voyage.

When on the 14th of September we reached the cape, and found the land turned off to the southwards, so that we could conveniently continue our voyage with those levanters or east winds that so continually prevailed, we all gave thanks to GOD for the happy change, for which reason the admiral gave it the name of Cape Garcias a Dios.

delighted 4220 occurrences

My grandfather, who, as the commander of his own merchant-ship, had formerly visited many foreign countries, was delighted to refresh his recollections of distant scenes, and to live over again his adventures by sea and land.

The little boy had made attempts to reach his mother for several minutes, and he was delighted at his brother's quick departure.

Four women have been delighted to make my acquaintancethree men have thought themselves in the presence of a superior being; one offered me twenty-five cents because I reached him the key of the museum.

I was delighted at the prospect of a short discourse, but I found his 'not much talking' exactly corresponded to 'a good deal' in my use of words.

I was perfectly delighted, and think it the finest picture I have yet seen.

Stage-coaches are now very rare in England, and I was delighted with the chance for a ride.

The King had been delighted with it,a circumstance doubtless considered by Sir Robert in selecting a rival for Savage.

He had delighted above all in strong effects of colour: spirits who have upon their heads instead of hair the feathers of peacocks; a phantom reaching from a swirl of flame towards a star; a spirit passing with a globe of iridescent crystal-symbol of the soul- half shut within his hand.

Lady Holden, perhaps, will come with her; for she always delighted in her Mamma Sinclair's company, and talks of her, and her good management, twenty times a day.

The prude was delighted with what she heard.

It was absurd, impossible, not to be thought of, and yet all the time his insistence delighted her.

Fencing is eagerly learned; the English officer who teaches it being delighted with his pupils' progress.

I have always took so little care to please the generality of the world, that I am never mortified or delighted by its reports which is a piece of stoicism born with me; but I cannot be one minute easy while you think ill of "Your faithful" "This letter is a good deal grave, and, like other grave things, dull; but I won't ask pardon for what I can't help.

It had delighted him to do a difficult thing, to show the really great skill he had.

The old man was delighted with the interest shown.

I began to watch the skies with some anxiety, and on Thursday I was delighted to see the weather become clearer, and a warm dry wind spring up from the southwest.

He again applied to Alfonso for permission to return to Ferraraagain received it, though on worse than the old conditionsand again found himself in that city in the beginning of the year 1579, delighted at seeing a brilliant assemblage from all quarters of Italy on occasion of a new marriage of the duke's (with a princess of Mantua).

While all this was going on, young Lord Ravenel, the son and heir of Luxmore, had been a constant visitor at the Halifax home, and delighted in the company of John's daughter.

It was the society of Maud in which his lordship now delighted, though he never forgot the serene and happy days he had spent with her blind sister.

He belonged to the plebeian ranks, being the son of a watchmaker; was sickly, miserable, and morbid from a child; was poorly educated, but a great devourer of novels (which his fathersentimental as heread with him), poetry, and gushing biographies; although a little later he became, with impartial facility, equally delighted with the sturdy Plutarch.

She remembered, however, the soft and beautiful smiles which had beamed over that haggard countenance, when it was turned upon her only childsmiles which she delighted to recognise in the lovely portrait, from which her idea of her mother was chiefly formed.

Trajan celebrated a triumph and was given the title of Dacicus; in the theatre he had contests of gladiators, in whom he delighted, and he brought back dancers once more to the theatre, being in love with one of them, Pylades.

Having no opportunity of learning in the West Indies the propriety of being presented at court, ere he could be upon a more intimate footing with the prince, he was less astonished than delighted at the reception of an invitation on that occasion to Carlton house.

Gough went up to him, spoke kindly to him, and got him to sign: the ladies were delighted, and heartily shook hands with Joe.

On the 29th I went over the Tract House in New York, and was delighted to see there six steam-presses,four of which were then at work, pouring forth in rapid succession sheet after sheet impressed with that kind of literature which in my judgment is admirably adapted to meet the wants of this growing country.

Do we say   happy   or  delighted