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518 example sentences with  harangue

518 example sentences with harangue

A harangue in the mouth of the leader?

He stopped in his harangue, which was entirely concerned with the story of his early disadvantages, at the entrance of his eminently practical friend and the two young culprits.

Nor could it be a hardship upon a man liberally educated, to make one on so solemn an occasion, and to hear the harangue of a man of letters, (though far from being the principal part of the service, as it is too generally looked upon to be,) whose studies having taken a different turn from his own, he must always have something new to say.

The grand duke interrupted my harangue, by complaining with much emotion of the conduct of John Baptista of Treviso, and said a great deal on this subject, which is not proper for me to report.

Camaranรงa listened to the harangue, and the explanation of it by the interpreter, in respectful silence, keeping his eyes steadily fixed on the countenance of Azambuja.

[Footnote 34: The report in the "Parliamentary History," xvi., 37, says: "This act (the Stamp Act) passed the Commons almost without debate; two or three members spoke against it, but without force or apparent interest, except a vehement harangue from Colonel Barrรฉ (date, March 6, 1765).

Servius, aroused by the alarming announcement, having come upon the scene during this harangue, immediately shouted with a loud voice from the porch of the senate-house: "What means this, Tarquin?

This put an end to his harangue.

Both the daring temper of Turnus, and his harangue of the previous day, and the delay of Tarquin, rendered the matter suspicious, because it seemed possible that the murder might have been put off in consequence of the latter.

There a harangue was delivered by him, by no means of the style and character which had been counterfeited by him up to that day, concerning the violence and lust of Sextus Tarquinius, the horrid violation of Lucretia and her lamentable death, the bereavement of Tricipitinus,, in whose eyes the cause of his daughter's death was more shameful and deplorable than that death itself.

It is possible that he had not even heard the mere name of Paul, and that, if he ever thought of him at all, it was only as a miserable, ragged, fanatical Jew, of dim eyes and diminutive stature, who had once wished to inflict upon him a harangue, and who had once come for a few moments "betwixt the wind and his nobility."

iii, 26.)] This passage will furnish us with an excellent example of Seneca's invariable method of improving every occasion and circumstance into an opportunity for a philosophic harangue.

No man can write for posterity, while hastily snatching a half-day from a week's lecturing, during which to prepare a telling Sunday harangue for three thousand people.

Here a band plays the "Marseillaise," horribly out of tune; a red flag is given to the Freemasons, with an appropriate harangue; then the Citizen Tรฉrifocq takes back the flag, with another harangue, and ends by waving it aloft and roaring, "Now, citizens, no more words; to action!"

Here a band plays the "Marseillaise," horribly out of tune; a red flag is given to the Freemasons, with an appropriate harangue; then the Citizen Tรฉrifocq takes back the flag, with another harangue, and ends by waving it aloft and roaring, "Now, citizens, no more words; to action!"

Of course, in the midst of such a campaign and after so magnificent a victory he had to deliver a bit of an harangue: so he ascended a platform which had likewise been erected at about the center of the bridge.

[Sidenote:7] After an harangue of this general nature Buduica led her army against the Romans.

Such discourses did he hold while sitting beside his sick colleague, and also at the head-quarters, almost in the manner of an harangue.

But few were influenced by the harangue of Hanno, for both the jealousy which he entertained towards the Barcine family, made him a less weighty authority; and men's minds being taken up with the present exultation, would listen to nothing by which their joy could be made more groundless, but felt convinced, that if they should make a little additional exertion the war might be speedily terminated.

The next day, as soon as it was light, he threw open the gates of the island, and came into the forum of the Achradina; then mounting the altar of Concord, from which Polyaenus had delivered his harangue the day before, he commenced a speech by soliciting pardon for his delay.

He concluded a long harangue by taking off his funnel-cap, inserting the tube into my gullet, and thus deluging me with an ocean of Kirschenwรคsser, which he poured in a continuous flood, from one of the long-necked bottles that stood him instead of an arm.

When her turn came, she stood there before them all and was a great lady indeed; she took up the question of infanticide in all its aspects, and gave the court a long harangue on the subjectit almost seemed as if she had obtained permission beforehand to say what she pleased.

But Heady leaped to his foot and delivered a wild plea for war, such another harangue as he had delivered during the famous snow-battle at the Hawk's Nest.

In truth, he had said in a harangue that he would be the guardian of the city; and that he would keep his army at the gates of the city till the first of May.

And when in the harangue which he then made, he, as was natural from our great intimacy and friendship, was going to exculpate me from all suspicion in the matter of the fasces, the whole assembly cried out with one voice, that I had never had any intentions with regard to the republic which were not excellent.

The harangue from the sachem ran very much as follows:" 'Father, why and for what purpose has the man Whaiskee gone to the home of our great father?

said Cecilia, in whose mind there had passed a very warm conflict during the pedlar's harangue.

His argument, speech, discourse, oration, harangue,call it by which name you will, was the most impressive upon his crowded audience of any that I ever heard before or since, excepting only many speeches by himself in Faneuil Hall, and in the House of Representatives, which he made from time to time for ten years afterwards.

Whether Chip Dartmouth heard three words of this harangue may be doubted.

asked the young nurse, who had stood before Mrs. Carteret, giving Mammy Jane a mere passing glance, and listening impassively to her harangue.

The grand debate, The popular harangue, the tart reply, The logic, and the wisdom, and the wit, And the loud laughI long to know them all; I burn to set the imprison'd wranglers free, And give them voice and utt'rance once again.

You can imagine how I felt and how I looked, as I listened to this insolent harangue, which was all delivered in that flowery and condescending manner which had gained this rascal his nickname.

The hostess at length breaks off the harangue, by proposing that they should all make a little excursion on the lake,and they embark accordingly; and, after navigating for some time along its shores, and drinking tea on a little island, land at last on a remote promontory, from which they see the sun go down,and listen to a solemn and pious, but rather long prayer from the Vicar.

Had he a domestic Gurney, he might publish a Moral Essay, or a Theological Discourse, or a Metaphysical Disquisition, or a Political Harangue, every morning throughout the year during his lifetime.

When men amuse their fellow guests With Crank and Jones, or Justice Best's Harangue in Dobbs and Ryal The host, beneath whose roof they sit, Must be a puny judge of wit, Who grants them a new trial.

On these canoes approaching the ship, the principal one of the family, or chief, standing up in his canoe, made a harangue.

"I broke a large lump into fragments with the poker, as I spoke"It's all mighty fine," I continued, "for us travellers to harangue the ignorant on the beauty of foreign cities, on their buildings without dust, and their skies without a cloud; but, for my own part, I like to see a dark, thick, heavy atmosphere, hanging over a town.

Grimes had scarcely finished his harangue, when, with a strong and unexpected jerk, she disengaged the bridle from his grasp, and at the same time put her horse upon full speed.

Mr. Tyrrel had heard the whole of this harangue in silence, because he was too much astonished to open his mouth.

One makes his speech in the morning, and another reserves his for the evening; a third class, either disposed to take less trouble, or, finding it convenient to construct their speeches from fragments of the daily orations, harangue once in two or three days; while a fourth waylay the people in their road to visit the temples on our hebdomadal festivals.

and can I hesitate when Heaven asks obedience?" "A useless harangue," said I, "when you have the means of saving yourself.

There was a cause, it seems, about a cock, belonging to the plaintiff Matthias; the counsel, in the heat of the harangue, by often repeating the words gallus and Matthias, happened to blunder, and, instead of saying gallus Matthiae, said galli Matthias, which at length became a general name for all confused, embroiled language and discourse.

Churches demand for prosperity a flock about the ministrant, business wants customers close to the store, and government is more powerful where it can harangue and proclaim, parade before and spy upon its subjects.

Roy was in the midst of an eloquent harangue on all he was going to do when he was grown up, when Dudley suddenly came to a standstill.

He began an abusive harangue and attempted to draw a pistol.

In point of fact, the whole harangue was lost upon Mr. Gladstone; for he left the House immediately after making his own speech, and did not return until some time after Mr. Whiteside had finished.

At the close of the repast, all the several civic corporations paid their respects to their new sovereign, the Chancellor replying to their harangue in the name of the Queen; who, immediately that they had retired, ascended her carriage, and entered the city gates in the same state, and amid the same acclamations which had accompanied her entry into Avignon.

I recollect the latter part of his harangue was to the following effect:"There," says he, (while the New Englanders were staring with their mouths open,) "when I clear a fresh lot of land on any of my plantations, I am obliged to plant it six or seven years with hemp, or tobacco, before it is sufficiently poor to bear wheat!

The latter began to harangue his fellows.

By the aid of his glasses he could see that one of their number was addressing them in an earnest, violent harangue.

Come one, come all, Messieurs, only once in a lifetime does one have a chance to see the Signorina Stella Fabiani, the child wonder, Queen of the Mat and Queen of the Air, in her extraordinary acts of flight and contortion" During this harangue Philidor had felt rather than seen the figure which had slowly wedged through the crowd at one side and now stood beside him.

"A pathetic harangue will screen from punishment any knave.

Some Ministers scold or snub or harangue, but he let the spokesmen talk their full, listened patiently, smiled pleasantly, said very little, treated the subject with gravity or banter as its nature required, paid the introducing member a compliment on his assiduity and public spirit, and sent them all away on excellent terms with themselves and highly gratified by their intelligent and courteous reception.

The "woman's sphere" argument is still being worked overtime by anti-suffrage societies, whose members rather inconsistently leave their "sphere," the home, to harangue in public and buttonhole legislators to vote against the franchise for women.

" Then he began a long-winded harangue about his affairs; of which I did not hear much, except the often repeated words "combined forces," observing meanwhile the motion of the eyeglass.

The barefooted lazzarone with his red cap no longer existed, but the crowd,clad like the workmen of all portsstill gathered around the daubed poster that represented a crime, a miracle or a prodigious specific, listening in silence to the harangue of the narrator or charlatan.

I am sufficiently familiar with the harangue.

They had come to hear a concert and incidentally swell the Red Cross fund, but they had not reckoned on quite this type of harangue.

And instantly a phrase of the Serbian's harangue came to herblood-red dawn!

There was something more than wine-heated rancor back of his harangue.

One of the men, who was evidently an orator, listened to me with more attention than the rest, but with a look of evident impatience for the conclusion of my harangue, that he too might show how well he could reason.

Beginning with the uproarious war meeting in Union Square, every day saw its crowds listening to the harangue of a somebody or a nobody.

The latter, after brooding over the matter until the men had begun to march off the ground towards home, suddenly halted the line in which he was walking, and proceeded to harangue the troops in defence of his own reputation.

In his gentle old voice he made quite a harangue.

"Under Louis XI., Juvenal des Ursins, in his harangue, addresses the deputies of the third by the title of burghers and inhabitants of the good towns.

After suppera stew of mutton and maize, with a bottle of very sweet rose-coloured winethe old man took me aside and made me a long harangue on life and death and the hereafter.

All this was very well; but, unfortunately, in order to distinguish the orator amidst the croud, it was determined he should harangue on horseback.

The horses were gone to the armythe municipality to the cluband the blacksmith was employed at the barracks in making a patriotic harangue to the soldiers.

In the meanwhile our mock-legislator, who seems to have acted his part perfectly well, talked of liberty, l'amour de la Patrie, of Pitt and the coalesced tyrants, of arresting suspicious people and rewarding patriots; so that the whole village thought themselves highly fortunate in the presence of a Deputy who did no worse than harangue and put their pork in requisiton.

A score of orators harangue them daily on their courage, while they are over-awed by despots as mean as themselves and whom they continue to reinstal at the stated period with clamorous approbation.

It is difficult to imagine what new means of dispatch this airy barbarian had contrived, for in the six weeks preceding this harangue, twelve hundred and fifty had been guillotined in Paris only.

On the same evening he repeated this harangue at the Jacobins, while St. Just, by his orders, menaced the obnoxious part of the Committee with a formal denunciation to the Convention.

At the beginning of the revolution he was known only as an eminent orator en plain vent; that is, as a preacher of sedition to the mob, whom he used to harangue with great applause at the Palais Royal.

All this was very well; but, unfortunately, in order to distinguish the orator amidst the croud, it was determined he should harangue on horseback.

The horses were gone to the armythe municipality to the cluband the blacksmith was employed at the barracks in making a patriotic harangue to the soldiers.

He had, in an harangue at the cathedral, inculcated some very edifying doctrines on the division of property and the right of pillage; and it is not improbable, had he not withdrawn, but the Amienois would have ventured, on this pretext, to arrest him.

The politics of the day are, it is true, something less ferocious than they were: but confidence is not to be restored by an essay in the Orateur du Peuple,* or an equivocal harangue from the tribune; and I perceive every where, that those who have been most injured, are most timid.

So that keeping his Eyes full upon me, to the great Surprize of his Audience, he broke off his first Harangue, and proceeded thus: 'Why now there's my Friend (mentioning me by my Name) he is a Fellow that thinks a great deal, but never opens his Mouth; I warrant you he is now thrusting his short Face into some Coffee-house about 'Change.

The Spaniards who are the bravest men in the world, have been defeated, there is not a peseta anywhere, and all those gentlemen who harangue in Madrid vote fresh taxes and we are always involved in difficulties.

If you awaked him from his reverie and made him attend to the subject of conversation, he immediately began a harangue, and never stopped till he told you all he knew about it, with the utmost philosophical ingenuity.

A singularly sensitive and imaginative boy, De Quincey rapidly became a brilliant scholar, and at fifteen years of age could speak Greek so fluently as to be able, as one of his masters said, "to harangue an Athenian mob."

I have mentioned Lord Perceval's speeches; he has a set who has a rostrum at his house, and harangue there.

I entertain myself with the idea of a future senate in Carolina and Virginia, where their future patriots will harangue on the austere and incorruptible virtue of the ancient English! will tell their auditors of our disinterestedness and scorn of bribes and pensions, and make us blush in our graves at their ridiculous panegyrics.

She had regarded him, throughout this preposterous and uncalled-for harangue, with sad composure, with a forgiving pity.

The first time that this prisoner entered the room where the other prisoners were assembled, he looked at them with the most solemn air, put his hand to his forehead, made a military salute, and in grave tones, as if beginning a harangue, he uttered these words: "CaptivesI salute you!"

When he had finished his harangue, one of their number held up his hand to beg the privilege of speaking.

Indeed, he understood next to nothing of this harangue.

The wives of our cits of inferior degree Will soak up repute in a little Bohea; The potion is vulgar, and vulgar the slang With which on their neighbors' defects they harangue.

The cacique then ordered his warriors to desist, and the tumult being appeased, Cortes made them a long harangue on the subject of religion.

STUMP ORATOR, one who is ready to take up any question of the day, usually a political one, and harangue upon it from any platform offhand; the class, the whole merely a talking one, form the subject, in a pretty wide reference, of one of Carlyle's scathing "Latter-Day Pamphlets."

After listening to a brief but stirring harangue from Dick Taverner, who got upon a horse-block for the purpose of addressing them, and recommended them to proceed to Ely House, in Holborn, the residence of the offending Ambassador, and there await his return from Whitehall; they approved of his proposal, and unanimously electing Dick as their leader, set forth on their expedition, gathering strength as they went along.

" To Lance's intense satisfaction the girl received this harangue with an air of supreme indifference, and when "Dad" had relapsed into an unintelligible, and, as it seemed to Lance, a half-frightened muttering, she said coolly, "Ye'd better drop that axe and scoot round getten' this stranger some breakfast and some grub to take with him.

With all the candor and frankness which I was capable of assuming, I thus answered his long harangue, to which I had listened without interrupting him: "Self-knowledge, sir, that most important of all sciences, I have yet to learn.

During the whole of the foregoing harangue, the young mariner of the brigantine had maintained the same attitude of modest attention; and when his eyes were permitted to rise, it was only to steal uneasy looks at the face of Alida.

There, upon an open space, could be seen a great number of the citizens assembled, apparently listening to the harangue of an orator.

For there was something in her manner, her voice (august and solemn with age and wisdom as these were), that impressed all who heard, with or in spite of their own consent, and for a time profound silence succeeded this harangue.

Cortes went on to accuse Wallace of targeting him, saying, โ€œChris, the way youโ€™re starting to harangue me now actually reminds me of what you did with the President during that debate on Tuesday night.โ€

If not, the sensationalist harangue of this provision of CAMA 2020 is needless, unless the church barons are admitting that they are running the churches fraudulently.

Mutendi also took time to harangue those who have criticised the government for blowing billions of taxpayersโ€™ money through loans to politicians, clerics and other loyalists to the ruling party.

It is to neither side's advantage to get into a long prolonged harangue, that you better sit down and be able to negotiate your differences and have confidence in each other across the table.