257 examples of happy with in sentences

You see, she can NEVER be happy with the new love as long as CONSCIENCE OR HEART reproaches her for her treatment of the old love.

He had been happy with Gray Wolf, happier than he had ever been in the companionship of men and his blood-brothers.

Mr. Tebrick found that he could be happy with them.

The storm, however, has blown over; Minna will be happy with her lover, and Sigismund with his liberty, till he tires of it.

She'd have been happy with Thorpe.

He and his sister were happy with their relatives who were kind to them.

Were you once married, I should think you cannot be very unhappy, though you may not be so happy with him as you deserve to be.

I know it was a great satisfaction to his dying hours that he left Eulalia in my care, and the dear girl was entirely happy with me.

Foxe will be remembered always for his famous Book of Martyrs, a book that our elders gave to us on Sundays when we were young, thinking it good discipline for us to afflict our souls when we wanted to be roaming the sunlit fields, or when in our enforced idleness we would, if our own taste in the matter had been consulted, have made good shift to be quiet and happy with Robinson Crusoe.

Whatsoever God do for him, he cannot be happy with company; and if he were put to choose whether he would rather have equals in a common felicity, or superiors in misery, he would demur upon the election.

Several times before she grew too ill, Jenny had had her favourites up in her room on Sunday evenings, to read Bible stories with her, and had sent them away happy with magnificent text-cards, that had hitherto been the arduously won rewards of "attention" and the practice of such school-time virtues over many weeks.

He was very happy with his family in his home at Morningside, and was beginning to surround himself with pets and flowers, as was his wont all his life, and to get a good connection with the home newspapers and magazines, when, alas! death stepped in, and he died after a short illness on April 25, 1909.

She wanted to be happy with a happiness far removed from peace.

True, she might make Jervis Ferrars happy with her love, more especially as she was quite sure that he cared for her.

He wanted to know whether she was happy with the man who had stolen her from him.

But Helena's getting onshe must be twenty-six or sevenand she always seems happy with him.

We grudged the briefest moment of separation and avoided all society because we were so perfectly happy with each other.

I was happy with your telling me how well you love me, and though I don't love loving, I could have poured out all the fulness of my heart to such an old and true friend; but what am I the better for it, if I am to see you but two or three days in the year?

The people at home got to be kept happy with music.

You go on loving her, an' bein' true to her ... and if God is good as they say, He'll make you happy with her sometime.

She made him happy with a son; but the poor child did not live long.

"I trust that you may be happy with her when she is your wife.

For the present, we will part; and if at the end of a year my daughter is happy with you, and desires to see me, I shall make no objection to such a meeting.

How difficult it was now to look happy with that pallid face and extinguished eye!

No woman could do so without knowing her antecedents, but she understood enough to perceive that Eleonora was not happy with her, and this she attributed to the girl's deep nature and religious aspirations.

257 examples of  happy with  in sentences