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816 example sentences with  happy with

816 example sentences with happy with

All Christians are happy with God.

" "He was happy with you, afterward, you know.

"Poor dear, she suffered everything, and it came very hard upon Sy, for the child wasn't happy with any one else, and almost lived in her arms," continued Mrs. Dean, dropping the second shawl to get her handkerchief.

"Verily, Hugh is a good cavalier, Dorothe is a royalist and was never happy with John Stevens; it is better that she wed him."

Aren't you happy with it?"

'Do not think of that; I could not be happy with one I do not love.

"He's a man any woman might be happy with," said Mr. Hills.

And so she to wash and to make herself happy with a sweet cleanness that did be proper to her; and afterward, when she did be done, she to act watch whilst I to mine; and to help me in all matters, that she was able; and truly, I to be happy indeed that she did so have delight to attend upon me and to treat me mother-wise; yet truly with her maid-heart not all hid, as you have perceived, this time and that.

I was not even happy with Duncan.

I would be very, very glad to know that I could be happy with you, dear, and live your life.

So the letter goes, maybe to take its place as the 150th of the sacred writings, and make poor Daffodilia, who has loved to count the growing score, happy with the completion of the half-century.

If Mr. Bell loves the Constitution, Mr. Breckinridge is equally fond; that Egeria of our statesmen could be "happy with either, were t'other dear charmer away."

True, she might make Jervis Ferrars happy with her love, more especially as she was quite sure that he cared for her.

All the enjoyments of Browning's "Saul," those "wild joys of living" which make us happy with their freshness as we read of them, are within the reach of all, and make us happier still when enacted.

she murmured "May you be happy with your beloved one!

"It carried me back to my girlhood, when I was so happy with my mother and father and my sisters and brother.

But, are your people as happy with your modern methods, your crowded cities, your strenuous existence, as your forefathers were, who led the simple life?

She is radiantly happy with her grocer's man, and I think it grieves her to see me.

There she is, perfectly content and happy with her baby.

She is very happy with me.

She is thinking of the past, moved by the melancholy of the bells, and she is happy with a happiness with which is mingled something of sorrow and regret.

James had finally nerved himself to the point of asking Melinda if she could be happy with such a homespun fellow as himself, and Melinda had answered that she thought she could, hinting that it was possible for him to overcome much which was homespun about him.

While I imagined that you were living with Eva in our mountains, which I never could forget, perhaps surrounded with children, and our parents were happy with youyou have lived alone for years.

"I trust that you may be happy with her when she is your wife."

And yet I was happy with her!

If he were happy with his enchantress away from home, the home atmosphere completely dispelled all enchantment.

My return may be distantnever!Adieu then, Eudorabe happy with the friends that Providence hath given thee!"

No, but Naomi Darpent, yearning for sympathy, came to her side, caressed her on that summer night, and told her that Mr. Fellowes had gone to ask her of her father, and though she could never love again as she had once loved, she thought if her parents wished it, she could be happy with so good a man.

Her last words came back nowout of the glowing coals: "I have been happy with Mimo, after all, my Chรฉrisette, with you and Mimo and Mirko.

Many people were happy with this game, although there were a few, small problems.

By 1986, the general public was happy with the economic growth.

In 2001, she quit that work because she was not happy with the working conditions.

According to Lennox, theyโ€™re happy with the arrangement, along with the privacy they each enjoy.

But not everyone is happy with the details.

But overwhelmingly big business has not been happy with Johnsonโ€™s Brexit plans.

Club chairman Eric Sinclair said it had proved to be a โ€œhuge successโ€, adding: โ€œWe have received positive feedback from everyone, and members seem happy with the new set up, made possible by the enthusiasm and hard work from the group volunteers and Anna.

Email โ€œWillie O'Dea isn't happy with the 'light punishments' Green TDs got for voting against the governmentโ€.

Ensuring that tenants are happy with their location is only part of the job for Kannapolis Retail Ventures.

Fans were generally happy with Season of Dawn's Sundial activityCorridors of Time puzzle brought the community together like never before.

Following the meeting, Figy said he was happy with the process to date.

He said teachers who would normally leave during the holidays aren't happy with parts of the plan, while others understand there are risks associated with travelling over the holidays given the increasing number of COVID-19 cases across the country.

Heโ€™s especially happy with the reaction to losing the first Test, and very grateful to the support from the crowd.

โ€œHe told us that he was happy with the kind of brotherly treatment he got at the hospital,โ€ he added.

โ€œA lot were caught off guard with the furloughs and some werenโ€™t happy with how it all came about.

โ€œI am happy with the preparations that took place ahead of the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory.

Iโ€™m happy with Nancy Drew it always keeps me on the edge of my seat.

โ€œIโ€™m happy with the whole performance,โ€ said Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane.

โ€œIโ€™m very happy with how we competed, especially coming out of spring break,โ€ stated Bryant coach Steve Oury.

โ€˜I now feel I can leave him, safe and happy with Ali.

Among students who were happy with the Dodgerโ€™s victory, many baseball fans were skeptical on the decision that Kevin Cash, Tampa Bay Rays manager, made to take Blake Snell out of the game after throwing 73 pitches.

It's a pretty cool list, I'm pretty happy with it.

โ€œItโ€™s taken time to get players back and get players in, but heโ€™s put this squad together and heโ€™s happy with it and the players all want to play for Buckie.

I was happy with how our guys followed the defensive game plan.

I was happy with the arrangement since that meant that Government got itโ€™s due income and the forest was cleared for enforcement of the relevant protective measures against falling of trees without prior permit by Government, from a clean slate.

I was happy with the way I performed.

I was not happy with the killings and destruction in Orin.

'I wasn't very happy with that idea, especially as I had no information of what happened or anything else.'

Major League Baseball is not happy with Justin Turner.

And thatโ€™s whatโ€™s happening, Iโ€™m very happy with him, Iโ€™ve got no problem with him but for fans and us, we must give him time.โ€™

Most of the fans of Baahubali actor Prabhas are happy with the casting of Deepika Padukone to play the lead opposite him in Nag Ashwin's upcoming film Prabhas 21, but some are worried for two reasons.

Not a great match, Austin wasnโ€™t capable of giving the performances he was used to due to being burnt out and not being happy with creative, and Jerichoโ€™s reign wasnโ€™t quite working.

Are you happy with the current state of Namibian boxing?

She said she was also happy with the way the police patrol team also went round the streets to ensure all was going fine.

The boys gave their all today in a difficult match and we were very happy with their attitudes second half to score 4 goals and to come away with the draw.

โ€œThe kind of cricket we are playing, the brand of cricket and the plans we are executing, we are quite happy with that.โ€

The owners are likely extremely happy with this CBA.

This left Mr Ruto quite happy with the document as presented, and a dissatisfied Mr Odinga pushing for a review.

We are happy with the way our game is trending.โ€

We are just working through the details, and have a meeting with whฤnau tonight to confirm they are happy with the arrangement," she said.

"We are the main competitor with BT in business and the major challenger in consumer, so we are happy with our organic strategy.

We were very happy with that as senior members of the team, we have to bowl long spells and we were up for it,โ€ he signed off.

"We will wait and see how she pulls up but she could line up again next week (Gr.1 Tancred Stakes, 2400m) if Chris is happy with her."

While the schedule has lightened up a bit in recent weeks, Glisson is happy with the way his team has taken care of business.

Casual users can probably avoid much of this if theyโ€™re happy with the basic CRUD (create, update, and delete) operations.

Dr. Suek came highly recommended by a close friend (caring for 3 people I know who are quite happy with their results).

Experiment with the global variable and the number of bands you chose in the previous step until you have a density of bands and visual complexity that you're happy with.

All in all we are very happy with Cola as the newest member of our family and its so nice to see she has a new lease on life.

He was not happy about the sound level BUT very happy with us following their rules and procedures.

I am otherwise incredibly happy with the sound they produce and, I like to take this opertunity to congratulate you on a job well done!

I did not even explain, she is happy the cup looks new and is happy with the dishwasher.

I do agree that she has lost the chance to disrupt the group and will have to be happy with an appointment in the evening.

I'm happy with the results though.

โ€œIโ€™m proud and happy with each of my carvings.

I'm quite happy with my purchase.

I really considered a proper Naomi system for it, but dang, not even thinking about MVC2 (which is BRUTAL expensive) by the time i got power stone and a few others that Mame isn't happy with, I'll be up to 600-800 bones!

I was very happy with the front movement I saw on quite a few, but still we seem to have a need for Borders with good reach.

I would just like to add that overall I am very happy with both the 830 and the way the 630 is now operating with the improvements that have been made since its introduction (Thank you Shaw D).

I would look into other low cost or free web hosting sites if you're not happy with webs.

Mr. Beauchamp was equally happy with the quality of the technical support he received from ZEROSPAM, stating: โ€œMy requests were always answered promptly and in French, which was not the case before.

Scanning and Post Process work on the film has especially been a learning curve, but I'm happy with how my scans are turning out now.

She herself can give all the political rhetoric about why this is a good decision and explain to the people in this wonderful community why they should be happy with this Government's decision of slicing and dicing the community.

Some of the team are not happy with the direction the team is taking.

Thank you so much - We are very happy with our 1996 Okanagan that we bought there in March.

That's a huge cultural shift and change that employers across the country are very happy with.

The management and staff we have been associated with seem very happy with their positions resulting in a positive attitude being generated as a whole.

The people weren't very happy with it.

โ€œVery happy with all the support I've received since I signed up.

With a little practice, I have found that I can really quickly zero in on the camera focus I am happy with.

โ€œWithout the situation on the third lap, I think I would have been able to finish fourth, but Iโ€™m still happy with the way I reacted; I didnโ€™t give up and I kept on fighting.

With so many choices, attendees in the corporate dinner events will be very happy with the wide variety of foods that are available, in addition to being able to try some new foods they had never had an opportunity to taste before.