257 examples of happy with in sentences

These young maids, not being so blest as to have a mother living, I am told, keep single for their father's sake, and live altogether so happy with their remaining parent, that the hearts of their lovers are ever broken with the prospect (so inauspicious to their hopes) of such uninterrupted and provoking home-comfort.

He and his sister were happy with their relatives who were kind to them.

" "Di," said Bobby, "I don't believe you could ever be happy with me.

It wouldn't tell so much on a fellow like you, Cousin John, who's perfectly happy with a book, and who" "Who's too old for games," suggested John.

My dear Mr. Pretwic, you are worthy of Stella and she will be happy with you.

After looking all about him and making some persons happy with a lordly salute, he sat down, as though he were indeed the man for whom the chair was waiting.

And shall I not shun a union with a man, that might lead into errors a creature who flatters herself that she is blest with an inclination to be good; and who wishes to make every one happy with whom she has any connection, even to her very servants?

He was so overwhelmingly, boyishly happy that she had to be happy with him in making believe that he was about to be a real rancher.

"We two have lived together so many years; we two have been so happy with each other, and have fared so well here in the swamp, that we have lived to be older than all the other water-snakes in the forest!

He was very happy with his family in his home at Morningside, and was beginning to surround himself with pets and flowers, as was his wont all his life, and to get a good connection with the home newspapers and magazines, when, alas! death stepped in, and he died after a short illness on April 25, 1909.

Several that are in this Respect unequally yoked, and uneasie for Life, with a Person of a particular Character, might have been pleased and happy with a Person of a contrary one, notwithstanding they are both perhaps equally virtuous and laudable in their Kind.

Always she had believed that some day she would be happy with Nick, would have him for her own.

she murmured "May you be happy with your beloved one!

You may have your choice of kings and princes; and if you have been happy with one gentleman, Mass! say I, why can't you be happy with another?

So you see He means you to be happy with what He gives you, to smile and laugh and be glad, not to be dismal and melancholy.

But he has made me a pitiful modern again, a woman who has tried and refuses to try longer, to be happy with clay dolls.

The land where she had been so happy with the first man she had really loved became intolerable to her, and abandoning most of the riches that the count had given her, she went forth into the world again, storming the great theatres in a new fever of travel and adventure.

He wanted to know whether she was happy with the man who had stolen her from him.

Making men happy with jams & jellies.

'I am happy with you.

She had already ornamented the place of contest with the heads of many courageous young men, this tender-hearted, romantic maiden had, when her fun was rudely spoiled by Meleager, who threw before her three golden apples which she stopped to pick up, thus losing the race to that hero, who, no doubt, was extremely happy with such a wife ever after.

[Illustration: "HER ENGAGEMENT WAS 'OFF.'"] "I am confident you have done right, Amenda," said Ethelbertha; "you would never have been happy with that man.

"I trust that you may be happy with her when she is your wife.

His Grace of Ellswold sat up that morning, his wife and physicians by his side, and all were happy with the great improvement.

My return may be distantnever!Adieu then, Eudorabe happy with the friends that Providence hath given thee!"

257 examples of  happy with  in sentences